The Sacred Mountain: Sabalan

4 Day Sabalan Trekking Tour

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Sabalan is the third highest summit of Iran right after Damavand and Alamkuh. It is the most important summit of the north-west of Iran. The lake right over the peak has turned this mountain range to one of the most memorable summits in Iran. The best time to ascend Sabalan is during summer. The safest route to trek is the north-east approach, which is the route we’ve chosen for this Iran tour package. Conquering this summit of 4811 meters height is much easier than Damavand and Alamkuh. Because the mountaineering federation’s 4WD vehicles will take those interested in ascending the summit on a dirt road to a shelter located at 3700 meters height. The trekking schedule will be only a day and about 5 hours.

The other interesting point of this tour package is the additional fun activities besides trekking, which is plenty during this journey. On the 1st day, we’ll take eight hours to drive on one of the most beautiful roads in between the Hyrcanian forests, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. On the 2nd day, we’ll drive up to the foggy foothills of Sabalan. Then, during the 3rd day after conquering the summit, we’ll spend time soaking in the natural hot springs and getting lost in the delicious food and snacks of Sarein with IranAmaze.


Starts in:


Ends in:



  4 Days

Age Range:

  15 - 70

Physical Rating:


Group Size:

  2 - 10


  2 nights at a 4-star hotel, 1 night at the shelter



On the 1st day, we’ll pass through the Alborz mountain range to get from Tehran to Rasht. As we continue, we’ll see the Caspian Sea, a beautiful forest road from Asalem to Khalkhal in which we’ll enjoy the Hyrcanian forest. If the sky is clear, from the top of the road, we’ll see the vast green fields in the south, forest in the west, and the sea from afar. Right after, we’ll get to Ardabil and spend a night at a hotel. The drive will take about 8 hours, but stopping on our way to enjoy the sceneries might lengthen our time on the road.



  • Starting Altitude: 1400 m
  • Driving Distance: 580 km
  • Trekking Distance: 0
  • Average Slope: –
  • Highest Altitude: 1843 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 1351 m
  • Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Ardabil

The 2nd day starts with the mountaineering guide explaining the ascent schedule along with all the technical tips needed for a successful trek up to the summit. Afterward, once we drive for an hour, we’ll get to the north entrance of Sabalan called Shabiil. From that point, we’ll get on the mountaineering range rovers to drive up for an hour before getting to the main camp of Sabalan, located at 3700 meters height. Right after resting a bit and having lunch, we’ll trek up to 4100 meters for acclimatization. We’ll spend half an hour there before heading back to the shelter. After having something to drink, we’ll sleep to be ready for the ascent the next day.


  • Driving Distance: 95 km
  • Starting Altitude: 3700 m
  • Upward Trekking Distance: 1.4 km
    1.4 km for acclimatization
  • Average Slope: 28.8 %
  • Highest Altitude: 4100 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 3700 m
  • Overnight stay in a room at the shelter

The main trekking section will start on the 3rd day at 5 am and would take about 5 hours. In the middle of the summit, there is a permanent lake frozen in all seasons beside Summer. Taking plenty of memorable photos on top of the Sabalan summit is a must-do. Then, we’ll descend back to the shelter and have lunch.

Afterward, we’ll head back to Shabil with the range rovers. Right when we get off the cars, there are natural hot springs that flow from the volcanic activities of Sabalan. We’ll soak in them to wake our body up and get energized.

We’ll arrive at the beautiful city of Sarein on the south side of Sabalan after about two hours of driving. Most of the shops in this city have traditional food and snacks. After having some fun, we’ll head back to the hotel to rest.


  • Starting Altitude: 3700 m
  • Upward Trekking Distance: 3.86 km
  • Average Slope: 28.8 %
  • Highest Altitude: 4811 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 1650 m
  • Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Sarein

We’ll start our 4th day by having a local breakfast and soaking in the natural hot springs of Sarein. Then, we’ll head to Ab Torsh spring, which literally translates to sour water spring and drive back to Tehran right after. We’ll be in Tehran around 8 pm.


  • Soak in Mineral Hot Springs 
  • Sour Water Spring
  • Driving Distance: 580 km
  • Ending Altitude: 1400 m

Acclimatization Plan

Your Flexibility Options

  • Except for technical matters of the ascent, which directly affects your succession rate, other sections of the program such as time of arrival in Ardebil on the 1st day, spending time at hyrcanian forest, or all the fun activities on the 4th day are flexible. They can change with the consent of the guide.
  • The ascent speed is set-out depending on your physical strength, your body’s reaction to height, and the climate. In short, if the guide is sure that it wouldn’t harm you, the speed can change.

This Tour's Features

High Rate of Success

All of our Iran trekking tours have a high rate of success. Having professional guides, suitable acclimatization program, and constant quality checks of trekking equipment ensures the highest success rate during our tours to Iran. The most challenging part of ascending Sabalan in the northeastern path is the proper adjustment of our body to the height. Our guides will make sure to align the acclimatization program to your physical preparedness and trekking speed.

European Deal​

All bookings and contracts are settled through SAE Event GmbH, a registered travel agency in Austria. As a result, all transactions and processes are done based on the European legal system. So you would have the advantage of working with a local tour operator under EU-law. Visiting Iran with locals was never that hassle-free.

Nutritious Food

Nutrition has a crucial role in trekking. We have consulted with nutrition and sports specialists to prepare the best meal plan for our Iran trekking tour packages. We have included meals that provide all the essentials necessary for your health. Canned food and ready to make quick meals have no place in our tour packages. All of the meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by a local cook and served warm right at the time of your meal plan.

Our Service


All land transportation by Air-co vehicles
4WD for Dirty Roads


2 Nights 4-star hotels
1 Night at the Shelter


Full Board
3 Breakfast
4 Lunch
3 Dinner
Daily snack & mineral water

Staff & Experts

Professional English-speaking
Mountaineering Guide
Mountaineering consultant 24/7 support

Additional Services

Visiting Caspian Sea
Riding throughout hyrcanian
Soak in Hot Springs
Iranian Sim Card
Local Debit Card
Wi-Fi Modem
Official Iran Visa reference number


International airfares, taxes, surcharges
Travel Insurance


Backpack (BS to 45 Litre)
Sleeping bag with the comfort level of +10 to +5
Trekking boots (waterproof)
Base layers
Wind stoppers
Polar jacket
Warm trekking pants
Light down jacket
Gore-Tex jacket (waterproof)
Warm hat
Warm gloves
Sun creams
Sticks, poles

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Cancellation policy

In case you cancel your tour booking, cancellation fees will apply:

• Up 90 days before arrival: We’ll fully refund the paid deposit.

• 90-60 days before arrival: We’ll refund 50% of the paid deposit.

• 60-30 days before arrival: We’ll refund 25% of the paid deposit.

• From 30 days before arrival to actual arrival: We will hold the deposit (25% of the package price) as a cancellation fee.

How Is This Trip Responsible?

  • Before starting the tour, we provide our travelers with the necessary information.
  • We leave no trace behind in nature, and we encourage others not to do so.
  • We value the pristine areas and choose the beaten tracks as our route.
  • We treat our local porters respectfully and fairly.
  • Our meals are cooked by local cooks.
  • Around the mountains, we use local transportation.
  • We appreciate nomad people and don’t disturb their life.
  • We minimize our use of plastic in our trip

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