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Dana mountain range

Dena Mountain Range

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Contrary to what many people think, Dena Mountain is not a single mountain but a sub-range in the Zagros mountain range. The Dena mountain range includes 49 peaks higher than 4000 meters, the roof of which is Bijan 3 or Qash Mastan is 4459 meters high. As a part of our Iran Tours in this article, we will introduce the different peaks of Dena, the location of this mountain range, its various ridges, and explanations about climbing some of the highest peaks of Dena.

Dena mountain range is famous for its flora and fauna. exploring the area you will find forests of oak, wild pistachio trees, mountain almonds, woodbines, and crataegus shrubs occupying the southern and western slopes of Dena areas that are generally below 2500 meters. In higher areas, in addition to some of the same fauna, you can find cypress and astragal shrubs. However, beyond 3500 meters only tiny plants usually of the astragal species can thrive. The Northern slopes have no woods, although there are grasslands meadows, and scattered cypress trees. In total we can say that Plants in this mountain range thrive at different heights, making the entire region lush and diversified in vegetation with many of them with nutritional and medicinal properties. In addition to the fauna, the flora of this region is also quite interesting. You can find orchids, tulips, primroses, and tansies throughout the mountain range.

If you are more interested in wildlife however there is also lots to see. The area wildlife includes large eagles, falcons, brown bears, vultures, leopards, wild cats, wolves, wild goats, partridges, ferrets, martens, ewes, rams, larks, and Persian squirrels.

Where is Mount Dena?

Dena mountain range is a part of the Zagros mountain range that extends from the northwest to the southeast. This mountain range is approximately 70 to 90 km long (numbers are varied according to different sources), and the average width of Dena Mountain is 15 km.

The Dena mountain range starts 20 km east of Yasuj and extends up to 70 km in the north-northwest direction in Isfahan province.

According to another definition, this mountain starts from the northwest in the village of Keta of Dena city and ends in the Kakan region, 30 kilometers southeast of Yasuj. If we consider the beginning and end of Dena as Keta and Kakan, its length will be 90 km, which is why the difference in length is between 70 and 90 km.

In Which Province is Dena Mountain Located?

The Dena mountain range covers the north and east of the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces. East and southeast of this mountain range are limited to Fars province, west to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, and north to Isfahan province. In general, most of this mountain range, including its highest peak, is located in the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad.

The Height of Mount Dena

The highest mountain in the Dena sub-range, Qash Mastan, is 4459 meters. Along this line, there are more than 40 peaks, or in other words, 49 peaks above 4000 meters. Dena Mountain has the largest number of peaks above 4,000 meters in the country. The following are among the highest peaks in the sub-range.

Ghāsh-Mastān: 4,412 meters

Moor-Gol: 4,380 meters

Māsh: 4,370 meters

Seh-Ghoppeh-Āsemāni: 4,340 meters

East Herā: 4,310 meters

Heram: 4,305 meters

Bon-Ro: 4,300 meters

West Harā: 4,280 meters

Kaleh-Bolbol: 4,280 meters

Koleh-Gerdenak: 4,260 meters

Pāzan-Pir: 4,250 meters

Ghezel-Gholleh: 4,250 meters

The mid-range of Dena continues from the Bijan Pass at the height of 3,200 meters to the Western Moor-Gol Pass at an elevation of 4,100 meters and has 18 peaks above 4,000 meters. The peaks of this range from Bijan Pass are, in order: Bardatash, Sichāni1, 2, 3, Hoz Dal, Eastern Karsomi, Western Karsomi, Rah Strait (Hara), Bijan 1, Kapiri, Bijan 2 (Seh-Ghoppeh-Āsemāni), Ghezel-Gholleh, Heram, Kay Khosrow peak, Bon-Ro, Bijan 3 (Qash Mastan), Ghebleh, Moor-Gol, West Moor-Gol, and North Moor-Gol.

If you’re interested in mountaineering in Iran make sure to check out 4-Day Sabalan Trekking Tour north of the Zagros mountain range.

Dena North-Western Field

This part of the Dena mountain range starts from the western Moor-gol pass and the peaks of Kase Khafer and ends at the peak of Kaleh-Ghodveis, which has 21 peaks above 4000 meters. The peak of this part of the Dena mountain range includes:

Gholeh Kase Khafer: Kaleh Gagh, Tal-Gardal and Lookoreh.

Khorsan: Eastern Khorsan, Western Khorsan, Kaleh Farhad, Kaleh Chal Vali.

The northern peaks of three peaks: Kaleh Shida, Kaleh Bulbul, Kaleh Ghudveis

Dena Southeast Field

This part of the Dena mountain range starts from Bijan pass and continues to Pazan-Pir peak at the height of 4250 meters and includes nine peaks above 4000 meters. The route to climb to Pazan-Pir peak passes through Tange Kabudi on the Yasouj-Kakan Dehstan road, and you can climb to the peak from the channel of Khersi Gorge. Of course, the main route to climb to this peak is from the source of Ab Nahr spring on the road from Yasouj to Kakan.

Hoz Dal

In general, two main routes have been introduced to climb Hoz Dal’s peak from the Dena sub-range. Bezkash route, a long route, starts from khaneh-e Kuhnavard or the mountaineer’s house, and Maser Sichāni, which must be covered by a vehicle, is part of the way to Bijan pass.

At an altitude of 3,900 meters and on the way to Bezkash, there are two concrete and metal shelters. In case of climbing from the Si Chani route, to reach these shelters, you have to deviate a little from the route.


This peak is in the north of Gash-Mustan and is one of the northern peaks of the Dena mountain range. Generally, there are two routes to reach the peak of Moor-Gol: the northern route, which is the standard way of climbing. This route starts from the village of Khafar, and after passing through the shelter of Ghāsh-Mastān, it reaches the Kay Khsorow ridge and, finally, the peak. The southeast route, which means navigating a part of the ridge to reach Moor-Gol, starts from the village of Si Sharad.

Ghāsh-Mastān or Bijan (Highest Peak in Dena Sub-range)

The highest peak of the Dena mountain range is Gash Mastan peak. The most common and easiest way to climb the Ghāsh-Mastān peak starts from Khafer Padna village. There are two routes from the village to Janpanah. The path on the left side of Mount Dej, is more accessible and shorter, and the path on the right side of Mount Dej, or the waterfall path, is longer but with more features.

Hotels and Accommodations Near Dena Yasouj Mountain

If you plan to stay in the mountains, you can use the cement and metal shelters that are on the way up. But if you plan to stay in a place near the Dena mountain range before and after your ascent, you can spend the night at the Mehr-Asa eco-tourism residence in Si-Sherd or the Raees eco-resort in Si-Sherd.

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