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The Adventures Of Being A Solo Female Traveling Iran

It's an invitation to an exploring trip for courageous women and through a womanly view point.
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Did you know that as a woman you have an exclusive opportunity to discover some hidden secrets behind the curtains? There are these untold stories among Iranian women that only other women can get to know them. The covered secrets that are only revealed in the very private and womanly gatherings. Thus, it makes a special occasion if you are a solo female traveling in Iran. So, how do you think of uncovering some eastern mysteries on a trip to Iran?

Go Beyond the Clichés

No matter what destination a solo female traveling Middle East choose. They always end up hearing questions out of worries:

– “Is it a safe place for women?”

– “Are they gonna let you wander alone?”

– “You have to cover up yourself from head to toe, don’t you?”

This is also true for Iran. People around the world usually think it’s a war-torn country. It’s dirty in the streets. Women are disregarded and so on. Actually, this is a stereotype that causes uncertainty for many visitors including solo females traveling Iran.

It’s a good journey to get familiar with a nation that has had an interesting history, especially regarding women.

But, visiting Iran, many tourists have discovered that this stereotype is false. They noticed that their harsh hearings about the society, its atmosphere and people were not true. Besides going through this article, you will get the grip on good information that will help you to have an idea about your destination.

So, this is the first mystery about Iran to uncover for you. Why would you ever want to visit Iran as a woman alone?

It’s a good journey to get familiar with a nation that has had an interesting history, especially regarding women. From the ancient civilization that conducted gender equality laws from 2500 years ago to the way women live in Iran today. You’ll get to see all the challenges and some limitations that women have confronted throughout the history of this land. The real Iran can actually be one of the best choices for solo females traveling Iran.

Kami, on Mywanderlust

When I was telling my friends I’m going to Iran some 90% of them were seriously concerned about me and asked me to think over my chosen destination.

… I haven’t traveled to such an exotic, unknown destination before, the one I didn’t really know how to prepare for. But the whole “solo female travel in Iran” thing turned out to be really cool and easy there and I enjoyed every single bit of it! Iran is one of the best solo female travel destinations I’ve been to.

As a solo female traveling Iran, there are some hints we must tell you. Here are some of Iran travel tips.

Iran, A Good Destination For A Solo Woman

When we talked to the tourists who have visited Iran, there was a common point in their stories. They had received fearful perspectives from their family and friends on their traveling Iran as a woman alone. These perspectives were due to the negative propaganda provided by the mainstream media.

The Iranian hospitality and their special behavior towards a solo female traveling Iran created a feeling of safety for them.

But, fortunately, our travelers were adventurous enough to hit the road and see Iran’s truth in person. They saw that these narratives were not picturing the reality. It’s true that there are some limitations for the solo female travelers, as the rest of the world. But that’s not scary or dangerous to be afraid of.

The next significant point in their comments was the caring attitude of the Iranian people they experienced through their trips. The Iranian hospitality and their special behavior towards a solo female traveling Iran created a feeling of safety for them.

Silvia on Heart My Backpack

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous when I first arrived in Iran – as I am when traveling solo to any new country – but the warmth and hospitality of the locals quickly put me at ease. I especially felt like all the women around me in Iran were looking out for me, as sisters do.

You Are Like A Family Member

Now, you should know about another good news: Being a female solo traveler in Iran is to your advantage. If you are a foreigner you face the locals’ embrace in no doubt. And, if you are a single woman traveling Iran, you have the chance of receiving double support from the Iranians. Since they feel responsible for the safety of the solo women they meet. This attitude is Iran culture facts.

It is not a necessity to have a friend or a guide at your destination. Every Iranian potentially can be a friend of yours if you need.

Ellis on Backpack adventures

After my visit to Iran one of the most frequent questions I got is whether it was safe for me to travel to Iran as a woman. My short answer would be yes and I would recommend Iran to anyone considering it.

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and Iranians are among the friendliest people I have met in my travel history.

“Everyone I met was extremely helpful and treated me” annaeverywhere

Anna on Annaeverywhere

Everyone I met was extremely helpful and treated me like I was an expensive piece of jewelry. Escorting from one place to the other, while feeling responsible for me. And that’s the people I met on the street for 5 minutes!

Ladies Only

There are many women-specific facilities in Iran, especially in big cities. You can enjoy women specific subway wagons, bus seats, taxis and ride-sharing transportation in the city. In some touristy cities like Yazd, even there are taxis with female drivers for the tourists’ ease.

Or, let your hair down in beauty salons that are small womanly realms. There you can see secret tricks of Iranian hairdressers. Watch how they accommodate world fashion for their customers. For more recreation, try women-only parks, pools and sports facilities with completely different atmospheres from anywhere else. You also have the chance to experience these facilities and occasions together with other female travelers in our women-only tours.

Women-Only Tours

In women travel tours, you will be visiting attractive sites. Also, you can explore the unheard stories, traditions, challenges, foods, and day to day lives of other women.

And when it comes to trying trips between cities, it’s another adventure. Either you travel by bus or train you can have a seat in woman-only seats or wagons.

You can enjoy women specific subway wagons, bus seats, taxis and ride-sharing transportation in the city.

What Should You Do in Case of Emergency

To take safety precautions and tips in mind while exploring a place as a solo female traveler is a must everywhere in the world. That also makes sense for a solo female traveling Iran. Avoiding being out late at night or wandering in remote places are good safety pieces of advice you can take from us.

A couple of years ago, it was not common to see a solo female traveler in Iran. So, some single women traveled Iran mentioned that people were staring at them. That did not mean a threat. Rather it was a strange scene to the locals. But, now the number of women traveling alone in Iran has increased especially in big cities. And, still, you can make sure people are ready to give you a hand. There were some cases of solo female travelers who made friends with a girl or a family. They stayed with their new friends for a couple of days and even continued their trip with them.

By the way, if there was a moment when you felt unsafe, there are some hints to help you. For example, find a woman and join her; talk about your feeling and ask her to go with you. Many young women and girls in Iran can speak English. The next hint is entering a shop and see how the owner can help you. Besides, it’s good to know about 110, the emergency number in Iran.

Check Out If You Can Visit Iran As A Solo Traveler

Every traveler, either man or woman, solo or in groups, can travel Iran. But things go a little different for American, English and Canadian tourists. They must get their Visa in advance. Also, they need to have a guide and an arranged itinerary during their trip. So, if you want to visit Iran as an American woman, you can enjoy a female guide accompany. Besides, we can provide you with flexible Iran tour packages. In this case, you can find a suitable Iran private tour or a Iran tailor-made tours.

There are many attractive destinations to visit in Iran.

What Is the Dress Code?

Like many other Muslim countries, traveling to Iran entails obeying a dress code. So, let’s review how do women dress in iran. The most important thing is to cover your head and hair. Also, here women can’t wear short sleeves dresses, short skirts or trousers. A long dress or manteau which at least goes down to your hips is suitable. It fits well with jeans or any other comfortable trousers you prefer. On hit summer days you may even try long skirts. Also, sandals are common.

Women are allowed to wear any color they’d like.


Ellis on Backpackadventures

Locals will often help you and approach you in a friendly way if your dress code is not what it should be, for example if your headscarf is not covering your chest enough.


The Secrets Revealed

Being a solo female traveling Iran can be a collection of contradictions for you. As a solo, you travel by yourself but you are never alone. Everywhere people are by your side and ready to accompany you. Also, you get to know that despite the negative stories, today it’s not that hard to be and live in Iran as a woman. It needs the same courage and motivations as the rest of the world.

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