You’ll Have it All with the Flexibility to Enjoy Your Moment!

What is Moment?

Have you ever been on a trip where you experienced a moment you wanted to stay in for longer? Or you wanted to experience similar activities like that, but then your guide told you it’s time to leave for another specific site they had scheduled that did not even connect with you?

Most of us have had these experiences, and it had probably made us angry at the Iran tour operators.

Well, we want you to have the flexibility to stay in the moments that connect with you most. To solve similar problems, we have come up with six moments that get repeated a few times during your trip.

Note that every monument or activity have different aspects and could have naturally multi moments for you, but to be more clear we only have bolded one aspect of each. These moments that you see in Iran tour packages are just few examples of the variety of experiences that you are going to have in your trip.

We think all of them are amazing, but we don’t know what’s more attractive to you. This is one of the main reasons we’ve categorized the moments. We want to let you decide for yourself what memories you’d like to take away from your journey!

Whether it’s before your trip or during your travels, you could always tell us if you’d like to reduce or add on to the number of places planned for you to visit. You could also tell us what moments you’d like to experience more. We’ll highlight and heighten those moments on your trip! You could spend hours shopping or walk in the alleys with no set plan! All you’ve got to do is telling us what connects with you most.




Archeology & History

People & Local Life

Art & Architecture

“I started traveling myself since high school. It’s been almost two decades since my first travel experiences. I remember a few images from those memorable times as if I took a photo of a few moments and kept it with myself all these years. Thinking about them, I notice that some of them are personal and got highlighted because of how I felt at the moment. Some of them were memorable because of the unique experiences I had in that special moment. Somewhere along the way, I started searching for moments like that in all my journeys.

I became fascinated to do the unique things at the moment and make every moment count. I started taking photos in my mind of those memories that are so precious I wanted to keep in my memory box forever. We have put all the moments we think are significant into our Iran tour packages. Some of them are important to us because they are interwoven with the identity of this land. We do our best to make these moments unforgettable for you. We want you to also have a memory box full of surprises from your journey to Iran”.

People & Local Life

You probably know Iran as Persia, but besides Persians, there are so many other ethnicities living in Iran such as Turk, Arabs, Kurd, Lur, Turkmen, and many more. Some of them are still nomads migrating by seasons. People and local life moments are a bridge that connects you to see different lifestyles of locals from up close. You’ll get to see what’s under the skin of the cities!
You will get to experience how people make money, have fun, celebrate, get in tune with nature. In general, you’ll get to know the different cultures and lifestyles within this land. There is so much you can experience in this realm we could not fit into the regular itinerary. However, if moments of this kind connect with you most, we could add more activities like visiting university-affiliated communities or participating in a poem night or spending more time in the rural villages with elders, etc.

You probably have heard a lot about Iranian hospitality. However, you possibly cannot imagine accepting an invitation of a stranger to their family house and the joy it could bring to your journey! Parties are always exciting and can have many types! For instance, you could get invited to an Iranian family party! You’d get a sense of Iranian hospitality. Plus, you get to learn about family traditions and eat some delicious authentic home-made food. In Iran, most people open the doors of their houses to tourists and enjoy having them as guests. If you notice you are enjoying these intimate moments with local families, then we could accept more invitations. We could go to these sorts of parties. We could even ask people who invite us to tag along with us during our days.

Iran has not only deserts but also space-like islands, majestic rivers, partially active volcanos, thousand meters high mountain peaks! Not enough? Let’s add dense forests and lively wetlands! During each season, you could experience all four seasons in different regions of Iran! Lut Desert with the warmest point on earth, upcountry villages in the heart of the desert with cool weather and rivers, the pink lake, Yardang, green forest roads, warm natural hot springs, mountains always covered with snow, 4000 years old cedar tree are only a part of natural attractions of Iran that we could fit in the tour packages. Iran has all sorts of scenic landscapes. Won’t you believe it? Just tell us what kind of nature you like, and we’ll add it to your itinerary!

Archeology & History

Did you even know that Iran had a few thousand years old histories even before Persepolis? The ziggurats and 5 thousand years old civilizations in Iran from one side and the Achaemenid empire along with other Persian empires, on the other hand, have left us with the most valuable treasures and heritages from our ancestors.
The 5000 years old sialk hills, Persepolis from the time of the Achaemenid empire, Naqshe Rostam from the Sasanian Empire are all before the emergence of Islam. We’ve tried to fit in the most important UNESCO world heritage sites in your itinerary. However, we could not fit it all! For instance, the Bishapur collection from the Sasanian empire, Bisotun in Kermanshah, Arg-e Bam, etc. which you can decide to add more of in your tour package.

You probably think everyone in Iran is Muslim, not knowing that Zoroastrians, Armenians, and Jewish are also still living in Iran. Also, a lot of younger generations are not even religious at all! Iran is a Muslim country that has led most of our art and architecture to find their unique expressions in the mosques. However, we will familiarize you with other living religions in Iran that are crucial to the identity of many cities such as Yazd and Isfahan. There are churches in Iran that have nothing less when it comes to beauty and originality compared to the famous mosques. Also, Zoroastrian roots and their sacred fire temples are among the most visible footprints on the city of Yazd. We could spend more time in these neighborhoods and get to dive deeper into their ceremonies, traditions, and beliefs if you decide!

Art & Architecture

You might think only mosques could mesmerize you with their beauty in Iran. However, art in both ancient Persia and contemporary Iran is not limited to only mosques. Art and architecture have always been among the top priorities in Iranian history.
The historical civilization hand in hand with Islam and nature gave birth to what we see in modern Iran. We can find this diverse expression in the mosques, gardens, jewelry, literature, lighting, and even architecture of modern cities! Naqshe Jahan square in Isfahan, Ancient houses of Kashan, Tabeeat bridge of Tehran, and Jame mosque in Yazd are all just examples of this diversity.
There are so many more extraordinary sites we could not fit in the itinerary due to the time limitation. If you are passionate about art and architecture, you could let us know, and we’ll fit more of these into your itinerary to enhance the art and architecture moment of your journey!

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