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Desert Stars

Desert Star-Gazing in Iran

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One of the most attractive places and natural attractions for Iran tour travelers to the desert areas. Among scientists and tourists, you will find many people who are interested in astronomy and observing the night sky.

However, where can you go to watch the Milky Way galaxy without any light disturbances? Where can you see night sky phenomena such as meteor showers, some of which occur several times a year? Elie Gesht Tourism Magazine introduces you to the best desert areas of Iran that are suitable for observing the night sky.

One of the most famous and best deserts for observing the night sky and stars is the Maranjab desert. This desert has a very good location for desert climbing due to its proximity to Tehran province and its location between Qom and Kashan. Therefore, apart from astronomy and astronomy enthusiasts, it also attracts desert lovers and desert entertainers.

In this area, for the stay of guests and tourists, Marnjab Caravanserai is renovated and used for overnight stays. After visiting the night sky telescope or important astronomical events, get ready for a day trip and have fun in this desert. This desert is located on the edge of Kavir National Park and for this reason, walking tours are also held in the desert.

Other attractions around it are the underground city of Noshabad near the villages of Aran va Bidgol, as well as the salt lake of Qom. Reservoirs, Dastkand wells, caravanserais, and vegetation with desert shrubs are other attractions that you can visit during the day.

Note: To observe the night sky and move on the road leading to the Marnjab desert, be very careful and do not get off the road in any way. Because there are swampy paths around that are dangerous.

Access route: After reaching Kashan, you must follow the route of Aran va Bidgol villages. On the road of Aran va Bidgol villages and after passing the first exit of Kashan, which has a gas station next to it, enter the road on the right. On this road, move towards Maranjab village and salt lake. 4 km left to Marnjab village, another dirt road was reached.

On this dirt road, you have to go 25 km to reach the first way to reach the salt lake. This road is located on the left side of the road and if you drive 5 km on it, you will reach water reservoirs and sand dunes and finally at the end of the salt lake and caravanserai.

Kalut of Shahdad Desert

One of the most attractive natures of Iran, which is also considered an important geological phenomenon of our country, is the Kaluts of Shahdad. Although there is an access route from South Khorasan to the northern parts of the Lut Desert in this area, we suggest that you go to this area from Kerman province to observe the night sky. In fact, the best way to reach the cliffs of Shahdad is through Kerman. But what geological phenomena are Kaluts?

Kaluts are actually mountains of sand that have stuck together over time. Eventually, they created a mountain-like complication called a Kalut. The strange shapes of the Kalut stop any passerby on these roads, even for a moment. There is a road in this desert that connects the city of Nehbandan in South Khorasan to the city of Shahdad in the east and northeast of Kerman.

In the path of the Kaluts of Shahdad, caper-like camps have been built where you can stay at night and easily observe the Milky Way galaxy and the night sky.

Also, the amenities of this complex, including sanitary services and access to drinking water, make the stay of tourists easier. Although there are large projector lights inside the camp, if you walk a little towards the areas outside the camp, you will reach a completely dark and safe area. Select this place to observe the night sky. We also suggest going with the group to dark areas away from the camp

Attractions around Shahdad Kaluts include underground reservoirs in the heart of the desert, brick cities, and, of course, cold areas such as Sirch and Bagh-e Bala. If you go to Shahdad, you can also visit the city of dwarves or the ancient city of this region.

Access route: Enter Mahan road from Kerman. On the road to Mahan (Haft Bagh Road), cover a distance of 20 km to reach a crossroads. At the three lanes of the left road, continue to Sirch and finally Shahdad. Remember that before reaching Shahdad, you have to enter Nehbandan road to reach Shahdad camp.

Matin Abad Desert

Matin Abad Desert

Matin Abad Desert gets its name from the village adjacent to this desert and is one of the best desert destinations in Iran for desert climbers and nature lovers. If you decide to travel to the deserts of Iran and live in cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, or other provinces between these provinces, choose the Matinabad desert. Due to its convenient distance from the cities of Tehran and Isfahan, it can be a good place to observe the night sky. Have a two-day and one-night itinerary for Matin Abad Camp and on the weekend.

From these cities, you will reach this desert in a short distance and you can easily stay in Matin Abad desert for a starry night. The camp in this desert is newly built; Therefore, all amenities for accommodation such as cooling or heating facilities are provided.

For an overnight stay, you can choose from a tent camp, thatched hut, and modern rooms. This feature has made it possible for you to enter the Matin Abad desert to observe the night sky in any season.

Access route: Take the Qom freeway route to Kashan and Isfahan. About 60 km that you passed through Kashan, you reached the exit of Abyaneh and Badrud. After exiting the freeway, you must follow the path on the right side of the road that leads to Badroud. After Badrud, take the path of the signs to the Matin Abad desert. Along the way, you must pass the villages of Khalidabad, Dehbad, and Fami.

The road of Matin Abad desert camp is located in front of the village and is dirt. Before reaching Matin Abad village, drive the two-kilometer road of the camp to reach a suitable place to observe the night sky.

Zamanabad Desert in Khaar Touran, Semnan

One of the deserts of Iran, which has an area with protected habitat, is in the Semnan province and of course Khaar Touran. This region in the central Iran desert tour is famous for its proximity to the northern borders of the central desert and having wildlife of native Iranian animals (Persian cheetah and Persian grave). It is also one of the best places to observe the night sky for tourists living in Semnan or Khorasan Razavi province.

Fortunately, the access route to the Zamanabad desert is asphalt and you can easily reach this place. To stay, go to the eco-lodge and the house of the residents in the village of Zamanabad. Other attractions of this place include camel riding and desert climbing. If you are away from the village with a guide, you can observe the night sky.

Zamanabad desert in Khartouran, Semnan

Access route: From Semnan, take the Mashhad route. Cross the city of Miami. Before reaching Shahroud, enter Biarjamand road on your right. From this city, take the route of Khankhodi and Kashmar roads and after driving 110 km, you will reach Zamanabad. The village of Reza Abad in the vicinity can also be another place to observe the night sky.

Mazinan Desert in Davarzan County

Mazinan Davarzan desert is also one of the best desert natures in the country, which is located on the northern edge of the central desert. The salt desert region and the salt marshes that have been created along the Sab Shoor river in the central desert of Iran can also be other attractions of the Mazinan desert.

Although many groups and tours enter the Mazinan Desert to observe the night sky and spend the night in this place, we suggest that you do not camp alone in these deserts. Read the safety tips for traveling to the deserts of Iran and be sure to watch out for wild animals in these areas

If you enter this area as a group, you will not have any worries about this issue. Mazinan village has a very clean eco-lodge that has prepared rooms in a rural style for tourists to stay in. We also suggest you try the local food of this village, which is prepared entirely from the products of the villagers.

Access route: On the Semnan-Mashhad road, you must pass the city of Shahroud. After reaching the city of Davarzan, continue the crossroads that lead to Mazinan to reach the village of Mazinan and then the desert of Mazinan.

Khour Village (Khosf) in South Khorasan

Although there are beautiful deserts in all desert areas of Khorasan Razavi province, such as the desert on the outskirts of cities such as Ferdows and Bashravieh, in this area, we will introduce the only desert of Khour village to you. We remind you that every year a very long desert trip starts from the city of Boshrouyeh, which you can easily register for at the beginning of the autumn season and the end of the summer season.

Khor village (Khosf) of South Khorasan

Like other desert villages in Iran, this village and surrounding villages such as Hemmatabad are full of brick houses with windbreaks and narrow, winding alleys that attract any tourist. Imagine entering a small sample of the city of Yazd but in smaller dimensions. Other attractions that you can visit in this village during the day are the brick castle, Khour water Springs, Godeh valley, and the village water reservoir.

Access route: Take Tabas to Birjand road. After passing Dehuk, you will reach Arababad village. From here, leave Birjand and enter another road. At the Arababad intersection, choose the road on the left and after 126 km from Arababad, reach the village of Khour (Khosf).

Mesr Desert

This desert is next to the desert of Khour Village and is one of the most famous desert areas of Iran, which shows you the most starry view when observing the night sky, is a desert area next to the Mesr village with the Mesr caravanserai. Although this village is located in Isfahan province, you have to choose the route of Tabas Golshan to reach it. Many astronomical and observation tours are held for this region.

Although this place is a long way from the capital, for the people of Kashan, Isfahan, South Khorasan, and Yazd, it can be a good place for desert climbing and sky observation.

Numerous eco-lodges and houses have been built for accommodation in the village. You can also go to the village of Farahzad near Mesr. If you go from Semnan and Jandagh to the village, you can also see the Jandaq waterfall on the way.

Access route: If you are moving from Semnan, you should take the Hosseinian road and after reaching Jandaq, take the village route. From Kashan, you have to take the route that goes to Birjand and Tabas Golshan. After Nain and Anarak you should take the Jandaq route to the desert.

If you are interested in traveling to the desert, check out our seven-day Mesr desert for a relaxing week in Iran desert wonders.

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