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Introducing the best and most luxurious 5-star hotels in Kish

Top 10 Luxury and 5-star Hotels in Kish

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Five-Star Hotels in Kish

The beautiful island of Kish, which is also called the jewel of the Persian Gulf, has long been considered one of the most important islands of Iran from the point of view of tourism and business since Ancient times. Today, every year many tourists from all over the country and also from other countries travel to this region for recreation, relaxation, and business. The beautiful island of Kish, with its coral beaches, clean air, and unparalleled peace, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. When traveling to this unique place, you can make a dream trip for yourself and your family in the luxury hotels on Kish Island and enjoy the beauty of Kish beaches. If you like luxury travel and are wondering Why should you travel to Iran? well, Kish’s Hotels are one very good reason why you should do so.

1- Iran Hotel, Kish

About Iran Kish Hotel

Iran Kish luxury hotel was built in 2013 and is one of the 5-star hotels in Kish and has a beautiful and interesting hotel architecture. Iran Kish Hotel with an infrastructure of about 12 thousand square meters consists of two separate towers that have 8 floors and 106 rooms and 22 suites, a total of 128 beautiful units with stylish and modern appliances. These two towers are connected on the seventh floor and the ground floor. Some of the hotel units face the sea and some overlook the city park. This hotel has a convenient location due to its proximity to Kish shopping centers and the island’s entertainment centers. The hotel facilities include a swimming pool, gym, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, smart TV, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning system. Also, the hotel restaurant offers the best and most delicious Iranian and international dishes to the hotel guests.

2- Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish

Dariush Kish Grand Hotel

Dariush Hotel, with its unique architecture inspired by the buildings of Persepolis, is located in the best area of ​​the beautiful island of Kish, close to shopping centers and the beach. This hotel named after Darius the Great is one of the best and most luxurious hotels on the island and has 160 rooms on 3 floors. Among the facilities of the hotel, we can mention a massage room, a billiard room, a gym, ping pong, and a swimming pool. This hotel is located on the cycling route where you and your family can enjoy cycling. Also, Dariush Hotel provides the possibility of diving in the Persian Gulf, and this can be good news for those interested in staying in this hotel.

3- Marina Park Hotel, Kish

Marina Park Kish Hotel

Marina Kish Hotel is one of the newly built hotels on the island, which was built in 2010. This hotel has two floors and 190 rooms and suites, which are built on a land of 10 hectares. Some of the hotel rooms have a view of the beautiful sea of ​​the Persian Gulf and some of them face the island. This hotel is the only hotel on the island that has its own beach (marina). This hotel is built on four sides and has two floors on each side and a total of 190 rooms and suites. Marina Kish Hotel is well equipped and has an entertainment complex in the beach park of the hotel with all kinds of water sports. The hotel has 2 restaurants, 3 coffee shops, stores, convention and conference halls, a massage parlor, a spa center, and a car rental center.

4- Toranj Hotel, Kish

Taraj Hotel is the best hotel in Kish

Toranj Kish Hotel was opened in 2014 on Kish Island. This hotel is a collection of 100 suites on the water with dimensions of 40 meters, 60 meters, and 120 meters. The location of this hotel on the water is one of its unique features and has made the guests be able to enjoy incredibly beautiful and unique views. to watch All these suites have a glass floor from which you can watch the sea. This hotel is designed in 2 phases. The first phase is on the water and the second phase is on the beach. This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Kish. Watch the sunset from the suites or the restaurant and coffee shop of the hotel. The suites of the hotel are connected through a wooden pier, and from this connection, a beautiful design has been created in the water.

5- Shayan Kish Hotel

The 5-star Shayan Kish Hotel was built in 1351 and is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Kish, which joined Pars Hotels Group in 1388. This hotel, which is built in the best part of the island and on the beach, on a land of 50,000 square meters, has 4 floors and has 193 rooms and suites. All hotel rooms either face the sea or have a beautiful view of the garden. In addition, the villas by the sea of ​​the hotel and equipped with all the facilities, several restaurants, including the traditional Bagh Behesht restaurant, the Chamblire restaurant and the French restaurant, are waiting to host guests. In this hotel, children under 5 years old are admitted for free. The largest recreational pier of the beautiful island of Kish is located right in front of this hotel.

6- Kish International Hotel

Kish International Hotel is the best hotel in Kish Island

Kish International Hotel was opened in 2016 and is considered a new hotel. This 14-story hotel with 336 rooms and suites was built on a land of 16,000 square meters and is one of the largest hotels on Kish Island. This hotel is designed in two phases, the first phase of which has 100 rooms and suites, and the second phase is under construction. The location of this hotel is excellent and it is close to Kish entertainment and shopping centers on the island. From the window of the hotel rooms, you can watch the beach, the sea, and the beautiful sunset from a wide view. This hotel is 5 minutes from the city center and 20 minutes from the airport. Hotel facilities and services include free airport transfer, 24-hour room service, central safe deposit box, fire alarm system, free high-speed internet in all rooms and common areas, taxi service, central air conditioning system, fully automatic laundry, breakfast hall, and parking. Dedicated indoor, multi-purpose conference hall, coffee shop, business units, men’s sports complex, women’s sports complex, children’s play complex, restaurant hall with Iranian and Farangi dishes, indoor coffee shop complex with side open space, tennis court with standard and intermediate dimensions international and providing all recreational and tourism services, including island tours, sea game packing, safari, etc.

7- Vida Hotel, Kish

Vida luxury hotel in Kish

Vida Kish Hotel is a newly built hotel that was opened in 2016. This hotel has 9 floors and a total of 144 luxurious and well-equipped rooms and suites. Vida Kish Hotel is located on Moj Boulevard and in the heart of Kish Island, and it is a short distance from the beach and entertainment centers, which is why the hotel is in a unique location. This hotel has indoor swimming pools that are free to use for hotel guests. Vida Kish Hotel offers its guests the latest and best facilities at the level of international standards. Also, the hotel restaurants offer very delicious and desirable food to the guests. Other facilities of the hotel include a buffet breakfast, special ceremonies, an airport shuttle, and free internet services. In addition, sports facilities such as a sauna and jacuzzi, gym, and free swimming pool are available for the guests of Vida Hotel. Also, a 50% discount is offered at the Dolphin Park in Vida Kish Hotel.

8- Parmida Hotel, Kish

Everything about Parmida Kish Hotel

Parmida Kish Hotel was opened in 2013 in the vicinity of the commercial center and in front of Kish City Park. This hotel was originally a 4-star hotel, which was upgraded to 5-star after a series of changes and renovations. Parmida Hotel has 4 floors and a total of 81 rooms and suites with the best facilities and a beautiful design. This hotel is in a very good location and is near the entertainment and tourism centers of the island, the marina, karting, and Kish city park. The hotel has 3 restaurants, conference and meeting halls, and a coffee shop. The experienced and trained staff of the hotel provide excellent and favorable services to the hotel guests.

9- Kourosh Hotel, Kish

Korosh Kish luxury hotel

Kourosh Kish Hotel was built in 2017 in Pardis Square and in Kish Island Dolphin Park, on a land of 100,000 square meters. This hotel is equipped with all international standards. Kurosh Hotel, which has 23 floors and 500 rooms and suites, has facilities such as a swimming pool, air conditioning system, TV, mini bar, telephone, private bathroom with hairdryer, internet, and safety deposit box, as well as a view of all rooms facing the beautiful island of Kish. Are. The hotel has 9 restaurants that offer a variety of international cuisine, including Italian, French, and seafood, and 2 swimming pools. By staying in this hotel, you can easily enjoy the entertainment of Kish.

10- Parmis Hotel, Kish

Parmis Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kish

Parmis Kish Hotel, which was opened in 2015, is an international hotel and one of the largest and most equipped hotels on the beautiful island of Kish. This hotel has 170 rooms and suites and two penthouses and a unique suite for the bride and groom for those who want to spend their honeymoon on this island and facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, billiard room, massage room, and computer games room. . Other facilities of the hotel include facilities such as 4 restaurants offering Persian and International food and cuisine, a traditional restaurant with a very beautiful Safavid era architecture and a Spaghetti House restaurant serving a variety of Italian dishes, a meeting and conference hall according to world standards, a swimming pool, a sauna. , jacuzzi, massage salon, hairdresser, coffee shop, internet cafe, store, car rental. The location of this hotel facilitates access to shopping centers and entertainment places on the island.

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