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How Many Days To Spend In Iran For The First Time Visitors?

How many days should I stay? When is the best time to visit Iran? What are the must-visit attractions in Iran? These are the questions that come to the tourists’ minds before traveling Iran for the first time.
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It might have happened to you that you have booked a trip for one week. Then, after spending only two days, you feel that you have seen everything in your destination. Or it could be the other way. Some of the countries have so much to offer that one week could never be enough. So, seeking Iran travel tips would be logical when you’re traveling Iran for the first time. The first step for planning a trip to Iran is considering how much time you have to visit Iran. And then, deciding what kind of Iran tour packages you’re going to book. Are you choosing small group tours to Iran or Iran private tours? What is your purpose of travel? Do you need Iran cultural tours or Iran trekking tours?

For finding the answer to these questions, the best solution is knowing each city of Iran better. In other words, by realizing how many days it is necessary for visiting each city, Iran first time visitors can decide better on the amount of time they spend in Iran. Following, I will have a brief introduction to each city. Also, I will introduce some of the must-sees in Iran that you can find in these cities. Finally, I will tell you how many days you would need to visit each of them at least and at most.

How Many Days In Tehran?

The minimum time a visitor needs to spend in Tehran is one day. The average days Iran first time visitors need to spend in Tehran are two days. If you want to have deep and complete experience in Tehran, we recommend you to stay four days in Tehran.

Tehran, the crowded capital of Iran, is probably the first city you visit when traveling Iran. As the capital of Iran for the past 200 years, Tehran has experienced many changes. Therefore, it’s become a place where you can see a mixture of modern and traditional Iran. The historical palaces from the Qajar and Pahlavi era are examples of historical sites in Tehran. On the other hand, Milad Tower and Tabiat bridge are the best examples of modern Iran. Milad Tower, Tabiat Bridge, Sa’dabad Complex and Golestan Palace are just some of the famous sites in Tehran.


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As an Iran UNESCO heritage siteGolestan Palace is one of the must-visit attractions in Iran. The mixture of Persian and European architecture and luxurious ornaments of this palace makes it worthy of visiting. Tabiat Bridge is an excellent example of contemporary Iranian architecture. Tabiat bridge also connects Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park. It’s a place where people spend their leisure time. Iran first time visitors can see modern Iran on this bridge and make connections with the people of Tehran.

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Milad Tower in Tehran with a height of 435 meters is the tallest tower in Iran.

How Many Days In Kashan?

Kashan is a small city with so many attractions. You will need at least one day for visiting Kashan’s attractions. The average time you’ll need to spend on Kashan is two days. Moreover, Iran first time visitors should spend three days in Kashan for having a profound experience of Kashan.

Kashan is one of the cities in Isfahan province, and many recognize it as an oasis city. The first urban civilization dating back to 7000 years ago appeared in Kashan. Moreover, Kashan offers various types of attractions. Other than historical houses, Kashan has natural attractions. The deserts around Kashan such as the Maranjab Desert, have been attracting local and international visitors. Finally, traditions such as Golabgiri (making Rosewater) make visiting Kashan more interesting for Iran first time visitors.


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For instance, Fin Garden in Kashan is one of the Persian gardens of Iran UNESCO world heritage sites.  The historical importance of this garden is because of the murder of Amir Kabir, the chief minister to Naser al-Din Shah. Naser al-Din was the Qajar king and ordered killing Amir Kabir in the Fin Bath, a part of Fin Garden.  Furthermore, Tabatabai House is an excellent example of Iranian houses that dates back to 1880 A.D. The house belonged to a wealthy merchant during the Qajar era. The unique feature of this house is how it is in accordance with the weather in summer and winter.

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It is impossible to see the unique plastering of Tabatabai’s house anywhere else.

How Many Days In Isfahan?

Because of Isfahan’s considerable number of monuments and must-see places, visiting this city needs more time than others. The minimum time you need to visit Isfahan is two days. The average time for visiting Isfahan is three days. Finally, spending four days in Isfahan gives you an in-depth experience of this city.

The city of Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan province and is the second-largest city in Iran. This city owes its development to Zayandeh Rood River. Isfahan is famous as “Nesfe Jahan” which means “half of the world” because of the number of monuments it has. Furthermore, Isfahan became the capital of Iran during the 16th century during the ruling of Shah Abbas and developed significantly.

The major part of Isfahan is Naqshe Jahan Square. Shah Abbas ordered building this square right in the middle of Isfahan. It used to be a place of trading and important ceremonies. Each side of this square leads to an important monument. One leads to Ali Qapu Palace, the others to the Grand Bazaar of IsfahanShah (Imam) mosque, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. What might impress Iran first time visitors the most in Shah mosque, is the seven-color tiles of it. Grand Bazaar of Isfahan is where you can find carpets and Persian art crafts.

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Ali Qapu attracted the attention of travelers due to its high height compared to other buildings of its time.


How Many Days In Yazd?

Iran first time visitors will need at least two days to visit the city of Yazd. On average, they’ll need three days to visit Yazd and four days is enough for a deep experience of Yazd.

As a desert city with traditional structures, Yazd has been resisting modernization. This city is the capital of Yazd province, and deserts surround all around it. The houses of Yazd are made of mud bricks with windcatchers on top of them. These windcatchers are very important because they help to cool the air in the houses. Such features have turned the city of Yazd into a vast museum for Iran first time visitors. Also, Yazd is a major city for Zoroastrians (the followers of Zoroaster) in Iran and holds the main fire temple in Iran.

Amir Chakhmaq complex in the center of Yazd that includes a variety of historical monuments. This complex dates back to the Timurid era (14th century) and has a historically important mosque and a bazaar. Jameh Mosque of Yazd is a great example of 14th-century architecture. The turquoise color of its tiling and its tall minarets have made this mosque one of the must-sees in Iran.

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The city of Yazd was registered in 2017 as one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Iran

How Many Days In Shiraz?

As Shiraz has many valuable sites for visiting, the minimum days you need to visit Shiraz are two days. The time you need to spend in Shiraz on the average is three days. Finally, if you want to have a complete and in-depth visit to Shiraz, you need to spend four days in Shiraz.

This city in the southwest of Iran has been a popular center of living for thousands of years. Archeological sites and monuments in Shiraz show living in this city dates to 2500 years ago. Furthermore, Shiraz has been a center of culture and art during different eras of time. Many of the great Iranian poets such as Hafez used to live in Shiraz. The tomb of Hafez is among the most popular attractions in Shiraz. Also, Shiraz is famous for the Persian gardens it has as well.  Finally, the remnants of Achaemenes and Sassanid empires from more than 2000 years ago makes it even more special. Because of all these features, Shiraz can have a lot to offer to Iran first time visitors.

The first place that comes to mind when talking about Iranian archeological sites is Persepolis shiraz. Persepolis used to be one of the Achaemenes Empire’s capitals in which they held celebrations. What we have of Persepolis now is its remnants after Alexander (king of Macedon) burnt the whole city. Nasir-ol-molk Mosque is very well-known among the tourists for its colorful windows. At specific times, when sunlight passes through this window the entire mosque becomes colorful. So, if you’re traveling Iran for the first time, keep in mind visiting this mosque.

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The first place that comes to mind when talking about Iranian archeological sites is Persepolis

How Many Days In Tabriz?

The minimum days Iran first time visitors need to visit Tabriz is one day. The average time you need to visit Tabriz is two days and in three days you can visit Tabriz completely.

Another former capital of Iran is the city of Tabriz in the northwest of Iran. As the people who live in this city are Azerbaijani, they speak in Azeri language. Museums, historical monuments, Azeri culture ceremonies, and natural attractions such as colorful hills are some of this city’s attractions. Moreover, the weather of this city is cold most of the year because of its location on the mountain slopes. Also, Sahand Mountain (the highest mountain in East Azerbaijan) is in the south of Azerbaijan.

As Tabriz is an important center on the Silk Road, the Bazaar of Tabriz has been an important trading center. Also, apart from the historical importance of this bazaar, visitors can find Persian carpets and handicrafts in it. Kandovan village is another site near Tabriz that Iran first time visitors shouldn’t miss. This village is only one hour away from Tabriz. The people who have been living in this ancient village for the last 800 years. Moreover, its inhabitants have carved the houses out of mountain stones.

During the Mongol invasion, the people of Kandovan took refuge in the mountains to save their lives, and by digging the mountains, they built their houses in the heart of the mountains.

How Many Days In Kerman?

The minimum number of days for visiting Kerman is one day. The average time you need to visit Kerman is two days. Moreover, in three days, you can have an in-depth and complete visit to Kerman.

As a desert city on the southeast of Iran, Kerman has many historical and natural sites to offer. People have been living in this city for almost four thousand years! The long history of this city has resulted in having a particular culture and holding special ceremonies. You can see this difference in the local music and costumes of the people in Kerman from other regions in Iran. Also, the carpets of Kerman are very famous for their patterns and long-lasting nature. Moreover, Kerman is one of the main cities where Zoroastrian (the followers of Zoroaster’s religion) have communities and fire temples. So, Kerman is one of the best cities to visit for tourists who are traveling Iran for the first time.

Kerman is near the Lut Desert (one of the natural Iran UNESCO world heritage sites). There are plenty of Kaluts in this desert near Kerman. Kaluts are huge yardangs in the desert which owe their shape to the erosion of water and sand. These erosions and shaping happened almost twenty thousand years ago! The Kaluts near Kerman look as if they are a natural city when looking from a distance. The Kaluts are must-sees for Iran first time visitors. The Grand Bazaar of Kerman is a historical bazaar in Kerman that it’s different parts belong to different eras. In other words, different rulers of Kerman have added new elements to it.

Kaluts are huge yardangs in the desert which owe their shape to the erosion of water and sand.

Choosing Your Iran Tour Package

Deciding about traveling Iran for the first time is more comfortable now that you know about each touristic city in Iran. There are plenty of Iran tour packages that Iran first time visitors can choose. 7-day Iran tours and 12-day tours in Iran are appropriate for the tourists who have limited time for visiting Iran. For having more in-depth experience in Iran, you can choose two week Iran tours and three-week tours in Iran. Also, visitors always have the option of Iran tailor-made tours for a more flexible experience. You pick the specific places you want to visit and the time of visiting them in tailor-made tours.

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