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Paracel Kish

Parasailing in Kish

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Where to Parasail in Kish?

Parasailing in Kish is one of the most exciting and scary water sports on the island, which while inducing a sense of excitement and fear, brings an indescribable feeling of peace to you Kish tour tourists. This water recreation, which is known as one of the most popular water sports, is held every day in all beach recreation centers, from sunrise to sunset. Watching the sunset on the heights of Kish Island and Parasailing is quite exciting and thrilling. You can find and use Kish parasailing in places such as Simorgh Beach, Marjan Beach, Recreational Wharf, and Damon Wharf. In these places, there are facilities such as lifeguards, toilets, restaurants, buffets, and accommodations that Kish tour tourists can take advantage of. On the beaches of Kish, lifeguards are serving tourists 24 hours a day.

These great facilities and services are just why more response to the question Why should you travel to Iran? In addition to the mentioned places, those interested in other recreational places such as Barracuda Beach Park, Shayan Beach, Dolphin Recreation Complex, Seaman, Scuba, Negin Persian Gulf Recreation Complex, and Nautilus can also go parasailing in Kish. Among the centers that have made it possible to do parasailing in Kish, Marjan beach is the most suitable and offers a very good perspective to the tourists who have traveled to the island with a Kish tour.

Where is Paracel Kish?

What is Parasailing?

In Kish parasailing, which is one of the unique entertainments of the island, Kish tour tourists are connected to a big umbrella by wearing a life jacket and wearing several safety belts. This umbrella is connected to a speedboat by a 150-meter-long rope, and after the fast movement of the boat, the wind slowly wraps inside the umbrella and causes it to rise. The time you are in the sky with the Kish parasailer is about 10 minutes, and at the end, if you wish, the captain will throw you into the water to spend a few minutes swimming in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

What is Paracel?

After traveling a short distance and fully lifting the umbrella, taking into account factors such as wind, boat speed, number and weight of people, the captain of the Kish parasailing boat gradually loosens the rope connected to the umbrella and according to the type of ticket, sent by travelers to high altitudes. The moment of rising in a parasail may be scary, but as soon as it stands at a constant height, you will see a unique view of the island above the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, which you will never forget, and a beautiful image. And the spectacle remains in your mind. It should be mentioned that the captain of the boat is a skilled and experienced person who has complete control over the situation, so there is no room for any worries for Kish tour tourists.
Sightseeing in Kish has its own purity. But without a doubt, when you go around the island with the help of an umbrella and a speedboat and pass over the huge ships above the blue sky, it will be a different experience for you Kish tour tourists that you will never forget. Especially, in the meantime, the captain plays with the rope attached to the ship and takes you up and down continuously, and makes you ecstatic with spiral movements.

Parasailing Fees in Kish

Parasailing tickets in Kish are divided into three categories:
A ticket of 70 thousand tomans in which you climb up to a height of 150 meters from the ground.
90,000 Tomans ticket where you tourists can experience the 300-meter-high domestic tour.
One hundred and twenty thousand tomans ticket in which you experience the most exciting possible state and climb up to a height of about 500 meters above sea level.
Also, you tourists who have traveled to this region with a Kish tour can ride a Kish parasail individually or in a group and enjoy the scenery under your feet in the heights of the Persian Gulf. It is individual. There is one point regarding this sport, and that is the ban on using parasails in raging rivers, because of possible dangers such as losing the balance of the boat and drowning.

Paracel cost in Kish

Where to go parasailing in Kish?

Parasailing is done on four beautiful beaches of Kish Island. Among these beaches, we can refer to the beach of Kish recreational pier, Marjan beach, Damon beach, and Simorgh beach of Kish. There are many nautical clubs operating on these four beaches, all of which offer almost the same facilities and services to enthusiasts.

Marina Kish Beach

Address of Kish Marina: Kish Island, Sanai St., Darya Boulevard, Kish Marina
Marina Beach is the most famous and lively beach on Kish Island and its clubs are regularly serviced. The advantage of this beach is its proximity to the bicycle track, the city center, most shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels island. The marina beach is located in the northeast of the island, and there are a number of recreational clubs of different quality on this beach, of which two four-star and five-star clubs are among the best VIP clubs on the island. Among the nautical clubs of the marina, we can mention the Shahid Nautical Club, the Greek Ship Nautical Club, and the Negin Nautical Club of the Persian Gulf.

Marjan Beach, Kish

Address: Kish Island, southeast of the island
Marjan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kish Island, which is world famous. Due to its coral, this beach is clear blue, transparent, and has a stunning view, so many fish and aquatic animals can be seen at a depth of several meters of the sea. The possibility of flying over several kilometers of living coral and observing them from a height will be a wonderful experience for any person. Scuba, Barracuda, and Marina sea clubs are among the sea clubs of Marjan Beach.

Simorgh Beach, Kish

Address: Kish Island, southeast side of the island, Marjan Boulevard, Marjan 11
Simorgh beach is a pristine and quiet beach, which is located in the vicinity of Marjan beach, in the east of Kish island. There are four and five-star VIP clubs operating on this beach where you can experience parasailing over the sea in this part of the island and also over the Big Coral site. Kish Nautilus Marine Club is one of the marine clubs on this beautiful beach.

Damon Kish beach

Address: Kish Island, Damun Street, Sekeleh Damon Street
Damon Beach is located in the north of Kish Island and is a beautiful place to take different photos due to the passage of large commercial ships. Various clubs are working on this beach to experience parasailing. Also, on this beach, you can find one of the largest and most luxurious shopping centers in Kish called Damon Shopping Center. Aquarius and Seaman sea clubs are among the sea clubs of the beautiful Damon beach.

Damon Kish beach

Parasail Umbrella Kish

Parasail umbrellas in Kish are available in different sizes, designs, and colors, and you can use them individually, for two or three people.
Using parasailing in Kish is a thrilling choice for Kish tour tourists who can enjoy it enough. In addition to men, Kish Parasails can also be used by women, and children under 10 years old should enjoy this sport together with their parents.

Can women use Parasail in Kish?

Parasails are allowed to be used by women in Kish. Men and women can use an umbrella at the same time or individually.

What is the Parasail time?

Usually, the total time of transfer to the sea and flight and return is about one hour, which takes about 6 minutes from the moment of leaving the boat and flying at a height. To use more and stay longer at altitude, you must coordinate with the club or boat manager and pay the additional fee if needed.

How long is parasailing?

Is parasailing prohibited for women?

Although parasailing is a very high-excitement recreation, there is no rigid limit to its use; But people should measure their physical conditions when using a parasail. In fact, this recreation may be problematic for pregnant women, the elderly, people with underlying diseases such as asthma, digestive problems, lung problems, and heart disease, as well as those with physical and mental disabilities. Also, the use of Parasails for people who are afraid of heights. They are not recommended. The minimum age for this fun is 16 years, and it is not possible to fly for children under five years old. Children over five years old can use parasailing with their parents and if they wear safety equipment. Except for the mentioned cases, other people can experience it with confidence regarding the safety of this water recreation, which is also considered a form of flight.

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