The Ultimate Challenge of Damavand

5 Day Trekking Damavand North Route Tour

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A total of 16 routes have been recognized to the Damavand Summit. However, mountaineers usually use 4 of these routes to ascend Damavand. Between these four routes, the southern route is considered to be the easiest and the northern route the hardest one to ascend.

Many things make it difficult to climb up this route. The steep slope on this trek can sometimes be as harsh as 60 degrees. The sand skiing paths will take more energy with every step. The rocks will require us to use our arm strength for rock-climbing. There is no accessible drinking water along the route. There is a high risk of rockfall from the sidelong valleys outside the trail, which could be dangerous. The absence of sun could make us feel cold inside and out and freeze the path beneath our feet. All these things together could also lead to a higher chance of AMS and an unsuccessful ascent attempt of mount Damavand!

This tour package of IranAmaze has been designed with all this in mind to ensure you’ll have a higher chance of conquering this mountain peak! You’ll be spending your first night at a foothill village, the second night at a shelter in 4000 meters height, and the third night at a shelter in 4660 meters height before heading to the summit the next day. These three nights will prepare you for a higher chance of successful ascent and prevent you from getting acute mountain sickness. The tour schedule will also give you enough time and space to stare at the mountain sceneries and the sky while breathing in the joy of Damavand’s nature.

Even though we’ve included all the technical details in this ascent schedule, we want to emphasize that this package needs more physical preparedness than the rest of our tour packages.


Starts in:


Ends in:



  5 Days


  5 Days

Age Range:

  15 - 70

Physical Rating:


Group Size:

  2 - 10


1 Night at Nandal village 3 Nights Camping


Taking in the joy of watching the road to Damavand after having a welcoming session sums up this day. At 9 am, your professional mountain guide will hold a session to explain all the necessary technical tips, and the ascend schedule. Afterward, you’ll get on the 5-hours ride on the beautiful Haraz road to meet the indissoluble Mount Damavand! In Tehran, you’ll see the west side of Damavand. On your ride, you’ll pass the south side and have lunch in a cozy restaurant in between cliffs and a river. In the end, you’ll settle at Nandal village on the east side of Damavand. You’ll be spending the night at a local house which has been prepared for mountaineers’ stay. Yes, the bedtime is early on this night to make sure you are well rested for your ascent the next day.


  • Starting Altitude: 1400 m
  • Driving Distance: 156 km
  • Trekking Distance: 0
  • Average Slope: –
  • Highest Altitude: 2300 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 2300 m
  • Overnight stay in a house at Nandal


Each day of climbing to the summit will get slightly more intense relative to the previous day. Therefore, this day is the easiest one. After having a nurturing breakfast, a local driver will take you on a dirt road to this big rock considered to be the starting point of the northern route. You’ll turn in your belongings to the local porters to bring it up with mules. Then, you’ll start trekking from this point at 2870 meters height. It begins on a gentle slope that gets steeper as you climb up. You’ll get to the shelter at 4000 meters height in two hours. After setting up your camp, enjoying your warm meal and some rest, you’ll be hiking up to 4300 meters height for acclimatization. Watching the vast fields in front of you making love to the sunlight will be a scene to remember. You’ll come back to the 4000-meters height shelter to eat and rest.


  • Driving Distance: 10 km
  • Starting Altitude: 2870 m
  • Upward Trekking Distance: 5.72 km
    4.72 km from starting point to shelter 4000 and 1 km for acclimatization
  • Average Slope: 23.9 %
  • Highest Altitude: 4300 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 4000 m
  • Overnight stay in tent


On this day, you’ll be climbing up 660 meters, but the hike will be harder for two reasons. One reason is on this route; the cliffs will get on the way of mules to pass. Therefore, each climber has to carry their own belongings. Secondly, the slope is steeper, and you’ll be trekking on higher grounds. Thus, the day will start at 7 am, and you’ll get to the shelter at 4660 at noon. You’ll set up your tents, and after having lunch and rest, you’ll ascent to 5000 meters height for acclimatization. Due to the conical shape of Damavand and the steeper slope of the northern route, the scenery in front of you will look like a ladder to the skies! After coming back to the shelter and having a light dinner, you’ll sleep tight to rest well before the hardest day of your ascent.


  • Starting Altitude: 4000 m
  • Upward Trekking
  • Distance: 2.62 km
    1.77 km from shelter 4000 to shelter 4660 and 850 m for acclimatization
  • Average Slope: 37.3 %
  • Highest Altitude: 5000 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 4660
  • Overnight stay in tent


It’s time to head towards the highest point in the Middle East. The 4th day will start at 5 am. You’ll have a light but nutritious breakfast and slowly ascend to the summit. The path will begin with using your arms to climb a few big rocks. You’ll continue trekking on the steep slope of Damavand snowy crest. After about 5 hours, you’ll reach the magnificent summit of Mount Damavand. Standing on the peak and watching the other side of Iran from that far up will be a memory to remember for life. It’s time to take some extraordinary photos to preserve these memories forever. Then, after you spend enough time taking in the joy of conquering Damavand, you’ll slowly start to descend. You’ll rest and have lunch at the shelter in 4660-meters height. Then, you’ll pack your belongings and move to the shelter at 4000-meters height to have a restful evening.


  • Starting Altitude: 4660 m
  • Upward Trekking Distance: 2.27 km
  • Average Slope: 41.9 %
  • Highest Altitude: 5610 m
  • Sleeping Altitude: 4000 m
  • Overnight stay in tent


For people who have ascended Damavand for the first time, today is different than the rest of the days of their lives. Because, they have conquered the highest point of the Middle East from the hardest route to reach it! You’ll pack up your belongings and give them to the porters again. Then, you’ll descend to the big rock, remembering where you started it all. You’ll enjoy a diverse range of plant species on the path. Local cars will take you back to Nandal village. After having a snack, you’ll head back on the Haraz road. An hour later, a comforting surprise is waiting for you at Damavand natural hot springs. In ancient Persian medicine, soaking in these hot springs is regarded to have healing qualities. That will take away all the exhaustion of climbing. After this hydrotherapy, you’ll enjoy having lunch at the foothill restaurants in Damavand. Tehran is waiting for you to arrive around 7 pm.


  • Starting Altitude: 4000 m
  • Downward Trekking Distance: 4.72 km
  • Average Slop: 23.9 %
  • Driving Distance: 166 km
  • Ending Altitude: 1400 m


Acclimatization Plan


Your Flexibility Options

  • Except for technical matters of the ascent, which directly affect your succession rate, other sections of the program, such as your arrival time at Nandal village on the 1st day or hot springs on the 5th day, are flexible and can change with the consent of the guide.
  • Depending on your strength and interests, sleeping at the 4000 meters height shelter on the 4th night can turn into descending to Nandal to spend a night at a local village house. Or you could stay in the shelter at 4660 meters height.
  • The ascent speed is set-out depending on your physical strength, your body’s reaction to height, and the climate. In short, if the guide is sure that it wouldn’t harm you, the speed can change.

This Tour's Features

High Rate of Success

All of our Iran trekking tours have a high rate of success. Having professional guides, suitable acclimatization program, and constant quality checks of trekking equipment ensures the highest success rate during our tours to Iran. The most challenging part of ascending Damavand in summer is the proper adjustment of our body to the height. Our guides will make sure to align the acclimatization program to your physical preparedness and trekking speed.


European Deal​

All bookings and contracts are settled through SAE Event GmbH, a registered travel agency in Austria. As a result, all transactions and processes are done based on the European legal system. So you would have the advantage of working with a local tour operator under EU-law. Visiting Iran with locals was never that hassle-free.


Nutritious Food

Nutrition has a crucial role in trekking. We have consulted with nutrition and sports specialists to prepare the best meal plan for our Iran trekking tour packages. We have included meals that provide all the essentials necessary for your health. Canned food and ready to make quick meals have no place in our tour packages. All of the meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by a local cook and served warm right at the time of your meal plan.


Our Service


All land transportation by Air-co vehicle
4WD for Dirty Roads


1 Night at Nandal village
3 Nights Camping


Full Board
4 Breakfast
5 Lunch
4 Dinner
Daily snack & mineral water

Staff & Experts

Professional English-speaking Mountaineering Guide
Mountaineering consultant 24/7 support

Additional Services

Mount Damavand permit fee
Porters for backpacks to and from the shelter
Soak in mineral hot springs
Iranian Sim Card
Wi-Fi Modem
Official Iran Visa reference number


International airfares, taxes, surcharges
Travel Insurance


Backpack (BS to 45 Litre)
Sleeping bag with the comfort level of +10 to +5
Trekking boots (waterproof)
Base layers
Wind stoppers
Polar jacket
Warm trekking pants
Light down jacket
Gore-Tex jacket (waterproof)
Warm hat
Warm gloves
Sun creams
Sticks, poles

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• From 30 days before arrival to actual arrival: We will hold the deposit (25% of the package price) as a cancellation fee.

How Is This Trip Responsible?

  • Before starting the tour, we provide our travelers with the necessary information.
  • We leave no trace behind in nature, and we encourage others not to do so.
  • We value the pristine areas and choose the beaten tracks as our route.
  • We treat our local porters respectfully and fairly.
  • Our meals are cooked by local cooks.
  • Around the mountains, we use local transportation.
  • We appreciate nomad people and don’t disturb their life.
  • We minimize our use of plastic in our trip

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