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Cultural (Essentials of Iran)

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Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh


9 Days

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Tour Description

The 9-day tour takes you to a deeper layer of Iran. You discover Iran’s must-sees. It’s an adventure from Tehran’s modern atmosphere to Yazd’s 1000-year-old neighborhood, Fahadan. There you see a genius fresh water supply in the desert and the sacred Zoroastrian fire. You’ll have a short time travel from ancient Persepolis to the 800-year-old beautiful Vakil bazaar in Shiraz. In Isfahan, follow your spirits under the unique tilework of Persian mosques. And your journey’s final discovery is Abyaneh, an ancient red village. You’ll hang out with the locals through this journey and taste delicious Persian foods.

The 9-day tour takes you to a deeper layer of Iran. You discover Iran’s must-sees. It’s an adventure from Tehran’s modern atmosphere to Yazd’s 1000-year-old neighborhood, Fahadan. There you see a genius fresh water supply in the desert and the sacred Zoroastrian fire.
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  • Airport pick up
  • Tabiat Bridge
    Tehran’s largest pedestrian overpass with modern architecture
  • Bame Tehran
    A recreational place and a full view of the city at Tehran Heights
  • Sa’adAbad Palace
    History MomentA complex of palaces at Tehran’s foothills that used to be the summer residence of two Iranian dynasties
  • Welcoming Dinner
    Have you ever tasted Persian dishes?

Story of the day

Today is the day of the stylish northern part of Tehran. You’ll feel the vibe of the capital of Iran and visit this affluent city from above Tabiat Bridge over highways. There you can see a mountain dominating Tehran. Depending on your arrival time, you’ll see other places north of Tehran.



  4-Star Hotel in Tehran


  • Golestan Palace
    UNESCO World Heritage; in the center of Tehran from the 18th century
  • Tehran Bazaar

    People & Local Life MomentThe old maze-like market in the heart of Tehran. This 10-kilometer path is the best place to visit people closely
  • National Museum of Iran

    History MomentLargest Museum in Iran with many treasures of Iran’s historical and ancient monuments
  • Treasury of National Jewels
    One of the world’s famous collections of jewels and diamonds from Iranian dynasties

Story of the day

Today, you’ll see a different aspect of Tehran: Tehran’s downtown. Once, a royal region, Tehran Grand Bazaar is the trading heart of Tehran. You will dive into real life through its corridors and history through surrounding monuments.



  4-Star Hotel in Tehran


  • Train to the Historic City of Yazd
    UNESCO World Heritage; the city of Persian qanats and windcatchers
  • Jame Mosque
    Art & Architecture Moment The great congregational site from 800 years ago with priceless picturesque architecture
  • Fahadan Neighborhood

    People & Local Life MomentThe aroma of thatch within ginger adobe walls is the most memorable thing in this 1000-year-old neighborhood
  • Zarch Qanats
    UNESCO World Heritage; The water management system from 3000 years ago

Story of the day

From the mountainous relatively new city of Tehran, we get on a train towards the millennial desert city of Yazd. It is the city of old adobe buildings, thatch avenues, windcatchers, and the exclusive Persian underground water system, Qanats.



  4-Star Hotel in Yazd


  • Tower of silence

    Religion Moment A different burial space; the Zoroastrians used to leave the corpses there for the carrion birds
  • Fire Temple & Museum of Zoroastrians

    Religion Moment This temple holds a sacred fire that has been lit for more than 1500 years
  • Amir Chakhmaq Square
    A ritual center is known for its symmetrical arched cloves
  • Dowlatabad Garden
    UNESCO World Heritage; a lively Persian Garden in a desert city!
  • House Dinner

    Hospitality Moment A different supper; a Persian-style meal in an Iranian home, together with an Iranian family

Story of the day

Yazd was once the center of Persian religion, Zoroastrians. It is famous for the old Zoroastrian fire in the temple and the Islamic emblems in Amir Chakhmaq Sq. the surprising part would be walking in a green garden in such a dry city. At the end of the day, enjoy an Iranian family dinner.



  4-Star Hotel in Yazd



  • The Cypress of Abarkuh

    Nature MomentThe 3rd oldest tree in the world. It is 4500 years old that literally symbolizes life and hope
  • Pasargadae

    History Moment UNESCO World Heritage; The majestic capital of ancient Persia’s Achaemenid Great Empire dates back to 559–530 BC
  • Tomb of Hafez
    The famous poet of love and mystics rests here

Story of the day

From Yazd, we head towards the cradle of ancient Persia, Shiraz. Yet, on the way, we visit a wonder. It is the oldest cypress in Iran and Asia. Later, in 2 hours we are in Pasargadae. After visiting its majesty, it’s time to salute our great poet, Hafez



  4-Star Hotel in Shiraz


  • Pink Mosque

    Art & Architecture Moment The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque with its Orsi-stained glasses creates a colorful spiritual feeling of awe
  • Vakil Complex
    3 Shiraz popular highlights; Bazaar, Mosque, and bath
  • Arg of Karim Khan
    A castle for the king, Karim Khan, built in the 11th century
  • Eram Garden
    UNESCO World Heritage; A Persian garden with a palace as its sparkling jewel
  • Shah Cheragh Shrine

    Religion Moment A holy tomb that was erected first in the 12th century

Story of the day

Let’s hit for a Shiraz vibe. Walk through the corridors of the most beautiful bazaar in Iran. Vakil bazaar is part of a 900-year-old complex. Shiraz is the city of Persian Poem and melody. Combining with the aroma of orange blossoms, it cuddles your sensed to the heavens.



  4-Star Hotel in Shiraz


  • Persepolis

    History Moment UNESCO World Heritage; A ceremonial complex of ancient
  • Necropolis

    History Moment Ancient Iranian rock reliefs cut into the cliff, from both the Achaemenid and Sassanid periods
  • Drive to Isfahan
  • Khaju Bridge and Si-o-se-pol Bridge

    People & Local Life MomentA walking tour over the Zayanderud River at a spirited hangout with songs and music

Story of the day

Shiraz can still surprise you with the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis. The Necropolis rock reliefs can make you feel awfully astonished. If you need a space to free up your mind, it is available in five hours and over the Zayanderud River in Isfahan.



  4-Star Hotel in Isfahan


  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square
    UNESCO World Heritage; the Iranian architecture landmark
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
    Art & Architecture Moment An architectural masterpiece of Iranian mosque architecture and tilework from the Safavid Empire in the 17th century
  • Shah Mosque
    UNESCO World Heritage; an elegant iconic dome piercing the sky
  • Ali Qapu Palace

    History Moment The official residence of Safavid Emperors with historically valuable paintings and mosaic work
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace
    UNESCO World Heritage; A pleasant and freshening Persian Garden
  • Vank Cathedral

    Religion Moment A splendid old church in Jolfa, Isfahan’s Armenian neighborhood

Story of the day

Isfahan is well-known for Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Massive domes, fascinating tile works, and its open green space all mesmerize you. You can feel calm and relaxed at these beautiful mosques. Alongside these mosques and Persian architecture, there is a Great Church in the Armenian neighborhood, Vank.



  4-Star Hotel in Isfahan


  • Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
    UNESCO World Heritage; one of the oldest preserved mosques in Iran
  • Drive to Abyaneh Village

    People & Local Life MomentA different stop at a historic red village; it is 2500 years old
  • Drive to Tehran
  • Airport drop off

Story of the day

It is the last day! The Great Jameh Mosque and the Abyane village are the happy endings of this journey. The red ancient village, its beautiful houses, and hospitable people fill your memory with colors and joy. Surely, it is an excellent way to finish the path.

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