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Explore the Wild Epics of Damavand
Explore the Wild Epics of Damavand

Many Iranians have only heard of Mount Damavand in epic stories and ancient Persian mysteries. For us, it’s a symbol of resistance and strength and something from which we speak so proudly. In casual conversations, when we want to describe something challenging to accomplish, we say:” It’s like hiking Damavand.” However, with the development of mountaineering and hiking equipment, with proper preparation, it’s not hard to reach the peak of the highest mountain summit in the Middle East. Conquer this legendary Persian epic with our Iran tours!

General Information


5,609 Meters

Fitness Level:


Trekking Route Length:

7343 Meters

Ascend Duration:

3-5 Days

Number of Routes:



Damavand City, Tehran Province

Near Cities:

Roudehen, Boumehen, Tehran, Rineh

Average Package Price:

110€ per day

Damavand Tour Packages

A Quick Conquer of Damavand

From € 395

Optimal Choice of Damavand

From €475

Damavand Nature & Tehran Life

From € 595

The Relaxed Ascent to Damavand

From € 495

Tochal Acclimatization & Damavand Triumph

From € 685

Following the Sun to Damavand Summit

From € 595

The Real Adventure to Damavand

From € 575

The Ultimate Challenge of Damavand

From € 670

Mountaineers Love Our Damavand Tours

Unique Aspects of Our Damavand Tours

Safety is Key

Security is our number one priority in our tours. All of our guides are certified with first aid training. They quickly respond to any safety issues or problems during your journey. We will provide a complete set of first aid kits and all other safety gear to the guides before any of our trekking tours

Trek with Your Speed

We’ve organized our Damavand trek tours to allow you to travel at a pace that’s most comfortable for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional mountaineer, we’ll ensure your daily schedule and acclimatization program are aligned with your needs.

Number of Guides

We have designed the number of guides relative to the number of mountaineers during trekkings in a way that ensures each person gets full attention and time with the guide. For every four mountaineers, we would have one guide.

Customized Acclimatization

We create the acclimatization program for our Damavand expeditions with you in mind. Our guides will consider your physical preparedness and previous climbing experiences to schedule the best acclimatization program right for you.

Four Amazing Facts

Highest Middle East Summit

Not only is Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East, but also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. It’s the 12th prominence summit in the world. Damavand is known as the ceiling of Iran in the list of 7 volcanic summits of the world.

Challenging but Doable

Damavand Climbing is a great challenge that is accessible to all. It does require you to be physically and mentally prepared, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus. However, it does not need too intense of a training program for you to be able to ascend the summit.

Extraordinary Views

During a Damavand trekking tour, you’ll come across a range of diverse and beautiful sceneries. From walking on top of clouds to the rare animals you’ll see on the route, it will all fill your eyes with joy. Plus, you’ll see a variety of plant species specific to this region.

Dive Deep into Persian Culture

Damavand trekking is so tightly knitted to Iranian culture. Damavand is a symbol of resistance and strength in Iranian folk stories. It’s regarded as an epic mountain in Shahnameh, the famous Iranian book of poems. Even banknotes have a print of Damavand on them in Iran!

What’s the Best Time for Damavand Tours?

In theory, climbing Damavand is possible in all four seasons of the year. However, summer is the best season, and winter is the hardest for the mount Damavand trek. Damavand summit is accessible without professional or winter gear from mid-May to the end of September or sometimes early October. During this time range, there is very little snow on the routes to the summit. Due to the excellent weather during this time, many mountaineers are trekking mount Damavand. Plus, in general, our Damavand guide would always check the weather before the ascend and recommend extra days or other dates to trek if the weather conditions are unsuitable for a mount Damavand climb. In summary, we’ve listed the general conditions for each season below:

*To check the weather conditions for mount Damavand, please check the link below to see the detailed information such as temperature, wind speed, etc.: Mountain Accurate Weather Forecast

    • Summer: Weather conditions are more stable and warmer than in the other seasons. Iran trekking tours for Damavand are more prevalent during this time of the year as there is a higher chance of successful ascent. Therefore, the routes and the camps are usually filled with enthusiastic hikers at this time. Plus, during this season, all the amenities such as accommodations, transportation, and food are easily accessible and plentiful for mountaineers to enjoy their journey comfortably.

    • Fall: The beginning of fall is still suitable for Damavand trekking without professional gear. However, it slowly becomes cold, and snow begins to make it challenging to climb Damavand. The stability of the weather conditions is better than in winter but not as steady as in summer. The trekking routes are usually almost empty by the end of the fall. Due to the heavy rain and snow and the need for professional gear, the successful ascent rate for unprofessional mountaineers is low.

    • Winter: During this season, there is intense rain and snowfall in this region. Therefore, it is necessary to have all professional gear for winter hiking. The temperature could be as extreme as -70 centigrade with a 100 km/H wind speed. However, there is almost no risk of avalanches. Therefore, the Damavand summit would be only accessible to equipped mountaineers. Our guides would check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure a successful ascent. Damavand climb during this season could take longer as the weather conditions are unstable.

    • Spring: There is still snow on the mountain, but the weather conditions become much more stable during this season. This is the best season to ski at Damavand and other mountain ranges in Iran. There is still a need for professional gear and a guide to ascend Damavand during this season. The weather is foggy and misty, which will significantly impair the horizontal view. Towards the end of spring, the snow will melt slowly, and summer, with its best weather condition, will welcome all travelers.

Four Main Damavand Trekking Routes

Its popular camp 3, where we’ll spend a night in, is located at a 4200-meter height. The most straightforward but most joyful route to reach Damavand’s summit is through this path. The southern approach gives you the comfort and security of a high success rate to conquer the summit. It has shelter facilities, mules, and a gentle slope. Most of our Damavand climbing trips are through this route.

The Capital city of Iran. Tehran is the most populated city in the north-central part of Iran at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. This metropolitan is where Iran’s modern present and likely future is nestled between family traditions and historical streets. Diversity is at its heart. People come from all different regions to experience Tehran….

Its landmark is Simorgh shelter at 4100 meters in height. With its steep slope and high-speed winds, this route is considered a difficult one to climb Damavand. Also, the route is far from any villages, so travelers have to ride a 4WD for about 1 hour to get there. The western approach is considered the most beautiful route to trek Damavand.


The main shelter is located at 4350 meters in height. The Damavand journey starts from Nandal village. There is a half-hour drive from the village to the foothill of Damavand, where we’ll start our hike. This is one of the longest routes to climb Damavand. This route does not require professional gear but is more suitable for experienced mountaineers.


Our Suggestion: Southern Route

We like the Southern route the most and suggest you take that route for Damavand climbing as well. Why? Because it has the most secure and best accommodations for you to enjoy the secluded nature of Iran with peace of mind! Knowing the high ascent success rate can also make you more confident you’ll get to come back home telling stories to your friends about conquering Asia’s tallest volcanic summit.

Professional Damavand Tour Guides

We first started our own journey as tour guides, as well. Therefore, we know how much your guide’s personality can influence the quality of your experience. We also understand what essential attributes make the best guides who can create the most memorable experiences for travelers. Also, we’ve learned based on our experiences what expectations tourists usually have from their guides. All in all, we have chosen guides who share these three key qualities besides their own unique characteristics.

Certified Guides

All of our tour guides are international guides certified by the Iran mountaineering and sport climbing federation. They’ve ascended Damavand peak at least 50 times. Their knowledge and training have prepared them to lead Damavand tours that are stress-free and joyful.

Culturally Aware

Our tour guides are not only professional in guiding you through the trekking route but also are knowledgeable about many other aspects of traveling and life. They are updated on current cultural and societal issues, which could lead to many exciting conversations.


Flexible & Adaptable

Our tour guides are flexible and will provide you with options that suit your physical and mental state at the time of your travel. They are adaptable to the surprises and prepared to come up with solutions if any problems arise during your trekking.

Find more information about IranAmaze’s guides on Guides Page .

Ascend Mount Damavand with Confidence

Acclimatization Program

Damavand has a low difficulty in trekking. However, the need for an excellent acclimatization program is crucial for a successful ascend. It will work as an advantage for you if you have previous experience of climbing summits of +4000-meter height. We’ve designed all of our acclimatization programs based on years of experience of our guides. These programs ensure a successful ascend by most travelers. They have been arranged to prevent AMS (acute mountain sickness) for all travelers. Different tour packages would have their specialized acclimatization programs. If you don’t know which Damavand tour package is right for you, you could contact us and send your information, background, and your needs, and we’ll customize a program suitable for you.

Support and Plan

Our tours are based on years and years of knowledge and experience of our guides. Their experiences are expanded among all different age groups, nationalities, and body types. With the diversity that’s considered in designing the Damavand tour packages, they support a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, if you do not know which of our Iran tour packages is right for you, please contact us; our professional guides will lead you to the right choice.

Travel Responsibly by our Damavand Tours?

Damavand is one of the most important sites in Iran. We want to do everything we can to preserve this valuable natural resource. Our ancestors have left behind the mystical Mount Damavand for us to enjoy today. We feel responsible for keeping this mountain untouched for future generations. Damavand holds so many stories from ancient Persian culture at its heart. Also, it’s a gift of mother earth to us that provides many natural resources for our living, and sustaining them is vital to our long-term survival. Therefore, we have a set of responsible travel policies for all of our trekking tours.

We’ll ensure to have a comprehensive session with you before going on the trekking routes to discuss tips regarding responsibility. These tips will include but not get limited to Iran’s etiquette and dress code. We also explore environmental worries about the Damavand region and the local community guidelines, which we would need to follow to ensure a less negative impact is placed on traditional communities.

Furthermore, we try to preserve the environment and diminish our footprint in nature. Not only we don’t leave any waste in nature, but also, we encourage others not to do so. Also, we try to use the minimum amount of plastic on our trips. Besides environmental considerations, we respect nomad people and their way of living when we meet them during trekking. For more information, check out the responsible travel page and responsible travel section in tour packages.

Explore Other Tour Types

All of our tours have been designed based on our guides’ experiences with different kinds of people. You have to see which tour aligns with your physical preparedness and also your preferences. If you are physically very well trained, you could choose a quick Damavand tour and shorter acclimatization program. If you don’t have much experience climbing, then the longer tours like 5 day Damavand tour could be more suitable for you. Either way, the southern route is the safest and most secure approach to reach the summit. Moreover, you could let us know through the form on this page what your preferences are and how prepared you are, and our professional Iran tour guides will lead you to the right track.

The southern route is the easiest one in terms of technicality and also better accommodation. However, some people who have experiences ascending from the southern route before or have more training experiences might want to choose other routes. Therefore, we’ve designed Damavand tour packages for all routes.

Damavand trekking does not require serious training and experiences. If you’ve climbed a few +3000-meters mountains, you could ascend it with an appropriate acclimatization program.

Yes, you’ll be receiving an official certificate if you ascend successfully to Mount Damavand summit.

Similar mountains in terms of height and difficulty of ascending to Damavand are Kilimanjaro and Elbrus located in Tanzania and Russia. Damavand tours are usually cheaper as foreign currency value is high in Iran due to the high rate of currency inflation. For instance, a 5-day tour to Kilimanjaro costs +2000 euros or a 5-day tour to Elbrus costs +600 euros whereas, a 5 day Damavand trekking tour costs about +400 euros. In general, Iran is a more affordable country to travel in. Therefore, mountaineers could find cheaper tours aligned with their budget.

If you are familiar with the region and have enough climbing experiences, it could be possible for you to ascend without a guide. Also, if you don’t have a lot of gear or stuff with you, you won’t need a porter. However, if it’s your first time and you have no knowledge of the area, even if you are an experienced mountaineer, we do not suggest going alone. We recommend you talk to a professional tour guide before making such decisions.

We’ll handle the situation and do all the necessary coordinations for the treatment process.

Our tour prices depending on duration vary from a range of 300 to 600 euros. This fee includes all the services you’ll need during your trip, such as guide, accommodations, food, porters, transportation, etc. The page for each tour package contains a full list of inclusion and exclusions.

During seasons with stable weather conditions, the success rate to ascend Damavand is high, and most people could conquer the summit with the right safety tips and acclimatization program. The only thing that can keep you away from successfully ascending is not having a knowledgeable Iran tour guides who is familiar with the region, can check the weather on the go, and know what’s the right time to ascend. We’ve ensured to choose guides that can raise your chance of successfully ascending with peace of mind.

The most common approach to ascend is through the southern route. This route has decent accommodation facilities provided for all hikers. To ascend from this route, travelers would spend their nights at the base camp and also camp 3. During times when the Damavand weather is suitable, camping could also be an option. Plus, Rineh village is close by Damavand, which has a decent guesthouse accommodation that has been fitted into your schedule on the first or last day of your trek.

Damavand tour packages are possible in all four seasons of the year. However, summer is the best season, and winter is the hardest for mount Damavand climb. So, for attending a Damavand trekking tour in a season other than summer, you’d be better more professional, and experienced. To check the weather conditions before the Damavand tour, please check Mountain Accurate Weather Forecast for detailed information.

Good To Know

What To Pack For Damavand?

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