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Iran Festivals & Ceremonies

Dive Deep into Iran Traditions

I felt a strong connection to know them. It was as if they were magnets pulling me in. The attraction to get to explore them made my heart beat faster every time. I always felt so connected to the cultural ceremonies in Iran. It felt like being part of the different ethnicities, and regional groups of people made me feel closer to the land. Experiencing Iran festivals brought me so much joy in my life. So, it became my goal also to share them with others as well. It’s a part of our business in which we invest a lot of time and energy.
In IranAmaze we want to be by your side to dive deep into the unheard stories held within this ancient civilization called Iran. From the more recognized and national ones to more unknown and regional Iran festivals. From celebrating Iranian New Year to walking inside the alleys of Bushehr to share the joy of traditional native music. It’s a never-ending list. It’s all the different gatherings that make Iran a top destination for festival hunting.

Four Amazing Facts


Ancient Traditions and Culture

All Iranian festivals are rooted in history and have an old story behind them. They all connect to either local Iran traditions or a historical event in the region. Therefore, festivals can bring forth an experiential knowledge of the culture and traditions of Iran from ancient times to today. They are the best way to dive deep into the essence of what Iran has to offer beyond the main tourist attractions.


People and the Local Life

People from all different regions of Iran participate in the Iranian events. The people are part of the identity of Iran festivals. You’ll get to connect with them and get to understand the reality of people’s lives in Iran. They bring forth the past, the present, and the future of this land and how they are all woven together through the traditions and culture of Iran.


Diversity of Subcultures

Iran is very diverse when it comes to different subcultures and traditions. It has a variety of festivals, from art and historical festivals to more modern festivals and religious ceremonies. Also, the number subcultures that exist within each region of Iran are so different from each other that one might find them unrelatable. However, it’s only through the exploration of this diversity that a traveler can paint a holistic image of Iran beyond the mainstream portrayal of this country.


Hidden Gems of Iran

Some of the Iran festivals are so unique that the travelers who have been in Iran before have not seen them either. Most of these festivals carry within themselves unheard narratives and unseen regions of Iran. Therefore, they take tourists much deeper into Iranian customs and traditions. They can be a great adventure even to us Iranians. Each region seems like its own country at festival times with their local touches and different ways of being.

Daf players and tourists standing next to each other at Pir Shalyar Iran festival tour.

Top Iran Festivals

Nowruz Festival

Say Hello to the Spring: the Iranian New Year 2021

March 20nd, 2021

Muharram & Ashura Festival

The Symbol of Resistance for Shia Muslims

August 28-29th، 2020

Chaharshanbe Suri Festival

The Festival of Fire

March 17th, 2020

Sahneh Commemoration Ceremony

Explore the Subculture Traditions

18 November, 2020

Yalda Night Festival

A Bright Feast in the Dark Wintry Nights

December 20th, 2020

Koocheh Music Festival

The Authentic Traditional Tunes of an Ancient Land

March 10-17th, 2020

Iran Rose Water Festival

A Hidden Paradise in the Heart of the Iran Desert

May 15th- June 15th, 2020

Why Festival Tours?

You might be able to go to the festivals on your own but you probably shouldn’t. Why? Well, almost all Iran festivals have a particular root in the culture of the region. Therefore, certain etiquette is required to participate in them. Travelers need to learn the dress code, the body language, and the culture of the region before attending these events. All of this enables them to participate responsibly in the festival without disrespecting the local community. Also, the main point of attending Iran festivals is to dive deeper into the culture. Therefore, the role of a translator could be crucial for travelers. It helps them to form a deeper connection both to the people and the local culture.

Overall, tours can take away all the worries of scheduling or figuring out ways to get to a festival in Iran. Therefore, tourists have enough space to enjoy the experience of participating in these events instead.


A group wearing Iranian chador on the streets of Tehran.

Unique Aspects of Our Iran Festival Tours

Your Joy is Our Pleasure

We enjoy going to Iran festivals ourselves as well, and it is not just part of our business. We are passionate travelers in search of new experiences and adventures. It also helps us to dive deeper into the culture of Iran and get to truly experience what our ancestors have left behind.

Not Just a Service

We don’t just see them as providing you with a service. We want to bring forth a cultural exchange that is very valuable for us. In other words, we’ll do our best not for you to only have a fun time but also dive into the rituals and cultural interchange on your journey. To bring positive impacts to this land and take away positive ones in return as well is our goal during your trip.

Pioneers of Diving Deep

We are the first tour operator in Iran that has initiated these Iran festival tour packages to some of the unknown ceremonies of this land. We have put a significant investment into organizing tour packages that are unique and can give tourists’ experience of Iran another layer of depth. We want you to see what has kept people of Iran united through thick and thin on cold and warm days.

Unheard Stories and Local life

We don’t want you to just see the more mainstream part of Iranian culture. We want you to hear the different narratives held within this land. You’ll get to have a more authentic experience feeling like a local by being part of the festivals. You’ll also hear many stories of different subcultures and communities of Iran through participating in these festivals and ceremonies.

Best Time for Iran Festivals

It’s an excellent time for Iran festivals pretty much all year long. The festivals are spread in different seasons, and you could experience at least one festival each month. Also, due to the diversity of regional ceremonies and festivities, you’ll get to choose the time of your travels based on your personal schedule and preferences. You can then make a decision about which festival matches your schedule to attend. However, to give you a better insight into the timing of the festivals in Iran, we have divided them into different seasons. You could also check out our article about the best times to visit Iran to have a general idea of when is a good time to visit different regions.

Spring: Spring is an extraordinary time in Iran as the first day of spring also marks Norouz, the Iranian new year. We celebrate the new year in 13 days. There are festivities and ceremonies in different regions of Iran every day in the first two weeks of spring, along with many feasts in Iran.  The last day which is the 13th is Sizdah Bedar. It is the nature day on which people picnic and celebrate mother earth in many ways. It is also one of the best seasons for holiday Iran tour packages. However, many other festivals happen during this season as well. Kashan Rosewater Festival, Fajr International Film Festival, and Pire Shalyar Festival are just a few to name.

Summer: A lot of Iranians travel in Iran during this season as well because they have summer holidays. Therefore, you’ll get to meet a lot of people from different regions of Iran wherever you go during this season. It will provide you an opportunity to connect more to the locals while participating in the Iran festivals held during this season. Examples of the bold ceremonies and gatherings that happen during this time are Tasua and Ashura (Muharram festival) and pomegranates celebration in Rudbar.

Fall: It’s the season that marks the first signs of the darkness. Fall brings shorter days and longer nights to Iran. It gets dark earlier. There is a need to bring light and warmth to these days, and it seems like our ancestors have thought of many ways to do so. Ferdinmasho Celebration in Kandelous and the Sahneh commemoration ceremony, which are both full of music, dance, and community, are great examples of ways to bring joy into these darker nights.

Winter: Since ancient times up to this day, the cold season has been an excuse for Iranians to get together. They gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company indoors. Most Iran festivals held during this season are connected to ceremonies around community gathering and the value of bonding together. Our ancestors believed it would be easier to bear the cold weather with the warmth of storytelling and heart to heart connections. Yalda night, charshanbehsuri, and Koocheh music festival give warmth to different regions in Iran during the winter season.

Professional Festival Tour Guides

We first started our own journey as tour guides, as well. Therefore, we know how much your guide’s personality can influence the quality of your experience. We also understand what essential attributes make the best guides who can create the most memorable experiences for travelers. Also, we’ve learned based on our experiences what expectations tourists usually have from their guides. All in all, we have chosen guides who share these three key qualities besides their own unique characteristics.

  • Vahid Norouzi cultural Tour Guide at IranAmaze
  • Bahamin Badihi cultural Tour Guide at IranAmaze
  • Mohammadreza Kolahian cultural Tour Guide at IranAmaze
  • Rojin Barkhordar cultural Tour Guide at IranAmaze
  • Ali Jadidian Iran cultural tour guide at iranamaze

Knowledgeable in Diversity

We make sure our guides know all the ups and downs of the Iran festivals. They’ve attended the events themselves many times and have found the most enjoyable way of participating in them. Also, our guides know both eastern and western cultures, which helps them to draw threads and connect travelers to the diverse parts of the local cultures in Iran.

Responsible Travel Advocates

Our guides know the community guidelines to participate in Iran festivals and can give you many tips about the appropriate etiquette in the gatherings. They will make sure to leave the least amount of negative impact and footprint on local communities and traditions.

Flexible and Adaptable

Our guides will make sure to adjust themselves to your needs. They can change the schedule in case there is anything specific you’d like to explore more during a festival, or you find yourself attracted to particular activities or people with whom you’d like to spend more time.

How Are We Responsible in Our Iran Festival Tours?

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Iranian festivals are among the hidden gems that we like to display to our travelers.  Furthermore, we like to support these festivals and subcultures by promoting them and prevent their extinction.

However, these traditions are always in danger of being influenced by outsiders. We would like to ensure these traditions are held untouched for future generations to experience, as well. Therefore, we want to leave the least amount of negative impact during our tours to Iran.

So, it’s vital that we know the etiquette of each festival before participating in keeping them as they are. We follow a set of Iran responsible travel policies for each tour that can help us monitor our impact. We provide a comprehensive list of tips and necessary information such as Iran etiquette and dress code for our travelers before they come to Iran.

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Iran Festival FAQ

Can't find your answer? Ask a question

How welcoming are locals to tourists participating in the Iran festivals?

Locals are welcoming towards tourists as they love to preserve and share their ancient traditions with others. Also, Iranian people hospitality is at the heart of Iran etiquette, and there is no exception when it comes to the Iran festivals.

Can I reserve Iran festival tours on the side of the Iran cultural tours?

Yes, you could book any tour in addition to these packages. If you are interested in reserving Iran festival tours, you should also check out our Iran cultural tours to see more essential attractions of Iran as well.

During what dates do festivals happen in Iran?

There is at least one festival each month. You could check which festival connects to you the most and plan your trip around that time of the year. However, you could also check our article about the best time to visit Iran if you have any questions about the timing of your travels in general.

Can I take photos during the festival?

Yes, it is allowed in most public festivals. However, it is not allowed in some spiritual ceremonies or places with sensitive community guidelines. We’ll make sure to let you know ahead of time if photography is not allowed somewhere. The most important point is to respect Iran etiquette during your participation at Iran festivals.

Would we go to the festival with a group?

Yes, since the dates for the Iran festivals are fixed, we’d go with a group. This way you could enjoy the company of other tourists during the gatherings as well. It helps you not only to connect with locals but find international friends from different places in the world.

How many people are in the tour groups?

We usually only take small groups of maximum of eight people. This is one of the main elements of Iran responsible travele. As responsible travel is at the core of our values.

Would I connect to Iranian families?

Of course, you do. One of the main elements of attending Iran festivals is to connect with locals and families in that region on a deeper level.

Do I need to read more about Iran festivals before attending?

No, if there is a need for you to read anything else, we will let you know beforehand.

How would I know which festival is more attractive?

The Iran festivals we have named here and for which we organized a tour package are all the highlights of the most essential and attractive Iran festivals. Depending on the time of your journey, you could choose ceremonies in Iran that suits your schedule. Also, by reading the specific article on our website about each festival, you’ll have more insight to understand which one is more attractive to you based on your personal preferences.

Are my days during Iran festivals only filled with the ceremonies and festival activities?

It depends on the festival itself. Some Iran festivals will fill your day, and some would only be in the evening or a few hours during the day. If your days are not filled with activities, and you have an empty spot on your schedule, we’ll make sure to schedule other fun activities for you based on your personal preferences.

How would I need to get a visa?

The process of getting an Iran visa is short. It’s straight forward for most countries besides several specific ones such as the United States, England, and Canada. You’ll get your visa approximately in 2 weeks. If you choose to book iran tour packages with us, we won’t charge you additional charges for the visa as it is included in our services. If you are from those specific countries, then you can visit our Iran visa page list to see the process for the visa as it will be different and longer.

What services do you offer during the Iran festival tours?

We offer festival tickets if needed. We also provide a translator guide, which could be essential to connect deeper with locals during this festival. We also reserve accommodations and transportation services. We design these packages in ways to ensure cultural exchange in different ways that happen during your vacation in Iran.

Do the cities in which the Iran festivals are held have any attractions besides the ceremonies?

Yes, they either have attractions in the city or by villages nearby. You’ll get to discover them when you reserve a tour with us. If there is a specific attraction you’d like to visit that is not listed in the tour package, you could either contact us or make your own tailor made iran tour package.

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