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The Golden Sand Desert or Rig-e Zarin

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Rig-e Zarin desert, which is also known as Mughistan, is located in Yazd province and near Ardakan city. It is interesting to know that Rig-e Zarin desert is divided into two parts, north and south, by high altitudes in the middle. Rig-e Zarin is one of the most popular deserts among other deserts of Yazd, whose geographical name is Aghda or Black Desert, which is known by this name because of the Rig-e Zarin camp.

This desert, which is located in the village of Saqand, is limited to Anarak heights from the north, Grigon and Koh-e Namak from the south, and Nogunbad and Nayin deserts from the west. It can be safely said that the Rig-e Zarin – or rather the Golden Sand Desert, as it would translate to English – is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching deserts in Iran, which should not be missed when traveling to Yazd. So stay with us as we introduce you to this exciting landscape.

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Introducing the Rig-e Zarin Desert or Mughistan

Another natural capital of our country is the Rig-e Zarin Desert, which combines the peace and quiet and the beauty of the sand dunes of the desert. This desert, with hills full of artistic waves, is one of the most beautiful and amazing faces of nature between Saqand village and Bafq desert.

It is necessary to know that the Rig-e Zarin desert is surrounded by desert and desert areas, visiting them can also be part of the trip to this desert and will undoubtedly be a new and attractive experience for you.

In the center of this desert, a black mountain with a height of approximately 2050 meters has grown firmly and firmly, and that is why it was called Aqda or the Black Desert in ancient times. One of the most attractive points of the Rig-e Zarin Desert is that its overall structure remains like a horseshoe, with Black Mountain located in its inner arc.

The high hills with smooth surfaces have made Rig-e Zarin, or Moghestan desert, attract the attention of desert hikers and tourists in recent years.

Animal and plant cover of the Rig-e Zarin Desert

As you know, a desert is an area without water and grass, which of course would not be called a desert if it were other than that. Like other deserts, Rig-e Zarin desert has very little vegetation that can be seen on its edge. Among the interesting features of Rig-e Zarin, we can mention the growth of medicinal plants such as wild native leeks, Kakouty, wild spinach, and scabies, that have many medicinal uses.

Obviously, wherever you travel in the world, you will see birds and animals whose living and physical conditions are completely compatible with the climate of that region. Therefore, when you visit the Rig-e Zarin desert, you will also see birds such as Tiho, partridge, eagle, and pigeon, which are flying in the clear and blue sky of the desert.

Of course, you need to be aware of wild animals such as jackals, hyenas, foxes, and wolves because they may be seen in some parts of the desert and pose a danger to you. Other animals that may be seen in the Rig-e Zarin Desert include scorpions, snakes, salamanders, lizards, lizards, and turtles. So always try to avoid traveling alone to the desert to avoid the dangers of wild animals.

Tourist attractions of Rig-e Zarin Desert

The growth of the tourism industry and the attention to the internal deserts of Iran during the past years caused many leisure and recreational facilities to be designed within them. A camp with the same name was also set up in Rig-e Zarin desert, which has played a very important role in the comfort and well-being of tourists and has also caused more tourists to travel to this area.

In addition to the beautiful landscape of this desert region, you can’t ignore day and night photography, night walks and sitting around the fire, stargazing and poetry reading, which makes all these Golden Sands activities more beautiful. In addition to the creation of suitable conditions for recreation, rest and stay in the camp, you can also use and enjoy the main recreational facilities of this desert, which we will briefly describe each of these recreational attractions below.

Camel Riding

Among the attractive and different attractions of Rig-e Zarin desert, we can mention camel riding in the desert, which has many fans. We can safely say that riding a camel in this desert will give you completely different moments from your other trips and will be one of the memorable experiences of your trip to Yazd. Of course, we recommend that you take the help of a guide for camel riding in the Rig-e Zarinn desert, because you may lose your way back because you are not familiar with different parts of the desert.


One of the most enjoyable and exciting things that can be done in the Rig-e Zarin desert is off-roading with two-wheel drive cars. Performing stunts with cars and crossing sand dunes at high speed in deserts has made off-roading a lot of fans in recent years. You can also experience this exciting fun inRig-e Zarin n or Moghestan desert, which facilities are fully provided by the camp. Undoubtedly, off-roading in the Rig-e Zarin desert will be one of the memorable moments of your trip, and you will feel the joy and excitement for a long time.

Motor Riding

Motorcycle riding with four-wheel motors is one of the other popular pastimes in most of the desert areas, where experiencing excitement, speed, and caressing the face with the desert winds is one of the good features of this popular pastime. Therefore, if you are one of those people who likes high-speed movement and exciting activities, you can ride the four-wheeled motors in the Rig-e Zarin Desert and go up and down the desert and have very exciting moments. brought for himself.


Sandboarding, typically done either in in coastal areas or in this case enormous deserts dunes is very similar to snowboarding, or according to some to surfing. In this up-and-coming sport the face of desert dunes are traversed by a sandboard in place of descending water or snow.

Although sandboarding as a contemporary sport begun in the 1940s, some says it is a long-established activity, even linking it to the utilization of wood boards by the Ancient Egyptians to haul huge loads and slide down sand dunes. Regardless, Rig-e Zarin can be an especially great place for sand boarding due to its soft sands and numerous sand dunes.


Unlike ski resorts, which are only open during certain seasons, dunes are often accessible all year.

Necessary supplies for a trip to the Rig-e Zarin Desert

In general, to travel to any other desert or Rig-e Zarin desert, it is necessary to bring some essential facilities and equipment with you. Because there are no special facilities in the desert, the absence of these facilities may cause problems for you. Therefore, in this section, we have listed some of the equipment and facilities that suit the weather of that area for you to experience a perfect trip with peace.

Appropriate shoes and clothes: Make sure to choose your clothes according to the season when you travel to the Rig-e Zarin Desert. But since the nights in the desert are cold, even if you travel to the desert in the hot season, it will not be amiss to take a warm dress. Try to wear shoes and clothes because the desert is full of insects and animals that may harm you.

Sufficient food and water: As mentioned, Rig-e Zarin desert is far from the city center and access to water and food is not possible. Therefore, if you plan to stay in the desert for a long time, be sure to have enough water and food with you.

Glasses and sunscreen: since there may be storms in the desert, having glasses is essential for eye care. In addition, as you know, the desert sun is very burning, so be sure to carry sunscreen with you to protect your skin from the sun.

First aid kit: A first aid kit is one of the essential items when traveling outside the city. Of course, we recommend that you put medicines such as chlorpheniramine and dexamethasone in the first aid kit to deal with snake, scorpion or insect bites.

The best time to travel to the Rig-e Zarin Desert

As you know, the hot and dry weather prevails in the desert provinces of Iran, which undoubtedly will be very difficult and tiring to travel to during some days of the year. In order to be able to experience the most beautiful and pleasant desert climbing in the Rig-e Zarin desert with a moderate climate, the best time to travel is the autumn season. Because in the spring and summer, the air in the desert gets hot, and in the winter, very annoying winds are blowing in this desert, which makes travel conditions very difficult for tourists.

The Access Toute to the Rig-e Zarin Desert

Since Rig-e Zarin desert is located in Saqand village in Ardakan city, the best way to reach it is from Ardakan city. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the Ardakan-Ahmedabad road and continue the 140 km route until reaching the Rig-e Zarin Desert.

In addition, you can also access this desert from Anarak, for example, you can move from Anarak to Ismailian village and continue the same route to see the high black mountains located in this desert. In general, all the routes from Yazd province to the Rig-e Zarin Desert are approximately 150 km, which takes about 2 hours.

Recommendations for traveling to Rig-e Zarin desert

  • Do not go to the desert during the hot hours of the day.
  • Carry plenty of water with you.
  • Before traveling to the desert, check the weather so that you don’t get involved in floods and storms.
  • From the signs that exist, try to stay away from the animals of the Rig-e Zarin so as not to get hurt.
  • Do not travel alone to the Rig-e Zarin desert, and be sure to get help from a guide to explore the desert.
  • Learn about the symptoms of heat stroke to prevent it.

Fun in the Rig-e Zarin desert

Why Should You Travel to Iran? and why travel to Rig-e Zarrin? Along with its exciting and attractive silence, the Rig-e Zarin is full of colorful emotions. The desert camp, located in this desert and known as Rig-e Zarin, has provided attractive entertainment for spending time in this beautiful desert. In addition to desert climbing, building a fire, stargazing, and photography in the desert, you can also enjoy activities such as safari, motorcycle riding, camel riding, and horseback riding in the desert.

The camp also has a horse breeding station, and Flying with a paraglider is another unique, specialized recreation of this region. This well-equipped camp has attractive desert units and lodges, an organic farm, and an independent kitchen to cook fast food like pizza in the desert. The sound of traveling musicians is often heard in the camp, and the camp itself hires musicians to perform for its visitors.

Friendly gatherings and serving tea brewed over charcoal next to a bowl of Yazdi Shuli Ash or serving grilled chicken in the middle of the desert will be other lasting memories of this camp. The camp has also prepared a well-equipped cinema hall so that tourists can enjoy their time in the heart of this golden desert. The suites and tents of the mentioned camp are a safe place to spend a night in the desert.

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