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Chaharshanbe Suri Festival iran

Chaharshanbe Suri Festival

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The Celebration of Fire

Dive into the Culture & Traditions of Iran

The mother of the family gave us dried nuts and fruits (they called it Ajil-e- Chaharshanbe Suri). I don’t know it was either the light of the fire or the light of happiness, but our eyes were shining.

On one bonfire, a great pot of special soup ofChaharshanbe soori(Ash-e Chaharshnabe Suri) was cooking. From the oldest member of the family to the youngest one, we were so grateful for the fire jumping celebration as it brought us together happily. I was so lucky to have such lovely people around myself this night.

Details You Need to Know to Plan Your Trip

Chaharshanbe Suri, the festival of fire is held by Iranian people on the eve of the last Wednesday before the Nowruz festival (the Iranian new year and the first day of spring) in different parts of Iran. To welcome the new year, Iranians light up a bonfire to have happiness and enlightenment throughout the coming year.

  • Kind: Traditional Iranian festival
  • Location: All over Iran
  • Dates: Always held on the eve of last Wednesday of the (Shamsi) year before Nowruz

History of the Festival Through Ancient Stories

Chaharshanbe Suri’s history goes back a long time. Most historians believe it originated from the festival of Hamaspathmaedaya, which was held on the last five days of the year in honor of the dead souls. The bonfires were lit up to welcome the spirit of the dead. They thought that flames, as a sign of God, can protect the departed souls from evil. That’s why people celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri.

The name of the festival, Chaharshanbe Soori, consists of Chaharshanbe (meaning Wednesday) and Soori (which means festivity or redness).

After many years, this festival mixed with other religions and cultures, and it changed to its present form. In big cities, it is turned into unsafe fireworks. You might hear the sound of little explosions from here and there in big cities like Tehran. Youngers prefer to mix the Chaharshanbe Suri festival with the thrill of fireworks. So, they celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire by lighting the firecrackers up. But many people still keep their traditions alive and organize the ChaharshanbeSoori celebration that stays loyal to their traditional rituals.

But why do Persians jump over the fire?

Our ancestors believed that fire is a sign of pureness, and it clears darkness. They lit up fires in Chaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire to get weakness away from themselves and bring the strength and pureness of the fire in the coming Nowruz (Iranian new year).

Chaharshanbe Suri (Festival of Fire)

There are many historical rituals celebrated during Chaharshanbesuri.

Culture and Ambience of This Festival

Getting ready for Chaharshanbe Suri, the festival of fire starts before sunset. Young men and women on the evening breeze, begin to gather woods.

While youngers are out, elders of the family prepare special soup for Chaharshanbe Soori(Ash). Ash is a favorite food in Iran Iranian mothers are the best at cooking it. Everyone thinks his/her mother cooks the best Ash.

After a while, they come back with the brushwoods, as they are excited for the coming night. They make seven bonfires in the yard, some of them are larger, and some of them are smaller for the kids.

The sun is going down. The bonfires are ready for lighting up. The smell of Ash is filling the air. It seems everything is ready for an unforgettable fire jumping celebration.

The pleasure of fire on a crisp night is indescribable. Some jump over seven bonfires while singing a song and wish to take the warmth and strength of the fire and give their weaknesses to the fire. Jumping over bonfires is an exciting play for kids who loves to do the same as their parents.

Elder’s eyes are shining as they see their children enjoying this night together. Mother has made special snacks for Chaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire.

Now it’s the turn of the kids’ favorite tradition: spoon banging. It’s like trick-or-treating on Halloween. Kids (and sometimes adults!) cover themselves, go door to door, and hit the spoon against a plate or bowl to receive candy or dried nuts.

Spooning in Iran

Even grown-ups participate in spoon banging tradition.

More Magical Stories from Previous Participants of the Festival


I remembered it from my childhood. When the cities were not as busy as now. We gathered together a lot, and one of these assemblies was forChaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire.

I can remember my relatives came from everywhere to our house to celebrate Chaharshanbe Sooritogether, and only this night, were my cousins and I allowed to light up our bonfires.

A few days ahead, my mom was preparing food and snack for that night. Tuesday afternoon, when our relatives arrived group by group, she gave the other kids and me Ajil (dried nuts) and we go out to play.

There was a competition between the kids, and everyone who gathered more brushwood was the winner. I cannot forget how excited I was for making everything ready for the celebration.

When the sun went down, my dad lit up the bonfires in the street, and my cousins and I jumped over the fires while we were singing a traditional song. Even now, I can hear our sound!

Everyone was singing around the fire happily, and we, kids, took our spoons and plates to go for spoon banging. We went door by door to ask our neighbors and friends for candy or Ajil. I can remember my cousin couldn’t keep his Ajil and he ate all of it on the way.


It was near spring, so the trees blossomed. I can hear the gentle tweet of a bird. The young men of the village were gathering wood to set up a massive fire. Before the sunset, they gathered a large amount of wood on the highest hill of the village. As the men were lighting up the fire, a cold breeze was wafting us. The view from the top of the hill was indescribable. Green plains were like a large green velvet. Moreover, many young girls and women with colorful dresses were so astonishing.

Suddenly, I heard the large fire roaring. The fire’s roar was lost in the sound of the joyful traditional horn. The girls and boys were dancing traditionally around the fire. I’ve never seen such a colorful and happy scene in my life.

After that, they went one by one to the large fire to light up their torches, and then each torch becomes a bonfire. They jumped over the fire hand in hand as they were singing a song and wished for a blessed new year.

After dancing and jumping, all people started to throw their clay pots off the roofs. The pots were shattering to bits in a strange harmony. Throwing things off from a roof together feels very great! However, all traditions have a reason behind them. Historically Iranians threw away their old clay pots because they were not washable and after some time, they needed to get rid of them. Therefore, they found a fun way to do it during a celebration.

I always want to repeat my experience and say hello to the spring with this kind of person.


What Makes This Festival Special and Unique?

  • Getting in touch with traditional Iranian festivals by participating in this gathering.
  • Singing and dancing around the fire together.
  • Tasting delicious Persian foods and especially Chaharshanbe Soorifoods.
  • The opportunity to communicate with local communities in a traditional ceremonial family gathering on fire jumping celebration.

Why Do We Care?

Keeping traditional Iranian festivals alive

Introducing Chaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire to the world and attracting foreign travelers to this festival

Creating a Unique Experience for Travelers

Experiencing an immersive journey through interacting with locals and experiencing the joy of having a night full of laughter and song with local assemblies.

Changing Iran’s Global Image

Promoting Iran’s attractive festivals and places so the worldwide audiences get to know that Iran is different from the mainstream media portrayal of this country.

Why Take a Tour?

  • Location: Although Chaharshanbe Suri is celebrated in public, celebrating this ceremony among a family can give you the opportunity of getting in touch with locals more. For being in an Iranian family house, you need an invitation. In IranAmaze Iran travel Agency we prepare it for you beforehand. Moreover, this traditional celebration has changed over time and even some new celebrations aren’t safe. But we know celebrations have kept their traditional form.
  • Guide: A local guide can improve travelers’ experience. He/she knows the local culture, language, and history. Furthermore, she/he helps you to experience this night like a local. The guide can find you places in which Chaharshanbe Suri is celebrated traditionally. Moreover, the guide can define the reasons and meanings of different parts of the ceremony.
  • Etiquette: Chaharshanbe Suri the festival of fire is a family celebration. So, Iran tours travelers need to learn the dress code, the traditions, and the culture of the Iranian people. Some traditions came to Iranians from their ancestors, so they respect these traditions. As an Iran responsible traveler, it’s better to learn the traditions to participate in the festival in the most respectful way for the local community. We will have conversations and discussions about Iranian etiquette beforehand.

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Family members gather together to celebrate the eve of last Wednesday before Nowruz in yards or street. Also, they eat Chaharshanbe Soori snacks and foods like soup and dried nuts. Furthermore, Iranians jump over bonfires and sing the songs.

Almost all Iranian people in every part of Iran celebrate Chaharshanbe Soori at their yards or in the streets. They jump over the fires, sing the songs, eat soup and dried nuts, and dance. Moreover, fire jumping celebrations that are celebrated in parks are excellent opportunities to meet new people.

Usually, it starts by sunset. And it’s not over even until the next morning.

Some celebrations are public ceremonies. They are in parks and streets. But private fire jumping celebrations which are held at Iranian homes, need an invitation. If you want to join an Iranian family and experience this night at Iranian house like a local, you need a friend to invite you.

Iranian people’s hospitality is famous. Furthermore, this celebration is more magnificent with more people. So, they will be even happier to have guests.

Iran is a four-season country. So, the weather and temperature depend on your Iran destinations. Because it’s near spring, the weather in cities like TehranIsfahan, and Shiraz are warmer than the winter and in the southern part of Iran, you can enjoy the spring weather.

This time is a good time for traveling around Iran. Also, you can participate in the Bushehr Koocheh festival in Bushehr city. All in all, for the combination of fire jumping celebration and visiting famous cities, iran cultural tours can be a good choice.

It is on the 17th  of March.