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Renting a Car in Iran

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The flat roads in the heart of pure nature towards the blue horizon… the road calls on you! Sea, jungle, or mountain? Where are you going to go? Turn on the car and push the gas pedal to ride towards your destination in Iran.

Many tourists travel to Iran on an Iran tour. They are going to experience an adventure like nowhere else. Yet, many other tourists and adventurers like it on their own. They prefer traveling self-reliant. So, they need a vehicle. Traveling between Iran cities is easier and affordable on roads. And, if you are of those self-reliant travelers, you can think of a car rental.

Here, we are going to provide you with a thorough guide on car rental in Iran. You will know how to find one, how to pay, and other stories.

Why Do You Need to Rent A Car in Iran?

A personal car allows you to have a flexible plan for your plan. You are in authority of your itinerary. The start and end of the day are on your own. Therefore, there is no limitation for you. This is an important point if you are looking for a restrictions-free journey. Driving your car, you can choose where and when to stop or leave. You can visit off-road places and sites. And, since it is not possible in most cases to travel in your vehicle, car rental in Iran is the best option.

How Can You Rent a Car in Iran?

The first and the most available way is to go to the car rental agencies at the Imam Khomeini International Airport. The process would be the same as in many places worldwide. Leave a guarantee, get the keys, drive to your destinations, get back and return the keys, take your guarantee back, and finished.

If you book it online, choose the pick-up and drop-off locations and hours. The shortest term for renting a car is three days.

Some qualifications are needed, of course. You must be at least 18 (for some agencies it is 21). No need to say that you must have an international driving license for driving a vehicle in Iran. In case you have none, the credible driving license of your country is valid in Iran for six months. You’d better have a translation of it with you to deliver it to the police if needed.

How Can You Rent A Car in Iran

Self-Driven Car or Chauffeur-Driven?

You want a rental car to hit Iran roads, yet for any reason, you decide not to drive the rental car. You can ask the agency for a chauffeur-driven car for your trip. This is especially suggested for travelers from the USA, UK, and Canada. Citizens of these three countries aren’t allowed to travel to Iran alone. They have to take an Iran tour or at least an Iran tour guide to accompany them. A tour leader driver will fix all these problems.

How to Get an International Driving License in Iran?

You must apply for one at the office of the Tour & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There, you fill out a form for getting an international driving license (IDP). Submit it with your valid driving license or passport and picture. Pay the required fee and wait for the license to be Issued.

How Should You Pay for the Rental Car?

Usually, the agency asks for a deposit and an insurance fee. It is about 300 5000 Euros. When you return the car, your deposit will be paid back. It may happen that some agencies keep a small amount of the paid money for the probable driving fines. The cash will be sent back in about 2-3 months.

Can You Use Your Credit Card in Iran?

There is a point we should speak of here. International credit cards are not valid in Iran, due to the sanctions. But, do not feel nervous. There is this tourist card, MahCard, designed for foreign travelers to Iran. You can get one on your arrival at the Airports. Then on, your payments would be more secure and manageable than paying in cash.

What Is the Required Guarantee to Rent Car?

You can deliver your passport, visa, or valid driving license to the car rental agency.

Can You Rent a Car in All Iran Cities?

Most car rental agencies have offices in Iran’s big cities, including Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, which are on Iran’s main tourist routes. Mashad, Tabriz, Rasht, and Bandar Abbas are also on the list. The agencies provide good services online. Thus, you can coordinate your plans, choose your desired car, and pay in advance before your trip. Europcar, Saadat rent, and Takseir are some of these professional agencies with offices in different cities and even at airports.

Cost of Renting a Car in Iran?

Regarding the low gas price and pay-toll in Iran, driving a car is not much expensive. And, the rent price varies based on different factors. The car model, the duration of the rent, the mileage you drive, and whether you want a driver or not, are the factors to be considered. The agencies have developed economic options to make it affordable for any traveler. Renting Iranian cars like Dena, Samand, Or older models of foreign cars such as Peugeot 206 cost you less, from about 18 to 30 Euros per day.

When it comes to modern models and luxury vehicles, the prices rise, relatively. Toyota, BMW, Kia, Mercedes, Hyundai, and even Porsche are all available as rental cars in Iran. Hyundai cars are the most popular models for driving around the country. These luxury models start from 80 to about 300 Euros per day. Extra equipment like a travel table and tent, baby seat, chains, and bikes are also provided by some agencies for a low rental price.

How Much Is It to Rent a Car in Iran

Rental Car Mileage Limitations

Despite other countries, rental cars have no mileage limitation in Iran. Drive with peace of mind from north to south or from west to east and enjoy the landscapes and beauties of Iran nature.

How Long Can You Rent a Car?

The car rental can be for several hours, a day, or a week or so. This is the short-term rent. But if you want a car for a longer term, it should be more than 28 days and less than 365 days. The long-term rent has some benefits as follows:

  • You can change the car if it doesn’t satisfy you.
  • Maintenance services cover the whole chosen period of time.
  • Insurance services are available during both terms.
  • And You will obtain a traffic license.


If you are seeking an adventure, want a flexible itinerary on your own, and prefer to discover the unseen Iran attractions personally, renting a car is the best choice. Many reliable rental car agencies are ready to offer you their professional services. They are devoted to supporting you from the very moment you sign a contract. And, then the story of your journey begins with a ready-to-go vehicle on the grayish roads.

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