Iran Trekking Tours

Step into the Wild Unknowns
Step into the Wild Unknowns

Iran trekking tours widen your perspective. They break the narratives portrayed in the media from Iran. Those that make people think Iran is only a deserted country. From the greenery of mountains to the many mineral hot springs on the hiking trails, you’d get to explore the variety of sceneries that Iran has to offer in different Iran tour packages.

Four Amazing Facts

Diverse Activities

Iran is a country of different climates; it’s got mountains, jungles, deserts, and different plains. This diversity of scenery and experience has made Iran hiking tours a perfect mixture.

Accessible Peaks

Mountaineering in Iran is alpine style, which means ascending the mountain summits in Iran require simple gear and is easy, especially if you’re in a fit and healthy state.

Affordable Trekking

Iran trekking tours are much more affordable than similar ones in other countries. And with Damavand being the tallest mountain in the Middle East, you'll get a lot of bragging points!

Plus Culture

Trekking in Iran is not just about climbing and reaching the summit. Meeting the nomads that live in the mountains in Iran transforms mountaineering in Iran into a unique experience.

Iran Trekking Tour Packages

A Quick Conquer of Damavand

From € 395

Optimal Choice of Damavand

From €475

Damavand Nature & Tehran Life

From € 595

The Relaxed Ascent to Damavand

From € 495

Tochal Acclimatization & Damavand Triumph

From € 685

Following the Sun to Damavand Summit

From € 595

The Real Adventure to Damavand

From € 575

The Ultimate Challenge of Damavand

From € 670

The Sacred Mountain: Sabalan

From € 515

The Remanence of Ice Age: Alamkuh

From € 465

Adventurers Love Our Trekking Tours

Unique Aspects of Our Trekking Tours

Security First

Security is our number one rule in our Iran trekking tours. Tour priority in all of these activities is keeping people safe. Each member of our team is provided with full gear and equipment.


We never rush anyone. You can climb the mountain at your own pace. Each day’s schedule is set based on the climate and your hiking abilities so that you will have a joyful experience on our Iran trekking tours.

Perfect Tour Guides

Mountaineer’s ratio to guides is low, making it a more secure tour option for you. For every four mountaineers, there’s one tour guide. It makes your experience wholesome and something to remember for life.

Acclimatization Program

Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or a beginner who has just started climbing, we will design our schedule based on your abilities; a decent acclimatization program is always included.

What’s the Best Time for Hiking & Trekking Tours?

Take into consideration the fact that Iran climbing tours could take place in a variety of different regions. So, it’s always the “right time”! You can do it all year round. For instance, the south of Iran has a pleasant climate for hiking in winter. There are more accessible hiking trails and summits, such as the Homag Summit in the North of Bandar Abas.

Moreover, the best time for climbing most of the mountains in Iran like Damavand and Alam-Kuh is from early June to late August. This date varies depending on the climate each year. There have even been years where we were able to ascend the Damavand peak in October.

Winter ascends to Iran peaks are also possible. These ascend are suitable for professional and seasoned climbers as they need a high level of expertise as well as professional and adequate gear.

Best Trekking Trails in Iran

Iran is a country with diverse scenery; the two mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, are two essential mountain chains of Iran. They act as a container, holding all the beauty of central Iran. Moreover, the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut are two significant plains in Iran. They are amongst the world’s largest deserts and UNESCO world heritage sites.
Furthermore, Iran has great diversity in terms of mountain altitudes. At 5,610 meters, Damavand is the highest peak in Iran, and there are about 150 summits with more than 4000 meters in height.

Of all the trekking destinations in Iran, Mount Damavand is arguably the most special one! At 5,610 meters, mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the middle east! It has appeared in numerous Iranian folklore and on an Iranian banknote.

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At 4,848 meters, Alam-Kuh is the second-highest mountain in Iran. The north face of Alam-Kuh is famous for rock climbing. If you trek up to its 4300 meters, you’ll face a substantial 800-meter wall that you have to conquer to ascend Alam-Kuh’s peak.

At 4,811 meters, Sabalan is the third-highest mountain in Iran. It’s an inactive stratovolcano. But wait, there’s more! There’s a permanent lake right on the summit of this mountain! Bet you didn’t see this one coming.


With 3,964 meters’ elevation, Mount Tochal is unique in its own way. Meaning it’s not just a mountain that mountaineers climb but also a ski resort! Mount Tochal has breathtaking views of Tehran. Moreover, it’s perfect for acclimatization.


Professional Trekking Tour Guides

As founders of the IranAmaze travel agency, we first started our journey as tour guides. Therefore, we know how much your guide’s personality can influence the quality of your experience. We also understand what essential attributes make the best guides who can create the most memorable experiences for travelers. Also, based on our experiences, we’ve learned what expectations tourists usually have from their guides. All in all, we have chosen guides who share these three key qualities besides their own unique characteristics.


Trustworthy and Reliable

Our guides are reliable and well-trained. Of course, ascending to the peak is the goal, but most people agree that no peak is worth a human’s life. So, security is the number one priority in our Iran trekking tours. 


Certified Guides

All of our tour guides are certified guides of Iran’s mountaineering and sport climbing federation. They all are experienced and know the best trekking trails in Iran like the back of their hands!


Flexible Schedules

We won’t push you to do anything you are hesitant to do. Our guides give you various options, and you can choose what you’re going to do based on your physical abilities and what you feel like doing each day.


Find more information about IranAmaze’s guides on Guides Page .

How Are We Responsible in Our Trekking Tours?

We believe we should prevent our negative impacts on our trips and maximize the positive ones. Therefore, we have a set of responsible travel policies for our company and specific tips for each tour. Being responsible starts before the trip; we provide the necessary information, such as Iran etiquette and dress code, for our travelers before they come to Iran. We support local businesses and individuals on our tours by working with them.

Also, we facilitate cultural interactions for our travelers. This will not only provide more in-depth experiences for them but also make sure these interactions are culturally appropriate. Furthermore, our environmental considerations help our tours to be more sustainable. For more information, check out tour packages’ Iran responsible travel page and responsible travel section.

Explore Other Tour Types

This one depends on your physical abilities and your level of expertise. If you don’t have experience in climbing 3000-meter mountains, then it’s better to choose mountains like Tochal, Kolun Bastan, and Sabalan. However, if you’re experienced in this matter and you’re in good shape, we would recommend damavand tour and Alam-Kuh. We’ve designed our tour packages based on our guides’ experiences. Also, they include acclimatization programs that will get you ready for ascending the peaks. If you need further information regarding our Iran trekking tours, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, Iran’s mountains are not hard to ascend, and Damavand tour is no exception. Damavand and Alam-Kuh are the tallest mountains in Iran. And yet, they’re not hard to climb at all! Especially if you’re in good shape and properly acclimatized. Most mountaineers can climb these two, and if you can climb these, the others will be no trouble. However, it helps if you have experience in climbing 3 or 4 thousand meters’ mountains, but it’s not a necessity.

In climbing seasons, which is from June to August, there’s no need for professional gear. The basics will do: Trekking shoes, Backpack, Trekking pants and jacket, gloves and woolen hat, sunglasses, sleeping bag, headlamp, etc. However, in winter, you will need other gear based on the amount of snow and weather. Please visit our tour pages if you need more information regarding the equipment.

Some trekking routes are more accessible, and people can carry their gear. Some of the routes, like Damavand tour and Alam-Kuh, need assistance from porters. Therefore, they will help mountaineers take their equipment up the mountain.

If you don’t have a good schedule, then you might end up getting altitude sickness (AMS). However, we won’t let that happen! We’ve designed our tour packages for various weather conditions, and you can choose them based on your readiness and your experience. In case you have any doubts about our Iran trekking tours, do not hesitate to contact our mountain experts.

The food schedule is one of the most critical factors in successful trekking tours. During these hikes, you will have fresh and good-quality food. These meals are either prepared by your guide or a fantastic cook. You will also have many snacks that will help you preserve energy.

The food schedule is one of the most critical factors in successful trekking tours. During these hikes, you will have fresh and good-quality food. These meals are either prepared by your guide or a fantastic cook. You will also have many snacks that will help you preserve energy.

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