Iran Desert Tours​

Explore Astonishing Iran Deserts
Explore Astonishing Iran Deserts

The texture of the ground beneath your feet constantly changes. You can spend hours looking at the formation of patterns the earth has created. You’ll see a vast field of nothingness. You can see nothing and hear nothing for as far as eyes and ears can see and hear. It is complete serenity.

Iran desert tours will top that and bring you a step closer to the earth and the sky. Iran’s deserts are among the best natural attractions you’ll come across during your travels in this part of the world and on your Iran tour.

Four Amazing Facts

Desert Activities

From sunbathing on the sand dunes to desert safari, you’ll experience a wide range of magic activities in Iran's deserts; this is one of the main reasons Iran desert tours should be on your bucket list.

Unique Ecology

Lut Desert in Iran has the record of being Iran is the hottest spot on Earth for several years. Also, the spectacular series of landforms, namely the yardangs, will amaze every visitor.

Plus Ancient Culture

The Iranian people have turned deserts in Iran into their homes for thousands of years. They can teach a passerby so much worthy life lessons about patience, hard word, and resistance.

Affordable & Accessible

About two-thirds of Iran’s land is deserts, so it is pretty easy to access the serenity of beautiful deserts. Also, price-wise, Iran desert tours are much more affordable than in many other countries.

Iran Desert Tour Packages

A Glimpse of Iran Desert

From € 295

Magic of Varzaneh Dunes

From € 430

A Relaxing Week in Iran Desert Wonders

From € 790

Where Nature Meets History and Culture

From € 1270

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Unique Aspects of Our Iran Desert Tours

Security & Guides

Having knowledgeable local guides who know the desert routes very well, decent insurance plans and suitable desert equipment during our Iran desert tours can ensure your safety and peace of mind during your adventures in Iran.

Fresh Meals

You'll enjoy fresh and delicious local meals during your Iran desert tours. We don't use canned or unhealthy food on our tours. Persian cuisines are always one of the most exciting parts of the tours to Iran.


Having the freedom to choose what activities or speed is best for you during your time on a tour is crucial. We ensure that our Iran desert tours give you enough flexibility to choose what activities best suit your preferences in your trip to Iran.


From the beautiful traditional guesthouses to the lovely campfire and group activities, our accommodations are tailored to meet the highest standards in our Iran desert tours.

What’s the Best Time for Iran Desert Tours?

The best time for Iran desert tours is October, November & December. Autumn gives you real-time adventure in Iran’s deserts. However, April and early May could still be good times for Iran desert trekking. Even though the days will be warmer and more prolonged than in the Fall, it is still bearable to experience most of the Iran desert tours. Summer and winter are usually not suitable times for Iran desert tours as the warmth, and the cold of the desert can be excruciating and unbearable during those seasons. If you plan to visit Iran during summer, Iran trekking tours through the mountains of this land could be a better choice for that time of the year.

Best Destinations for Iran Desert Tours

The two main desert regions of Iran are the Lut desert and Dasht-e Kavir, or the central desert. The Lut desert has been registered as a natural UNESCO attraction. Long periods of strong wind have caused the creation of the spectacular platform in both of these Iran deserts. The placement of villages nearby these desserts goes back more than 7000 years ago, meaning unique lifestyles have been formed around these deserted areas since ancient times. We have gathered a selection of the best Iran desert spots for you to visit during your Iran desert tour. The variety and uniqueness of landscape and scenery in each of these sites have made them the best locations for you to explore during your adventure and Iran Safari.

This desert is an ancient central desert in Isfahan province, still showing evidence of its 5000-year-old civilization. Sandboarding has become very popular in the Varzaneh desert over the past years because Varzaneh dunes are really high and mostly steep, compared to other sand dune deserts not only in Iran but also in the middle east.


The mysterious formations called yardangs or kalouts that make the Lut desert extremely important as a natural UNESCO world heritage are spotted in this area. Also, remember the hottest point on earth? Gandom Beryan is located 80 kilometers from the village of Shahdad, accessible through our kalout desert tours.


This desert is a part of the extensive central desert in Iran called Dasht-e Kavir. There is sand as far as eyes can see. This desert is surrounded by quite fascinating villages as well, such as Garmeh. The beautiful palm trees, bushes, and sand hills have created spectacular scenery in these villages.


Golden sand dunes, unique vegetation, and an amazing Salt Lake are only a few elements that make the Maranjab desert quite an extraordinary destination for an Iran desert tour. The proximity of this desert to the capital city of Tehran makes it even more popular among desert lovers.


One of the most popular deserts for off-roading, also in close proximity to Tehran, is Abouzeidabad. This dessert is also surrounded by historical sites such as the underground village of Nushabad, which dates back to 1500 years ago. It’s considered a marvel of ancient architecture and engineering.


Professional Desert Tour Guides

We first started our own journey as tour guides, as well. Therefore, we know how much your guide’s personality can influence the quality of your experience. We also understand what essential attributes make the best guides who can create the most memorable experiences for travelers. Also, based on our experiences, we’ve learned what expectations tourists usually have from their guides. All in all, we have chosen guides who share these three key qualities besides their own unique characteristics.

Local & Knowledgeable

When it comes to Iran desert tours, your guide should know both the ecology and the route of the desert well enough to ensure your peace of mind. Our guides are locals with excellent knowledge of every aspect of the site they are guiding you through.


Trustworthy and Reliable

Our guides are reliable, ensuring you have access to resources you’d need during your Iran desert tour. While they are equipped with first aid kit, and all the needed equipments, they are also trustworthy enough to find solutions on a rim even in case of unexpected circumstances. 


Flexible & Adaptable

We choose our guides to have flexible characters for all of our Iran tours. Therefore, they’ll consider your preferences and only partake in activities you are more interested in. They match your schedule based on how you feel during the trip.

Find more information about IranAmaze’s guides on Guides Page .

How Are We Responsible in Our Iran Desert Tours?

The deserts of Iran are mainly untouched land being slowly explored by tourists. While that can significantly benefit the local communities, it could also mean we need to have the plan to preserve these beautiful landscapes and protect them from long-term environmental harm. During our Iran desert tours, we ensure to reduce our footprint by leaving the least amount of human traces behind. We also ensure to do all of our shopping for food, water, and supplies from nearby local villages, which helps the surrounding villages thrive economically.
We also believe that IranAmaze Iran travel agency’s knowledgeable guides have a strong role in being critical sources of environmental education. They will make sure to discuss and let you know about all the habitants and the ecology of the desert you are visiting. Therefore, you not only preserve them during your trip but also have the added knowledge that can be passed on to your friends, family, and kids who might set foot on the desert land one day.
We take responsibility for ensuring that we advocate for responsible travel, whether before, during, or after your trip. For more information, check out the tour packages’ responsible travel page and responsible travel section.

We’ll ensure to have a comprehensive session with you before going on the trekking routes to discuss tips regarding responsibility. These tips will include but not get limited to Iran’s etiquette and dress code. We also explore environmental worries about the Damavand region and the local community guidelines, which we would need to follow to ensure a less negative impact is placed on traditional communities.

Furthermore, we try to preserve the environment and diminish our footprint in nature. Not only we don’t leave any waste in nature, but also, we encourage others not to do so. Also, we try to use the minimum amount of plastic on our trips. Besides environmental considerations, we respect nomad people and their way of living while we meet them during trekking. For more information, check out the responsible travel page and responsible travel section in tour packages.

Also, we facilitate cultural interactions for our travelers. This will not only provide more in-depth experiences for them but also make sure these interactions are culturally appropriate. Furthermore, our environmental considerations help our tours to be more sustainable. For more information, check out the Iran responsible travel page and responsible travel section in tour packages.

Explore Other Tour Types

Yes, desert tours in Iran are safe, but they require preparation and an experienced guide. Our tours are led by knowledgeable guides who are trained to handle various desert conditions and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

Desert tours can vary in difficulty. We offer a range of tours from less demanding ones, which involve light walking and are suitable for most fitness levels, to more challenging treks across dunes and rocky terrain. Please discuss your fitness level with us so we can match you with a suitable tour.

Yes, we offer private tours that can be customized to meet your specific interests and requirements. Whether you're looking for a more leisurely exploration or an adventurous trek, we can tailor a unique desert experience for you.

Accommodations typically range from camping under the stars in tents to stays in local guesthouses. All options provide a comfortable and authentic experience, with basic amenities to ensure a pleasant stay in the desert.

The safety of our guests is our highest priority. In case of extreme weather, activities may be adjusted or postponed to ensure safety. Our guides are experienced in managing desert conditions and will make necessary adjustments to the itinerary based on weather forecasts and current conditions.

Iran's deserts are home to diverse wildlife, including species like the Persian gazelle, desert foxes, and various reptiles. Birdwatchers might also spot unique species such as the Asian houbara and Egyptian vulture. Observing wildlife is always done at a respectful distance to ensure their natural behavior is not disturbed.

Absolutely! The Iranian desert landscapes offer stunning vistas that are perfect for photography. We encourage you to bring your camera. However, always ask for permission before taking photos of local people or private property.

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