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Transportation in Kish

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A Comprehensive Guide to Low-Cost Transportation in Kish

Transportation in Kish is one of the things that relatively speaking, costs quite a lot of money for travelers and can affect travel costs, so to control and manage travel costs, a series of points about transportation on this island should be taken into consideration.
Kish Island is one of the most popular travel and tourism destinations in Iran, which attracts many travelers throughout the year. This is why IranAmze offers all types of Iran tours for kish and all throughout the country.
The beautiful natural attractions as well as the very good hotels and recreational facilities on this beautiful island are among the reasons for its popularity among travelers.
However, Kish Island is one of the most expensive trips in Iran, and perhaps not everyone can afford to travel to this island. Even those who travel to this island will face considerable travel expenses if they do not pay attention to a series of points.

Transportation in Kish

Means of transportation in Kish include taxis, private cars, minibuses, and rental cars, each of which is used under special conditions, which it is better to have good information about before traveling to this island; For this reason, we intend to introduce you to these devices and their conditions of use in this article.

Transportation in Kish

Taxis on Kish Island

The first vehicle that people choose as a means of public transportation is a taxi; a Taxi is considered the most convenient and accessible means of public transportation; In Kish Island, taxis are the main means of transportation in Kish.
Taxis in Kish are colored according to their special conditions; The first color scheme is related to white taxis, which are in close proximity; If you have traveled to Kish Island as a family, these taxis are suitable for moving you as a family.
Another color for taxis in Kish Island is yellow taxis, which are called linear taxis; You will come across these taxis everywhere on the streets and in the city, and you can use them wherever you feel the need; These taxis are equipped with a taximeter to calculate the cost of the trip, which you should make sure is active during your trip.
The third category of taxis in Kish Island is internet taxis that do not have a specific color scheme. Due to the advancement of technology and the use of this type of taxi, we see their presence and activity on this island.
To use these taxis, you need its application on the mobile phone, which is sent by selecting the origin and destination of your request, and if you agree with the announced fare amount, your request is finalized; Internet taxis are more affordable than other options, which is the reason for their popularity.

Taxi in Kish Island

Transportation by Minibusses on Kish Island

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable way to travel around Kish Island, minibusses are the best possible option; These minibusses travel on different routes on the island. Using a minibus on Kish Island has two good features; The first feature is its cheap and affordable price, and the second feature is that the main streets of Kish are covered by their traffic routes; This means that their stations are located almost in front of most of the entertainment and tourist attractions in Kish.
Unlike other cities in the country, minibusses in Kish are completely quiet and there is no news of crowding in them; To learn more about the minibus routes in Kish Island and their stations, we will describe two lines of its routes below:
Route number 1: starts from Mirmahna station; On this route, after passing through Gladis, Venus Bazaar, Sahil Square, Marwarid Bazaar, Pardis Bazaar, and several other stations, you will reach Dolphin Park at the final station.
Route number 2: which starts in front of Dolphin Park, after passing Marjan Bazaar, Dariush Square, Sahil Square, Marwarid Bazaar, Amir Kabir Square, and several other stations, will drop you off at the same starting station.
In this way, you can see that you can easily visit almost all the important places on the island at a reasonable cost by using the minibus lines on Kish Island.

Transportation by minibus in Kish Island

Transportation in Kish by Private Car

Main motorways connect the southern coast of Iran to the other cities. So, many passengers choose to travel in a private car as its schedule is flexible and is faster and more convenient than the bus and train. For this purpose, you should get to Bandar-e Charak, Bandar-e Aftab, or Bandar Lengeh and from there go to Kish Island on a boat.

There are many people who prefer using their personal car to any other vehicle everywhere; Traveling to Kish Island is not an exception to this rule, and if a person wants to travel with his own car, he can do so under certain conditions.
The important thing to mention about the conditions of having a private car on Kish Island is that these conditions may change depending on the seasons; But the most important point is that any vehicle will not be allowed to enter the island unless it has been produced for a long time; This means that this chance for cars with a long life is almost zero.
However, regarding the conditions for the entry of private vehicles to Kish Island, it should be said that during peak travel times to this island, such as Nowruz, trucks, vans, taxis, and single-cabin vans will not be allowed to enter the island. But this law may change at another time, that’s why it is better to know the conditions of that time period before traveling.
To enter Kish Island with a private car, you have to pay the entrance fee and the cost of transporting the car to the island with floats, which will cost you almost a lot; If paying this fee is not important to you and you have the necessary conditions to enter Kish Island by car, you can easily explore with your own car.

Transportation in Kish by private car

Car Rentals on Kish Island

In recent years, many companies have started operating on the level of Kish Island, which rent luxury cars to applicants; Rental cars on Kish Island are very popular, which will result in a very high cost for the applicants.
The advantage of this method is that you don’t face the trouble of entering the island with a private car, and instead, you have the opportunity to experience driving luxurious, expensive, and up-to-date cars on this beautiful island and visit the tourist and entertainment attractions of this island. Visit the island.
The method and conditions of renting a car in Kish may vary depending on the service provider company; For example, some of these companies have made it possible to choose the car you want online and rent it for a certain period of time.
For the convenience of their passengers, some hotels in Kish have provided the possibility that they can easily choose their desired car and rent it for the time they need.
Other means of transportation in Kish are bicycles and motorbikes; Although these devices are mostly used as recreational devices, they are suitable and can be used to travel some routes on this island.

Car rental in Kish Island

Private Car With a Driver in Kish

Although renting a private car with a driver is the most expensive option to get around Kish Island, it is the fastest and most convenient choice. However, the cost of renting a car on Kish Island is higher than in other parts of Iran. For your record, the expense of renting a private sedan car with a driver starts about 8000000 rials per day.

Private car with driver in Kish

Pleasure Cruise Ship or a Pleasure Boat

You can visit the beauty of the Kish island riding on a pleasure cruise ship or a pleasure boat. Accordingly, you can have a romantic dinner on a pleasure craft or enjoy the cruise in a glass-bottom boat where you can see the colorful coral reefs through them.

You can travel to Kish Island by boat. For this purpose, you should get to Bandar-e Charak, Bandar-e Aftab, or Bandar Lengeh and from there go to Kish Island on a ferry. It should be noted that the ferries operate from morning to sunset.

pleasure cruise ship or a pleasure boat

Tips About Transportation in Kish

If you plan to travel to Kish Island, you should be aware of a series of tips about transportation in Kish, which can also affect your trip; The first point is the rent and prices of their services.
If you use Darbasti taxis for transportation in Kish, keep in mind that due to the luxury of Kish Island, the drivers will ask you for more than usual.
Therefore, when using taxis, pay attention to the fact that the driver must use a taximeter to calculate the fare.
Although Kish Island is a very safe place, using private cars without traffic signs on this island may cause problems for you; Especially since the cost of renting these cars is very high and you may have to pay heavy compensation.

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