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Iranian Hospitality

You'll Never Feel Lonely
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Drew Binsky, on drewbinsky

I interacted with as many locals as I could, and not once on any occasion was I disrespected or even looked at funny.  I even told people that I was both American and Jewish, and it made them even more interested to get to know me.  I was invited (dozens of times) into peoples’ houses for a cup of tea and even offered a bed to sleep in.  One time in Isfahan, I walked into a hardware store in the evening and the owner wouldn’t let me leave because he wanted to talk to me all night and he kept feeding me tea!  I made many good friends while in Iran, and I can’t wait to go back and visit them all someday soon.

The interactions of people in a touristy region will affect the quality of your trip. If they are hospitable enough, then you enjoy your trip more. You might have heard a lot about people in Iran and what they are famous for. So, let’s talk elaborately about a specific culture: Iranian hospitality. Here in IranAmaze Iran travel agency, we would like to tell you why we are famous for it.

What is Hospitality Moment?

We are going to present to you the Iranian hospitality moment. Here, we outline what it is and its related sites and activities. Via this moment, you can spend more time in direct interaction with people in Iran. So, you’ll have deeper experiences about habits of Iranian local life

Now, what is a moment?

We would like you to have a deep understanding of Iran in various aspects during your trip. So, we specified six different moments on every Iran tour packages. Each site or activity in your itinerary is categorized in one of these moments. They are as follows: People and local life, hospitality, Iran people religion, Iran nature, art and architecture, Iran history and archeology. We decided to provide an opportunity. You can choose which moment you like the most. Then, inform us so that we can plan an exclusive designed Iran private tour package for your ease.


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What is Amazing about Iranian Hospitality?

What do you do if you are in a new, unfamiliar place and want to find a specific location like a restaurant or a market? Maybe you google your destination, find it on a map, or ask a police officer. But, if you are entangled in such a situation anywhere in Iran, you need to find someone who can speak English. They will eagerly help you. Their suggestions differ from giving you the required address, riding you to your destination, or even guiding you for a whole day! This is what many visitors call specific Iranian hospitality.

Pure warmness and friendliness

ParraChic, on TripAdvisor

My sister and I visited Iran in April 2019 for 26 days. We are Australian and thus traveled independently.

We walked to as many places as we could. It was obvious that we were tourists. Locals approached us, talked to us, and asked us where we are from etc.

The Iranian people are extremely hospitable and friendly. We were constantly invited to people’s homes for a meal or tea. We declined these offers, not because we felt unsafe/worried, but we like to do our own thing.

Though what this memory says may seem strange, that’s absolutely correct! One of the common memories among foreign visitors is this Iranian trait, hospitality. They say that they haven’t seen it in many countries: the local people approach them. Then, they start a conversation to see if the visitors need anything. They suggest helping them in any way and even invite them to their place for a meal. Sometimes, it ends in a homestay and a bed to rest. Actually, It’s part of Iranian hospitality culture. The local people want their guests to feel they are welcomed. They like tourists have a cooler and more convenient trip. Thus, back home, they will have everlasting memories to talk about.

It can be adventurous that you’ll never feel like a stranger. You can make sure that you’ll be able to make friends easily. Or, you find delicious meals, and be welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

The dearest friends

This Iranian hospitality culture roots in an old belief that “guests are God’s friends“. This important position has resulted in the warm interaction of the hosts with the guests. There’s no difference who that guest is. The hosts kindly embrace every newcomer to their city. No matter they are foreigners or Iranians from another town. The hosts would like relaxed and happy moments for their guests. This is a must either in a luxury hotel in the heart of a big city or a cozy little home in a remote village.

Iranian families hold many gatherings and parties on special occasions and ordinary weekends. If it happens for you to accept an invitation, then you’ll have the chance to experience the unique Iranian hospitality culture, Iranian family gatherings, and Persian homemade foods altogether. Besides, you’ll get familiar with Persian tarof. That’s a specific Iranian trait which to many foreigners seems odd or confusing at first sight. For example, at a dinner table, your host asks you many times to have and try different meals. Or, they want to feed up your plate if they see it is half-emptied. That’s a way of showing their caring for your ease and want you to eat until you are full.


Iranian families love to invite tourists to their homes.

A window towards the reality

When you are wandering in the streets, you need not worry about getting lost or not knowing where to eat or rest. There are many people here and there that will help or guide you. Generally, Iranians are caring and feel responsible for being by your side. You can easily trust these people.

But, another reason for this attitude is the fake and non-holistic image shown in the world mass media. The local people do want to change this picture for you. They hope that you will have new insights. So,  later, you talk about it with your friends or on your social media pages. Iranian hospitality culture is a precise demonstration of ordinary people and Iran’s local life.

This change in the mind has happened for many visitors, in a way that made some friends here. And, even repeated their visiting to Iran again and again.

Drew Binsky, on drewbinsky

Unfortunately, the media makes Iran look extremely evil, when in reality, it is absolutely safe to visit, and the locals here are the most humble, honest, and hospitable people that I’ve met in all of my travels. I am not joking!!

There is always a local who is willing to show you all the magical tricks.

Close encounters with an Iranian family

This Iranian trait is the same in general principles, and you can find it everywhere. Whether you are in an old traditional mansion in Yazd, a small village hut or a modern apartment in Tehran, your hosts do their best for your ease. In all these places, a welcoming family is waiting for you to join them in their night gathering. You may cook with them if you like, learn about Iranian eating etiquettes, and have a delicious Persian homemade food.

The Iranian hospitality tour is the best opportunity that you can have in-depth experience of Iranian local life. You will be among the Iranian families in their houses for a night, hanging out with them and have a conversation. Thus, you gain a lot of first-hand information from Iranian culture. You may even make some friends.


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Iranian Hospitality Sites and Activities

We don’t introduce any specific site for Iranian hospitality. Anywhere that there is an Iranian person, there is this special Iranian trait. In other words, you can find these moments of kindness all over the country. Depending on your Iran cultural tour, you are going to have dinner with an Iranian family at least for one night. Your guide in the tour can facilitate your interaction with locals to have a deeper interaction with them. So, you may see special features of hospitality in different regions of Iran. If you like to have this kind of experience, you can ask us either beforehand or during your tour.

The most at-hand locations for feeling Iranian hospitality culture are public locations such as parks, picnicking hangouts, cafes, and restaurants. These are good sites to approach the locals and enjoy their warm and welcoming embraces.

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