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Kashan hotels

Kashan Accommodation Guide

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Where to Stay in Kashan?

Kashan is the center of Gulaab or Rose Water and one of the historical cities of Iran with an age of 7 thousand years in the Isfahan province. In addition to the history and antiquity of this city, Kashan’s Fine Garden and the ‘Gulaab-Giri’ (rosewater extraction)n ceremony that is held every year add to the attractions of the trip to Kashan. Every traveler can experience walking in the city’s traditional alleys and among its old buildings and see the beautiful houses of Kashan. You can even stay in one of the historical houses during your trip and experience a unique memory and the hospitality of the warm-hearted people of Kashan. To book a hotel in Kashan, just select the room you want on the IranAmaze website and complete your travel plan in a few minutes. In addition to booking hotels, we also offer all types of Iran tours, so make sure to check those out as well.

Kashan Hotel Reservation

There are a variety of accommodations in the list of hotels in Kashan, Iran. You can book 3-star hotels, guest houses, traditional accommodations, apartment hotels, and eco-friendly accommodations during your trip. Kashan’s traditional and ecotourism accommodations will provide you with a pure experience of Kashan people’s hospitality and you will have a memorable stay in historical houses. To see the list of accommodations in Kashan, just use the filter of traditional or eco-friendly accommodations to quickly find the room you want.

The Price of Kashan Hotels

The prices of Kashan hotels are varied and you can stay in a good and high-quality place with any budget and taste. Iranamaze offers special discounts on many hotels and accommodations in this historical city. By using the price filter, you can see hotels in the same price range. The hotel reservation process is completed quickly and in a few minutes. By subscribing to the Iranamaze newsletter, you will be informed of the latest news and discounts related to Kashan hotels.

List of Good Hotels in Kashan

Traditional accommodations are one of the most popular types of accommodations among travelers. Among the most famous ones, we can mention Khan-e Ameriha Palace, Kashan Yasmin Raheb Hotel, Kasian Palace, and Ariana Traditional Hotel. The comments and high scores recorded by the users of Iranamaze confirm the quality of the accommodations and the best hotels in Kashan. If you want to make a hotel reservation in Kashan at a reasonable price, check out Sayeh Saray Ecotourism Lodge, Negarestan Hotel, or Amirkabir Hotel.

Historical Sights in Kashan

Fin Garden and Hamam, Silk Hills, Agha Bozur Mosque and School, and Kashan National Museum are just some of its attractions. There are also beautiful historical houses in this city, such as the Manochehri house, the Tabatabai house, the Ameri house, and the Boroujerdi house, which are among the most famous. If you travel to Kashan during the Gulaab (rosewater) and Gulaab-Giri (rose water extraction ceremony) season, be sure to visit Qamsar. The traditional market of Kashan is ideal for buying souvenirs and handicrafts.

Why travel to Kashan?

Kashan, the cradle of Iran’s traditional civilization and culture, with more than eight thousand years of urban civilization, pleasant weather, the fragrance of flowers and rose water, eye-catching villages, and turquoise mosques, has a peace that due to its geographical location and distance from Tehran, is the best option. A short trip and a weekend break.

What is the best season to travel to Kashan?

In terms of summer and winter weather, it is not suitable for traveling to desert cities like Kashan. The best season to travel to Kashan is spring and autumn. In the heart of the spring season, from May 15 to 25 every year, the time of Gulab-Giri comes, and probably the best time to travel to Kashan is this time. In this case, you have traveled to Kashan for a good time in terms of the weather, and you will visit Niaser village and its Gulab-Giri ceremony.

How to go to Kashan?

Kashan has a good road, a bus and train station, and an airport that is 12 kilometers away from the city. Private car, bus, train, and plane. All options of transportation to Kashan are available and you can choose a choice according to your time and patience. In addition to booking a hotel in Kashan, you can also buy a plane, train, or bus ticket to Kashan online and have a complete plan for your trip to Kashan.

What is the price of a hotel in Kashan?

In Kashan, although there is no variety of stars in hotels, there is a wide variety of prices so that travelers with any budget can choose. Among more than 40 hotels and residences on the page of hotels in Kashan, Iran, you can find a room with a price of 70 thousand tomans to 2 million tomans. Of course, the prices above 1 million Tomans are for rooms with a capacity for more people and suites that have more facilities than the room.

How many stars do the best hotels in Kashan have?

Don’t look for hotel stars to stay in Kashan. In Kashan, the age of the residence and the type of restoration determines its quality, grade, and star. There is no news of a 5-star luxury hotel. Kashan is a city of authentic, artistic, and traditional Iranian architecture. After staying in hotels, boutique hotels, and traditional residences without stars, enjoy Kashan. You can search and check any type of accommodation in which you intend to stay with the accommodation type filter on the Kashan Iranamaze hotel reservation page.

How to book hotels in Kashan at the best price?

The pride of Iranamaze has always been and is cooperating with warm and hospitable Iranian people everywhere in this land. Our business partners in Kashan have never left us alone in the promise of guaranteeing the best price that Iranamaze has given to its customers. With the best deals with quality hotels in Kashan, Iranamaze always shows the best prices to travelers in the form of promotions and advertising campaigns, and you can get faster access to these special offers by subscribing to the website and newsletter. If you are looking to book cheap hotels in Kashan, you can choose hotels with the best price on the date of your trip and book them online using the “lowest price” or “highest discount” filter on the Kashan Iranamaze hotel reservation page.

Where should we go on our trip to Kashan and what souvenirs should we buy?

Kashan is known as a historical and civilized city. So expect to see the entire magnificent historical attraction. Fin’s garden and bath, Boroujerdi’s house, Tabatabai’s house, Kashan Jame Mosque, Agha Bozorg School and Mosque, Kashan Traditional Market, Kashan National Museum, Ameri’s House, Manouchehri House, and dozens of other mosques and historical houses in Kashan city for tourists to visit and restore and restore. have been kept Kashan also has several unique villages, each of which has its own attractions. Niyasar village with fire temple and cave, Qamsar village with Mohammadi flower fields, Noushabad village and underground city, Abyaneh high village with beautiful and special architecture, Mashhad Ardahal village and Sohrab Sepehari tomb, are all sights that mark the journey of Kashan. When traveling to Kashan, don’t forget to visit restaurants serving local Kashan food. Be sure to try Sumak Water Dumplings, Chickpea Shefte, Eggplant Shefte, Meat and Beans, Abgousht Ba, and Tas Kebab Kashan. You can also bring souvenirs of this kind from this trip full of art, color, and fragrance. Rose water, rose buds for tea and tea, mint liquor, burdock root, spring orange, Kashan baklava, cookies and pashmak are Kashan foods and there is no shortage of handicrafts and art to buy. From carpets and rugs to turquoise blue pottery and tiles. You can get all these souvenirs from the historical market of Kashan.

Where are the best hotels in Kashan?

The advantage of traveling and staying in Kashan is that you can stay in historical houses. Probably the best hotels for tourists interested in the historical context of Kashan are these traditional residences. Most of these residences are built around Kamal-ul-Mulk Square in Kashan. On the Kashan Iranamaze hotel reservation page, by reading the hotel descriptions and seeing the location of each hotel on the map, you can easily choose your accommodation in any part of Kashan you like.

Guide to Kashan hotels; From luxury and modern to traditional and cheap

Kashan is a tourist city in Isfahan province, which has gained world fame due to its rich history and old houses. Every year, thousands of travelers from all over the world travel to Kashan and are looking for the best hotels in Kashan so that they can enjoy their stay in addition to visiting the historical and natural attractions of the city. If you have not traveled to this city before and you intend to book a hotel in Kashan, stay with us until the end of this article.

1- Saraye Ameriha Hotel, Kashan

Perhaps it is possible to mention Saraye Ameriha Hotel as the best hotel in Kashan. With five stars and acceptable facilities, Ameri Hotel is considered the best traditional hotel in Kashan and a historical attraction in itself. This hotel, which is located on Alavi Street in Kashan, is one of the most beautiful historical houses in Kashan, which was renovated in 1999, and its extremely attractive interior architecture takes the hotel guests to the Zandiye era. At the same time, it has the most complete equipment and accommodation facilities according to the standards of the world.

The facilities of Saraye Ameriha Kashan Hotel include a restaurant, coffee shop, conference hall, Internet, Internet cafe, taxi service, gallery, conference hall, spa hall, restaurant, heating, and cooling system, a special room for the disabled, house pool, commercial stands, etc. The accommodation units of Saraye Ameriha include Shahneshin, Eyani room, and two-person cabins.

 2- Negarestan Hotel

If we want to introduce the best hotel in Kashan, which is non-traditional and modern, we can mention Negarestan Hotel. This four-star hotel started working in 2010 and its second phase is under construction. Negarestan Hotel has facilities such as free internet, a traditional restaurant, foreign restaurant, coffee shop, billiard table, reception hall, non-free massage, outdoor parking, etc. In the second phase, facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, shop, etc. will be added to the complex. Negarestan Hotel is located at the end of Amir Kabir Street and next to Fin Kashan Garden.

3- Amir Kabir Hotel

Another one of the best hotels in Kashan, which is not traditional, is the three-star Amir Kabir Hotel. This hotel has 100 accommodation units and offers acceptable services and amenities to its guests in a modern atmosphere. The facilities of this hotel include a coffee shop, restaurant, green space, store, billiard table, gym, internet, and a prayer room. Amirkabir Kashan Hotel is located on Amirkabir Kashan Street, near Bagh Fin.

The Best Traditional Hotels in Kashan

As mentioned, Kashan is a historical city where you can find very good traditional hotels. Above, we got acquainted with Ameri Hotel as the best traditional hotel in Kashan, in the following we will mention a number of other best traditional hotels in Kashan. Most of these traditional residences are old and historical Kashan houses that have been renovated and changed.

1- Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

The four-star Mahinestan Raheb Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kashan, which dates back to the Qajar era. The wooden doors and colored windows around the courtyard of this old house captivate the hotel guests upon arrival. The cultural heritage organization has given this hotel the title of the most luxurious historical residence and tourists can enjoy modern facilities in a traditional atmosphere.

Renovation and renovation of Mahin Saraye Raheb Hotel in Kashan were completed in 2014 and since then it has been used as a residence. Mahinstan Rahab Traditional Hotel, which has two floors and three inner, outer, and crew yards, is located on Fazel Naraghi Street and is close to the historical attractions of Kashan, such as the house of the Borujerdis, Bagh Fin, the historical market of Kashan and the house of the Tabatabai’s. The facilities of this hotel include traditional restaurant, coffee shop, green space, laundry service, internet, conference hall, safety deposit box, etc.

2- Morshidi’s Traditional House Hotel

Morshidi House in Kashan, with a history of 250 years, today is considered one of the traditional hotels of Kashan, which is located in the old context of Kashan city. Authentic traditional architecture, hand-woven carpets, wooden windows, and colored glass are among the attractions of this four-star hotel, which promises you a memorable stay along with the full services and facilities of the hotel. Among these hotel facilities, we can mention the restaurant, pantry, internet, tourism tour, traditional pond and treasury, massage services, green space, parking, and the presence of a toilet and bathroom in each room.

Morshidi Traditional Hotel is located in Kamalul-Molk Square, Kashan, on Mulla Habiboleh Sharif Street, and it is a short distance from historical attractions such as the house of the Borujerdi family and the house of the Tabatabai family. Morshidi’s house is considered a tourist attraction in itself and you should not miss visiting the carpet weaving workshop and relaxing in its cozy teahouse.

3- Manouchehri Hotel

Manouchehri Hotel can also be considered the best hotel in Kashan because of its unique traditional architecture and its 400-year-old history. After several years of restoration, Manouchehri Hotel became a traditional hotel in 2011. The accommodation units of this three-star hotel face the garden, the courtyard, and the water view and are located in three corners of the inner courtyard.

The dining room with beautiful traditional decoration and sash windows, a modern movie theater in the old water storage, and a textile workshop in the cellar are some of the attractions of this traditional Kashan hotel. The facilities of this hotel, which is located on Mohtsham Kashani Street, include a restaurant, green space, gallery, internet, taxi service, desk, safe deposit box, air conditioning, etc.

4- Ariana Traditional Hotel

Four-star Ariana Hotel is one of the best traditional hotels in Kashan, which is located in the neighborhood of Isfahan Gate. The narrow and wooden entrance door with a head of blue tiles, wind deflectors, a basement, and an attractive souvenir and handicraft shop are among the charms of this hundred-year-old house, which, along with modern facilities such as a spa, sauna, and massage room, promises a pleasant stay to hotel guests. This hotel, which was put into operation in 2014, has two large courtyards and 10 accommodation units in the main courtyard and 7 rooms in the second courtyard.

5- Sourijan Boutique Hotel

Sourijan Traditional Residence is one of the most beautiful old houses in Kashan, which started operating as a boutique hotel in 2018 with more than 250 years of history. This traditional Kashan hotel has two floors and 8 accommodation units. The windows of the rooms are open to the yard and therefore they are mostly bright and airy.

This residence is located in the old neighborhood of Surijan, Kashan, and has good access to tourist attractions such as the historical bath of Sultan Mir Ahmad, the historical houses of Tabatabai and Borujerdi houses, and it is also close to the traditional market of Kashan. The facilities of Sourijan Traditional House include open parking, English-speaking staff, a local guide, free internet, and a heating and cooling system. Surijan Traditional Residence is located on Fazel Naraghi Street.

Kashan Residences

As you noticed, there are many traditional hotels and accommodations in Kashan, some of which were introduced as traditional hotels, but if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Kashan that also has a traditional atmosphere, there are many options among Kashan accommodations. You will find accommodation. Therefore, after getting acquainted with the best hotel in Kashan, we will introduce you to a number of other accommodations in this city

Saraye Agha Mohammad Ecotourism Residence: Another old house in Kashan, which dates back to the Zandiya period and was renovated in 2017, is Sarai Agha Mohammad, which is located on Mulla Habibullah Sharif Street in Kashan and has facilities such as high-speed internet, It has a traditional restaurant and tea house.

Sayeh Saray Ecotourism Lodge: If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Kashan that has good quality and facilities, Sarai Sayeh Lodge is a good choice. This 200-year-old residence is located on Fazel Naraghi Street and has a neat courtyard. In this residence, it is possible for guests to order traditional homemade food.

Saraye Amir Traditional Residence: the old house of Sarai Amir with colored glass and beautiful architecture is ready to welcome guests. This residence is also located on Fazel Naraghi Street and near Agha Bozor Mosque and has facilities such as a coffee shop, tour services, housekeeping services, and a public kitchen.

Saraye Darb Bagh Traditional Residence: Darb Bagh traditional residence is more than 100 years old and located in a convenient location in Kashan, which is located next to Agha Bozor Mosque and School. From the coffee shop on the roof of the hotel, you can watch the historical city of Kashan.

If you want to visit Kashan and its closeby desert, check out our 2-Day Maranjab Desert & Kashan Tour.

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