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Marjan Beach on Kish Island

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Kish Island is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Iran. The many beaches that are unique to this island are the cause of this beauty and charm. One of these beaches is Marjan beach. This beach is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches on Kish Island, located in the eastern part of this island.

This beach park is located next to Marjan market, which is one of the most famous shopping centers in Kish. In fact, it should be said that this beach is the meeting point of the Marjan market and the indigo sea of ​​the Persian Gulf. The proximity of this beach to the Marjan market means that you can easily buy the goods you need and stay there after shopping to relax and enjoy the pleasant facilities that this beach has.

The clean and pleasant beach with silver color and the view of the clear and indigo sea, the bright sun, and the pleasant air of the island will relieve your tiredness. Sea stones, various corals, snails, sea stones, sea shells, etc. in the clear and transparent waters of this beach play the viewer’s eyes.

It is interesting to know that after they die, the corals of this beach turn into white sponges with tiny cracks, which give this beach a beautiful and unique look. At sunrise and sunset, the beauty of Marjan Kish beach doubles in a way that caresses the soul of every tourist, that is why this beach is relatively crowded at this time, so if you are interested in photography, you can go to it during sunrise and sunset.

Go to this beach and take pictures of its beautiful and unique view. In addition, there are many water sports and facilities on this beach that motivate every tourist to spend more time on this beach.

Coral beach of Kish

Facilities of Marjan Beach in Kish

One of the reasons why Marjan beach of Kish Island has become one of the attractions of Kish Island is the facilities provided for tourists to have fun. Among the facilities that are available on this beach for tourists are the very large green spaces with beautiful views on each corner. In addition, this park has pavilions that have lighting facilities and barbecues that you can use to prepare various types of barbecues.

In addition, there are several buffets, teahouses, and restaurants around the Marjan Kish beach park, which have a great variety of food, which makes you experience a pleasant and relaxing trip. One of the recreational facilities of this beach is its cycling track. It is named after Marjan beach. If you like cycling, you can rent a bike and explore the beach.

Other facilities of this beach include kite riding, shuttle, diving in Marjan beach, jet ski, parasail, pleasure boats, fly board, banana ride, and children’s toys. It should be mentioned that among these recreational facilities that you can enjoy, water sports are the attention of many tourists, and in order to use these special and exciting sports, experts will teach you in advance for half an hour, after which you can Take advantage of these facilities without having the slightest fear and create a sweet and pleasant memory for yourself and your family.

As you know, this beach is a rocky beach, so you cannot swim there, so we advise you to take care of your children so that the corals do not cause injuries to their bodies or even yourself. Enjoy the beautiful scenery around this beach as much as you like. Take enough coffee, you can board motorboats or boats with glass bottoms and go out into the sea to witness the beauty of the amazing sea creatures of this beach up close and even feed them.

Seeing all this beauty that touches the soul of every human being will be a manifestation of the creative power of their creator. Of course, if you like to be away from crowded places and enjoy the beauty of this beach in a quiet place, we suggest you the small pier.

Marjan Beach, Kish

What Activities are Waiting for you on Marjan Beach?

In the following, we take a look at the entertainment available on this beach. These entertainments are considered to be one of the entertainment places of Kish.

Watching the sunrise and sunset; More heartwarming than anywhere else

When the sun rises, most people are asleep. But the pleasant view of the sunrise next to the Marjan beach is a very beautiful view. Take some time and watch the sunrise.
When the evening comes, the yellow, orange, and red light of the sun falls on the dancing waves. Sit on the bench or in the pavilions of Marjan Kish beach and watch the sun go down moment by moment.

Photography; Fun for everyone

With smartphones that have powerful cameras, anyone can capture heartwarming scenes around them. After the trip, you stay with the memories and of course the photos of the trip. Wherever you are in Kish, were better than Marjan Beach for photography? From the sky and the sea to the park and its famous corals, they are all spectacular.

Of course, another tourist attraction in Kish that can be an ideal option for photography is the Kish pleasure harbor, which has beautiful scenery for photography and is an ideal choice for recreation and sightseeing.

Feeding the fish; A calm and pleasant experience

When we say that Marjan Beach of Kish has no words, it is because of its unique entertainment and experiences. Fish often move in groups. If you throw a piece of bread into the water, a wave of fish will come toward it. This heartwarming view gives you a very good feeling.

The water is crystal clear and you can easily see fish, coral, oysters, snails, and jellyfish. Like the Kish amusement park, it is very fun and attractive, and like the Kish aquarium, it is the best place to learn about underwater creatures.

Restaurant; Feast of flavors

After exercising, walking, or shopping in the Marjan market, you will be hungry. Especially, sometimes the smell of food wafts from buffets and stimulates the appetite. Fortunately, you can rest assured that good and delicious food is nearby.
There are a number of barbecues on the beach where you can prepare an exciting grilled meal if you are bored. But maybe you prefer ready meals. Next to Marjan Beach Park, you will find some restaurants and buffets, such as Foodland and Hafiziyah.
Hafezieh restaurant has a hall and an open space. If the weather is not hot, it is not bad to eat in the gazebo with a view of the sea. Especially since they serve southern dishes like roe and shrimp. In the Foodland food court, you can choose between Iranian food and fast food.

The Greek Ship in Marjan Beach

One of the unique and beautiful symbols of Kish Island is the sunken ship of the Greeks, which is located on the Marjan beach of Kish. It is necessary to know that this ship was caught in a storm in 1345 near Marjan beach while moving towards Greece and ran aground. The Greek workers tried their best to shake the ship but failed to move it and the ship remained in place.

Greek ship in Marjan Kish beach

Marjan Beach Hotels in Kish

Some of the most important hotels of Kish Island are located around Marjan Beach, among these important hotels, we can mention Dariush Hotel, Eram Hotel, and Parmis Hotel. If you plan to stay on this island for a few days, you can easily book one of these hotels. In this case, you will easily be able to travel to Marjan beach.

When is the best time to go to Marjan Beach in Kish?

Traveling to Kish does not know summer and winter. Many people prefer to take advantage of the long summer vacation and travel with ease. But despite the hot sun of Kish, the best time to travel is from around November to the end of winter. Especially if you want to spend long hours at Marjan beach, it is better to choose a time when you will not be bothered by the heat. Also, if you are looking for a cheap ticket to Kish, summer, which is the peak of heat, will be a good option. Travel to Iran with IranAmaze to find the best prices and most suitable time for you.

Marjan Beach in Kish

What is near Marjan Beach?

Marjan market is one of the most important shopping centers in Kish and Marjan beach park is located in the vicinity of this market. This beautiful beach is the meeting point of the Marjan market and the blue sea of ​​the Persian Gulf.

Many travelers come to this beach after shopping to relieve fatigue.

Some of the most important hotels in Kish are located around Marjan Beach in Kish; Among the most important of these hotels are Eram Hotel, Dariush Hotel, and Parmis Hotel.

If you plan to stay in any of these hotels, you can easily go to and from this beautiful beach.
Marjan beach of Kish is full of buffets, cafes, and restaurants, and some of the most special restaurants of Kish, including Foodland, are located around this beach.
If you are not staying near Marjan Kish beach, you can easily visit this beautiful place; Because your personal car or taxi or van can come near the beach and you will not have any problems in terms of commuting.

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