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Ocean Kish Water Park

Ocean Water Park in Kish

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The beautiful island of Kish in the south of Iran, which is known as the jewel of the Persian Gulf, has many natural and tourist attractions, and the number of these tourist attractions has increased in recent years. The presence of these attractions has become the reason why the extremely beautiful island of Kish has been introduced as an excellent destination for tourism and attracting tourists. Water sports on Kish Island is one of the most popular activities on this island. It has been several years now that a new member named Ocean Water Park has been added to the water activities of this island and it has been able to gain popularity among tourists in a very short period of time this park is considered one of the most attractive tourist attractions of Kish Island.
We mentioned before that Ocean Water Park or Kish Ocean is known as the newest, most exciting, and most adventurous water recreation on Kish Island. which you cannot easily stop visiting and having fun in. The construction of Ocean Kish water park has caused many tourists to travel to this island, therefore, it has helped significantly from the economic point of view by attracting foreign currency to the country.

Ocean Water Park

• It is the first theme park in Iran.
• Iran’s first outdoor water park for women.

History of Ocean Water Park in Kish

It is not bad to know that Ocean Kish Water Park, as one of the most exciting outdoor water parks in Iran and the Middle East, has been able to attract the attention of most people, especially tourists. It covers an area of ​​5.5 hectares and has the capacity to receive 3,300 people daily. Ocean Kish water park in February 2015, at the same time as the blessed decade of Fajr, by purchasing the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for water games from one of the most reliable companies in this field (the Canadian company White Water West), started its work as the first theme of the water park..

Introducing Ocean Kish Water Park

The slides of this collection are categorized into three sections: slow ride, fast ride, and terrifying ride. The Ocean Kish outdoor water park theme is not just an ordinary water park. In this park, games such as Skip Room are also installed so that enthusiasts can discover puzzles and treasures in groups of 3 to 5 people. In addition, there are shops in this park so that you can get the necessary supplies from sunscreen to towels and clothes. The restaurants of the complex are also at the disposal of the visitors so that after all the excitement, they can refresh themselves with some food and drinks.

The Story Behind the Water Park Theme

It is interesting to know that the theme story of Ocean Kish Water Park is based on the story of a group of pirates who, under the leadership of Captain Sayan, attack the island of the Sun Castle and capture it in order to get the sun disk and rule the sea. Three brothers named Pulad, Mahan, and Basho, who are residents of Khurshid Castle, decide to fight against pirates and reclaim the island of Khurshid Castle because they consider it to be theirs. And so the water park was designed and built based so based on this story of the captain and the three brothers.

Ocean Kish water park theme story

Features of Kish Ocean Water Park

The first and most important feature of the Kish Ocean Water Park is that the park is located in a no-fly zone and there are no tall buildings in the vicinity of the Ocean Water Park. So tourists can rest assured that there is no possibility of aerial view in this area at all. Another important and excellent feature is that women can easily use all the various parts, it is interesting to sunbathe and have a great time.

Various Sections and Theme Rides of Ocean Water Park

Calm rides section: these rides and pools are designed to provide a calm and fun environment along with exciting rides, each of which is unique in its own way, which include: the Wave pool, the Rashin River (a 550-meter river) around the complex, the Dingo pool (stepped jacuzzi), the Berko slide (for children), the Chalab children’s ride, the Aban pool, the Rabo jacuzzi, and the Abtin pool for teenagers. We will discuss these sections more below.
The Rushin River is actually an artificial river that flows around the park, and you can ride a tube along with the river to watch the park and take a deep breath for the next excitement. The Dingo pool is designed in the form of a stepped jacuzzi for visitors to enjoy. The Berko has a slide for children, which is designed in such a way that children feel the excitement and parents are relieved of its safety. In other words, Berko has been able to gain the satisfaction of children and parents. The Rabo Jacuzzi is a special Jacuzzi for Ocean Water Park, which plays a role as a place of relaxation in the midst of all the excitement. The Aban is a pool for adults who can swim in it safely. The Chalab is a ride that you can enjoy with your child. One of the charms of the Chalab is the big bucket that is placed on top of it, this bucket is emptied on children’s heads after being filled and gives them a strange joy. Abatin is a pool for teenagers to easily swim and exercise.

Different parts of Ocean Kish Water Park

The steep rides section: a combination of slope, speed, and height, which has areas such as Mojab, Rally Ride, Anaconda, Dingle, Vortex, Tsunami Lake, and Spiral, which we briefly describe each of these sections below.
Using technology, Mojab has created the possibility of surfing for you. Rally Ride is a racing slide. In this slide, you will move with your head down. Whoever arrives first will win the rally ride. Anaconda is the name of a giant snake. A part of the theme park complex has been named Anaconda because of its large and winding nature. Dingle, as its name suggests, will leave you alone like a pendulum in traffic for a few moments, until suddenly you will be thrown towards and into the pool. The whirlpool consists of a large bowl that you will fall into the pool after going around it a few times. Tsunami Lake is an artificial lake that will remind you of the beach and the sea with its waves.

Terrible Rides Section: Pichalub is the most exciting section of Ocean Water Park. In Pichalob, in addition to free fall, you will go through a winding path. The adrenaline section, as the name suggests, will directly increase your adrenaline levels! In this section, you will have a free and direct fall from a high altitude into the pool.

When is the right season to visit Ocean Kish Water Park?

The water park welcomes guests all year round, but since Kish has many festivals in the summer season, perhaps the best time to visit Kish and Ocean is summer. But if you are looking for good weather, early December to late April is the best time for you to go to Kish Blue Ocean Park by buying a plane ticket.

How to go to Ocean Kish water park?

The theme park is located on Jahan Street, Kish, and can be accessed by private cars, etc., but the easiest way to access the water park is to use the free service of Ocean Park, which transports visitors in different directions. All types of Iran tours are available for travelers visiting Iran, for more information about the amusement park or anywhere else in Kish or Iran contact us via the WhatsApp icon or leave a comment below.

What tourist attractions are near Ocean Water Parkin Kish?

Coral site of Kish Island: 8.2 km
Greek Ship: 8.9 km
Baghou Tourist Village: 9.3 km
Kish Eiffel Tower: 8.5 km
Kish large and recreational pier: 9.5 km
Kariz underground city: 12.8
The ancient city of Harireh: 13.1 km
Khane Iran Historical House and Museum: 13.6 km

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