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Why Should You Travel to Iran?

With all the tourist attractions in Iran like historical sites, natural beauties, and hospitable people, Iran travel will etch in your memory. As an experienced Iran travel agency, we are here to help you in your travel to Iran with the best Iran tours and Iran visa service.

1) Iranian hospitality will amaze you.
2) Iran is an affordable destination.
3) Iran has an ancient history
4) Iran is a 4-season country.
5) Iran is safe for tourists.

Why Should You Travel to Iran?

Travel to Iran During Pandemic

Iran is now experiencing a “new normal” situation regarding the coronavirus. From August 2020, Iran stopped issuing tourist visas. Only medical visas are available under particular conditions. However, domestic traveling tours began to run in less risky areas. Now, it’s an excellent opportunity to start planning for your future traveling to Iran. Stay tuned for the latest updates:

man standing in a caravansary at night in Kerman

Travel to Iran with IranAmaze

We are an Iranian tour operator committed to responsibly take you on a journey through the unknown mysteries of Iran. If you want an amazing Iran travel don’t hesitate to Join us. The story of our journeys goes back to 2004 when we began our expedition to all around Iran. The more we saw, the more we wanted to discover. We wanted to discover the hidden gems and wonders our ancestors have left behind. Back then, we were just adventure seekers who wished to make our dreams come true.
After a while, we realized how the image portrayed of Iran in the mass media was false even in our own eyes. It made us eager to introduce the unheard narratives of Iran to others. We wanted everyone to get to know the rich culture, history and local life of Iran not just by telling them about it but by experiencing it through their own lenses. We want to show some of the most ancient and magnificent wonders of the world to you, which might change your life forever.

Toward Experiences

We are searching for experiences on our tours. Therefore, our goal is not just to show you different sites and follow a rigid travel schedule. We want to give you exposure to new and exciting experiences. We’ll put you at the heart of local communities. We’ll help you socialize with them, hear their stories, and share yours. We will take you to those hidden gems that locals go to in different regions. Overall, we want you to touch the reality of this ancient land.

Local + EU Standards

We are passionate young individuals living in Austria and Iran. All of our money transactions, legal and official work is done through our Austrian company (SAE Event GmbH) under European laws and orders. Nevertheless, we are still an Iranian local tour operator. This way, you’ll get to have an in-depth knowledge of local communities in Iran by your side. But also, the principles and the legal system of Europe will ensure you’ll have more peace of mind while traveling in Iran.

Responsible Travel

Iran has many beautiful traditions and local subcultures that we would love to preserve. One of the ways we can help is with maintaining the local economy so it continues flourishing. We make sure to contribute to the local businesses on our tours with strong local partnerships in different regions. Also, we’ve designed a rigid set of environmental guidelines to reduce our footprints. We want to be a pioneer of responsible travel and push the tourism industry in Iran towards social and environmental sustainability.

Iran Travels & Trips by Interest

An old woman wearing green spins thread in an Iran cultural tour at Eghlid in Shiraz.

Iran Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours of Iran intend to take you deep inside the heart of Persian culture and history. You’ll get to see all the essentials of this ancient civilization. You'll also hear the unseen stories of this mysterious land and explore the hidden gems inside Iran.

Tourists trekking on the northeast route of Damavand during an Iran trekking tour.

Iran Trekking Tour

Our trekking tours to Iran will bring forth the opportunity for all nature lovers to explore some of the most extraordinary mountain ranges of the world. So, this will include Damavand as the highest volcanic summit in Asia. Also, our knowledgeable and professional team will ensure the highest ascend rates for you during your Iran travel.

A man picking roses with three roses on his ears and mouth at Iran festival tour in Kashan.

Iran Festival Tours

Our Festival tours of Iran are designed for those who want to see this land beyond the mainstream portrayal of the media. These journeys will familiarize you with the essence of many traditional ceremonies and rituals. All held within different regions of the country since the ancient days of our ancestors.

Iran desert tour camping under the stars in shadad kalouts

Iran Desert Tours

Our Iran desert tours are mystical journeys in the heart of the most beautiful deserts of Iran. Also, you’ll have the chance to dig deep into the ancient culture of this land. If you like to adventure in lands of nothingness but relaxation and nature stories, this expedition is right for you.

iran tours palackages 2021 – 2022

IranAmaze as an Iranian travel agency & tour operator organizes a variety of tours for all travel interests and types. If you’d like to see all of our tours and get to know the diverse experiences you could have in Iran, please visit the Iran tours page.

Visit Ancient Cities of Iran

Each one of the cities in Iran carries a world of unheard stories under their skin. Modern narratives woven with ancient tales are hidden across this land. Our goal is to take you deep into a journey through these cities with our trips. However, we want to show you a glimpse of each one of them through a written journey about their specific culture and people and anything you might want to know before your tour.
In this collection, we’ll introduce the essential attractions and natural wonders of each city for you to visit while you are on Iran travel. We provide information that is not just plain facts but deeper layers of narratives that are attractive even to Iranian travelers.
You could get lost inside the authentic space of each city by reading these articles. However, we’ve got to warn you that some of the cities once changed our bucket list of places to visit. We think they might change yours too!

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