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Hendorabi Island

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Travel to Hendorabi Island; Hidden treasure amid the waves!

You may think that Hendorabi is a city in India or somewhere else except in Iran, but this Island with its weird name has been located in the south of Iran. Although it is not as famous as other islands such as Qeshm, Hengam or Hormuz, it has its own attractions. In many ancient documents, this island was called Abrun. In 1645, the Dutch people called this island Horn. According to a local myth, Hend and Rabi were the names of a couple who were in love with each other and immigrated to this island to live in the island by themselves.

In any part of Iran, there are always destinations that will surprise you. This time we are going to the southernmost point of Iran; Hendorabi Island, a pristine destination in the Persian Gulf. The place is a full-fledged destination for a nature trip and away from the crowded atmosphere of the city. If you are a fan of stylish and luxury travel, you should definitely spend a day on this island when you travel to Kish. Get ready to travel to Hendorabi Island; A special, pristine, and historical island!

Where is Hendorabi Island?

By traveling to the Persian Gulf, don’t miss the opportunity of new experiences in different regions. Hendorabi Island, which is located in the heart of the Persian Gulf, is a short distance from Kish and is considered one of its functions in Bandar Lange, Hormozgan Province. This island can be an attractive destination for your trip. You can also spend a few hours on this island while traveling to Kish and enjoy its pristine atmosphere and beautiful beaches.

Access ways to Hendorabi Island

Although Hendorabi is one of the very small islands in the Persian Gulf with a small area, there are different ways to reach it. The most common access routes to Hendorabi Island are the following methods:

Sightseeing attractions on the Hendorabi Island

Despite its area of 23 square kilometers, Hendorabi Island has many attractions. If you are into nature tourism, it is impossible to skip the beaches and the sound of sea birds that wake you up in the morning. If you are into water sports, Hendorabi is one of the most secluded and best areas you can count on. The most important attractions of this compact island include the following:

Hendorabi Village

There is a village with the same name on this island, which is worth visiting. The houses of this village are made of coral, stone, and white plaster, which has given a different shape to the village. According to the 2015 census, the population of 191 people in the village includes 141 men and 50 women, most of whose jobs are fishing and diving. The people of this village are Arabic speakers and some of them are also familiar with the Persian language. This village also has a clinic, a supermarket, a school, and a mosque.

Around the village of Hendorabi, there are two historical villages named Al-Durat and Al-Sara. These two villages, many parts of which have been destroyed, were once part of a Portuguese military base.

Kish Island: the possibility of buying ferry tickets; Distance 1.5 hours

Chiruye Island: use of a motor boat; 20 minutes away

Hendorabi Island Airport

Hendorabi Island on the Map

If you are planning a different trip, you can find Hendorabi Island on the map of Iran at the southernmost point, right in the heart of the Persian Gulf, between Kish Island and Lawan Island. This small island is located in the west of Kish, which will give you a different experience on your trip to the south of the country.

Hendorabi Island Between Kish And Lavan

Distance from Hendorabi Island to Kish

Hendorabi is a small island that is not very large. For this reason, you can easily reach other islands like Kish especially since Hendorabi is a part of Kish Island. Hendorabi is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Kish, where you can reach this island through the ships that go from Kish to Hendorabi every day.

If you are going to Hendorabi from Kish Island, it is not bad to have a list of all the sights of Kish Island and enjoy spending time on this beautiful island!

It is interesting to know that…

A trip to Hendorabi Island will take you to a wonderland. Wonders that you will encounter in the least places with these features:

At the beginning of entering the island, you probably don’t believe that anyone lives on this island; But don’t be in too much of a hurry, there are about 190 people living on this historical island who mostly speak Arabic. In recent years, due to the presence of tourists, you can easily find people who are familiar with Farsi.

This small island is one of the areas that will open its place in the tourism industry well in the next few years. The first proof of this claim is the construction of the airport in Hendorabi.

Hendorabi is an entirely flat area, the highest part of which is only 45 meters high.

Hendorabi Cemetery

Another historical attraction of Hendorabi Island is the historical cemetery of this island. In this cemetery, the natives of this region and also the Portuguese who were in this region during the occupation of southern Iran have been buried.

The distinctive feature of this cemetery is the model of its graves, which are marked according to gender. The graves are without any name or address and one stone for men and two tombstones for women are placed on top of each other.

The graveyard of the island has two featuring characteristics; Firstly, it is the eternal home of the bodies of Iranians and the Portuguese. Secondly, the gravestones are representative of the sexuality of the body inside the grave; instead of epitaphs or names, the stones talk in another way. The men are buried under one-piece gravestones, while women are buried under two-piece gravestones. This graveyard is totally different from other ones in Iran regarding the two mentioned facts.

Hondurabi Cemetery

Hendorabi Sunni Mosque

The Sunni mosque is a beautiful structure constructed with traditional architectural methods. The material used in the construction of the building is cement and soil only. The mosque is big enough to accommodate all the local people.

The Remote Beaches

If you are looking for peace and silence in the heart of nature, Hendorabi Island is the right place to go. Being far from the crowd is one of the nice and pleasant options of this destination. Remote and coral beaches with soft sand, greenish water, and naturally carved rocks, all are great scenery for photography. In addition, there are small and large caves to explore.

The Water Reservoir

One extremely important structure on which the life of locals depends heavily is the water reservoir of the island. It is the only source of sweet water, storing the raindrops for local consumption. Of course, there are water wells throughout the island and the water reservoir is an alternative source when the wells get empty.

The Recreational Club

Activities like diving, swimming, jet-skiing, biking on the beach, safari, etc. are held in the recreational club of the island. So, in addition to visiting the attractions, you can have a great lot of fun here. Moreover, delicious local dishes are available at the restaurant of this club.

Diving at the Island Recreation Club

Hendorabi Beach

On Hendorabi Island, you can enjoy its pristine and secluded beaches. Where you can easily find and enjoy private beaches. On the beaches of this island, you can do all kinds of water sports from swimming to diving and boating, and create a pure experience for yourself.

In some parts of this island, the water depth is 5 to 8 meters. On its eastern coast, the water depth is 8 to 18, which is the best area for diving and enjoying the underwater world with colorful fish and starfish.

Turtles Laying Eggs

One of the natural phenomena that are difficult to ignore is turtles laying eggs on the beaches. Hendorabi Island is one of the places where you can see turtles laying eggs every year in March. The unique experience of seeing small turtles hatching on the beach and swimming under the waves of Hendorabi sandy beach.

Turtles lay eggs

Various entertainments on Hendorabi beach In recent years, Hendorabi Island has become a tourist destination that has a high potential to attract various tourists.

Booking Villas, Residences, and Hotels in Kish to Visit Hendorabi

Most of the tourists who travel to Hendorabi Island enter this island after staying in Kish. So a simple way to enjoy Hendorabi Island is realized by traveling to Kish. You can spend a few hours of your trip on Hendorabi Island and enjoy your trip more by booking a villa, residence, or hotel of your choice in Kish.

Tourism on the Hendorabi Island

Hendorabi, with an area of about a quarter of Kish, has beautiful beaches and nature. And it has a valuable capacity for the development of travel and ecotourism….It also has an enormous capacity to attract large domestic and foreign investors,” Mehr quoted Kish Free Zone Organization Director Gholamhossein Mozaffari as saying on Monday.

“Kish Island, even during coronavirus pandemic, has enjoyed a tourism boom… [for instance] in the last two months, its occupancy rate of hotels has been 98 percent, which indicates the unique tourism capacity of the region.”

When it comes to the southern islands of Iran, people tend to choose Kish, Qeshm, and Hangam Island. However, Hendorabi is just as amazing as these though less known. Being far from the constant visit of tourists, this sort of remote island in the Persian Gulf has preserved many of its natural beauties. It can provide a lot of fun water and beach activities. Swimming, above all, is one of the most pleasant things to do in the crystal waters surrounding the Island.

Hendorabi is a small island of about 23 square kilometers, located between Kish Island and Lavan Island. It is flat land with no high mountains or hills. The highest point of the island is some 45 meters high.

Hendorabi has an old village of the same name. The material used in the construction of houses used to be stone, coral, and stucco. However, some of these houses have been renovated recently. The village also contains a school, a shop, and a supermarket.

From February to June, the beaches of the island turn into a turtle hatchery. All the turtles of any size go to this area for hatching their eggs. The scenery of turtles being born out of the eggs and running to the water can be one of the most eye-catching moments of your travel. On the other hand, watching the colorful fish while diving is just another fun thing to do.

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