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A complete list of the cheapest to the most luxurious markets in Kish

The Best Shopping Centers and Markets in Kish

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Psychologists say that shopping reduces stress and even improves depression. Given the current increase in prices are you sure you can enjoy shopping at these prices? We do not have the answer to this question, but we are sure that almost everyone likes to shop while traveling, so let us help you choose the most suitable and best shopping centers in Kish during either your best Iran tours packages or your casual trip to Kish Island.

What are the most famous shopping centers in Kish?

Damoon, Sarina, Marjan, Morwarid, Maryam, Venus, etc. are among the most famous shopping centers in Kish.

Where is the address of Sarina shopping center?

Kish, Khayyam Boulevard, in front of Eram Hotel

Where is the best place to buy fish in Kish?

Kish fish market on Behesht Street is the fish shopping center in Kish.

Where is Roya Mal Kish shopping center?

This market is located between Rudaki Street and the Persian Gulf.

1- Damoon Kish Shopping Center

The terraced food court of Damoon Kish shopping center alone is worth devoting a few hours of your trip to this shopping center.

Damoon has 100 commercial booths and 10 service booths. On the second floor, there is an ice rink and a flight simulator can entertain children.
Address: Vasal St

2- Sarina Commercial-Office Center 1

Sarina 1 shopping center is a combination of office units and store stands. This building center has 10 floors and interesting architecture. All its floors are not commercial, but the available stalls are very diverse. From clothes to computer accessories and home appliances can be found in Sarina 1.
Address: Khayyam Boulevard, in front of Eram Hotel

3- Marjan Commercial and Tourist Mall

The Marjan market is on the east coast of the island and opposite the garden of the same name. The Marjan complex has a longitudinal shape and 260 units. Marjan market is older than other shopping centers in Kish. There are several coffee shops, restaurants, and a food court inside and outside the market.
Address: Marjan Square, Marjan St

4- Morwarid Shopping Center

Morwarid Bazaar is a large collection of shops and stores. The architecture of this shopping center is inspired by Persepolis and the names of each section are ancient names such as Apadana, Persepolis, Pasargad, Pars, and Tisfon.

Considering the size of this market, if you want to visit all the sections, consider at least 3 hours. There are a number of restaurants and fast food inside the market so you can enjoy your snack or lunch whenever you want.
Address: Amirkabir square

5- Maryam Kish Bazaar

If you are looking for affordable shopping in Kish shopping centers, Maryam Market is one of our suggestions.
Most of the stalls in Maryam market are clothes, bags, shoes, and luggage stores. Maryam market is not very big and due to the open space in front of the stalls, it is better to go to this market during the cooler hours of the day.
Address: Sanaz Square

6- Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers

One of the biggest markets in Kish is the two Paradise centers built side by side. Both have interesting architectural buildings. In total, there are nearly 500 business units on Paradise 1 and 2.
Most of the famous domestic and foreign brands have a branch in Paradise. The most famous are sellers of clothes and sports equipment.
The symbol of the Eiffel Tower in front of Paradise 1 and the palm trees inside Paradise 2 are among the beauties of these Kish shopping centers.
Address: between Rudaki and Ferdowsi streets

7- Zeytoun Bazaar

Contrary to its name, the Zeytoun (olive) market is not a center for buying olives. The fame of Zeytoun Bazaar is mostly because of its perfume and cologne sales. Zeytoun market has about 100 business units that are diverse. From clothes, bags, and shoes to food and household appliances are available in this market.
Address: Amirkabir Square, Sahel Blvd

8- Paniz Kish Shopping center

Another shopping center in Kish, which has reasonable prices and a good variety of products, is Paniz Center. The distance between Fardis markets and Paniz is not far, and Roya Mall is 200 meters away from it.
From coffee and chocolate to cosmetics and mobile phones, everything can be found in this market.
Address: between Rudaki and Ferdowsi streets

9- Venus Shopping Center

Venus has 2 floors, but only the first floor is a store. The upper floors are mostly corporate offices. There are almost 300 business units in the Venus Bazaar. Sellers also have a wide variety of goods from low prices to expensive brands.
Address: Sanai St

10- Pars Gulf Market

Most of Kish’s markets are in the east of the island, but there are a few in the north. The northern part of Kish Island is mostly residential towns and the markets of this area have more reasonable prices.
It is one of the markets in the northern region of Pars Gulf. Pars Khaleej has an area of ​​12,000 square meters and the number of active stands is about 150 units. Pars Khaleej products have less variety compared to many branded markets, and most of them are everyday and ordinary products

11- Safin (Arabs Market)

Following the markets of the northern indigenous region, we reach the Safin market or the Arab market. Safin market is one of the oldest on the island and because of its location, most of the local people buy from it.
In any case, if you are looking for relatively cheap goods or goods for daily use, go to this market.
Address: Lark Square, Hamour St

12- Financial Diplomat Shopping Center

Kish Diplomat Market Shopping Center

All Kish shopping centers in the northern region are not considered ordinary and non-branded. Diplomat Mall is one of the spectacular markets of Kish with its beautiful building.
Two floors of this building are dedicated to commercial units and most of them are clothes, food, consumables, toys, and cosmetics stores. The main attraction of Diplomat Mal Kish is its amusement park on the second floor. If you take your children to the market, be sure to visit the second floor.
Address: Lark Square

13- Kish Fish Market

The last market of Kish in the northern region that you may want to visit during your stay is the fish market. As the name suggests, fish caught in the Persian Gulf are sold in this market. This used to be the place of the traditional fish market, but in recent years they built a building for it.
It’s not a big market, but you can definitely find any type of southern fish and shrimp you want. Thanks to the good access to the market, you will find easy access to this market from the best hotel in Kish.
Address: Behesht St

14- Kourosh Brand Center

Every few years, the number of Kish shopping centers is added. One of the newest is the Kourosh Brand Center, which was opened in the east of the island and behind Marjan Bazaar, which was introduced.
Most of the goods in Kourosh shopping center are well-known brands, and most of the customers go to Kourosh looking for luxury goods.
Address: Marjan Square

15- Kish Trade Center

Kish commercial center market

Kish Trade center with 5 floors and about 400 business units is considered one of the big markets in Kish. Due to a large number of sellers, the product variety is also large. The restaurant and coffee shop on the ground floor is also suitable for a short break and enjoying delicious food.
Like most shopping centers in Kish, in this center, a lottery is held for customers on a daily basis.
Address: between Rudaki and Ferdowsi streets

16- Roya Mall, Kish

Roya Mall Kish commercial office complex

Roya Mall has about 150 active business units on 5 floors. From jewelry to all kinds of clothes, toys, and decorative items are sold in Roya Mall.
Address: between Rudaki St. and Fars Gulf

17- Padideh Kish Shopping Center

Padideh Kish project has a town, hotel, beach park, shopping center, and entertainment center, which shopping center was built and opened earlier than others. Among the markets of Kish, Padideh is quieter; Perhaps the reason for this solitude is its location, which is located in the southwest of the island and far from the big eastern markets.
Address: Southwest of Kish, Jahan St

18- Bekhish

Where is Behkish Shopping Center located on Kish Island?

Behkish shopping center includes household goods, furniture, and decoration. Maybe travelers and tourists of Kish are less willing to buy these types of goods while traveling and that is why this market is quieter.

Address: Northwest of Kish Island, Kashani St

20- Padena Shopping center

Padena is not suitable for travelers and tourists who are looking for special or luxury goods. Most of the goods include daily necessities and cheap clothes. Of course, it may be a good choice for those who are looking to buy souvenirs in bulk. Some are close to this shopping center, where you can go to the restaurant after exploring the market and have a full stomach.
Address: Hormoz Square, Iran Blvd
Kish shopping centers for consumer goods
Many travelers who want to stay in Kish for a long time definitely need to buy consumer goods such as fruits and food. Three bazaars named Golestan, Hafez, and Sadaf can be useful for solving such needs.
Their addresses:
Golestan: Shahada Square
Hafez: Ferdowsi St., in front of Paniz shopping center
Sadaf: Khaleej Fars Street, inside Sadaf Town, Binaloud Street

Which is the best shopping center in Kish?

It is difficult to answer this year because on the one hand, the number of Kish shopping centers is large, and on the other hand, it depends on the needs and budget of shopping.
Kourosh Brand Center, Pardis, and Venus are a luxury and expensive markets, and markets like Maryam, Safin, and Padna are better for affordable shopping. Several more malls are under construction and will open soon. Also, keep in mind that all these centers are far from Kish airport.

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