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What To Pack For Damavand?

This article helps you learn about the equipment you need for a Damavand trekking tour and for traveling Iran in general. You can find a Damavand trekking gear list in this article.

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In this article, you can find out more about how to pack for Damavand. So, if you are looking for a Damavand trek packing list and tips, you can find it in the following article!

General Equipment You Need for Your Trip

As a foreigner visiting Iran, you will face some differences. You need to consider these differences when deciding what to pack for your Iran trip. Some of these differences are cultural. For example, the dress code in Iran is different than in other countries. Women should wear scarves and long clothes that cover their bodies entirely. You can learn more about the dress code in Iran by reading the Iran dress code.

You have provided all the necessary equipment before the mountaineering trip so that you will not have any problems during the hiking.

Also, there are circumstances such as sanctions that have an impact on the things you should bring with you to Iran. For instance, because of the sanctions, international debit cards don’t work in Iran. So, you need to know how much money you will need for your travel and how you want to transfer it. You can read more about it in our Iran currency & travel cost article. Moreover, there are some exceptions for obtaining a visa for the British, Canadian, and US citizens. We have mentioned these exceptions and steps for obtaining a visa in our Iran visa article.


Camera and Electronic Devices

Don’t forget to have a camera on your Damavand trek equipment list if you are a photographer. This way, you can capture the sceneries and historical sites you visit during your trip. Don’t forget to bring your camera charger, battery, extra memory card, phone charger, and power bank. The power outlet type in Iran is a two round-pin type (Europlug). So, bring an adaptor if your charger’s plug is different than that. A torch, a headlamp, and extra batteries will be necessary, especially for hiking.

Don’t forget to have a camera on your Damavand trek equipment list if you are a photographer.

Personal Hygiene and Medicine

You can find many medicines in the pharmacies in Iran which have a high quality. But, in IranAmaze Iran travel agency, we recommend you bring any specific medicine that you use with you if it’s not against the law. Also, try to bring your prescription if you use particular medicine and pain killers. Please inform your tour operator about your prescription to avoid any potential problems. Moreover, it’s better to have over the counter pain killer and anti-diarrhea drugs for long-distance trips. Another thing that would be good to put on your Damavand trek equipment list is a first aid kit. Also, anti-bite ointments and sunscreen are necessary for your trip.

Having toiletries can be useful if they don’t make your backpack too heavy. They can include shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a small pack of tissue, and towels. It’s better to pack the shampoo, so it doesn’t leak out in your backpack.

Extra Tips

In the paragraphs above, we tried to inform you about what to pack for your Iran tripHere we add some extra tips that can improve your experience of traveling to Iran. Remember not to bring objects that are too heavy. You should have a large backpack that can hold all the things you need for your trip. Also, it’s better to have a smaller bag with you. This way, you can put your backpack at your residence and take the important stuff in the smaller bag. A bottle of water doesn’t cost much in Iran. However, it’s better to have a thermos or a bottle with you because you can find drinking water in many places. This way, you can avoid using too much plastic as well. Also, you can bring a flask if you like drinking tea or coffee.

Having small gifts with you helps you to maintain a good relationship with the friends you maken Iran. This is true, especially about the local communities. Remember when Iranians invite you to their house, you can thank them by giving them a souvenir from your own country.

Before traveling, make sure you have all the equipment you need.

Essential Equipment for Trekking

Following, we will answer the question, “what to pack for climbing Damavand?” Here, you can find the list of the professional equipment you need, especially for climbing Damavand. You probably want to visit the historical or natural attractions in Iran before or after your Iran trekking tour. So, you might have stuff that you won’t need for this part of your Iran tour package. You can ask your tour leader or your tour operator to keep them for you in a safe place. Also, the mules can carry the heavy equipment you need to bring with you to the camp. This way, you can only bring the essentials in a small bag. To understand how to prepare for climbing Damavand, you need to have a gear list of the essentials. This is the gear list of the equipment appropriate for Damavand tour during summer:

What Gears Need to Climb Damavand?

  • Large Backpack: You will need a large backpack and a waterproof cover for it on this trip. Your backpack that holds 40-60 liters is about right for Damavand trek. You can also have a light backpack for carrying essentials. So, you won’t have to carry a large backpack with you to the peak.
  • Sleeping Bag: One of the other necessary equipment for Damavand tour is a sleeping bag with a liner. It’s better to have a sleeping bag that has a down filling rather than synthetic so it can be warmer and lighter. The recommended comfort temperature that your sleeping bag should provide for you on this trip is between 0 to -5 centigrade. Moreover, using a sleeping bag liner keeps your sleeping bag warmer and clean.
  • Sleeping Pad: Having a sleeping bag without a sleeping pad is useless. So, you should have a warm sleeping pad (preferable self-inflatable) you as well to keep yourself warm when sleeping.
  • Cooking Tools: Camping pot, portable gas stove, and gas cartridges are the main tools you need for cooking while camping. It’s forbidden to carry portable gas cartridges when you are on the plane. But, you shouldn’t worry because you can find the common types of gas cartridgesn Iran as well. In the case your tour operator is providing food for your trip, avoid taking cooking tools with you. Cooking is on IranAmaze when you are traveling with us. So, you don’t need to bring camping cookware with you.
  • Eating Utensils: Don’t forget to bring a plate, a spoon, a cup, and a multi-tool pocket knife.
  • Light: Add an appropriate headlight and an extra battery to your “what to pack for climbing Damavand” We recommend you to bring a gas/electrical camping lantern as well.
  • Water: Having a trail bottle (which can be filled with cold or hot water) and a 2-liter water reservoir is essential.
  • Trekking Poles: Carbon fiber and aluminum are both really light and work well. Carbon offers a little more shock dampening, but can shatter if you really smash them around. Make sure the length is appropriate, so When you use them, you want your elbow to be at about 90 degrees.

What to Wear for Climbing Damavand?

One of the most important parts, when you are deciding what to pack for Damavand, is clothes. The weather in Damavand peak is challenging, and you should wear appropriate clothes to conquer it. Moreover, having dry clothes for when you’re sleeping is necessary for your health and the quality of your sleep.

  • Trekking T-shirts: Having 2 or 3 quick-dry trekking t-shirts is enough because you wash them and dry them fast. But, try to have a long sleeve shirt as well to protect yourself from mosquito bites and sunburn.
  • Trekking Trousers
  • Polar Fleece Warm Jacket
  • Breathable Rain Jacket
  • Down Jacket
  • A Pair of Waterproof Trousers
  • One Pair of Base Layers
  • A Pair of Trekking Boots: Make sure to try your shoes before the travel to make sure they are comfortable and don’t hurt your feet.
  • Sandals: You can have sandals or light shoes for the times you spend in the camp.
  • Two Buffs
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • Sun Hat and Warm Hat
  • Mountaineering Glasses’
  • Socks: Bring at least four pairs of socks. Savene pair for camp and another one for sleeping so that they don’t get wet. Don’t use them for other purposes.
  • Underwear: Have at least two pairs of sports bras and underpants. Keep one pair of each dry for when you sleep.


What to Eat During Damavand Trekking?

It’s better to coordinate your food schedule with your tour operator. Inform the tour operator if you have any food allergies or special diet, such as being vegetarian.

Having nuts, dried fruits, and energy bars is suitable for the times you are trekking.

Having nuts, dried fruits, and energy bars is suitable for the times you are trekking. Don’t forget to bring tea, coffee, and sugar. Drinking juices can give you the energy you need for walking as well as being nutrient.

The Things You Shouldn’t Pack and Do

In the paragraphs above, we tried to explain how to prepare for climbing Damavand. But, an important part of preparing yourself for a trekking tour/visiting Iran is knowing what not to pack. It’s essential because carrying some objects is gainst the rules, some not useful, and others might be dangerous. So, pay attention to this list when packing for Damavand.

  • It’s important to know that alcoholic drinks are forbidden, and you need to pay attention to this rule. Don’t bring alcoholic drinks to Iran. Also, you can’t find alcoholic drinks on the menus in hotels and restaurants.
  • Aerial photography is forbidden in Iran. So, if you want to bring a drone with you, please inform the tour operator in advance. This is a strict rule, and breaking it has consequences.
  • Don’t bring travel guide books with you if you really want to travel light because they occupy too much space and are heavy as well. You can read it ahead of your trip or make a copy of the pages you need. Also, you can find travel guide books in many hotels. They also let the tourists borrow them if they want to.
  • Try not to carry a hairdryer with you because it occupies too much space. But, if you really need it, try to bring a small hairdryer for travel.
  • Don’t carry around valuable objects because there is a possibility for them to be lost or stolen.



Final Words

After giving you the Damavand trek packing list and tips above, here’s a brief gear list. So, you can print it and have the list for the times you need it.

view of Damavand mount from Alimestan

General Equipment:

  • Documents: Passport and Visa, Print of Your Hotel Reservation, Trip Itinerary, Copy of Your Passport and Documents, Note Book and Pen, Dictionary
  • Clothes: Scarf, T-shirt and Long Sleeve Shirts, Extra Socks and Underwear, Warm Clothes, Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Sun Hat, Sunglasses, Poncho or Rain Jacket
  • Cash Money: Dollars or Euros
  • Electronic Devices: Camera, Cellphone, Camera Charger, Camera Battery, Extra Memory Card for Camera, Phone Charger, Adaptor, Torch or Headlight, Extra Battery for Headlight.
  • Hygiene and Medicine: Personal Medications, Pain-killers, and Anti-Diarrhea Pills, First Aid Kit, Sunscreen, Anti-bite Ointment, Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Tissue, Wet Wipe, Towels.
  • Others: Large and Small Backpacks, Trail Bottle, Tea, and Coffee, Sugar.
  • Mountaineering Equipment: Large Trekking Backpack, Rain Cover, Hiking Daypacks, Down Sleeping Bag -Sleeping Bag Liner, Self-inflatable Sleeping Pad, Pot and Stove, Camping Plate, Cup, Spoon and Pocket Knife, Headlight and Extra Battery, Trail Bottle, Water Reservoir, Trekking Poles, Trekking Sunscreens Cream.
  • Clothes for Mountaineering: T-shirts, Base Layers, Trekking Trousers, Polar Fleece Warm Jacket, Breathable Rain Jacket, Waterproof Trousers, Trekking Boots, Down Jacket, Rain Poncho, Buffs, Warm Gloves, Warm Hat, Trekking Sunglasses, Extra Pair of Socks, Extra Pair of Underpants, Sports Bras, Hiking Hats, Hiking Sandals
  • Food: Nuts, Dried Fruits, Trekking Bars, Granola Bars, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Fruit Juice, Granola

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