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Explore Iran Through Iranian Woman Eyes

“I did not get to see and hear stories of women so much on my trip to Iran as I was with a mixed group. Most Iranian women are not comfortable to express themselves and talk about their stories in the presence of strange men.”

You might have heard many things about women’s lives in Iran on the media. However, have you ever wondered what their stories are beyond the cliché image? How far off is that image from the mainstream portrayal of them? Women IranAmaze travel tours create an opportunity for you to take part in women-centered activities. You’ll be alongside knowledgeable women guides. You’ll also meet like-minded female travelers while also forming deeper connections with Iranian women.

Imagine yourself in an Iranian home! You are accompanying a local woman in cooking an authentic Persian dish. She has learned the recipe from her grandmother and not just a cooking book. You’ll be spending time in an Iranian-style house. Plus, you’ll be tasting homemade food. You’ll also get to learn about women’s daily routine, which could give you a fresh perspective on women’s lives in Iran.

Iran women’s expedition takes female travelers through the travel attractions of Iran. It also takes them behind closed doors of places mixed groups cannot explore. These will be places such as beauty salon, women-only park, and in-home dinner. Thus, women-only tours can make traveling to Iran more immersive.

One important concern about solo traveling to Iran is safety. Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East. It’s safe for women too. However, it always helps to travel alongside experienced female guides who have a similar perspective.  They can ensure to make safety the number one priority during your trip.

“Explore Iran through Iranian women’s eyes,” you’ll make many life-long female friends along the way!

Women's beauty salon in Isfahan
Thirty three bridges of Isfahan

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Four Amazing Facts about Iran Women-Only Tours

Visiting Forbidden Places

Iran isn’t a segregated society. Yet, due to some rules, visiting some places in Iran isn’t possible for mixed groups. Thus, traveling to Iran with Iran women-only tours allows you to pass these barriers. For instance, Iranian women are into fashion. You’ll be surprised when you walk into Iran’s beauty salons. As you’ll see different fashion trends and hear more intimate stories of these women.


Diving Deeper into Local Culture

In women travel tours, you will be visiting attractive sites. Also, you can explore the unheard stories, traditions, challenges, foods, and day to day lives of other women. Immersing and communicating with local women is possible because of being a part of a women group.


Experiencing Diversity

Iran is the house of many different ethnic groups with different traditions, food, and life. To see the difference in how traditional rural women live compared to modern women living in the cities is quite eye-opening. Their dresses, daily activities, or even daily responsibilities, are different. Women travel tours will put you right at the heart of experiencing both these lifestyles and hearing their stories.


Professional Guides

A knowledgeable female guide will be with you along the way. These tours create equal job opportunities for the male-dominated tour industry. They could empower female guides in their careers. Also, the guide can be a bridge between you and other women. So, they could help you with communication and specific social norms of each region. Moreover, she can be with travelers everywhere (in women-only places where men can’t be).


Why Iran Women-Only Tours?

A New Way of Travelling Middle East

Women only tours are an increasing trend. They make your experience of traveling to a more conservative country like Iran unique. It also empowers female travelers to open themselves up to new opportunities. Women travel tours are an excellent option for ladies who want to step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment and build confidence.


Women Edutainment

What you know of women’s lives in other parts of the world can expand your vision for change towards more gender equality. Such an expansive worldview can be built when we see how other women live, deal with different challenges, and enjoy their lives in the world.


Traveling with Like-Minded People

Women only tours are increasing trends as they make your experience of traveling to a more conservative country like Iran extremely unique. It also empowers female travelers to open themselves up to new opportunities. Women travel tours are an excellent option for ladies who want to step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment and build confidence.


What Makes Our Iran Women-Only Tours Unique?

Diversity in Guides: We have a diverse range of guides with different specialties and characters. We want to make sure your guide fits your travel style and needs. Your travel experience is important to us. So, your guide is chosen based on your priorities to make these the best Iran tours you could experience.

Essentials Plus More: Iran women’s expedition offers Iran popular historical and cultural sites with a new point of view. Not only you won’t miss essential attraction sites which other tourists see in usual cultural tours, but you also get to experience other women-only places like parks, beauty salons, or house dinner.


Flexiblity is Key: Iran women-only tours are flexible according to your travel style. In other words, we design the basics of the trip, such as the usual hassles like transportation or planning. Other parts are based on your interests and priorities. Excellent women vacation isn’t possible without a flexible itinerary.


Best Women Only Activities

Shah Mosque of Isfahan
  • Live like a rural woman: in rural areas, women do many activities. It can range from agriculture to keeping children, from weaving carpet to making fresh bread. Even in nomadic tribes, they ride the horses. Therefore , exploring Iranian rural areas with Iran women-only tours helps you to see these activities. Plus, you get to participate in them with local women.
  • Women-only park: Spots where you alongside local women can enjoy the sunshine without Hijab. Several parks in Iran are exclusively for women. These parks are the places women can exercise or picnic without Hijab.
  • Relaxing in a Yoga class: Another women-only activity can be heading to a Yoga class. Gyms and pools are segregated in Iran. Therefore, you can join a Yoga class with local teachers and relax during your trip.
  • Becoming a chef: In Iranian houses, beside Iranian women’s stories, you can discover Persian food. You can see how they make delicious dishes like Ghormeh sabzi or Kebab. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn from your host how to make these dishes for your friends when you go back.

Our passengers, Our friends

It’s about 20 years that Women only tours are formed. Women are looking for passing personal barriers these days, so it’s growing fast now.

Yes. However, dangers are everywhere, even in your hometown. Iran is safety like any other place. We ensure your safety by making sure your needs are fulfilled by our guides who know the areas of your trip very well.

Iran is safe completely. You might have heard many things about Iran on the media. However. Iranians are friendly. Iranian people hospitality and helping guests are Iranian values. Also, solo female travel in Iran is a new travel type that is trending very fast.

Due to many reasons, some women prefer to travel without men. Therefore, in a woman travel tour, all travelers and guides are women. This travel type is excellent, especially for Iran, with Iran etiquette. Moreover, you’ll build new connections with local women and make new friends.

No, actually in Iran women-only tours you get to see more attractions than Iran cultural tours. You don’t miss any of the famous places. Moreover, you’ll discover more things about women in Iran.

One of the essential parts of this journey is traveling with small group tours to iran. That can help you to improve yourself in many aspects. However, if you rather experience solo female travel in Iran, you can book an iran private tours.

These tours are easy. Therefore, kids can join us too.

Depending on the days you are here, Iranian women will be your host for 1 or 2 nights in Iran women-only tours.

Iranian people hospitality is famous and they are friendly. Whether they are male or female, they show their best behaviors for travelers and guests. You will feel safe here.


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