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Ceremony of Honoring Social Justice Tour

2 Day Muharram Festival Tour

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Yazd is known for its many wonders in Iran. However, there is one mystical aspect to this city that makes it an attractive travel destination for everyone. Muharram ceremony in Yazd is done a different way than other regions. From the beautiful rhythm and harmony to the special way of storytelling, Yazd Muharram ceremony can put us at the heart of the symbolic Ashura.In Iran tour we’ll get mesmerized watching a group of people sing mourning chants together in the ancient historical alleys of Fahadan. The sound of their grieving will echo through the old walls taking us back in time. So, we’ll get lost in the sound of the commemoration of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Moḥammad who is believed to be the symbol of justice and righteousness. Then, we stroll through the town watching people carry a heavy wooden structure called “Nakhl” that symbolized Hussein’s coffin. Also, Yazdi people believe that Nakhl is also a symbol of social unity for their town as it takes a few hundred men to carry this heavy structure around town.We’ll become one with Yazd in the crowded rhythm of Ashura storytelling and grieving ceremony. In other words, in IranAmaze we’ll explore what it feels like to be part of a mystical religious ritual in one of the most popular cities of Iran.

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Starts in:

  Yazd (If you are at other locations, tell us)

Ends in:





  2 Days

Age Range:

  7 - 80

Physical Rating:


Group Size:

  2 - 10


  1 night in 4-star hotel



We’ll head from Yazd to the Abrand Abad village, which is glued next to the city of Yazd. This town is famous for its unique way of grieving. Therefore, they will perform Tazia, which is a form of condolence theater in Iran. There are dozens of big trailers each carrying different symbolic figures or elements that took part in the story of Ashura. From a roaring lion to the kids covered with clay, Shabih gardani and Tazia will show us what happened during Ashura from different perspectives through storytelling, music, and songs.

Also, a big part of the Abrand Abad square is filled with bonfires cooking pots of Ashura soup called Ash Nazri. Ash Nazri is a free food given to everyone during Ashura. People believe both stirring and eating Ash Nazri brings abundance and health to our lives as it is blessed by the holy figures. So, we’ll be stirring the pots and enjoying some Ash as our lunch.

A bit of rest in the hotel will prepare us to enjoy the lively nights of Yazd. Then, we’ll walk in the historic neighborhood of Fahadan to feel the Ashura vibes in the city. At night, we’ll be watching the chest-beating of different performance groups. So, we’ll get lost in the rhythm and harmony of hundreds of men showing their grief through collective movements and songs. Also, hundreds of locals and tourists will surround us in Yazd, who have come to create a memorable collective experience of the authentic Ashura ceremony as well.



  • Abrand Abad
    The Popular Village for Street Theatre
  • Fahadan
    The Ancient Neighborhood of Yazd
  • Hussainiya Visits
    Places for Islamic Grief Ceremonies
  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex 
    The Gathering Spot
  • Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Yazd

We’ll be starting our day by taking a 20-minutes ride to a village called Taft. Then, we’ll be watching one of the most interesting Ashura rituals for which Taft is popular among Iranians. Hundreds of men will be carrying a massive wooden structure called “Nakhl” around town. The Nakhl symbolized Hussein’s coffin, and taking it around town (Nakhl Gardani) is like a ceremony for the dead body of this heroic figure in Iran. The whole village will be taking part in this ceremony, whether through carrying the Nakhl or the preparation and the singing. Then, after watching this ritual, we’ll be heading back to Yazd to say our goodbyes for this year.



  • Taft Village
    Popular for Nakhl Gardani
  • Saying Goodbyes


Your Flexibility Options

  • We’ve done our best to schedule your day efficiently. We wanted you to have enough time familiarizing yourself with the Muharram ceremony while you also get to rest in-between. However, if you want to have more or less of either one, we are open to adjusting the itinerary based on your preferences
  • In your spare time, we could add additional activities such as visiting Yazd monuments or deserts. There is so much to explore in the city or in the close distance, which can be added to your itinerary for an additional cost.
  • If you’d like, we could also add going to the chest-beating ceremony on the 2nd day of your schedule.

This Tour's Features

Ancient Traditions

This package will provide a unique experience of the most authentic traditions of Iran since ancient times. The festivals will familiarize you with the Iranian customs and events that happen in all different regions of this land which are one of a kind and specific to that region.

European Deal​

All bookings and contracts are settled through SAE Event GmbH, a registered travel agency in Austria. As a result, all transactions and processes are done based on the European legal system. So you would have the advantage of working with a local tour operator under EU-law. Visiting Iran with locals was never that hassle-free.

Unheard Narratives

You’ll get to interact with locals and hear their stories in intimate settings that allows them to share more. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the more unheard tales of Iranian people and discover Iran with unique perspectives not so many get to explore. This package will tell you the stories that will never get covered by the mainstream media.

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All land transportation by Air-co vehicle


1 Night at 4-star hotel


1 Breakfast
2 Lunch
1 Dinner
Daily snacks & drinks

Staff & Experts

Local English-speaking Cultural Guide
Chief Experience Officer throughout your trip
24/7 Support

Additional Services

Ash Nazri
Entrance Fees to the mentioned
monuments in the itinerary
Local Debit Card
Iranian Sim Card
Wi-Fi Modem
Official Iran Visa reference number


First/last day transportation to/from Yazd from other cities (If you want this service, mention in the booking form)
International airfares, taxes, surcharges
Travel Insurance
Other expenses such as laundry, mini bar used in the room, etc.

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29 - 30 August
€ 240
  • 50% Surcharge would apply for solo travelers.
  • Volume discounts would apply for groups with more than 5 people, and special offers for companies.

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• From 30 days before arrival to actual arrival: We will hold the deposit (25% of the package price) as a cancellation fee.

How Is This Trip Responsible?

  • Before the tour starts, the necessary information (e.g., Etiquette) is given to our travelers
  • Local guides and drivers collaborate with us
  • We eat 2 meals in local restaurants
  • 1 night we sleep at an eco lodge
  • We help you to have a better and easier interaction with locals
  • It is not just sightseeing; we provide true to life experiences
  • We go to local-traditional markets
  • We visit the products of NGOs in Isfahan to support them
  • Cars we use are fuel-efficient
  • We try our best to use less plastic and make less waste in our trip

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