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A Glimpse of Iran Desert

2-Day Maranjab Desert & Kashan Tour

From € 295

Where there is no light, we can see so many stars in the sky. That can be a great lesson learned from visiting the Maranjab desert at night! No, that’s not all. Also,  in IranAmaze we could learn many more life lessons from meeting the diverse forms of life we’ll come across at Maranjab desert to the interesting people of the historical city of Kashan. This desert is close to Tehran, making it much easier for us to access a unique ecological phenomenon with a variety of wildlife. Also, our ancestors have even crossed this land located on the silk road from hundreds of years ago. Therefore, we can take a step into the unknown mysteries that the Maranjab desert has always kept within itself.

Our Iran tour is designed to give you an in-depth experience through one of Iran’s most popular deserts in a short amount of time while also showing you how people have adapted to the desert life from hundreds of years ago in Kashan. So, this package is excellent for those who don’t want to miss out on the magic of starry nights and the serenity of Iran deserts but also don’t have too much time scheduled for their desert adventure.

In the end, it will give you the most in the least amount of time!

Maranjab desert sand hills kashan

Starts in:


Ends in:

  Tehran or Kashan by choice




  2 Days

Age Range:

  7 - 80

Physical Rating:



  1 night at caravanserai


We’ll start our journey to Tehran at 9 am. Then, we’ll drive for about 3 hours to the historical Maranjab Carvansarai to drop off our belonging, have an authentic lunch, and start our adventure in the desert. So, after our rest, we’ll get on a 4WD vehicle and drive a bit further into the heart of Maranjab desert to see one of the most beautiful salt lakes. Then, after spending some time being mesmerized by the scenery, we’ll head off to the majestic sand dunes of Maranjab. So, we’ll be getting lost in the serenity of nothingness. Once we explore the many formations of the ground underneath our feet in the sand dunes, we’ll take a break to sit and watch the sunset. It will be a sunset to remember as the shadows take over the dunes.

Then, we’ll make a bonfire to eat some fresh dinner before the stars feed us with their magic at night. Afterward, we’ll head back to stay at the caravanserai and experience what our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. In the end, we’ll be visiting Kashan the next day to see how people have adapted to the deserted environment creating solutions through architecture and cultural practices.


  • Visting Maranjab Salt Lake 
  • Camel Riding
  • Sand dunes of Maranjab
  • Bonfire and Fresh Dinner
  • Staying at historical Maranjab Caravanserai

So, after a restful night in the heart of silence, we could wake up early to watch the sunrise in the serenity and the silence of the Maranjab desert. Then, we’ll have our breakfast before getting ready to say our goodbyes to the Maranjab desert and head to Kashan. Afterward, we’ll drive for an hour to get to this historic city. We’ll then visit some of the most famous historic houses in towns such as Borujerdi house and Tabatabaie House and praise their architects for their unique sense of taste. After having our lunch at a traditional local restaurant, it’s time to explore the many other gems Kashan holds within.

It will be fun to learn how deserts can turn into beautiful villages like Kashan and what it takes to live there all year round. It would also be a pleasant surprise to visit the greenery of Fin garden in the heart of a desert village.

We’ll be keeping all these lessons close to our heart and head back to Tehran in the evening.


  • Sunrise at the Caravanserai 
  • Historical Houses of Kashan
  • Fin Garden: UNESCO World Heritage
  • Local shops to buy souvenirs
  • Going back to Tehran

Your Flexibility Options

  • • Relaxing in the desert is always soul-making. If you like to spend a particular time (like sunset or sunrise) in the heart of the desert beyond the itinerary, you can ask your guide to fix it in your plans.
  • • You could tell us in the booking form your preferences about your guide characteristics or specific knowledge. We’ll make sure to match a guide for you based on your requests.

This Tour's Features

Nature + Culture

The harmony between inhabitants and nature is one of the most striking aspects of exploring Iranian deserts and desert cities. Alongside marvelous natural spectacles, you’ll see how people live in the heart of the desert and how they have adapted over the years to live under such harsh circumstances.

European Deal

All bookings and contracts are settled through SAE Event GmbH, a registered travel agency in Austria. As a result, all transactions and processes are done based on the European legal system. So you would have the advantage of working with a local tour operator under EU-law. Visiting Iran with locals was never that hassle-free.

Iranian Cuisines

Persian cuisine is famous for its diversity and deliciousness and can boast of being able to satisfy the most refines of palates. Learn about Persian cuisine history and experience Iran’s real taste by trying the most authentic and traditional Persian specialties.

Our Service


All transportation by Sedan


1 Night at Caravanserai


1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
1 Dinner

Staff & Experts

Local English-speaking Adventure Guide
Driver Guide
CXO (Chief Experience Officer)
throughout your trip, 24/7 Support

Additional Services

Additional activities such as off road adventures, etc.
Entrance Fees to the mentioned monuments in the itinerary
Local Debit Card
Wi-Fi Modem
Iranian Sim Card
Official Iran Visa reference number


First day transportation from other cities or last days to other cities beside Kashan or Tehran (If you want this service, mention in the booking form)
International airfares, taxes, surcharges
Other expenses such as laundry, extra snacks, etc.
Meals not mentioned in the inclusions.
Travel Insurance

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Pricing for Private Tours

Months Price / person
March, April, May
€ 350
June, July, August
€ 295
September, October
€ 350
January, February, November, December
€ 295
  • 50% Surcharge would apply for solo travelers.
  • Volume discounts would apply for groups.

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After finalizing the price of the tour you have selected, you should pay a deposit equal to 25% of your tour cost. Then, we will issue a booking confirmation. You should pay the rest (75%) in cash at the beginning of your tour in our office in Iran.

Cancellation policy

In case you cancel your tour booking, cancellation fees will apply:

• Up 90 days before arrival: We’ll fully refund the paid deposit.

• 90-60 days before arrival: We’ll refund 50% of the paid deposit.

• 60-30 days before arrival: We’ll refund 25% of the paid deposit.

• From 30 days before arrival to actual arrival: We will hold the deposit (25% of the package price) as a cancellation fee.

How Is This Trip Responsible?

  • Before starting the tour, we provide our travelers with the necessary information.
  • We leave no trace behind in nature, and we encourage others not to do so.
  • We value the pristine areas and choose the beaten tracks as our route.
  • We treat our local porters respectfully and fairly.
  • Our meals are cooked by local cooks.
  • Around the mountains, we use local transportation.
  • We appreciate nomad people and don’t disturb their life.
  • We minimize our use of plastic in our trip

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