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Hotels in Tehran

Where to Stay in Tehran?

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Tehran, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Iran, is the destination of many travelers and tourists at any time of the year. Tehran is often the first stop of Iran tours intent on sightseeing. This city is also the cultural, economic, and political center of the region and usually many people come and go to Tehran for business and economic activities. Its cultural part is that it has many famous places that attract the attention of visitors. There are many amazing things to do in Tehran that are worth the trip. Therefore, it is natural for this amount of travelers and tourists to have many hotels with different facilities.

Travel to Tehran; A Busy and Lively City

Tehran is known as the Middle East of Iran, where all cultural, economic, political, and tourism activities are gathered together. That is why this city will be one of the main destinations for any person with any activity. At first glance, you may think of Tehran as an economic and political destination; But this is not the case. The presence of many tourist attractions such as the national jewelry treasure, the contemporary art museum, the glass and ceramic museum, the Malik National Library and Museum, the Kassar Bagh Museum, the Saad Abad Museum complex, the Darband and Derke mountain trails, the Tochal ski resort, and the palaces and shrines complex. They are only part of the attractive places of Tehran, which are always the destination of a huge number of tourists. In front of these tourists, Tehran is full of luxury hotels with the best facilities to bring a comfortable trip for these tourists. In the following, we will guide you regarding the Tehran hotel reservation.

Finding the best hotel in Tehran and booking it is one of the most important parts of traveling to this metropolis. This city is one of the busiest cities in the country that attracts many travelers. Therefore, the concern of finding a suitable hotel in a good location and away from traffic restrictions has always been a challenge for travelers. The best thing is to book a hotel online in Tehran

Five-Star Hotels in Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel

Azadi Hotel

Homa Hotel

Esteghlal Hotel

Persian Plaza Hotel

Rexan Hotel

Laleh Hotel

Wisteria Hotel

Pasargad Hotel

Hezaro Yek Shab Hotel Hotel

Orang Hotel

Four-Star Hotels in Tehran

Evin Hotel

Enghelab Hotel

Atana Hotel

Hotel Bozorg

Hotel Kausar

Simorgh Hotel

Howeyzeh hotel

Aramis Hotel

Olympic Hotel

Asareh Hotel

Eskan Alvand Hotel

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

Hotel Bozorg 2

Jahangardi Irangardi Hotel

Borj-e Sefid Hotel

Hotel Academy

Aram Hotel

Raamtin Hotel

Three-Star Hotels in Tehran

Vernus Hotel

Hotel Shahr

Pamchal Hotel

Hally Hotel

Eskan Hotel

Balut Hotel

Paris hotel

Mashhad Hotel

Morwarid Hotel

Jahan Hotel

Amatis Hotel

Amir Hotel

Persia Hotel

Nilo Hotel

Atlas Hotel

Iran hotel

Baba Taher Hotel

Hotel Varzesh

Bahar Hotel

Almas Hotel

Rodaki Residence Hotel

Saina Hotel

Alborz Hotel

Hotel Patogh

Iranshahr Hotel

Danesh Hotel

Boulevard Hotel

Karoon Hotel

Marlik Hotel

Dorsa Hotel

Hotels Near Azadi Square

Asareh Hotel

Orion Hotel

Pasargad Hotel

Omid Hotel

Hotel Hejab

Pars Apartment Hotel

Paradise Hotel

Kimia Apartment Hotel

Laleh Hotel

Tehran Hotel Prices

The price of hotels in Tehran will depend on factors such as the location of the hotel, the type of room you book, the time of booking the hotel, and so on. To find and book a cheap hotel in Tehran, you can visit the Three Click website. On this site, all hotels in Tehran are placed with the best prices so that you can find and book the cheapest hotels in Tehran without spending time and energy.

Tehran and Its Hotels

Tehran, which stole the title of the capital from other Iranian cities when Qajar came to power, has now become a metropolis that attracts many people for tourism and recreation, administrative work, or treatment. Surrounded by the Alborz mountain range from the north, if the weather is good and clean, Damavand can be seen from the city center. The beginning of the modernization of the city of Tehran was from the Pahlavi era and with the construction of buildings such as the University of Tehran and the National Museum in the corners of the city. After that, hotels like Hilton Hotel (Estiqlal Hotel) and Hyatt Hotel (Azadi Hotel) in the north of the town, and Miami Hotel (Simorgh Hotel) in Valiasr Street, added vibrancy to Tehran.

Hotel Reservation in Tehran

These days, with a simple search, you can reach the list of the best hotels in Tehran and choose the desired hotel and accommodation with the most suitable cost and price. The IranAmaze website includes a wide variety of hotels and accommodations in Tehran; From luxury and 5-star hotels to affordable hostels, and budget guesthouses in the heart of the city. You can also check out our tours, such as the popular Iran Desert Tours​.

Tehran Hotel Prices

As we know, the cost of staying in hotels and apartment hotels in Tehran is directly related to the number of stars. In addition, the time and season of travel to Tehran are also important to factor in the price of the hotel; In the summer season, the days of Nowruz, or the times of holding an exhibition in Tehran, are busy days for the capital. And in general, the price of hotels in Tehran varies from 100 thousand tomans to 2 million tomans.

If you are looking for an economical hotel and accommodation in Valiasr St., Baharestan, and the city center; You can find suitable hostels, boutique hotels, guest houses, and guesthouses. If you are looking for an all-inclusive hotel with the most complete facilities and the best services for business or family trips, go for 4 and 5-star hotels in the list of hotels in Tehran. In an Iranamaze trip, according to any budget and taste, you can book a hotel in Tehran at a reasonable price and discount in the shortest possible time. In order to be able to choose the best hotel in Tehran, in the list of hotels in Tehran, pay attention to the score and points given to it by the users of the Iranamaze trip. Persian Plaza Hotel, Espinas Palace Hotel, and Parsian Azadi Hotel are on the list of good hotels in Tehran.

At the same time, Qajar was added to the buildings and monuments of Tehran. If you are in the center of the city, visiting Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Shams-ul-Amara, and Si Tir Street is a must. Saad Abad Palace, Derke and Darband, Niavaran Palace, Tajrish Square, and Tochal in the north, Milad and Azadi Towers, Chitgar Lake, and Bamland are famous and popular sightseeing and entertainment places in Tehran.

Hotel Reservation in Tehran; Which street is more suitable?

Tehran is the largest and most populous city in Iran and the political, economic, and cultural center of the country; For this reason, the facilities are more concentrated in Tehran than in other cities. Due to this feature, people come to this city with different goals; In fact, traveling to Tehran can have many reasons; From traveling for fun to traveling to use medical facilities or attending exhibitions, doing office work, major shopping, etc. As we said before, Tehran is a big city, and to go to different neighborhoods of this city, you may stay in traffic for hours; Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Tehran, it is better to first choose the neighborhood where you want to spend most of your time. Naturally, the purpose of your trip to Tehran plays a decisive role in choosing your hotel neighborhood; For example, if you are traveling to the capital to participate in international exhibitions, you probably won’t have much time; Therefore, it is better to choose hotels close to the exhibition so that you don’t lose your time in the city traffic. If you are traveling to Tehran for fun, first determine your favorite style of leisure travel; For example, if you like to spend time in old spaces and museums, hotels near City Tire Street can be a very good choice for you; Museums and beautiful historical houses will be near you, and by staying in hotels near this street, you can easily explore the old alleys of the city. If you intend to shop in the stylish and modern arcades of the capital, choose the hotels in the north of Tehran, where you can easily access these shopping centers. If you are traveling to Tehran for bulk shopping, hotels near the Grand Bazaar will be a good choice. In the same way, it is enough to specify your purpose for the trip and then book hotels in Tehran according to the geographical location.

What is the price of a hotel in Tehran?

As we said earlier, travelers travel to the capital for various reasons; For this reason, it is possible to book hotels in Tehran at various prices. Tehran travelers choose cheap or expensive hotels depending on the purpose of their trip to the capital; For example, those who travel to Tehran to do office work usually stay in this city for one or two nights and are looking for a hotel with a low price and good access to the city center; Or those who are staying in Tehran as a companion of the patient are just looking for a place to stay the night, and naturally, there is no reason to pay a lot for their accommodation; People also choose the capital as their travel destination for fun and sightseeing, this group of people usually want to experience a luxury stay and hotel facilities are more important to them. To book a hotel in Tehran, we should note that the prices of hotels vary according to the facilities they provide for travelers. Almost all hotels serve breakfast, but facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, massage services, spa, etc. are services that increase the cost of staying in hotels. Of course, in Tehran, in addition to the facilities and the number of stars, the geographical location of the hotel also affects its price; The hotels built in the upper neighborhoods of Tehran often have higher prices, are more luxurious, and provide more diverse facilities to their guests, while inns and guest houses, with lower prices, are often located in the center and south of the city. In Tehran, you can book a hotel at different prices; Actually, depending on the number of passengers and your budget, you can spend from about 100 thousand tomans to more than two million tomans to book a hotel in Tehran.

How to book hotels in Tehran?

Tehran has many varied residences. Therefore, your hand will be open to choosing. Which hotel in Tehran suits your travel purpose and budget is the first factor that you should pay attention to. The page of accommodations in the capital has been designed for the same purpose. You can go to this page and get help from search filters. For example, if the address of the hotel and its location is important to you, search for the hotel on the map. If your priority is price, specify the price range or the number of stars. In this case, you will not spend a lot of time searching.

Also, on this page, we have made it easier for you. You can also get help from these classifications: West Tehran hotels, North Tehran hotels, South Tehran hotels, and hotels near the exhibition. Another point is that after choosing the desired hotel, go to the introduction of its facilities and services. All the information related to the Tehran hotel and apartment hotel is provided for you in detail. Read them carefully to make an informed and correct choice.

How to book the best hotel in Tehran in the shortest time?

Tehran is the capital of Iran and has a long history and has had a great impact on the history of our country. Tehran is located in one of the best parts of the country in terms of social and geographical location.

It is necessary to know that Tehran is located at the foot of the Alborz mountain range and has a moderate climate and is also the most populated city in Iran. It is interesting to know that Tehran was chosen as the capital of Iran 230 years ago and until today, it has undergone many changes and transformations.

Considering the political and social situation of Tehran and its mild climate, it can be said that you can travel to this city every season and every month. Traveling to Tehran can be both business and leisure. Due to its location in various aspects, Tehran has beautiful and luxurious hotels, where a few days’ stay can be considered one of the attractions of a trip to Tehran.

It should be noted that nowadays the general public has a great desire to book hotels and buy plane tickets online. If you plan to travel to Tehran, stay with Iranamaze.

How to book a hotel in Tehran from IranAmaze?

As we said, the city of Tehran is the capital of Iran and has many historical and recreational centers. To travel to Tehran and enjoy entertainment and shopping centers, you can travel to this city in any season.

You may have heard that booking a suitable hotel with standard conditions will guarantee a good travel and stay experience. A suitable hotel means a hotel that first has simple and comfortable conditions for booking and is geographically located in a suitable part of the city and has easy access to entertainment and shopping centers and sightseeing centers, as well as hotel amenities in the reservation. can be seen online.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Tehran?

Finding a cheap hotel in Tehran is not difficult. You know that for an economic stay, the best hotel in Tehran will not work for you. Because its price is just as high. Therefore, Tehran’s 5-star hotels are out of your choice and you have to go to other hotels. Jaanjas will help you in this step as well. Just specify your desired price range. If you have no idea of ​​the hotel price in Tehran, use the number of stars filter and take a look at 3-star or 2-star hotels. Of course, don’t forget that affordable hotels in Tehran usually have good facilities. So don’t sacrifice the hotel services and facilities for the price.

In addition, a practical and simple way is also at your disposal: membership in Jajajas. That is, by booking a hotel through this system, we will consider special discounts for you. Therefore, the cost of your stay will be significantly reduced. If you need more information, we have prepared useful articles about cheap hotels in the city for you on the blog.

What are the important points of Tehran hotel reservations?

In order to have a good stay in the capital, you should pay attention to some points. First, check the location carefully when booking a hotel in Tehran. Anyway, the number of hotels in Tehran is large and these hotels are located in different areas of the city. If you want your hotel to be close to administrative, commercial, or even embassies, go for the city center. Residences on Elkhebal St., Valiasr St., or Azadi St. are among those. Fortunately, the variety of hotels in the city is a great advantage for you.

What we mean by diversity; There are airport hotels, hospital hotels, and hotels that are suitable for business trips. Therefore, your work in choosing a hotel will be easier. Another vital issue in booking a hotel in Tehran is paying attention to hotel facilities. For example, those who do not intend to stay in an airport hotel should make sure that there is an airport transfer in the hotel. Be sure to include other important facilities such as parking in your list. And finally, if you are going to visit this city, know the best time to travel to Tehran. Usually, Tehran is quieter during the Eid holidays and unlike usual, there is no traffic in its streets

What is the price of a Tehran hotel?

Budget is the most important factor that determines which Tehran hotel is right for you. Since the hotels in Tehran are diverse, it can be said that the price of the hotel also varies. For example, titles such as the best hotels in Tehran or luxury hotels in Tehran are synonymous with the most expensive hotels in Tehran. Maybe you need to spend about one million tomans for one night’s stay in them. But hotels and apartments with reasonable prices are not lacking in the city. Residences that are some in the center and some in the northern areas of the city, but have a cheaper price.

Tehran A City with 7 Thousand Years of History

Tehran is the largest city in the country and perhaps its most important city. Due to the concentration of administrative and commercial structure of the country in Tehran, this city has a special importance and position. The beginning of the flourishing period of Tehran dates back to the Qajar rule, which was chosen as the capital, and after that, it expanded and developed most rapidly during the Pahlavi period. Due to Tehran’s convenient location and being at the intersection of the northern and eastern cities of the country such as Mashhad, Rasht, and Qom, it has always been of special importance. Tehran is one of the oldest cities in Iran, whose history of habitation dates back to 5 thousand years BC according to the works found in Ray.

Stay in Cheap Hotels in Tehran

Today, Tehran can be considered one of the most visited cities in the country. Throughout the year, different people travel to Tehran with different goals and stay in Tehran for a period of time depending on the conditions of their trip. Maybe it is possible to divide the trip to Tehran into two general categories: leisure trips and business trips. As we mentioned earlier, Tehran is the political and administrative center of the country, many people come to Tehran to do things related to this center and may stay in Tehran for a long time, for this reason, it is possible to book cheap rooms, suites, and hotels in Tehran. And the Tehran inn is provided by Iranamaze for travelers. Holding various exhibitions such as book fairs, building materials, petrochemical materials and dozens of exhibitions related to various other industries in Tehran makes many people who have jobs related to these industries travel to Tehran to visit them during these exhibitions. More Because these people are on a mission and travel alone, they tend to book a cheap hotel in Tehran or stay in a Tehran inn to reduce their expenses. Other travelers who come to Tehran intend to visit entertainment and business centers and visit Tehran’s tourist attractions and have come to Tehran to spend vacations and leisure time; For these people, stay in a cheap room and hotel in Tehran or book an apartment hotel in Tehran can have a significant impact on reducing their travel costs.

Tehran Inn

Tehran Inn is one of the cheap accommodations for several days trips. If you plan to stay more than 3 or 4 days, booking Tehran Inn can save your travel expenses. One of the advantages of the cheap inn in Tehran is that it is located in the center of the city, which has easy access to public transportationthe such as subway and bus. Another advantage of the inn in Tehran is the reasonable price compared to the high quality of the rooms. All Tehran inns are under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and are disinfected daily. Iranamaze will do its best for your well-being of you so that you have a memorable stay.

Hospitality in Tehran

Guest house in Tehran is another economic accommodation whose facilities are more than inns and less than hotels. Booking a hotel in Tehran will help you pay less for your stay. All guest houses in Tehran are disinfected daily and hygiene is fully observed.

Benefits of Staying in Tehran Guesthouses and Inns

The price of the inn in Tehran has a good variety according to their facilities and location. Nevertheless, Iranamaze is trying to satisfy you, dear travelers, by considering special discounts on room prices, so that you can experience the highest quality stay in Tehran with the lowest budget. In addition to the reasonable price, these accommodations have other positive features. One of the most important features of Tehran’s guest houses and inns is their concentration in the city center, which makes it very easy to access public transportation such as the subway and bus, and you will not need to use a private car.

Staying in Tehran hostels

If you are looking for a very cheap accommodation for a longer period than a few days, you can choose girls’ and boys’ hostels in Tehran.

Hostels usually have different rules than guesthouses and hotels, and the most important of them is that some hostels have an age limit for accepting guests, that is, they are not allowed to accept people under 18 years old and over 45 years old. So, before booking a hostel in Tehran, be sure to read the relevant rules so that you don’t have any problems during your bed delivery and stay.

Another thing you should know about hostels is that the facilities of these types of accommodation are shared with other travelers. Facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, refrigerators, televisions, and cooking facilities.

What criteria should we use to book a hotel in Tehran?

Tehran hotel reservation has different criteria for each person. Therefore, the hotel reservation in Tehran is measured according to the location, the number of stars, and the facilities of the hotels. But the most important criterion for booking a hotel in Tehran among tourists is its proximity to the city center. Because Tehran hotels are close to the city center such as Wali Asr street, they can reach the important administrative centers of the city.

Of course, booking a Tehran hotel in the city center may not be a criterion for some people. Rather, their criterion for booking a hotel in Tehran is special facilities with peace. So, with these interpretations, hotels in the west of Tehran (Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran and Asareh Hotel in Tehran) and hotels in the north of Tehran (Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran and Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran) can be the best options for booking a hotel in the capital.

cheap Tehran hotel reservation; It is one of the most common factors in choosing a hotel in Tehran. If you are looking to book a hotel in Tehran at a cheap price, Khayam Hotel Tehran and Mehr Hotel Tehran are the best options. It should be noted that the mentioned hotels in terms of facilities and design; are not like families.

To book a cheap hotel in Tehran, you can choose Hotel Apartments in Tehran. Some of these hotels and apartments are of very high quality that provides services like a 5-star hotel. According to surveys, the best apartment hotel in Tehran is the Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel in Tehran, which has a 5-star level.

Booking the best hotels in Tehran is not limited to luxury and 5-star hotels; Rather, you can experience a great stay by booking a 4-star hotel with good facilities. For example, among the best hotels in Tehran with 4-star levels, we can refer to Parsian Englebal Hotel in Tehran, Tehran Grand Hotel, Ferdowsi Hotel in Tehran, Ramtin Hotel in Tehran, or Parsian Kausar Hotel in Tehran.

Reservation of Hotels in West Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

As you know, Tehran’s Parsian Esteghlal Hotel was the first 5-star luxury hotel in Tehran in 1962. Tehran hotel has 2 eastern and western towers, the western tower is newer. By booking this hotel in Tehran, you can imagine yourself in the location of the famous movie Ganj Qaroon.

Asareh Hotel Tehran

Among the other hotels in the West of Tehran, Asareh Hotel is Tehran, which has a great price and good quality. Asare hotel in Tehran is 4 stars and offers very good services to its guests. Asareh Hotel is the best option for those people who are interested in Tehran International Exhibition.

Tehran Olympic Hotel

Among the other hotels in West Tehran that have high bookings is the Olympic Hotel in Tehran, which is located near Azadi Stadium. This 4-star hotel is mostly reserved for athletes and football team players. Olympic Hotel is one of the best options for accommodation by providing excellent services and reasonable prices.

What is the name of the best apartment hotel in Tehran?

You might think that booking a hotel in Tehran is better than booking an apartment hotel in Tehran, but this is a completely wrong idea. Because there are hotels and apartments in Tehran that offer the same level of quality as a 5-star hotel. Although the Tehran hotel is cheap; It also includes high-quality hotel apartments, but this accommodation is not suitable for people who are with their families. So it is better to be careful in choosing a hotel.

Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel, Tehran

One of the best apartment hotels in Tehran is the Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel in Tehran. This Tehran apartment hotel has a 5-star level and has a design in the style of Indian maharajas. Indian and Gilani restaurants, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, and luxury rooms are only part of the features of this Tehran apartment hotel.

Mashhad Silk Road Apartment Hotel

If you are looking for an apartment hotel in Tehran with a more reasonable price than the Taj Mahal Apartment Hotel, we suggest the Apartment Hotel on the Silk Road in Tehran. This Tehran apartment hotel is located in the prosperous and luxurious neighborhood of Niavaran and offers facilities such as the water complex.

Tehran Hotels Near Embassies

Another thing that makes hotels in Tehran important to people is being close to embassies so that they can easily get a visa for their favorite country. You will get to know these hotels below.

Tehran Borje Sefid Hotel

One of these hotels is Tehran’s White Tower Hotel on Pasdaran Street, which is close to the embassies of Canada, Italy, etc. Tehran White Tower Hotel is the best option for tourists who want to get a tourist and residence visa.

Tehran Central Hotel

Central Hotel Tehran and Saadi Hotel Tehran are among the cheapest hotels in Tehran, which are very close to the German Embassy and are very affordable choices for hotel reservations.

Ferdowsi Hotel Tehran

Ferdowsi Hotel Tehran and Roudaki Hotel Tehran are among the other Tehran hotels that have easy access to the French Embassy, ​​which are the best accommodation options for foreign tourists visiting Tehran.

Laleh Hotel Tehran

Lala Hotel Tehran is the best option for those tourists who want to travel to Pakistan because it is very close to the Pakistani Embassy.

Tehran Hotels Inside the Airport

You may ask, who wants to book a Tehran hotel inside Tehran airport? In response to that, we must say that those people who have to rest for a few hours for business trips, prefer to stay in Tehran hotels inside the airport. Therefore, a number of international hotels have accommodation at Imam Khomeini Airport.

Ibis Tehran Hotel is one of the 4-star hotels near Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. This hotel has been able to get an acceptable rating in terms of facilities and services. Among the other Tehran hotels inside the Imam Khomeini Airport of Tehran is the Novotel Tehran Hotel, which is a part of the Accor Hotels of France. It is noteworthy that Mehrabad airport does not have a hotel inside due to domestic flights.

Hourly Reservation of Hotels in Tehran

As you know, booking an hourly hotel in Tehran is good for people who go to Tehran only for business purposes or international trips. Therefore, the search for the word reservation of Saati Hotel in Tehran is very high. But which hotels in Tehran can be booked by the hour? Is it possible to book an hourly hotel in Tehran now?

To answer these questions, we must say yes; Some hotels in Tehran also offer hourly reservation services. Among the hotels that offer their rooms to people by the hour are Parsian Elginab Hotel, Parshin Plaza Tehran Hotel, Parsian Evin Hotel Tehran, and Parsian Kausar Hotel Tehran. Important note: Currently, due to the Corona pandemic, it is not possible to book any of these Tehran hotels by the hour.

But our suggestion to those dear ones who want to book an hourly hotel in Tehran is Ibis Hotel Tehran and Novotel Tehran Hotel, which are located inside Imam Khomeini Airport (RA). Both the mentioned 2 hotels are 4 stars and they are equal in terms of services and facilities. Contact us to make an hourly reservation for any of these hotels.

Hotels Near Tehran International Exhibition

Tehran International Exhibition is one of the most critical places in the capital. Therefore, with the establishment of various exhibitions in this place, the capacity of hotels in Tehran will be completed quickly. In order to avoid filling the capacity, the best way is to book the hotel in Tehran online a few weeks before the start of the exhibition.

Among the hotels located near Tehran International Exhibition, we can mention Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Tehran, Pariz Hotel Tehran, Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran, Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran, Balut Hotel Tehran, and Diamond Hotel Tehran. The time interval between these Tehran hotels and the exhibition is between 4 and 16 minutes.

If you are looking to book an apartment hotel in Tehran near the exhibition, offers such as Tubi Apartment Hotel Tehran, Taurizh Apartment Hotel Tehran, Media Apartment Hotel Tehran, Jam Apartment Hotel Tehran, and Golshahr Apartment Hotel will be available to you. So book a hotel in Tehran as soon as possible.

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