Our Story

The story of our journeys goes back to 2004 when we began our expedition to all around Iran. The more we saw, the more we wanted to discover. We wanted to explore the hidden gems and wonders our ancestors have left behind. Back then, we were just adventure seekers who wished to make our dreams come true.

After a while, we realized how the image portrayed of Iran in the mainstream media was false even in our own eyes. We became eager to show everyone the rich culture, history, local life, and nature of Iran not just by telling them about it but by experiencing it through their own lenses.

We want to get rid of the borders that separate the world from this beautiful land and collectively work together to preserve the local people & their cultures and the authentic traditions of Iran. We want to show some of the most ancient and magnificent wonders of the world to you, which might change your life forever.

Who Are We?

Our pioneering team members got to know each other for the first time about 16 years ago when we went to the same school. Afterward, Soheil went into management and worked in nature tourism and developed his own business from the ground up. Mohammad studied socio-economic systems and went into rural development. He traveled a lot to search for innovative solutions to develop local rural communities. Navid studied economics and got to live with nomad communities. He worked in tourism as a way to save this unique lifestyle from going extinct. Hadi emigrated to Austria and after a while, established a tourism company. He has nine years of experience in selling and operating.

However, in all of our paths, one thing has always been common: The love of traveling and Iran’s development. So, we came together to create the dream of IranAmaze into a reality.

But we are not alone on this path. We’ve been proud to have so many like-minded influential individuals help us on our journey. We think that when a few people get together to move towards a better world, they’ll cross paths with many more individuals that share the same image. It will feel like they’ve been friends for a long time ago.

However, we think who we are is not complete without mentioning you. You and every traveler that joins us on this journey will leave a trace on our identity forever. You expand who we are as individuals and as a company. We believe despite all of our differences; we are much of the same. We value this connection to other cultures at IranAmaze so much.

What is IranAmaze?

IranAmaze is a product made by a group of tourism experts in Iran and Austria. We joined together to provide what is missing in the field. On the one hand, we are an Iran tour operator, so travelers would benefit from working with locals. On the other hand, our Austrian parent organization enables us to provide you with EU-standard services.

Since the time we’ve established IranAmaze, our personal and social goals have been woven into the business. IranAmaze is not just a business for us; it’s a collective concern. It is our hope for the future. It’s our way of giving back to our community. IranAmaze is a platform to turn indescribable journeys into lifelong experiences for you.

What Are Our Values?

We want to become the pioneers of responsible travel in Iran. One of our main focuses at IranAmaze is preserving those cultural heritages in danger of dying. We want to support local communities in different regions of Iran to find ways to sustain their ancient traditions and rituals. We don’t want one of the oldest civilizations in the world to fade away. So, we do everything we can to not only protect it but also find ways to help locals introduce their traditions to a broader audience that can help them grow in every aspect of life.

Also, as mentioned before, our biggest goal here is to show you the beautiful image of Iran so you’ll go back and become an ambassador for Iran travel. We want you to experience what many others would not. We want to unfold the unheard narratives and define a more holistic story of Iran worth telling every person you come across.

Our Team

Mohammad Ghasemi


For years, I was trying to make a change in rural areas of Iran. But, I think I was the one who gained the most from the people. We have founded IranAmaze to not only provide deep and real experiences of Iran but also give back to the communities that need support to keep their traditions alive.

Soheil Mamani

Soheil Mamani


I’m Soheil. My last name is Mamani. Maman is my ancestors’ land. It’s near Miyaneh, northwest of Iran. I dream that everyone in the world has seen at least one photo or video of Iran’s beauties. I’m the marketing manager here, and I’m working hard to achieve that.

navid khonveh

Navid Khonveh


In 2019, I had a chance to go for a Ph.D. in Economics in Germany. But I chose to stay in Iran and bring IranAmaze into existence to show the hidden gems of Iran to the world. I squeezed all of my experiences, passion and knowledge about traveling in Iran to set first-hand experiences for your journey.

seyed mohsen besharat

Seyed Mohsen Besharat

Digital Marketing Manager

Traveling gives me the greatest feeling of being alive. Every year I try to travel to a new place and gain a new experience, and this is something you can easily do in Iran for the rest of your life. Different regions, different climates and different ethnicities are things that travel to Iran will never repeat for you.

hadi hajighasemi

Hadi Hajighasemi

Business Development Manager

My identity has been interwoven with different lands since my childhood: I lived in Berlin, Tehran, and now Vienna. Also, I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries. But I believe Iran is one of the most underrated destinations! I want the world to experience the magic of this ancient land and understand its unique identity.

rosa abili

Rosa Abili

Content Manager

I was raised in Iran but lived in California for eight years. One night I had a dream of coming back to Iran and exploring my heritage. I moved back and got lost in the magic of this ancient land. At IranAmaze, I get a chance to also show you this magic through words and stories.

amir elahi

Amir Elahi

Senior Advisor

I think the impact of one’s birthplace on their feelings is undeniable. The traditions and diversity in Iran have delighted my spirit over the years and impacted my emotions in different ways. As an Iranian living in Austria and also a travel expert, I want the world to see the true face of my hometown.

atiyeh ayyar

Atiyeh Ayyar

Cultural Tourism Expert

I am a fanatic (in a positive way) towards my country, and everything that belongs to it. I believe working with the IranAmaze team is a great chance that fate bestowed on me. Now, I have this opportunity to introduce Iran’s fabulous history, cultures, and people in a way to help you have a memorable trip.

fateme tabatabaei

Fatemeh Tabatabaei

Iranian Festivals Expert

Hey, I’m Fatima! I’m obsessed with finding new stuff and learn more. I think traditional festivals help us dive into a culture and give us the opportunity to communicate with locals directly. At IranAmaze, I want to get you familiar with these traditions and make it possible to participate responsibly!

mohammadhossein eghbali

Mohammadhosein Eghbali

Urban Tourism Expert

Whenever I visit a city, I come back with my notes. It’s a strange habit of mine, but I do it all the time because I don’t like to forget the magic of Iranian cities. And that’s what I do now: helping you learn about Iran’s destinations and best ways to experience their magic.

niusha akbari

Niusha Akbari

Content Provider

Showing the atmospheres I experience in each of my travels through writing, has always amazed me. Therefore, I have kept the habit of writing daily notes about my trips. But this time I have decided to show the foreigners what traveling to Iran would be like and what awaits them in Iran.

amin sheykhi

Amin Sheykhi

UI/UX Designer

I have my own way of traveling: I like to rent a house in a small city and stay there for months! But don’t worry, at IranAmaze I don’t design tours! Here I try to make all the processes smooth, clear, and friendly so that you can reach what you want without a hassle.

kasra zahedi

Kasra Zahedi

Photo Editor

Exploration of any kind has always lifted up my spirit. The search for a unique experience through photographs gives me a sense of adventure that has also familiarized me with Iran a lot more. I enjoy seeing my heritage through the eyes of different photographers.

parisa bazzaz

Parisa Bazzaz

Photo Editor

Traveling let me see the world in someone else’s eyes. It gives me the strength and courage to change and experience. With each trip, I discover something new about myself, and I always try to capture the moments that lead to this.

saeed shabani

Saeed Shabani

Technical Support

Web development, hiking, and walking in nature are my favorite interests. At IranAmaze, I try to develop the best services for everyone who likes to travel to Iran and discover amazing places. I hope you enjoy it!

Photographers Working with Us

Hossein Karimzade

Hossein Karimzadeh

Sahar Mostaedi

Sahar Mostaedi

Erfan Samanfar

Erfan Samanfar

Saeed Arabzadeh

Saeid Arabzadeh

Amin Rahmani

Amin Rahmani

Milad Rafat

Milad Rafat

Morteza Zanganeh

Morteza Zanganeh

Saeed Karami

Saeid Karami

Mohammadreza Akhondi

Mohammadreza Akhondi

Hanif Molayi

Hanif Molayi

Ali Ghasemi

Ali Ghasemi

Saied Mobaseri

Saied Mobaseri

Pedram Behnood

Pedram Behnood


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ISNA Photo Agency

ISNA Photo Agency

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