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Have you ever experienced those vacations that you’ll remember forever? They leave sweet memories in your mind or put a visible trace on your personality. We want to organize such memorable Iran tours for you!
On IranMaze Iran travel agency tours to Iran, we’ll take you to all the unique places, hidden gems and bring forth a diverse ray of activities that connect with your personality. But wait! We think that’s not enough. We want everyone to experience the rich culture, history fully, and Iran’s local life in the most loveable way, responding to your trust with a precious memory and many unforgettable experiences.

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Best Iran Tour Packages 2022

Iran cultural tours take you to the heart of all Iran’s uniqueness. But what if you can’t get along with some factors of these tours like the arranged time, the tour pace, or the number of co-travelers? These tours can satisfy any of your preferences.
An Iran private tour is best for families, elders, and solo travelers since it adapts to their special needs. And, an Iran small-group tour is suitable for small budget travelers and those who want like-minded co-travelers.

Iran Cultural Tour Packages

Iran cultural tours reveal many unheard stories from the ancient land of Persia that could fascinate anyone. It narrates the story of great emperors, magnificent palaces, unique Persian gardens, heaven-like mosques and churches, and the kind and hospitable Iranians. This tour package is an odyssey that you will never forget.

Iran Festival Tours

New year events are lovely everywhere. And when it concurs to the fresh atmosphere of spring, the joy of this celebration would be doubled. Or imagine walking in a land opulent of roses aromas and petals. There is also this local music carnival by the Persian Gulf. So, what about an Iran festival tour to pursue every exciting event?

Iran Hiking & Trekking Tour Packages

Are you interested in immersing yourself deeply in the embrace of mother nature? walking through jungles, camping by the lakes in the summer, going skiing in the winters, and conquering mountain peaks are generally favorable choices to many adventurers. Iran hiking and trekking tours are exactly designed for accompanying you towards your interest.

Iran Desert Tours & Safaris Packages

Enchanted by the solace and freedom spread in the air, you can not help but stare at the endless sandhills of the vast golden desert. Iran desert tours take you to the heart of this hot and dry precious treasure. Deserts in Iran are the conjuncture of history, culture, and a unique lifestyle that has been preserved for decades.

Iran Budget Tour Packages

We believe that “money should not stand on your way to explore the world”. So, neither put aside traveling nor spend a lot of time arranging a low-budget trip. Instead, consider the third way for enjoying a cheaper journey: entrust to Iran budget tours for exploring throughout an ancient civilization.

Iran Luxury Tour Packages

It is peace of mind for any visitor to Iran to know that they can stay in hotels as standard as European ones, taste Persian food in highly qualified restaurants, use comfortable transportation, and have customized guides and plans. That is why we designed Iran luxury tours to ensure your comfort during the journey.

Iran Women-Only Tour Packages

The Iranian feminine realm seems like a forbidden castle; but not for everyone. Iranian women are just hospitable as men, yet they will not spill the beans easily. If you are a female visitor you have this merit to discover the secrets and hidden aspects of a girl/ woman in the conservative community of Iran. So, besides all the things that you can also experience on a mixed tour, via an Iran women-only tour you will have the chance to break through this feminine realm.

What Are the Moments in Your Tours to Iran?

People visit Iran for many reasons. However, we’ve conducted research and figured out the diverse activities and experiences in Iran tours can be divided into 6 main “moments” listed below. We’ve included all of these categories into our tour packages to ensure you experience it all! You even have the flexibility to choose what moments connect with you most and make them bolder on your trips.

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Iran history & archaeology icon book

Archeology & History

Iran people and local life icon chat symbol

People & Local Life

Iranian art & architecture icon castle

Art & Architecture

About Moments

Iran Responsible Travel Tours

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As a local Iran travel agency in IranAmaze, showing the hidden gems of Iran and making deep experiences for travelers is one of our main priorities. Simultaneously, we’d like to preserve the attractions and traditions in Iran as they are for future generations. Therefore, we advocate for traveling responsibly to minimize our environmental and cultural negative impacts. Furthermore, we’d like to share the benefits with local communities to empower them and make this cooperation sustainable. As a pioneer company in Iran responsible travel, we not only train our staff and inform our travelers but also choose responsible partners or try to help them work sustainably. For more information, check out the responsible travel page and responsible travel section in tour packages.

Travelers Say About Our Iran Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions About Iran Tours

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

The getting Iran tourist visa process is short and straight forward for most countries besides several specific ones such as the United States, England, and Canada. You’ll get your visa approximately in 2 weeks. If you choose to book Iran tourism packages with us, we won’t charge you additional charges for the visa as it we include it in our services. If you are from those specific countries, then you can visit our visa page list to see the process for the visa as it will be different and longer.

What are the best tours in Iran?

Iran is most well-known for its historical sites. But Iran’s natural attractions, the delicious Persian food, and even the Iranian famous hospitality are all the options worth experiencing for any tourist. Including all these, our Iran cultural tours can be considered the best ones for exploring Iran deeply.

Are credit cards accepted in Iran?

Unfortunately, due to the sanctions, none of the international credit cards work in Iran. There is this debit card, Mahcard that is issued in Iran specifically for foreign visitors.

What are the best Iran destinations?

Whatever your taste in traveling is, Iran has something to offer. You can choose Iran tour packages that merely focus on the cultural, historical, or natural attractions of Iran. Besides, Iran’s main tourist route goes through the more prominent cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and their famous sites. These Iran tours include various attractions.

Can we travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

Legally concerned, unmarried couples can not stay together in the same room. It needs marriage proof for taking a shared room. But, in practice, most of the hotels, hostels, local residences take it easy for foreign unmarried couples. So, the answer is, yes!

How is internet access in Iran?

Telecommunication infrastructure in Iran is up to date. So, you don’t need to worry about making calls and using the internet. The 5G and LTE networks are available in all hotels, hostels, as well as many restaurants and cafes. Also, you can buy Iranian sim cards at a low price. Data is very cheap in Iran.

Is Iran safe for tourists?

Despite the mainstream portrayal of Iran, most tourists are surprised by how safe Iran is compared to what they assumed. Iran is safe for all travelers, but if you’d like to know more about the safety of each aspect of your travel, you could check out our article on Iran safety.  Also, during our Iran guided tours, your guide will be at your side at all times ensuring the highest amount of safety.

When is the best and worst time of traveling to Iran?

Iran is a four seasons country! Not only in Iran we have from subfreezing winters to boiling summers, but also Iran weather completely differs from one region to another. No matter what kind of activities you like, Iran always offers all of them. The best time to visit Iran is up to you. Here, you don’t need a particular period to travel. Just plan for your trip and find the best time.

Can I travel as a solo female traveler in Iran?

Yes! Of course, solo-female travel in Iran is common. Also, we’ve mentioned before, Iran is safe in terms of the crime rate. So, the general rules you have to follow as a female tourist in Iran are the same as everywhere else. Besides that, you have to follow the Iran dress code and wear a hijab. But females in Iran are a big part of society. You won’t be the only woman in the room wherever you go especially during our tours. Also, you could reserve our women only Iran tours, which are a new and trendy category.

Would I need to get insurance to visit Iran? How and where?

Yes, you would need an Iran travel insurance to getting Iran tourist visa. Insurance is an essential and required document for the visa process. You could either purchase the insurance through international agencies or an Iran travel agency like IranAmaze. The difference between international agencies and an Iran tour agency is in two different factors. One is that international insurance companies usually have higher coverage and for that reason, they are more expensive. The second difference is that some international companies would not cover traveling to Iran but the Iranian companies won’t have this issue. We can help you with the insurance process if you book any of our tour packages. For more information on insurance details, please read our article about Iran travel insurance.

What cities and activities do the Iran cultural tours usually include?

Iran cultural tours usually include the main essential Destinations of Iran, such as Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Kerman. These packages are great for first-time travelers who want to explore all the essentials of Iran. It will include activities such as visiting historical and world heritage sites, getting to know Iran people and local life, walking at the heart of the Bazaar, Iran nature strolls, and experience Iranian people hospitality. During longer Iran travel tours such as the 21 day Iran cultural tour, we’ll also explore other Iran destinations. Qeshm, Hormoz, Rasht, Ardebil, Tabriz are other cities included in our 21-day Iran tour package

Why should I get guided tours of Iran?

Our Iran guided tours will save you the hassle of planning and finding the right destinations and services during your vacation.  Iran escorted tours allows you to enjoy discovering and exploring all over Iran with the benefits of having a Iran tour Guides on your side.  There are tons to see and experience in Iran so it could be confusing to figure it all out on your own. Our Iran tailor-made tours plan can be customized to your style, schedule, and budget. You’ll be able to dive deeper into the local culture having a knowledgeable local guide by your side everywhere during your travel.

What is “Moments” in your trips?

It’s a feature to ensure the flexibility and diversity of your plan, whether before or during your journey. Please read more about this feature on our Iran travel Moments page.

Would I only explore touristic places on your Iran tour packages?

No, we would not just visit different sites quickly one after the other during our tours of Iran. We value the quality of your experience and want to show you the local culture of all the places we visit during any of the Iran vacation packages. Visiting sites without getting to know the history and Iranian culture behind them would not be as memorable as we want them to be for you. We’ve tried to include a diverse range of activities in your Iran journey by designing our Iran travel Moments feature.

How is the Iran tour packages price, and what does it include?

Iran is generally a cheap destination for traveling. You could receive high-quality services for a decent amount of time without spending so much money on Iran tour packages. Our tour price can vary from a range of 60 to 120 €. This amount depends on whether you are booking a Iran private tours or a Iran tour group. It also depends on the quality of the requested services, such as accommodations, transfers, etc.  If you are traveling on a tight budget, we have designed some special Iran cheap tours for you. We also have some other tour packages that are designed for different styles of traveling. For instance, if you want to visit Iran receiving the highest quality services, you can check out our Iran Luxury Tours.

Is it possible to join a group, or are all of the tours held private?

Yes, it is possible to join a group if you choose one of our iran small group tours. You could check out the fixed dates and prices on the specific packages. In general, all of our trips could be held as Iran private tours. We’ve chosen our most popular and best-seller Iran tour packages and turned them into small group tours that are held on fixed dates. You can select Iran vacation packages that best match your preferences.

Local or international travel agencies?

It could have plenty of advantages for you to book your Iran tour from a local tour operator. First, local travel agencies usually have more affordable packages compared to international operators due to their partnerships in that specific destination and the volume of their travelers. Also, an IranAmaze chooses Iran tour guides who would have the most updated information about traveling in Iran and also a deep understanding of local cultures. That could enhance your experience during an Iran tour as you’ll explore the hidden gems of each region while diving deeper into the culture and the local life. There are many more details on this subject which you could read more about on our Iran local tour operators article.

Would I face a problem to visit the US after visiting Iran?

No, you won’t face any issues. Based on the new laws, the passports of travelers who do not want to declare their trip to Iran won’t be stamped. Therefore, there will be no trace of your vacation to Iran. For more information, you could check out our Iran stamp passport.

Do your tours include the international flights?

No, none of our Iran holiday packages would include the international flights. Because the rate for the flights fluctuates drastically based on time of the year and the dates. However, if someone books a trip with us and request an international flight, we could include it in their package for an additional charge.

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