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How Can American Travel To Iran?

Time to read: 7 Mins | Published on July 1, 2020
Traveling to this culturally and historically rich country may encourage tourists to take Iran tours for US citizens. But can Americans travel to Iran?

Iran is the home to 24 UNESCO registered historical sites. So if you’re wondering whether can Americans travel to Iran, the answer is YES. But under a few conditions. We’ll tell you in the article.


Can American travel to Iran?

Like any other tourist who is planning to travel to Iran from the USA, I didn’t know Americans can travel to Iran or not. From my family to the US government warned me of what might happen there. Everybody asked me, “is Iran safe for American tourists?” I didn’t know, but I decided to do it. Although getting an Iran visa for US citizens is a time-consuming process, it is possible. But I needed time to get Iran visa and finding flights to Iran from the US. For reducing travel stress, I decided to book Iran tours. Moreover, applying for Iran visa needs that all the American tourists travel with a Iran tour.

Once I arrived, Iran’s culture, hospitality, and scenery mesmerized me. The first shock was positive. Contrary to what mainstream media portrays from Iran, no one hates Americans. Iranians welcomed me with open arms. During my trip, I saw that the streets, malls, and generally everywhere are safe. It was not only safe for the locals but also the tourists. Every moment of my two-week travel was an incredible experience. I’m sure it’s worth it for every American to take time and travel to the land of myths and stories. So, yes, Americans can travel to Iran via Iran tour operator, and I suggest they do.

Iran Visa For US Citizens

Iran authorities try to reduce the Iran visa process. As a result, the process has become shorter, and many citizens can get Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA). Also, citizens of several countries can travel to Iran without a visa.

blue US passport on a table

Getting a visa to travel to Iran is a step in the right direction, we have tried to fully explain those steps.

Americans can travel to Iran, but due to the political problems between Iran and the US, US passport holders must be aware of some points:

  • If you are a US citizen, it’s not possible to travel to Iran without a visa or with VOA.

Iran Visa Application Form

If you want to get an Iran visa without the hassle of figuring out all the logistics, We can provide all the neccessary information you need and get all your documents in place for a smooth visa process.

  • In addition to the regular information you provide for the visa, US citizens need to send their resumes over the last 10 years.
  • Getting the 30-day tourist visa takes a little bit longer for US citizens, and it’s about 2-3 months, but it can’t discourage you from visiting Iran.
  • As an American, you need to apply through an Iran travel agency and book a tour or have a private guide. If you have local friends and family, you can introduce them as your host. However, Americans can travel to Iran only with a guide present by their side at all times.

Looking For Iran Tours?

If you are looking for a tour that suits your taste, you can find the package you want on the Iran Tours page.

Refusal Of Iran Visa

Americans can travel to Iran. However, if you visit Israel, it can lead to a rejection of Iran visa. So, if you have a visa or stamp from Israel, change your passport and apply for a new clean one.

Israel authorities have been stamping on a separate paper since 2013, and it can avoid the problems. So, if you’re applying for an Iran visa, check your passport for the Israel stamp.

A US citizen whose Iranian visa application has been rejected

if you have a visa or stamp from Israel, change your passport and apply for a new clean one.

Iran Visa For US Citizens With Iranian-American Nationality

If you’re traveling to Iran with your American passport, you have to follow the same travel regulation as US passport holders. Also, the Americans who have American fathers need to obtain an Iran visa.

For travelers who are traveling to Iran with an Iranian passport, they don’t need to get any visa.

Can Americans Travel To Iran As Solo Travelers?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. Americans can travel to Iran, but a guide needs to accompany them during their stay in Iran.

a female tourist in one of Iranian mosques

Unfortunately, US citizens cannot travel to Iran alone and must be accompanied by a guide.

You indeed need an organized itinerary, but it’s not a rigid and inflexible plan. Try to discuss your favorite sites and cities with your tour guide to have an enjoyable itinerary. If you like to break away from your group to explore new things, your guide needs to join you.

The closets option to solo travel is traveling with a Iran private tour. In the private tour, your guide is your translator and sometimes your driver. A private tour includes you and your guide. So, your guide can organize the plan as you wish and make it flexible. It’s more expensive than group tours, and it doesn’t give you the same experience as solo travel. Still, it’s the best available option instead of solo travel for Americans traveling to Iran.

If you can’t pay for a private tour, but you need to have a flexible itinerary, small group tours to Iran are another option. By the small group tours, you can save the money and travel around Iran with a small group.

Flights To Iran From The US

In 1976 the first non-stop flight between New York and Tehran flew. The direct flights were flying between Iran and the US until 1980. After stopping direct flights, the tourists who travel to Iran from the US have had to travel through Iran neighbor countries or Europe. If you want to travel to Iran from the US, you can choose any international airport in the United States.

Americans can travel to Iran. However, according to your airline, the flights have different stop times in various cities like Dubai, Vienna, Frankfurt, etc. So, the flight times are different, but the fastest one takes about 13 hours.

If you want to know about the prices, it’s better to know that the price of flights to Iran from the US depends on the time and airline (like any other destination!)

Imagine that you’re coming to Tehran from Washington, and it’s not high season. If you don’t care about the journey duration, you can find a flight as cheap as 600$.

Different airlines are offering flights to Iran from the US, for example, Turkish Airlines, Emirates or Lufthansa. Even you can choose multiple airlines to find the best deal.

Is Iran Safe For American Tourist

The first impression of Iranians on travelers is Iranian hospitality. No matter who you are or which country you are from, you’re always welcomed here as a guest.

An American couple is seeing their photos on their mobile phones at the Imam Mosque in Isfahan

You will definitely be assured of the safety of your trip after facing the hospitality of the Iranians.

Due to Iranian culture and etiquette, hospitality is a moral value, and it’s vital for Iranians. That’s why Iranian care about the guest experience. On the contrary to what mass media are broadcasting about Iran, here is safe for everybody, both Americans or non-Americans.

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Some Practical Tips For Traveling Iran as US Citizen

If you chose Iran as your destination, it might you want to know some tips about this country. So here, we listed some valuable information for American tourists in Iran.

  • Uber doesn’t work in Iran. Here we have our special taxi services which work like Uber. For example, Snapp or Tap30. Generally, we have every online service here, but the Iranian version!
  • International debit cards don’t work here. You can have cash (which isn’t suggested) and use the Iranian tourist card. Furthermore, IranAmze can make all the arrangements for getting the Iranian debit card for you.
  • A lot of people can speak English in big touristic cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, etc. However, English isn’t the official language in Iran.
  • Due to the religious and cultural etiquette, there is a Iran dress code. In our comprehensive guide, you can learn more detail on how to dress for your vacation in Iran.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked in Iran. So, if you need them, download several VPNs.
  • Although the official currency in Iran is Rial, locals use Toman commonly. One Toman is equivalent to ten Rials. So Rial has one zero more than Toman. For example, the driver asks for 10,000 Tomans. Just add one zero, and you have the price in Rial (100,000 Rials)

If you need to use the internet when you are outdoors, buy an Iranian SIM at the airport. It’s pocket-friendly (about 300,000 Rial) and works for one month. The internet is fast in almost every city. IranAmaze can provide this for you as well as an additional service.

how can American travel to Iran

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It seems tough but I guess it worth it. A friend of mine had been in Iran for a couple of weeks and what he said about his days there was mouthwatering. 😉

As an American, who visited Iran twice, I can just say that I’m looking forward to the day that this lockdown is over. I am counting the days for the time of diving into Iranian hospitality.

Good points to know! Thanks a lot. A friend of mine did not pass all these and when I asked her how she said she had a Swedish passport as well. So, she used it for surpassing these limitations.

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