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Bafaq Desert

Bafq Desert in Yazd

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Bafq desert is one of the most enjoyable yet relatively unknown spots in Iran desert tours, which is located in Yazd province, 10 km north of Bafq city. This desert is also known as the Daranjir Desert (Fig Valley). This desert has an area of ​​about 750 square kilometers and is one of the largest deserts in Iran. Its soil is composed of clay and saline. In the heart of Yazd province, there is a vast desert and desert called the beautiful desert of Bafq. In the heart of this great desert, the famous deserts of Sadeghabad, Potkestan desert, Bafq, Yazd, Baghistan, and Daranjir are located, so they are famous as Bafq deserts, attracting many tourists every year. In the continuation of the text, we will introduce, access, geographical location, deserts of Bafq desert, weather forecast of Bafq, exact location, and important points of the trip to Bafq desert of  Yazd.

Where in Bafq can you find desert lands?

In order to reach the clay region of Bafq desert, you have to go to its southern and northwestern parts. If you are interested in the nature of Iran and you want to spend at least one night away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in complete peace and quiet, we recommend that you take part in the Bafq Desert Tour. Or travel to this beautiful desert in person with a local guide.

Bafq desert with its unique sands and salt marshes, swamps, and sand dunes, is always a great host for tourists and desert climbers. The simultaneous experience of excitement and tranquility will be possible only by traveling to the beautiful desert of Bafq.

Where is the Bafaq desert?

The Many Deserts of the Beautiful Bafaq

In fact, this desert is not just a desert, but it is a unique natural phenomenon that has several large and unique deserts such as Daranjir desert, Sadeghabad sand dune, and Bafq Bararig, which you can visit from all over. Visit them. There are various options for staying in the Bafq desert, in which you can have a good stay. In this article, we intend to introduce the Bafgh desert of Yazd, its geographical location, wildlife and vegetation, scenic attractions, stay in the Bafgh desert, access to this beautiful desert, as well as important points in traveling to the Bafgh desert.

Geographical Location

The beautiful desert of Bafq, Yazd, which consists of several deserts and large sand dunes, is located 10 km north of Bafq. Bafq city is one of the desert areas in Yazd province and is located 110 km southeast of the center of this province. This desert is one of the driest deserts in the world so the average annual rainfall is only 60 mm and the average annual temperature in this vast and beautiful desert is 29 degrees Celsius. Traveling to this desert, you will experience very hot days and very cold nights.

Wildlife and Vegetation

The vegetation of this beautiful desert is very scattered due to lack of water and excessive dryness and salinity of the soil. In the center, the diversity of vegetation is very small and only plants such as: turmeric and ash, which are saline and dry, grow. But as soon as you get away from the center, you will see other plants such as Astragalus, Tizak, Hawthorn, Leek, Harsh, Mountain anemone, Desert lily, Wheat flower, Shirinak, Saltgrass, Thyme, Wild fig, Pecan and Almond Was.

Where is the wildlife Bafq desert?

The dryness of the desert and the desert of Bafq has also affected the wildlife of this region. To see the wildlife of this desert, you have to travel around it and get as far away from the center of the desert as you can. Animals such as rams, antelopes, ewes, wolves, cheetahs, hyenas, and leopards can be seen closely around this desert.

Spectacular Attractions of Bafq Desert

This desert, with its vastness, has many spectacular attractions in its heart. By traveling to it, you can see all these attractions up close. Among these attractions, we can mention the deserts of Daranjir, Moqestan, Potkestan, and Rig-eSadeghabad. The closer you get to the south of the Bafq desert, the more dense salt plants you will see. In the following, we will introduce these spectacular attractions:

Daranjir Desert in the Largest Desert in Bafq

Geographically, the Daranjir Desert is located in the southern part of the desert. And due to the existence of flowing rivers in this region, the vegetation is more diverse. In addition to plants such as ash and turmeric, in some areas of the desert, sludge can be seen, which is completely saturated. Salts floating on low water levels are also visible. Note that exploring and driving in this desert should be done with a local guide or a professional tour leader.

Bafagh desert of Yazd

Desert Tourist attractions in Daranjir Bafq

In most parts of the Bafq and Daranjir deserts, you can do camel and horse riding, motorcycling, and parasailing and experience indescribable excitement.

In this area, you can also enjoy local dishes and grilled potatoes served by locals. The desert sky of Bafq is different from the sky of other deserts in Iran. You should not expect to see a uniform sky here. Lying under the roof of the sky, it is as if a dance of different colors is performed for you. To visit this desert in all aspects, it is better to dedicate at least two days to your trip. Of course, by participating in a day tour of this desert, despite the experienced guide, you can visit all its deserts and attractions.

Sadeghabad Desert and the Sand Dunes of Bafq desert

One of the best attractions of this desert is the Sadeghabad desert and sand dune, which is located 15 km from Bafq city and is in the shape of a rhombus. To reach this desert, you have to go to the north of Sadeghabad village, which is located in the lower part of Bafgh salt flat. Sadeghabad is one of the largest sand dunes in Iran, with an area of ​​about 1500 hectares. To visit the sand dunes of the desert, you must go to the Sadeghabad desert. The starry sky of this desert is indescribable and you should experience the pleasure of watching it for yourself.

Sadegh Abad Desert Facilities and Attractions

Thanks to the tourism and desert tourism industry, the number of tourists visiting the Sadeghabad sandbox has increased significantly in recent years. Thanks to tourists, good facilities have been created in this area for the well-being of travelers. Visiting this desert, you can do exciting activities such as: camel riding, motorcycle riding, hill climbing, parasailing, and parachuting.

Moqestan Desert in Bafq, Yazd

Another unique desert in the Daranjir desert is Moqestan, which is located 40 km north of Bafq. And to reach it, you have to go to Saghand village. On the way to Moqestan, you can also see beautiful natural salt domes. Salt crystals are one of the most spectacular attractions in the region, created by the intersection of rivers and salt marshes. Note that to get to Moqestan, be sure to get help from a local guide or tour leader. Especially in the western part of this desert, which is one of the swampy areas of Bafqh deserts.

Potkestan Desert in the beautiful Desert of Bafq

Potkestan is another must-see attraction in the Bafgh desert. To reach the beautiful sand dune, you have to go to Mobarakeh village. In this area, you can also do activities such as camel riding, horseback riding, motorcycling, and other exciting activities. If you travel to this area from the beautiful desert of Bafgh, we recommend that you visit Bafgh Bararig. This area is a paradise for desert climbers and hiking on quicksand. To visit the attractive and spectacular hills of Bararig, you have to enter the Qatram Mobarakeh road and from there go to Hassanabad. The scenery of this area is unparalleled, but unfortunately, amenities have not been created here yet and tourists have to travel to this area fully equipped.

Tourist attractions of Potkestan Desert in Bafq

In traveling to the deserts of Bafq, in addition to the spectacular attractions of this beautiful desert, you can also visit the tourist attractions of Bafq. Among the attractions of this city, we can mention Baqerabad Castle, Qatram village, Arsobajgan forest area, Bafgh grove, Iron Park and Lake, as well as Imamzadeh Abdullah.

Access to the Bafq desert

In fact, the vast desert of Bafq is one of the largest deserts in Iran and its vastness starts from Yazd and continues to Bafq. This vastness of the Bafq desert has created many natural attractions in this region and has attracted domestic and foreign tourists. To reach this desert, you must first go to one of the cities of Yazd or Bafq. To reach Yazd from Tehran, you have to enter the Persian Gulf freeway, and then near Isfahan, enter the Nain highway to Yazd. Compatriots living in the southern provinces of Iran can enter the city of Yazd through the city of Anar in Kerman province. People who intend to travel to the Bafgh desert from the southwest can enter Yazd via the Abarkooh and Surmaq roads, and residents of Khorasan provinces can also enter Yazd via the Tabas freeway.

Wherever you start your trip in Iran, after reaching the city of Yazd, you have to drive another 120 kilometers to reach the city of Bafq. Then, with 10 km, driving north, you will enter the great desert of Bafq. For easier access, the exact location of the desert is given at the bottom.

Staying in the Bafq Desert

As we have said, there are various options for travelers on Iran tours to spend the night in the vast desert of Bafq. To stay in a hotel, you must visit Bafgh city center. To reduce the cost of travel, there are excellent inns in the city, where many tourists stay. You can also go to Yazd and stay in eco-lodges or good hotels in this city. Of course, to see the beauties of this desert at night, it is better to stay in one of the accommodations in the heart of the desert. Sand and Shaden Desert Camping and Shahid Barzegari Camp host many tourists, nature lovers, and desert hikers. If you are looking for excitement and adventure, camping is the best option. For this purpose, you must find a suitable and safe place.

A desert is a place where every human being reaches absolute peace and goes into ecstasy. When traveling to the deserts of Bafgh, wherever you look, you will find nothing but beauty, silence, and peace. In the desert, one can well understand the greatness of God and the purpose of creation, and be amazed by all this beauty.

Daranjir desert

Tips to Consider When Traveling to the Bafq desert

As mentioned above, the vast desert in Daranjir is one of the largest deserts in Iran and has many deserts and sand dunes in its heart. In addition, many parts of this boundless desert are swamps. There is a risk of death if you do not have a guide and are familiar with these areas. In general, when traveling to the desert, you should have a light backpack. Wear very comfortable and light sneakers. Be sure to bring a travel blanket, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat or handkerchief, and plenty of water. Do not neglect to drink enough water during the day. Try to travel to the Bafq desert tour, otherwise, get help from locals or GPS for routing.

Dangers of Bafq Yazd Desert

When we hear the desert, the names and memories of quicksands come to life in our memory. These sands are deformed by the wind and take on a new look every time. If you go to the desert without a guide and a place, the risk of getting lost in it is very high. Due to the weak antenna, the possibility of asking for help is very low. In all its beauty, the desert is very ruthless. So do not go to the heart of the desert alone.

Other deserts include the Lut Desert, Abuzaydabad Desert, Boshrouyeh Desert, Caracal Sadeghabad Desert, Abarkooh Desert, Mesr Desert, Marnjab Desert, and Varzaneh Desert.

Bafq City Climate

Due to the fact that there is no meteorological center in the heart of the desert, the closest center that is close to this desert is the meteorological center of Bafq city. Naturally, the climate in the heart of the desert is different from the city. But knowing the weather in Bafgh and comparing it to the city you are going to travel to can be helpful. With these interpretations, the weather forecast of Bafgh city for the next five days is given in the lower part.

The Exact Location of the Bafq Desert in Yazd

In the upper part, the address and access to the beautiful desert of Bafgh, Yazd, are mentioned. For better access, in the lower part, the exact location of the desert in Bafgh is given. You can use your smartphone to navigate to this spectacular place.

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