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Introducing the Kish Bird Garden Collection

Birds Garden in Kish

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Kish Birds Garden or Dolphinarium Park!

Maybe this title has confused you a little. But in fact, Kish Birds Park is part of the Kish Dolphinarium. This park, which was built in 2001, was the first dolphin park in Iran and was built by Hossein Sabet, the owner of the Dariush Hotel also in Kish. Kish Aquarium and Kish Dolphinarium Park were and are unique in their kind. In 2013, the ownership of the park was handed over to Seyyed Abdul Reza Mousavi, the owner of Zagros Airlines. Dolphinarium Park is an area of ​​about 100 hectares located in the southeastern part of Kish Island. This park is divided into several parts and the Kish bird garden is one of them.

Parts of the Kish Birds Garden

This garden has 2 separate parts as if they are separate worlds from each other. The first part is what we are all waiting for. The caged birds are part one. The second part is the amazing part of the park. In this section, birds fly freely and an environment completely similar to a forest has been created.

Caged Birds Section

The captive birds’ section includes wild birds and birds that cannot be kept free for any reason. In this section, green and beautiful space has been designed where you can walk by train buses or on foot and visit the birds inside the cage. A sign is installed on each cage with the characteristics of the birds inside the cage. These specifications include the species of birds, their scientific name, habitat, type of feeding and living conditions, and their characteristics.
After passing through the cages, you reach a free space where free and tame birds live comfortably and freely. A net is drawn only to prevent the birds from escaping at a very high height. The living environment of the birds is designed in a way that is similar to their original habitat and provides suitable conditions for their breeding.

Free Birds Section

After you have finished walking in the first part and among the birds in cages, it is time for the most exciting part of the Kish bird garden. In the second part, there are no more cages and birds out of reach.
In the second part, the birds are completely free, just like when they are in their original nature.

By walking in this section and watching the birds fly, eat and antics, it is as if you are in a green forest and your presence does not scare any of these beautiful birds.

What You Will See in the Bird Garden

In this garden, more than 57 species of birds are kept both in cages and in the open space. Types of peacocks, types of green parrots, peacocks, swans, banana-eaters (bird of paradise), crested cranes, ostriches, cascos, Chinese pheasants, and umbrella cockatoos (white parrots). Most of these birds are native to Africa, but birds from other continents have also been brought to the garden.
If you have seen the cartoon Serenity Pitti, you must remember Pilapilla. Pilapilla is actually a type of toucan. Toco Toucan is a blackbird whose throat is colored or white. This beautiful bird has a very big, colorful, and beautiful beak. These beautiful colors make this bird special and attractive. You can see toucans in the Kish bird garden. This smart and playful bird has a friendly and calm demeanor and attracts everyone’s attention.
The African penguin is an endangered species of bird that lives on Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. But you can also see this penguin in Kish Bird Garden. These creatures are charming and small and their height is up to your knee.
These lovely creatures, if they feel threatened, will not face anyone and will hurt you with their sharp beaks. For this reason, they are kept in an enclosed area.
These lovely creatures, if they feel threatened, will not face anyone and will hurt you with their sharp beaks. For this reason, they are kept in an enclosed area.
If you see a monkey or a deer during your visit to the bird park, don’t worry. In addition to birds, some domestic animals are also kept in this garden.
There are also different species of reptiles in a part of the park. including all kinds of snakes, lizards and Gando or short-nosed crocodiles. Gando is the only crocodile native to Pakistan and Iran and the largest reptile in these two countries that you can see in Kish Bird Park. This part of the bird garden is open for visitors when these reptiles have eaten and are resting quietly.
In order for the bird garden to have an environment similar to its habitat, you will see a variety of plant species. For example, laurel tree, palm, eucalyptus, benjamin, some types of flowers such as marshmallow,s and 25 species of cactus.
All in all, if you enjoy being in nature, here, like the Kish marina and the Greek ship of Kish, it is very attractive and spectacular and can entertain you for hours.

Time and Cost to Visit the Dolphinarium and Birds Park

Due to the weather on Kish Island, this complex operates in the second half. You can visit the bird park, saltwater aquarium, and dolphin show by buying the entrance ticket to this collection. This entire visit takes about 3 to 4 hours.

What are the attractions and places of interest near Kish Dolphin Park and Bird Garden?

  • Kish Eiffel Tower: 3.7 km
  • Kish Big Recreational Pier: 4.8 km
  • Kish Beach Park: 5.2 km
  • Harireh Ancient City: 7.9 km
  • Iran House, Kish Island: 10 kilometers

Kish Island is a tourist island and for this reason, it has various accommodations and hotels. So, when you travel to this island with a Kish plane ticket, you will not have a problem with the hotel.

What kind of animals and birds does Kish Birds Garden have?

About 57 types of birds are kept in this garden. These birds were brought to Iran from different countries such as Africa and America since the beginning of the park.

Kish bird garden also has special vegetation. Special species of plants are also kept in this park. In the following, we will name some species of birds and plants in this garden.

  • Different types of peacocks
  • Green parrots
  • Swans
  • Banana chickens
  • Crowned crane
  • Ostriches
  • Saqqah Chicken
  • Chinese pheasants
  • Umbrella cockatoos
  • African penguins

These names are only part of the species of birds kept in this garden. Most of these birds were brought to the garden from Africa.

Which restaurants can you be a guest of when going to Dolphin Park and Bird Garden?

  • Cinnamon restaurant
  • Havari Kish Restaurant
  • Rudaki restaurant
  • Kaban restaurant cafe
  • Barekat Restaurant

which hotels are Near Dolphin Park and Kish Birds Garden?

How to go to the Kish Birds Garden?

The entrance to the Kish bird garden is located in the southeast of the beautiful island of Kish, Marjan Boulevard, Kish Dolphin Park complex. The contact number of Kish bird garden is 07644445237.

If you wish to travel to kish, get more information about our Iran tours, or want to know more about the Kish Birds Garden leave a comment below or contact us via the Whatsapp icon.

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