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Iran is not safe. Iran is just a deserted country. Iran is not developed at all. Iran is not an attractive destination to visit. You’ll be having a horrible time in Iran; they’ll bother you every time.

We don’t have the power to confront all these narratives about Iran by the mass media. But we can provide the best services possible to ensure your journey is the best you could have here. We like our travelers to leave us with luggage of good memories of the unseen diverse sceneries, the hospitality of the people, and the high-quality services in their Iran tour.

Four Amazing Facts

Luxury Accommodation

Iran’s 5-star luxury hotels have nothing less than the services and standards of one in Europe. In addition to modern hotels, many historical places turned into beautiful luxury hotels.


There is a diverse ray of exciting dishes in Iran that you can decide to enjoy on your trip. You'll go to high-quality restaurants which offer the variety of food choices in a beautiful setting.

Personalized Service

A caring travel support is assigned to each traveler to ensure the whole journey is aligned with your likes and dislikes. From your guide to your travel style, you’ll have the option to customize anything you wish.

Luxury Transportation

We have chosen a combination of flights and modern SUV cars on our tours to ensure you'll have the safest and most comfortable transportation possible on your trip to Iran.

Iran Luxury Tour Packages

The Tour to Touch the Beauty

From € 1190

A Gate to Persian Tales

From € 1680

The Glorious Land of Diversity

From € 2590

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Unique Aspects of Our Iran Luxury Tours

Diversity in Moments

We have chosen six categories of different kinds of activities in Iran and fit them all into your package. From art & history to local life, you'll experience diverse memorable Moments in Iran.

Personal Customization

We execute these luxury tours in a private style, meaning you can customize all the little details of your trip based on your preferences. It also allows you to adjust your trip even while you are here.

Health & Comfort

We all enjoy traveling. Having fun is an integral part of travel. However, we always prioritize the health and comfort of travelers on our tours to ensure they have the best possible experience in Iran.

Deeper Sense of Places

We’ve designed luxury tour packages in a way that, with the help of your guide, you’ll dive deep into understanding and getting to know people and the wonders of local life in different regions of Iran.

It’s Time for...

These tours will allow you to dig deep into Iran’s history and culture. You’ll get to explore the ancient Persian civilization, which has had an essential role in the history of humankind.

During luxury holidays, you can tag along with guides who have a deep understanding of local life. Therefore, they can answer all your questions about the culture and the history of locals anywhere you decide to go on your journey.

You’ll get to add personal touches to your itinerary. We align everything with your preferences, whether before the trip or while you are on your journey. Therefore, you’ll get to enhance the moments to which you feel a deeper connection.

These tours are opportunities for you to fulfill your sense of adventure and curiosity. The exclusivity of your experience is a priority kept in mind designing and arranging your specific tour package.

Explore Other Tour Types

You would want to ensure the highest quality services for the trip you’ve planned for so long. Also, not so many people speak English so it’d be most comfortable if you leave everything to a tour company and have a Iran tour guides by your side all the time.

We have designed the best luxury journeys based on our experiences in travel and tour execution to ensure you have the best journey. However, you could always tell us your requests or preferences about iran tailor-made tours to make any changes you’ll need in the schedule. Leave everything up to us, and we’ll ensure your peace of mind.

Yes, we align all of our luxury tours with your needs. Also, you could customize them however you’d like.

The Iran festivals we have named here and for which we organized a tour package are all the highlights of the most essential and attractive Iran festivals. Depending on the time of your journey, you could choose ceremonies in Iran that suits your schedule. Also, by reading the specific article on our website about each festival, you’ll have more insight to understand which one is more attractive to you based on your personal preferences.

Yes, we can hold all of our tours as Iran private tours or luxury tours. You can explore all of our packages on the Iran tours page.

The only differences between the prices for Iran luxury tour packages and other tours are the higher quality services such as luxury accommodations and luxury transportation. Also, if you would book these services on your own, it would not make much of a difference with our luxury tour packages.

Our tours are very flexible, considering you’ll get to use our Iran tour Moments feature and choose your Iran tour guides from a wide range of characters and personalities. If for any reason, you would want more customization, you could also look into our iran tailor-made tours.

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