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Esteghlal Hotel, Tehran

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General Information About Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

In Tehran, you have probably passed by the intersection of Parkway, and the grandeur of the two tall white towers in this area has attracted your attention. This is Tehran’s Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, which in the past was known by its former name, Royal Hilton Hotel. This 5-star hotel was opened in 1962 as the Tehran branch of Hilton International Hotels. After the Islamic Revolution, the hotel’s name was changed to Esteghlal, and in the 1970s, it joined the Parsian Hotels Group.

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel has two western and eastern wings. Its western wing was built and opened in the same year 1962 with 15 floors. The east wing was put into operation ten years later, that is, in 1972. The eastern tower has been renovated several times. Therefore, compared to the west wing of the Esteghlal Hotel, it is more modern and has newer facilities and equipment.

The working hours of the Esteghlal Hotel Tehran pool are in shifts every day from 9:00 to 11:00 at night. The hotel’s day-use and economy rooms do not have breakfast and cannot be canceled. Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran is not within regulated vehicle access areas.

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The Rooms of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel has a total of 552 rooms in the western and eastern towers. This hotel includes single, double, junior, and royal suites.

All hotel rooms have a terrace, some have a mountain view, and some have a city view. The view of the East Wing Standard Suite is only facing the mountain and has a double bed in the bedroom. In addition to the bedroom, this suite also has a living room with comfortable and luxurious furniture.

The most luxurious suite of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is the Royal Suite. This suite has a mountain view, and inside the room, there is a dining table and a meeting room, a massage chair, a jacuzzi, a bathtub, a living room with the most luxurious furniture, and all facilities of this luxury suite. The western tower of the hotel is currently under renovation, and it is not possible to reserve its rooms and suites, and only the eastern wing can be used.

Compared with other similar hotels in Tehran, the prices of the Esteghlal Hotel are quite reasonable. Although this hotel is one of the most luxurious, long-established, and few five-star hotels in Tehran, its prices are very economical due to seasonal travel discounts and various seasonal festivals.

Indoor Activities at Esteghlal Hotel

Indoor swimming pool: With its gorgeous lighting and design this free-of-charge indoor pool will make you feel at home.
Jacuzzis and saunas: The high temperatures and humidity help with muscle pain and arthritic joints. A great way to unwind is with heat. The hotel’s saunas and Jacuzzis are free of charge and open seven days a week.
Spa and massage parlor: Massage has been found by researchers to be beneficial for a variety of anxieties, digestive problems, headaches, stress-related insomnia, sports injuries, and back pain. The Esteghlal spa and massage parlor can be a great place to unwind in a busy city like Tehran.
Other amenities offered by our five-star hotel include a hand-made carpet and rug shop, a gold and jewelry store, an antique shop, a painting shop, a store for handicrafts, and a gym.

 Facilities of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Along with all the features and privileges of the Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran, this hotel has a strategic location. This position has made it the first choice of many travelers for hotel reservations in Tehran.

This large five-star hotel is located at the shortest distance from the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. The Broadcasting Conference Center, the Summit Hall, Tajrish Square, Shahid Beheshti University, and many other vital places in Tehran are also nearby. If you have traveled to Tehran with the intention of sightseeing and recreation, due to the excellent access of Esteghlal Hotel to the tourist attractions of Tehran, such as Ferdows Garden, Saadabad Museum Palace, Niavaran Palace, Darband, Darakeh, Tabiat Bridge, Baam-e Tehran and… Booking the Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran will be an ideal choice.

In addition, the services and facilities offered by Parsian Esteghlal Hotel as a five-star hotel to its travelers and guests have always been exemplary examples in the hotel industry. Many hotels in Iran have modeled Tehran’s Esteghlal Hotel in providing the best and highest quality services.

Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet, 24-hour room service, 24-hour housekeeping, LCD TV, satellite, cable TV for movies, safety deposit box, balcony with a view of the city and the mountains of northern Tehran, and the possibility of smoking in the room, cooling and heating system, Refrigerator, mini bar, bathroom, tub, toilet, hair dryer, iron, desk, dressing table, etc.

But the facilities of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran are not only limited to these items. By booking the Esteghlal Hotel, you can use the hotel’s extensive breakfast, high-capacity parking, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, tennis court and unlimited internet in the hotel lobby for free. Laundry services, business center, souvenir shopping center, handicraft booth, bank ATM, currency exchange, men’s barber shop, etc., are among the other services offered in this unique hotel.

The diverse and numerous restaurants and coffee shops of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel are one of the reasons that make it a five-star hotel, the destination of many guests for eating and drinking in a cozy and ideal atmosphere.

The large lobby of the Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran, is famous and popular. Every day, this lobby receives a large number of people who choose this place for their business and personal appointments.

Rose, Citadel, Khatun traditional restaurant, and the many other Italian, French, and Arabic restaurants of Esteghlal Hotel are also ready to serve guests staying in the hotel as well as people who come from outside the hotel with their varied and attractive food menus as well as unique and eye-catching atmosphere and decoration.

But as much as we know about the countless privileges and features of Esteghlal Hotel, on the one hand, the reception halls and holding ceremonies of this five-star hotel are on the other!

Darya Noor Hall of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran can definitely be considered as one of the most beautiful, largest, and most magnificent reception halls in the country. The significant feature of this hall, in addition to its splendor and stunning beauty, is that it is pillarless. This issue makes it possible to hold all kinds of celebrations, big conferences, and official and family events and receive 1000 guests easily and in its best form with all sorts of arrangements suitable for different occasions.

With a wholly French and nostalgic atmosphere, the Nofel Loshato (Neauphle-le-Chateau) hall, along with the Yas 1 and Yas 2 halls, are each very suitable for holding all kinds of parties, banquets, and ceremonies with the capacity for 150 guests.

If you plan to hold business meetings or training workshops with 10 to 20 guests in an ideal atmosphere with advanced and diverse audio and video facilities, you can use Parsian Esteghlal Hotel’s meeting rooms.

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