15 Most Unknown Wonders Of Iran

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Do you want to have an adventurous trip to Iran beautiful places that are unknown to most people? Let’s have a virtual journey to 15 secret sites in this land.

Are you seeking for an adventure of visiting unknown places? How do you think of walking over the clouds? That’s dreamy, yeah? Now, let’s think of wandering on green velvet hills where you see an ancient cemetery with genital organs signs. Oh, it seems like rated movies. What about listening to the sound of the breeze among trees of an orchard that has stone fruits? Let’s add a mystic lake over a growing hill to the list. These are some examples of the adventure you’ll experience in the unknown places of Iran.

There are many strange and secret places in Iran about which not so many people know. So, after visiting these strange and beautiful places in Iran, you could be the first among your friends who have exciting stories to tell. Take an offbeat route to start a journey towards the unknown. Who knows? Maybe you can have an Indiana Jones-type experience.

New Destinations in Iran

Many travelers know about the famous beautiful places in Iran. They know deserts as Iran nature attractions. Persepolis is an ancient wonder of Iran. And, Naqshe Jahan Square is the most prominent and iconic destination in Iran. These examples, along with many other sites, are in every cultural tour. However, many more attractions of Iran are still unknown or less famous.

There are many amazing places in Iran that you have not even heard of.

Of course, this does not mean they are less evaluated. Even some of them are enlisted as national heritage. There are also UNESCO world heritage sites. Then, why are they unknown? That’s because most of these places are off the beaten tracks of the more popular places. Therefore, people miss the chance to visit them when they are in Iran. The natural ones can be even Iran trekking tours. They have remained untouched. Mostly, the locals have explored them so far.

Where Can You Find These Wonders?

We have a variety of climatic regions and a long historical background in this country. So, it’s not strange that there are a good number of secret beautiful places in Iran. They are like hidden gems; you can unveil their beauty by exploring them through a different itinerary. Even they are still mysterious to most Iranians. These sites vary from an ancient fortress over high peaks of mountains to the underground caves. Thus, you can explore many unknown historical or natural attractions in Iran. Usually, they are in remote spots, so they have been out of public reach.

But the good news is there has been a good movement among the local people in different regions. They are trying to introduce their native and local heritage. It also includes unknown places to visit in Iran. By all these efforts, it is now much easier to take a trip to Iran remote places. You can find a comfortable and cozy residence, even in the middle of a desert or near the heights of a mountain.

15 Unknown Beautiful Sites Around Iran

Below are some suggested sites. If you like to visit them, you could let us know as your Iran tour operator. So, we include them on your Iran tailor-made tour package.

Natural Sites

  • Badab Surt travertine springs in Mazandaran

You need to put on a comfy and get to the springs in the middle of jungle heights. Then you are embraced with a unique natural wonder – layers of terraces with different colors and flowing water. It’s best to visit the place at sunset when you can see the fantastic dance of the sunlight over the water.

These springs are also known as colored springs.

  • Abr (Cloud) forest

Here, you can walk over the clouds in the real meaning of the words. A mountain with 40 million-year-old trees that an ocean of white clouds covers them. It’s a remote place right for hiking and camping.

Abr forest is part of the oldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests.

  • Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan

Get ready to explore the largest water cave in the world. Jump in a boat and ride through its tunnels to see natural lime structures from 190 million years ago. It’s an endless cave; nobody has got to the end ever.

Travel to Hamedan without visiting Ali Sadr Cave has no meaning.

  • Dom-e Asb Canyon in Fars

A complete menu of natural sports activities; you should decide how it is served. This pony tail-like river is between a high canyon. It gives you the opportunity of either hiking, boat riding, and rock climbing. For your dessert, there is swimming in the deep blue pool. It is among the colorful trees at the end of the way.

An imaginary reality in the south of Iran that amazes you.

  • Stone Garden in Kerman

An orchard of dead trees with stone fruits. One may think aliens made it, but a lonely older man created this work of art. It was a non-violent protest against losing his lands during land reforms in the early 60s. The amazing fact is that he hung these heavy stones on his own.

An octagonal garden in the middle of the desert. The fruits of this garden are stones.

  • Darak Beach in Chabahar

Imagine you are walking on the dunes of a desert with palm trees. Then you hear the sound of sea waves. You may first think it’s an oasis in the first place. But in the second look, there is a vast blue sea and its golden beach in front of you. Darak is a strange adjacency of desert dunes and the Oman Sea.

Derek beach is the cleanest beach in Iran.

Architectural Site

  • Palangan Village in Kordestan

The village is over a valley. It tiers up the mountain slope from the valley floor where the river is. The houses are divided into both sides of the river. They are out of rocks only. After a pleasant journey through the untouched mountains of western Iran, you can see this stylish architecture. Don’t forget eating the barbecued fish.

About 1000 people live in this village.

  • Esfahak Village in Tabas Desert

Welcome to a desert oasis. Walk along with the adobe houses of this old village. After an earthquake in the late 70s, the residents abandoned it. Thus, the village remained intact since then. But now the local people have changed it to a touristy site. There, you can enjoy a traditional ecolodge and an observatory there.

In this village, you can see an amazing collection of clay and mud structures.

Ancient Sites

  • Khaled Nabi Cemetery in Golestan

Hike for half an hour up a hill, and you’ll get to heaven. Thousands of green hills in 360 degrees continue to the horizon. There, the mausoleum of Prophet Nabi is located. Also, you can see a strange cemetery. There are many stones in the shape of man and woman genitals which are the tombstones. Their size talks about the position of the dead person.

Khalid Nabi Cemetery in Gonbad is famous for its tombstones.

  • Marlik hills in Gilan

You need to pass through a very lush area to get to the mysterious remaining of a 5000-year-old civilization. Rich people once inhibited the hill. But we don’t know why they have left their fruitful and beautiful realm. It is now a collection of royal tombs in different sizes. Marlik means the hole of snakes, so be careful in your trip.

Marlik Hill is a remnant of an ancient civilization dating back at least 3,000 years.

  • Takht-e Soleyman in Zanjan (UNESCO World Heritage)

You are going to see a collection of mysteries here. The building is reminiscent of a castle that was once guarding the oldest fire temple of Iran. In the middle, a strange lake flows. It’s always 21 degrees in centigrade. Nobody knows its exact depth. About 100 meters farther, there is a deep crater that has a local myth behind. It is believed that King Solomon imprisoned the monsters inside. So, it’s called the prison of Solomon.

Many believe this UNESCO world heritage in Iran was the birthplace of Zoroaster

  • Alamut Castle in Qazvin

This is a journey to assassins’ fortress over a high mountain. It takes about 20 minutes, going up the stairs. There you reach the ruins of a fortress from the 13th It was a mystic headquarter for a dangerous cult. Then watch the beautiful view from there where you will feel the sense of an eagle (this is the meaning of Alamut).

Alamut Castle is considered to belong to the early Seljuk period.

  • Sar Yazd Fortress in Yazd

It can be called one of the oldest safe-boxes in the world. It dates back to the 3rd century AD. At the time of the enemy raid, residents of this adobe city used to shelter and hide their valuable things there. The fortress is located in a vast surrounding with a beautiful view.

Saryazd is located on the road from Yazd to Kerman, 5 km from Mehriz city.

  • Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System in Khuzestan (UNESCO World Heritage)

This engineering masterpiece had been there through its 3000 years of history. From being used as a mill for making flour to being a power station, it had many uses all these years. The complex consists of mills, waterfalls, bridges, and a dam, which still provides the city water.

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

  • Chogha Zanbil in Khuzestan

Take your time to enjoy the excellent brick decoration, inscriptions in the walls, entrances and, staircases of this ancient Ziggurat. It is one of the oldest temples in the world, standing there from 3000 years ago. Go for a further walk on the site to discover the ancient sewage systems around the main monument.

Chogha Zanbil

Start Your Adventure

Well! You just read about some of the unknown or less known beautiful places in Iran. No matter if you like to spend your time in nature or stroll among the ruins of an ancient site. These outlined places can meet every different taste. But you can make sure that you are going to have a different journey ahead since this trip is not like going for the common tourist destinations. Take your backpack and hit the road to discover the routes less traveled with an Iran tour operator.

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