Budget Tours In Iran

Budget Tours In Iran

Don’t Let Money Get in the Way of Your Dreams

Do you remember the first words you ever spoke when you were a baby?

Well, right after that, your parents started teaching you other words they already knew. You could have spent years discovering all the words on your own. Instead, someone that had already discovered them taught you most of them! Easier and more efficient, right?

It might be interesting for you to know all the members of IranAmaze were once budget travelers themselves. Traveling was the best recreational activity we all knew of since we were younger. Therefore, we invested our time and energy not to let finances get in the way of our dreams for seeing the world through our lenses.

We learned many lessons and made many connections along the way. IranAmaze budget tours in Iran are a way to share this acquired knowledge with you. We don’t want you to spend so much time trying to figure out and plan on how to get to your dreams! We already have many of the answers to your questions. It’s like learning your words about Iran from someone who has already discovered the best ones!

We have designed unique budget tours in Iran for you that could be adjusted to your needs and priorities, and it would probably cost the same if not less than doing everything on your own!

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unique budget tours in Iran

Iran Budget Tour Packages

From € 450

5 Day Iran Budget Tour

From € 790

9 Day Iran Budget Tour

From € 440

14 Day Iran Self Guided Tour

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Four Ways to Make a Tour Budget-Friendly


People have this assumption that for them to travel on a budget, they have to let go of their standards for suitable accommodation. One way to make a vacation more cost-efficient is indeed choosing cheaper accommodation. However, we help you not only find more affordable accommodation but also find beautiful hostels with high standards for you to experience an extremely comfortable stay!

Budget Meals

Swapping the luxury restaurant for a local café to have your meal? Not only it will save you money, but it also helps you to interact more with locals and experience the authentic food local people eat in their day-to-day lives. Many of the authentic and Persian dishes are only offered in these less touristic places. So, you’ll get to taste a broader range of dishes on your trip.

Self-Sufficient Option

While having a guide could have many advantages, sometimes you could get around on your own. You could learn more about the city by trying to figure things out yourself. Also, using public transport could help save money and give you more opportunities to interact with locals. Choosing this option does all the preparations for you to create a hassle-free plan to have the best Budget Tours in Iran without having the extra cost of hiring a guide or a driver.

Tour Operator Support

Tour operators are not usually just good for their tour services but also because they are there for all your needs during your trip. Whether you might need a debit card or a sim card or suggestions of excellent local restaurants while traveling, you’ll have their support. They also can save you money by recommending less touristy places for shopping essentials and all. Super helpful, right?

Why Budget Tours?

Money Should Not Stop You from Traveling

Are you letting your finances disable the expansion of your worldview? Well, you should not. The Cost of Iran travel is not high on its own. Budget tours in Iran make it even more affordable for you to explore one of the most ancient civilizations in history.

Connect More with Locals and other Tourists

One of the biggest advantages of budget tours is that you get to have more opportunities connecting to the locals. You connect to them by using more public transport options and staying at local guesthouses. You also get to meet like-minded travelers staying in the hostels and share travel stories and insights with each other. The owners of hostels are usually experienced travelers themselves, which is a bonus!

Safety and Communication is Key

Yes, you can do it all on your own, but having peace of mind while traveling can make it much more fun. Budget tours in Iran are designed to ensure your safety during your stay. Also, in a country like Iran with not so many English-speaking individuals having a guide who can speak the local language helps a lot. The bonus of a guide is their knowledge and insight about traveling here as well!

What Makes Our Budget Tours in Iran Unique?

Less Money, More Moments: We design affordable tours in Iran without cutting down from the destinations you could visit. So, during our cheap Iran tours, we would design the routes in a way that maximizes most sites with the least amount of money. You also get to travel for longer this way. We make our Iran tour packages price affordable without sacrificing the quality and duration of your trip. To add to all this, we make our tours flexible with our moments feature so you could add more of what you enjoy most to your trip.

Responsible Travel is Important to Us: By booking from locally owned guesthouses and hiring local guides and drivers, the local economy would improve. That’s something we had in mind when designing our Iran budget tour packages. We give you suggestions for activities and local restaurants, which would also serve the local economy. We’ll make sure your tight budget is spent not only in the most efficient way but also invested in the right places and people! If you’d like to know more about the positive impact of the specific tour you choose, you could always email us, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Best Prices, Least Hassle: Hours and hours of google search to find the best prices for accommodations and transportation can be quite exhausting. In the end, you might end up in a clingy hotel. We have many connections to the locals, which means we can get the best prices with the least amount of hassle. Also, knowing the cost of your trip upfront is a big plus. Our Iran budget tour price is given to you before you start your trip. Plus, we have set high standards in our partnerships, so you can be sure you’ll have a blast during our budget tours in Iran!

Meeting Your Needs without a Tour

Iran Budget Tour Packages
  • Iran Amaze also offers the below services separately. If you only need specific assistance while traveling to Iran but have everything else already figured out on your own.

    • Visa: You need help with the visa process? We could help you understand the process and also get the Iran visa. This way, you have peace of mind about this part of your travels.
    • Transportation: Sometimes, all you need help with during a trip is how you would get from one place to another. With this service, tickets for any transportation you choose based on your budget and needs can be arranged for you.
    • Accommodations: If you want to be free from the hassle of trying to figure out what accommodations have the highest standards on a budget, you could leave that to us. We’ll make sure to reserve you a comfortable stay through our partnerships with guesthouses all around Iran.
    • Travel Services: it is usually hard to get around Iran without a debit card or a SIM card. With this offer, you could get such services to make sure your journey goes smoothly in Iran.
    • Support: Having a local backup person who can support you with any questions you might have before, during, and after your trip could give you peace of mind. They can answer all your questions anytime without you wasting any of your precious travel time on figuring out the answers.
    • Guide & Driver: Having a guide who is knowledgeable about your destination could have many advantages, such as getting to know the inside scoop of the city. You might also need a driver to take you to all the fun places while you get the insights from your guide on the way there!
    • Events and Festivals: Have heard about a festival or an event happening during the time you are in Iran? Don’t you know how to get tickets or need translation and guide attending the festivals? We got you. You could also check out our festival tour packages beforehand if that’s something in which you are interested.

What do you need in your travel to Iran?

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