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Ramsar hotels

Ramsar Hotels

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Why travel to Ramsar?

Ramsar is known as the Jewel of Mazandaran because of its greenery and remarkable beauty. Whether you are a nature traveler or just looking for a destination to relax in a hotel, a trip to Ramsar will defiantly satisfy you. The region’s forests around Ramsar, mild and pleasant weather, proximity to the beach and the sea, summer cottages, and waterfalls will make your trip to Ramsar a memorable experience. If you decide to travel to Ramsar, you can book the hotel you want online with IranAmaze at the best price.

Ramsar; The Most Touristic City in Iran

Ramsar is one of the northern cities of Iran, with hot and humid weather in summer and mild weather in winter. Every year, it hosts countless tourists traveling to this northern city to see tourist attractions, have fun, travel, work, and stay in the forest huts of its surroundings.

Ramsar is known as the Jewel of Iran’s cities with its many attractions and natural landscapes. Therefore it is considered the first destination for tourists in four seasons, especially spring and summer. Instead of booking a hotel in this city, you can choose Ramsar villas depending on the nature of the forest and sea area to stay in and create a dreamy memory with your loved ones. The economy of this region is based on tourism, fishing, agriculture, and horticulture. The local people’s language is Gilaki; some of the people of this region are fluent in Turkish and, of course, Persian.

What to see on your Ramsar trip?

One of the places you must visit on your trip to Ramsar is Javaherdeh village, which is located 25 kilometers from Ramsar. Dalkhani forest is also about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours away from Ramsar. Walking along the famous boulevard of Ramsar, which leads to the old hotel on one side and the beach on the other, makes you have a pleasant and relaxing time in Ramsar.

Ramsar has many natural tourist attractions nearby, from the forest to the sea. Its towering forests in the Alborz mountain ranges give people an indescribable beauty of the nature of the forest. The presence of summer cottages next to citrus groves and green tea fields with a pleasant aroma and rice paddies polishes the human spirit to create a pleasant memory in the heart of the greenest region of Iran.

Among the tourist attractions of this city are numerous waterfalls, green gardens, beautiful beaches, caves, springs, hot spring waters, Ramsar cable car, Daryache Ghoo (Swan Lake), Safa-Rood Forest Park, Dalkhani Forest, Yaghi Luka Cave, Mijran dam, Markooh Castle, Ramsar Ivory Museum, and numerous Waterfalls. Excursions in nature and the sea, shopping in glamorous markets, and staying in a luxury Ramsar villa will evoke a sweet memory of your trip to Ramsar in your mind. You can also check Iran cultural tours to see if any such tours are available near Ramsar during your intended stay.

But perhaps the most famous of attractions near Ramsar is Jawaher Deh (or quite literally Jewel Villiage). The long-lasting popularity of this village is due to its intact and beautiful environment, remarkable and extraordinary terrain, pleasant weather, and the warmth of its inhabitants. Jawaher Deh is home to ancient buildings like the Adineh Mosque and the Mosque of Seyed Saeed Agha, which date back seven centuries, and the famous Gabri burials, which date back two or three thousand years.

What season is the best time to travel to Ramsar?

Most of the northern cities of Iran have cold weather in the winter and hot and humid weather in the summer season; Ramsar city is no exception to this rule. Therefore, perhaps the best season to travel to Ramsar and stay in one of the best hotels in Ramsar is spring and autumn when Ramsar has milder and cooler weather. Also, for a budget-friendly stay and to book Ramsar hotels at a lower cost, it is better to travel to Ramsar in the fall and the spring after Nowruz. You can book Ramsar hotels with reasonable prices and special discounts in all four seasons from the IranAmaze website.

The most common question of people who plan to travel to Ramsar is when is the best time to travel to Ramsar and stay in the Ramsar forest hut to record a sweet memory? In response to the question of these people, it should be said: that because Ramsar city, like most of the northern cities of Iran, has rainy and humid weather, you should choose a time for your trip when the weather is at its best; For this reason, the best time to travel to the most touristic city of Iran is mid-May and also early autumn. Of course, in all seasons of the year, you can travel to this pristine and spectacular area and watch the unique beauty of each season.

The green city itself is located between the sea and the forest, and every corner has its own unique beauty. Ramsar Cable Car, Ramsar Water Park, Marble Palace, Dalkhani Forest, Javaherdeh Village, Rodbar Village, Swan Lake, Mijran Dam, Yaghi Luka Cave, Azark Waterfall, Safa-roud Forest Park are among its most famous tourist attractions. Traveling to this lovely city will give you pristine and beautiful nature that will refresh your soul.

Handicrafts and Souvenirs of Ramsar

In the tourist city of Ramsar, various handicrafts are produced and sold, which you can buy as souvenirs and give to your loved ones. Among the famous handicrafts of this city we can mention felt and wooden products, knitted scarves, knitted dolls, mat weaving, carpet weaving, etc.

While visiting the market and different areas of Ramsar, you can see handicrafts and souvenirs of this green city. In addition to handicrafts, you can buy souvenirs such as local jam with a unique taste, local pickles, and cookies, which are very famous.

The Geographical Location of Ramsar

Ramsar city is located in Mazandaran province, on the south side of which it borders the Alborz forest mountain range, which leads to the Caspian Sea to the north, Chaboksar from the west, which Tonkabon from the east. It is interesting to know that Ramsar county has two other towns and many villages.

How to book Ramsar hotels at the best price?

In a city with a face as beautiful as nature, it is impossible not to expect guests, and in such a famous city, luxury hotels are not unusual. But for those who escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and car life, Sometimes a window facing the sea is all they are looking for.

To stay in Ramsar city, you can use the categories and filters available on the IranAmaze site and book a hotel, apartment hotel, eco-tourism accommodation, or guest house in Ramsar city according to your preference. In addition, by choosing the option of the highest discount or the lowest price on the Ramsar city hotel page, you can view and compare the list and cost of Ramsar hotels in Iran and make your online reservation.

Where are the cheapest Ramsar hotels, and how to book Ramsar hotels online?

To start with, one way to book a hotel near the beach and the Caspian Sea in Ramsar, you can go to Bahonar Boulevard and Moalem Boulevard in Ramsar. There are hotels and apartments with reasonable and cheap prices in these streets, which are good options for affordable and economical trips to Ramsar. In addition, you can determine your budget and see the list and price of Ramsar hotels according to the amount of money you have planned for your stay on the IranAmaze site. After that, with a few simple clicks and checking the date of arrival and departure to the hotel and the city of Ramsar, you can complete your online reservation in IranAmaze.

What are Ramsar beach hotels?

The hotel and nice apartments are located near the shore of the Caspian Sea in the city of Ramsar. If you want to be just minutes away from Ramsar Beach, you can go to the hotels and apartments on Bahonar Boulevard and its surroundings. Also, if you don’t have any problem with walking along the famous and beautiful boulevard of Ramsar city to the beach, you can find a good hotel around Moalem boulevard.

Booking the Best Hotels in Ramsar

If you plan to book a hotel in Ramsar, it is not a bad idea to get to know some of the best hotels in Ramsar. As we mentioned earlier, Ramsar is a tourist town; Therefore, many villas and hotels are built and available in this city, making it difficult for you to choose. Of course, considering the various facilities these villas and hotels have, you can easily find suitable accommodation.

For example, the cost of staying in a simple suite will differ from renting a seafront villa in Ramsar. For this reason, the amount of your budget will determine your accommodation type. But some of the most important hotels and residences in Ramsar are:

• Ramsar Parsian Hotel

• Bam Sabz Ramsar Hotel

• Ramsar Lido Hotel

• Kimia Ramsar Hotel

• Kowsar Ramsar Apartment Hotel

• Karen Ramser Apartment Hotel

Ramsar currently does not have any five-star hotels. But one of the best hotels in Ramsar is Parsian Ramsar Hotel. This four-star hotel is one of the best hotels in this city that you can consider for your stay. In the following, we will briefly introduce the best hotels in Ramsar.

Bame Sabz Ramsar Hotel

Bame Sabz Hotel is a dreamy and unique hotel located in the heart of the forests of northern Iran. This hotel is built at a height of 700 meters from the sea and gives you a view of the Ramsar beaches. VIP suites and forest huts are among the accommodation units of the hotel, which are all located among tall green trees. This hotel’s attractive and unique quality is the passengers’ travel route. People have to use the Ramsar cable car to reach the hotel or go back to the city. As a result, if you are looking for a stay in a cozy and quiet hotel in nature, where your visit can make you feel excited, Ramsar’s Bame Sabz Hotel is an ideal option for you.

A Dream Stay in the Heart of the Forest

Imagine you are in a cozy and beautiful cabin in the middle of the forest. While breathing in the clean air, you look at the waves of the sea that can be seen in the distance, and you are overwhelmed with pleasure. This is only a brief description of your stay at Bam Sabz Ramsar Hotel. This hotel will bring you a dream stay, which is considered a unique experience in Iran. On the other hand, by staying at Bam Ramsar Hotel, you have access to a wide variety of amenities and services located in Shahr Sabz complex, which will meet all your expectations. Booking Ramsar’s Bame Sabz Hotel is possible online and will give you a pleasant experience.

Bam Sabz Hotel Accommodation Units

Accommodation units of Ramsar’s Bame Sabz Hotel include forest huts and VIP suites. These units have a very high variety and cover all tastes. Titanic, Magnolia, Honeymoon, Narges, Yasaman, Rose, Camellia , and Mountain suites are among the VIP suites of Bam Sabz Hotel. The forest huts of this hotel can be reserved for two, four, and six people. Each of these units has its own unique features, decoration, arrangement, and view. Therefore, we suggest you compare and check them before making a reservation to make the best choice.

Commuting With the Hotel’s Cable Car

One of Bame Sabz Hotel’s most different and exciting features is its access. You must use the Ramsar cable car to reach the hotel or return from it. Since the hotel is located at the height of 700 meters of Il Mili peak, this communication route has been considered for it. You may be wondering how the cable car fees are paid. Please note that during your stay at this hotel, you will be free to travel by cable car, and only the price of a one-way ticket will be included in your final bill. Remember that in order to avoid any problems, you need to know the working hours of the Ramsar cable car and travel during these hours.

Ramsar Bam Sabz Hotel Facilities

Bam Sabz Hotel has prepared special facilities for its guests. Billiards club and orchid massage salon operate in this complex, which gives travelers moments full of energy and vitality. Il Mili international coffee shop and restaurant are also located in the hotel, and they prepare all kinds of delicious Iranian and French dishes and drinks for everyone. It is good to know that due to the location of the hotel in the Shahresabz complex of Ramsar, by staying in this hotel, a wide range of amenities are available to you, which you can use by paying a certain amount.

Bam Sabz Hotel Restaurants and Coffee Shops

High-quality restaurants and coffee shops are located in Bam Sabz Hotel and Green City Recreational Complex of Ramsar, which give you the pleasure of eating delicious Iranian and foreign dishes.

Il Milli, Plaza, Telebam, and Holiday Fast Food restaurants, as well as Il Milli, Land of Dreams, Lavita, Rockart, and Baraka coffee shops, serve hotel guests and other people in this complex. It should be noted that Il Mili International Restaurant and Coffee Shop is located in Bam Sabz Hotel. Still, the other mentioned places are built in the Green City Recreational Complex and are a short distance from the hotel.

The Green City Recreational Complex of Ramsar

The Green City Recreational Complex, where Bam Sabz Hotel is located, has unique facilities and services. The sea club of this complex includes jet skiing, parasailing, speed boat, sea shuttle, and water skiing, which give you a pleasant thrill. Karting, four-wheel ATV, cruise ship, forest park, and zip line are other parts of this entertainment complex. A complete, well-equipped, and advanced amusement park is also located in this complex, which has all kinds of up-to-date game and entertainment equipment. Some of these facilities are the Artemis paintball club, Horror Castle, Six-Dimensional Cinema, etc.

Kimia Hotel

Kimia Ramsar Hotel is a suitable option in several ways for those interested in hotels near the sea. First of all, it has one-bedrooms facing the sea and two-bed and three-bedrooms. Second, in the units, a complete package of facilities including balcony, TV, Iranian bathroom, mini bar, equipped bathroom, and free internet is provided. Another point is that the hotel; It has a restaurant, breakfast hall, summer coffee shop, and parking lot.

Lido Hotel

We continue the article about Ramsar beach hotels by introducing a three-star hotel: Lido Hotel, which is located near Ramsar Beach Park. Born in 2018, Lido is newly established and has 80 rooms. Of course, the view facing the sea is not something you get in all these 80 units! Some double rooms, three-bedrooms, and five-bed connecting suites are rooms whose windows open towards the sea.

In addition to facilities such as high-speed internet, TV, furniture, bathroom, and equipped bathroom in the units, Services such as parking, coffee shop, restaurant, and laundry are provided for you. Perhaps the essential point is that all these facilities and services are available to you at an affordable cost.

Barooj Apartment Hotel

Barooj Apartment Hotel, which is actually a tourist complex, is the best choice to spend a relaxing vacation. Barooj has 30 private suites located in blocks with different names. If you want your suite to face the sea and look at the infinite blue tranquility from its private balcony, book the units in the Shokofeh and Sonbol blocks. Of course, first of all, you should know that you have to rely on your feet to reach the above units and there is no elevator.

Karen Apartment Hotel

Karen Hotel is a good choice for those looking for a cheap beach hotel. Karen is located on the seashore and a traditional tourist village and has one-bedroom suites with a capacity of four people whose windows open to the sea. In addition to the balcony where the beauty of the sea illuminates your eyes, There is a complimentary breakfast, safety deposit box, internet, equipped kitchen, bathroom, and toiletries. The presence of free parking, taxi service, ticketing, and babysitting services also make it more than relaxing; Experience comfort and well-being in this apartment hotel.

Important Tips for Booking a Hotel in Ramsar

To book the cheapest hotels in the beautiful city of Ramsar, you can go to the IranAmaze website and search for available accommodations in this city, check the facilities and prices of each hotel, and then book the hotel you want through a completely online process. Since the northern cities become one of the busiest tourist destinations in the spring and summer, it is not wise to postpone the reservation until the last minute. In addition, if you are traveling to this city for work, be sure to consider the distance from the hotel to the terminal and Ramsar Airport.

Ramsar Parsian Hotel

Parsian Azadi Ramsar Hotel is another 4-star Ramsar hotel that has two old and new buildings. Staying in the new and old building, in addition to the difference in facilities, is also different in price. Parsian Hotel is one of the good hotels in Ramsar from a travelers’ point of view.

Kowsar Ramsar Apartment Hotel

Kowsar Hotel Apartments can also be a good choice for renting a villa in Ramsar. This apartment hotel is also located in an area overlooking the sea and on the beach. By staying in this hotel apartment, you can have a memorable trip to the jewel of the northern cities of Iran, Ramsar.

Lian Ramsar Apartment Hotel

Lian Apartment Hotel is another suitable option for booking a hotel in Ramsar. Lian Apartment Hotel can be a good option if you are looking for economical and cheap accommodation to stay in Ramsar.

What are the check-in and check-out times of Ramsar hotels?

The check-in and check-out hours of Ramsar hotels are the same as other hotels. At 14:00, rooms and suites in Ramsar hotels will be delivered to passengers. Also, the guests of Ramsar hotels are required to vacate their rooms in the hotel before 12 o’clock.

What are the cancellation conditions of Ramsar Hotel?

If you want to cancel your reservation in Ramsar hotels, contact IranAmaze support team. Since IranAmaze does not charge you a fee for the cancellation of the reservation, IranAmaze support staff will inform you of the cancellation amount after contacting the hotel and trying to reduce the cancellation fee of the reservation at Ramsar Hotel.

Villas for Rent in Ramsar

In addition to the hotels that we introduced have introduced thus far, there are many eco-tourism accommodations, forest huts, suites, villas by the sea, and campers in Ramsar city. If you want to rent a villa in Ramsar, you may not want to stay in a hotel, or you may even want to stay in Ramsar eco-tourism residences or wooden huts and villas by the sea.

This is where an issue and perhaps a concern arises for travelers, how can they rent or reserve the best villas, residences, and hotels in Ramsar at the best prices before traveling and without wasting their time and money? Since our goal in the world of economics is that you, dear compatriots, can travel and have a good and affordable experience in traveling to different places, we intend to introduce one of the best platforms for renting and booking hotels in Ramsar with reasonable prices.

Booking a hotel, renting a villa, or any other accommodation in Ramsar is one of the first things you should consider when you travel to Ramsar. Before starting your trip, you should make sure to book your accommodation in the destination city so that you can have a memorable and hassle-free travel.

But how to find the best hotels and villas? To rent a villa by the sea in Ramsar or even book a hotel in Ramsar, you should consider various factors such as price, costs, proximity to essential city centers, etc.

If you want to think about finding a villa, residence, or hotel after entering Ramsar city, you may waste a lot of your time and energy. Luckily, renting and reserving the best villas and hotels in Ramsar can be done with a few simple clicks. It is enough to choose the best accommodation according to your needs, your budget, and the facilities of hotels and villas. Please contact IranAmaze to get information about all accommodations in the area and all tours, such as our Damavand tour.

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