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Best Time to Visit Iran

Although the best time to visit Iran is during spring and fall, this four-season country can offer you wonderful destinations every season depends on your wish.
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When it’s snowy in the west of Iran, travelers enjoy swimming in the Persian Gulf. This is due to Iran’s unique location. Iran is situated between the Caspian Sea to the north, the Zagros Mountains to the west, the Persian Gulf and the Oman sea to the south and Hindu Kush Mountains to the east. The geographic location of Iran results in an array of distinct and dissimilar weather conditions in the different parts of the country. So no matter the time of year, you can enjoy any weather depending on your destination and time of travel in Iran. In this post, we at the IranAmaze travel agency are going to give you comprehensive information about the weather in Iran, the best time to visit Iran, and Iran travel tips.

What is The Best Time of Year to Visit Iran?

When to go to Iran? It’s a question that usually comes to mind when you are planning to travel to Iran. Iran is a vast country with different weather conditions. So here, we will go through and explain the climate and weather conditions of each month and season in Iran, so that you can choose the best time to visit Iran for you is.


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Late March to The Beginning of May

Let’s start with the Iranian New year. It’s spring, and the best season in Iran has started. But Iran’s average temperature in all cities is not the same.

The whole city is decorated with Nowruz items, and people shop for the haft seen everywhere.

The main tourist cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, and Shiraz are about 20o C, with the possibility of rain. But winter doesn’t want to end in northwestern parts like Tabriz and Ardabil. The temperature in the northwestern regions is lower than the national average, and ithe weather can be snowy!

Iranian new year, or Nowruz, is on 21st March. The people on the streets are in a very good mood. The Earth has taken a deep breath, and trees have bloomed. They are the scenes you never see in Iran at other times. It means everywhere is crowded. Hotels and different forms of transportation are booked months in advance. All popular sites and cities like Isfahan or Shiraz are packed.

For some travelers who enjoy cozy hotels and quiet historical sites, Nowruz is the worst time to visit Iran. But for other groups, experiencing the unique Nowruz environment, combined with the pleasurable climate and light drizzle, make this time the best time to visit Iran.

Excellent spring weather in Iran multiplies the pleasure of your trip – Aali Qapu, Isfahan

If you want to have a special experience with Nowruz, plan your trip in late March.

If you travel after the Nowruz holidays (after 3rd April), you can enjoy the spring weather, uncrowded cities, and lower prices. It’s somewhat hotter than March, the fields have grown greener, trees have blossomed further, and the lush rivers go through the mountains or forests.

If getting in touch with Nowruz isn’t your priority, we suggest the beginning of April to May.

After April, Iran’s average temperature goes higher than 20o C. During the orange blossom time, thousands of delicate white flowers scent the air throughout Shiraz. Also, Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, and Yazd have a great climate. It’s one of the best seasons for hiking or trekking tours in Iran.

Clouds interwoven with mountain peaks are the best view while taking a rest during a trekking tour.

In 2019-2020, late May coincided with Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims. It’s better to get to know about Ramadan in Iran before planning to travel.

From May to The Beginning of October

From May, the weather gets warmer. Spring almost ends, and summer is coming. June, July, and August are the hottest months in Iran. Iran’s average temperature is more than 35o C. Almost all popular cities like Isfahan, Yazd, and Kashan are located in the center of Iran. It means they have a hot and dry climate, and the probability of rain is low and rare.

Where is the best place at this time?

Summer is the time to go to the western and northwestern countryside. Heavy snowfall and sometimes strong winds make the highlands inaccessible during winter when temperature increases in spring, ice and snowmelt, and the short summer in the highlands starts.

Bisheh waterfall is one of the largest and most attractive waterfalls in Iran

These highlands have a rich nature. Waterfalls, lakes, and forests with a wide variety of animals are in this part of the country. If you are a fan of canyoning, climbing, or rafting, it’s the best time to visit IranThe western and northwestern parts aren’t the only countryside. Several large and old cities, like Tabriz, Ardabil, and Urmia, are located in those parts. Tabriz is the most populated city in northwest Iran. The bazaar of Tabriz is a world heritage site in Iran and the largest covered Bazaar. Ardabil, another beautiful city in northwest Iran, has many mineral springs and beautiful natural landscapes. It can attract many tourists by its beautiful lakes and flourishing mountainous area.

The bazaar of Tabriz is a world heritage site and the largest covered Bazaar in the world

You should consider that locals are traveling at the end of summer (late September), and the roads and hotels are very busy.


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From October to Late November

It’s autumn. The temperature is coming down, and Iran’s climate is getting enjoyable again. So the weather in the center of Iran (Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kashan) is pleasant. Walking under drizzle in the street and drinking a cup of coffee in local cafes is very enjoyable. Green trees lose their color, and the yellow, orange, and red leaves come onto the scene. Colorful forests are a part of the fall splendor. If you are an autumn lover, the best time to visit Iran is right now. Also, if you like trekking in the Hyrcanian forest in the north of Iran, this is the best time for it. The beauty of fall is visible in these forests.

Hyrcanian Forest

Days are getting shorter. Sunset is about 5-6 P.M, and rain is very probable. The average temperature is about 20oC in days. The school year has started, so the accommodation is more available and cheaper.

From November to March

Winter is coming! Snowfall starts in the western parts, and in the middle of winter, almost all cities are very cold and snowy. Snowfalls can take several hours or days. The average temperature during the day is about 5-16. But in many cities, subfreezing temperatures are also experienced. So you can ski or ride a snowmobile in one of Iran’s ski resorts. Recently, snowfall or rainfall has decreased in metropolitan areas like Isfahan or Tehran. Low temperature and lack of rain have caused very low-quality polluted air in such cities.

You can ski or ride a snowmobile in Iran ski resorts. Tochal, Tehran

Where is the best destination in winter?

While other parts of Iran are cold, the weather in the southern part is enjoyable. Sunny shores of the Persian Gulf offer delicious warm winter. Moreover, this part of Iran can be a great destination for the adventurer who looks for locations slightly off the beaten track. The view of floating boats in Beris harbor or boating beside playful dolphins near Qeshm is another image of Iran. If you like to surf and swim, the south of Iran is a good choice in winter.

The view of floating boats in Beris harbor

Iranians have a special ceremony for the longest night in the year: Yalda Night. Family members gather together in warm houses, usually hosted by grandparents. Sometimes they sit around a Korsi, a traditional heater, to spend the long nights of the winter by talking, reading ancient poems, and eating special Yalda foods until midnight.

Does Iran Have Four Seasons?

Imagine yourself in cold weather under a gray cloudy sky at Tehran airport. After landing on Kish Island, you will be surprised. While people have jackets and jumpers on in Tehran, in and around Kish, people wander around with T-shirts, swim the seas, and fly with colorful parachutes in the sunny blue sky.

All the above pictures are taken in a day but in different cities.

Yes, of course, Iran is a four-seasons country! In Iran, we have subfreezing winters to boiling summers, but it is also the case that Iran’s weather completely differs from one region to another. No matter what kind of activities you like, Iran always offers all of them. The best time to visit Iran is up to you. Here, you don’t need a special period to travel. Just plan for your trip and find the best time. If you need help in planning for your trip, visit our Iran tours packages page.

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