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During your journey, you’ll get to know this land from your Iran tour guide’s perspective. You’ll spend most of your day with your Iran local tour guide. They will help you connect deeply with the local cultures. Also, you’ll get all your questions answered about each site you’ll visit. Your Iran cultural guide is at your service at all times to respond to your needs and find answers to any question marks that pop in your head. Besides, in the end, you’ll remember her/him not just as your Iran tour guide but a lifelong friend who you’ll stay in touch with many days after your trip.

At IranAmaze Iran travel agency, we are not just looking to show you Iran’s sites but want to ingrain experiences and memories that you’ll remember for life. Therefore, we’ve chosen the best Iran tour guides to bring forth the most notable moments on your journey. We’ll introduce you our Iran tour guides on this page in their own words. Each Iran cultural tour guide has included details that can help you understand what type of guide you would have by your side on your journey to Iran.

Rojin Barkhordar

Rojin Barkhordar

Cultural Tour Guide

Hi! I’m Rojin, an Italian language Iran tour guide in Iran. From early age, I loved traveling and exploring new places, and getting out of my comfort zone. I am pleased to introduce my wonderful country and I am interested in cultural exchanges.
One of my favorite places in Iran is Takht-e Soleyman o Solomon’s Throne, an archaeological city in West Azarbaijan, Iran. The city includes Zoroastrian temple of Iran’s Sasanian dynasty and a mysterious lake.
I feel happy and excited when I’m gaining new experiences, as discovering new spots to watch the sunrise and sunset, while traveling.
In addition to traveling, wildlife photography listening to music, reading books, watching documentary movies, cooking and gardening are my hobbies too.

Saeed Mobaseri

Mountain Tour Guide

Hi, I’m Saeed. The engineer who does hiking and photographing in nature. I learned mountaineering from my father when I was a child. As I grew up, I passionately continued this sport more professionally. Today, I have successfully ascended the Damavand mountain more than 15 times from four main routes, in all four seasons. Also, I have conquered almost all the summits higher than 4000m in Iran.
In addition to hiking, I love the rich nature and culture of Iran. One of my favorite moments is when someone reaches the roof of Iran (Damavand summit) for the first time with my leads and share his/her feelings.
I think one of the most joyful things to do in life is to capture the beautiful moments. In reality, they are just a moment, but taking a decent photo makes them immoral!

Saeed Mobaseri.jpg
Mohammadreza Kolahian.jpg

Mohammadreza Kolahian

Nature and Cultural Tour Guide

I am a tour guide with experience in guiding both culture and nature tours. I think Iran has many to offer for travelers, and I like to help them to make the best out of their travel to Iran. Form Hyrcanian forests and its green villages in the north to Qeshm island and its otherworldly beauties in the Persian Gulf, there are lots of surprises.
I love traveling and spending time in nature, especially the southern coastline of the country with its stunning landscapes and great people. Balochistan and Makran coasts with warm weather and delicious seafood are my favorites. But one thing that really gets me excited on my trips is the hospitality of local communities. I think this is a real treasure that remained from old traditions.
I studied civil engineering, so I also get fascinated by old construction methods and architecture. I like Iranian architecture and its evolution since the Achaemenid empire.

Vahid Norouzi

Cultural Tour Guide

Hi there! My name is Vahid, an architect and tour guide from the city of Zanjan. The Dome of Soltaniyeh is the largest brick dome inside Iran which has inspired many architects in the world over the past seven centuries.
Besides Soltaniyeh, there are many buildings and sites as my favorite places in Iran such as the unique masque of Sheikh Lotfollah, Fahadan District, and Persepolis, each of them embodying a key aspect of Iranian life and culture.
For me, traveling is not only about visiting places but also about learning from my fellow travelers. So, I always get excited about meeting tourists with their different backgrounds and listening to their stories and experiences. This is the main reason for my interest in the moments of “art & architecture” and “People & Local Life”.
As a violinist, music is one of my favorite subjects to have a good conversation with travelers.

Vahid Nouruzi.jpg
Ali Jadidian

Ali Jadidian

Cultural Tour Guide

Hello. I’m Ali an English and Italian speaking guide. I’ve started my job accidentally in 2012 but I still keep going with passion since the beginning. I believe that life is truly short, so I strive to be easy going and enjoy what life in Iran has to offer.
Each and every city and site has its own spirit but my favorite place that I feel great there is Takht-Soleyman. It’s a magical combination of history, nature and spirituality.
The best part of my job is finding new friends from different countries. But my job has big challenges. Many people come to my country, Iran, with a negative image. They’re scared, they just hear propagandas on media, and they’ve not seen the reality of Iran and Iranian before their arrival.
My favorite moments are when my tourists say to me “we leave our heart in Iran”, “we will come back”, “Iran is the most misunderstanding country”. I will be happy with what I’ve done to promote my country’s image.
My hobbies are “Eat, Pray, Love”. Eating Persian food and Yazdi sweets, pray for peace and love for all people.

Enjoy Flexibility!

Usually, we would arrange an Iran tour guide for you based on the knowledge we have from our Iran tour guides and also you. However, you could also tell us in the booking form your preferences about your private tour guides in Iran. You could let us know if there are specific characteristics or particular knowledge, you’d want them to have. Thus, we’ll make sure to match an Iran tour guide for you based on your requests. Also, if you have specific interests, you could fill out our Iran tailormade tour form for a more customized package.