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An adventurous Tour to real Iran

Traveling in Europe is very interesting. You can go from Hamburg to Paris in half a day while experiencing 4 countries. However, Iran is the 18th largest country in the world, and you can’t travel its full length in half a day. The diversity of ethnicities and cultures you’ll come across in your Iran tour will make it an interesting experience.

Four Amazing Facts

People & Local life

Iranian people are popular for their hospitality. Persian culture is intertwined with the diversity of rituals, beliefs, and festivals. The vast array of local communities will also give you a sense of these diverse cultural spaces that have led to Iran’s hospitality.

History & Archeology

The ancient Persian civilization and empires have left many historical heritages behind for us. Iran has 24 UNESCO world heritage sites from different eras located in diverse regions all around Iran.

Art & Architecture

From the unique ancient handicrafts such as Persian carpets to the beautiful mirror works and paintings in Iranian architecture, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and diversity of art.

Persian Cuisine

From the different regional dishes to the specialized Persian drinks and desserts, Iran is full of delicious delights. Secret recipes have been passed through generations and time.

Iran Cultural Tour Packages

A Glimpse into the Unknowns

From € 650

A Week to Remember

From € 925

An Adventure to Real Iran

From € 1155

Get on a Time Machine

From € 1495

Mysterious Persian Odyssey

From € 1695

Touch the Diversity

From € 2575

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Unique Aspects of Our Iran Cultural Tours

Guides are Everything

You’ll be diving deep into the local cultures of Iran experiencing interactions with locals and living like locals. You get to explore all the hidden gems, which will be possible because of our knowledgeable local guides.

Delicious Persian Cuisine

You’ll be having authentic Persian dishes specific to each region in local restaurants. We recommend several high-quality restaurants, and you can choose your meals based on your personal preferences.

Moments & Flexibility

You’ll be staying a night at a high-quality traditional lodge in different cities. In all of our packages, there is at least one night when you’ll have this authentic local experience in a cozy Iranian guesthouse. These could have been a site to visit on Iran heritage tours before they were turned to guesthouses.

Best Accommodations

We offer a wide range of moments in Iran, which covers a variety of activities during our Iran cultural heritage tours. “Moments” is a feature that defines six different categories for the sites and experiences you’ll have on your journey. It is to ensure the flexibility and diversity of the travel plan whether before or during your trip.

What’s the Best Time for Iran Culture Tours?

Iran covers a wide area of land that sees all four seasons, meaning tourists can visit Iran all year long. In each season, there are many regions that one may visit and enjoy weather that is suitable for a variety of activities. The main touristic cities of Iran include Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Kerman. These places have decent weather during spring and fall, making it the best time to visit Iran. However, during these high seasons, naturally, it’s more crowded than the rest of the year.
The cities by the south coastline of Iran and also the islands of Qeshm, Hormoz, Kish are extremely hot during summer. Therefore, the best time to visit this region is during fall and winter from September to March. The northern and northwest cities of Iran, such as Rasht, Anzali, Tabriz, and Ardebil, are very cold during fall and winter. Even though it could still be a memorable experience to visit them during that time, the best time to visit these regions is during spring and summer.

Best Destinations for Iran Cultural Tours

Six Iran city tours are fit into IranAmaze Iran travel agency destinations for Iran classic tours. These are chosen as the main tourist destinations in Iran. These cities contain UNESCO’s world heritage sites and also showcase a wide range of ethnic, culinary, and landscape diversity. Many other cities in Iran could have attractions for tourists as well but these are the cities that summarize the essentials of this country. It’s only to get a glimpse of what this ancient civilization has to offer so you come back and explore the off beaten tracks of Iran later on.

The Capital city of Iran. Tehran is the most populated city located in the north-central part of Iran at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. This metropolitan is where the modern present and likely future of Iran is nestled between family traditions and historical streets. Diversity is at its heart. People come from all different regions to experience Tehran….

It’s a city full of historical houses at the edge of the Dashte-Kavir desert. It’s small in size but rich in culture and wonders to explore every time. An oasis with clay villages that take you back to ancient times. It has a Bazaar worth taking many photos inside with shops that have beautiful Persian carpets and handicrafts inside….

Stretched along the Zayandeh rud river, Isfahan used to be the historical capital of Iran. They say if you visit this city, you’ve visited “half of the world”. As it has the historical square of Naqshe Jahan with mind-blowing art and architecture of mosques, buildings, and the bazaar. A city of historic bridges that take you through ancient times….
To feel the presence of the Persian empire and one of the oldest civilizations of the world is what makes Shiraz bold for tourists. From Perspolis and Pasargad to the breathtaking mosques filled with colorful lights, shiraz weaves together different eras to bring forth a diversity of Iranian culture in each of its corners….
This historical city is located at the heart of central Iran. The city dates back to the 5th century, located close to the silk road at the time. Yazd is listed as a UNESCO world heritage city. It is a brilliant example of how our ancestors used their limited resources in the desert for survival….
Whether it’s the red sand of the beaches of Hormuz or the unusual sounds heard from the middle of the Star Valley in Qeshm, many have believed the southern islands of Iran come as close as it gets to another…

Professional Cultural Tour Guides

We first started our own journey as tour guides, as well. Therefore, we know how much your guide’s personality can influence the quality of your experience. We also understand what essential attributes make the best guides who can create the most memorable experiences for travelers. Also, we’ve learned based on our experiences what expectations tourists usually have from their guides. All in all, we have chosen guides who share these three key qualities besides their own unique characteristics.

Local & Knowledgeable

Our knowledgeable guides for our tours are locals who know all the hidden gems of the places you’ll get to visit. They are not just guides but also travelers themselves. They will take you deep into experiencing the local life to have a unique journey while getting to know the past and the present of this ancient civilization.

Customized & Personalized

Our guides are flexible and will adapt the tour schedule to match your preferences. Based on the moments and categories of activities you’d connect with most, they have the adaptability to change our tour to make it the best Iran tours for you.

Flexible & Adaptable

We choose the guides that are suitable to your likes and dislikes. We’ll ask you to tell us your preferences in the booking form of Iran cultural heritage tours before your trip. Therefore, we’ll have an understanding of what guide matches your travel style and needs best, and we’ll match you with the right person.

Find more information about IranAmaze’s guides on Guides Page .

How Are We Responsible in Our Iran Cultural Tours?

We believe we should prevent our negative impacts on our trips and maximize the positive ones. Therefore, we have a set of responsible travel policies for our company and specific tips for each tour. Being responsible starts before the trip; we provide necessary information such as Iran etiquette and dress code for our travelers before they come to Iran. On our tours, we support local businesses and individuals by working with them.
Also, we facilitate the cultural interactions for our travelers. This will not only provide more in-depth experiences for them but also make sure these interactions are culturally appropriate. Furthermore, our environmental considerations help our tours to be more sustainable. For more information, check out the Iran responsible travel page and responsible travel section in tour packages.

Other Tour Types

– Cultural: Cultural Landscape of Maymand, Golestan Palace, Historic City of Yazd, Masjed-e Jāmé of Isfahan, Meidan Emam, Esfahan, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil, Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, The Persian Garden, The Persian Qanat

– Natural: Hyrcanian Forests, Lut Desert

We have a wide range of exciting activities designed for you in Iran cultural tours. These include Iran history archeologyIran people and local life, relaxing in Iran nature, etc. Iran travel moments can give you more insight into the diversity of activities done during Iran cultural heritage tours.

You’ll need to have insurance to get a visa to Iran. The Visa process needs insurance as one of the primary travel documents. If you buy a tour from us, we’ll do the visa process for you. If you already have travel insurance, we’ll get that information from you. But if not, we’ll get the insurance for you from a reliable insurance company here. You read more about the coverage and details of the insurance on our Iran travel insurance.

You could choose to join a group on specific dates chosen for our small group tours to iran. Or you could make any Iran escorted tours for the dates you’d want to reserve a tour.

We’ve tried our best to fit in the most important attractions of Iran in all of our tours. We’ve arranged a variety of Iran travel moments to make sure there are all kinds of activities in any package you decide to purchase. There is also an option for you to enhance or reduce each category of moments before or during your trip. Also, depending on the amount of time you have for traveling, you can choose from six different tours. We have 5,7,9,12,14,21 day Iran tour packages. Even if none of these work for you, you could tell us your preferences and book tailor made iran tour package with us.

We’ve tried to fit in a variety of different activities into our culture tours. Activities such as Iran Trekking ToursIran desert tours, walking tours, and nature tours are fit into most of the packages. However, if that’s something you’d like to have more of during your trip, you can let us know, and we’ll enhance the moment of Iran nature for you.

One of the unique services we offer is tours for Iran festivals in different regions. You could also book these tours separately. These tours are usually 1-day or several days tour packages. They can be either added to the other tours you are booking with us or be the particular reason you travel to Iran. However, because the festival dates are fixed, please make sure to align the dates of your travels to these dates.

Some of the festivals happen in the classic route of Iran’s attractions. Some others are not on the same route. If you’d like to participate in those festivals, we would have to add a day or several days to your schedule to get you there. You can tell us all these details when you fill out the booking form.

Yes, we have designed tours in a way that fits in as many essentials and diversity as possible, depending on the amount of time you have in Iran.

Yes, you could book a trekking tour to your culture tour, which would include trekking in different levels to Damavand tour Sabalan Trekking TourAlamkuh Trekking Tour, Tochal, etc. You could learn more by visiting our Iran Trekking Tours.

Each Iranian cultural tour you take will reveal part of our culture. Thus, experiencing and enjoying local cuisine is a fixed part of every Iran heritage tour. But, if you’d like to seek something special about Iran culinary tours, which mostly focus on the cuisine of a specific region or try the dishes of a certain city besides the ones in our cultural tour packages, you can create your own trip by filling the interest form in our iran tailor-made tours.

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