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Best Things To Do In Summer In Iran

Explaining how summers in Iran are like, what are the best summer activities, what places tourists should visit, and what’s the best to eat in summer in Iran.

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A cool wind touches your face while the hot summer sun is shining at you. This is probably not what you would imagine if someone had asked you to think about summer in Iran. Considering the stereotypes about Iran, you wouldn’t imagine pleasant weather in Iran during the summer. Your imagination would be more similar to a burning sun in the middle of the desert, hot winds, and perhaps sand storms. But what are the summers in Iran really like? And more importantly, what kind of activities can you do during summers in Iran? By knowing about the weather and the places you could go to, you can simply have the best summer holiday in Iran.


Following, in IranAmaze Iran travel agency we will tell you more about the weather, activities, and the food you can eat during the summer in Iran.

How Hot is Iran in The Summer?

The answer to this question can give you more insight to travel to Iran during the summer. Iran is a vast country with different climates in each part of it. Also, Iran is a 4 season country. In other words, during the spring and the fall, the weather is moderate and more pleasant. Iran has hot summers and cold winters. The level of hotness in the summer varies in each region of Iran. The southern parts of Iran are closer to the equator and get very hot during the summer.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the summer is the northern beach of Iran

On the other hand, the mountainous cities in the west and northwest of Iran are much cooler during the summer. A positive aspect of the summers in Iran is that Iran is mostly arid. The lack of humidity in most parts of Iran makes it easier to deal with the hot weather.



It’s The Best Time for Trekking!

Visiting the deserts when you are traveling to Iran during summer is definitely not a good plan. However, there are other ways of enjoying nature in Iran when spending the summer in Iran. Iran is a mountainous country. It has multiple high peaks that attract mountaineers from around the world, including the highest volcanic summit in Asia. Because of the freezing weather at these peaks in the winter, climbing them during the cold season is very hard. Also, it can be dangerous for climbers. However, summer is the best time for conquering the mountains in Iran. The peak of these mountains has more moderate weather in the summers. Also, away from the dangers and challenges of the cold weather, mountaineers can experience more pleasant climbing.

If you are interested in trekking, summer is the best time to conquer the highest peak in Middle East

Moreover, there are other perks for climbing the Iranian peaks in summer. Many of the mountains in Iran have natural attractions such as lakes and waterfalls on top of them. The best time for visiting these attractions is during summer. For instance, there is a mysterious lake at the top of Mount Sabalan at the height of 4811. Most of the time of the year, the lake is frozen except in summer. Also, the Ice Waterfall near the peak of Mount Damavand is another example of these natural attractions. This waterfall is wholly frozen except for the summers when you can see a narrow flow of water on it.

Best Trails for Trekking in Summer

As we mentioned above, one of the best activities, when you are spending the summer in Iran is trekking. Following, we will introduce some of the most popular and best trekking trails in Iran. Each of these peaks has a unique nature that distinguishes them from others.

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Damavand is the highest volcano peak in Asia and home to a diverse range of animal species as well as plant species. One of the cool things about Damavand in summer is that you can see more animals and plants.

Read More: Damavand Tours


Alam-Kuh in Alborz mountain range and is an excellent place for rock climbing due to its rocky nature. The heavy snowing and risks of an avalanche are higher in the fall, winter, and spring. So, summer is the best time for trekking Alam-Kuh.

Alam-Kuh in Alborz mountain range and is an excellent place for rock climbing due to its rocky nature.



Sabalan is a volcanic mountain in the Alborz mountains and is covered with snow most of the year. However, hot weather in summer lets you ascend Sabalan without needing professional equipment.

Sabalan Peak in northwestern Iran is one of the most popular mountains for trekking

Best Regions for Spending the Summer in Iran

Iran’s climate changes in different areas. Spending the summer in Iran in its northern and western regions can be easier for tourists who dislike hot weather. Moreover, the lush jungles and lush forests in these regions plus cultural attractions make visiting these regions more pleasurable. Following, I will introduce some of the places you could visit during the summer in Iran.



Kurdistan Province

If you have any interest in mountainous nature and unique subcultures, Kurdistan can be an excellent choice for your Iran summer traveling. Because of its location near the Zagros mountain range, Kurdistan is full of terraced villages on mountain slopes. For example, Palangan village is one of such villages that dates back to almost 2000 years ago. Moreover, another feature of the beauties in Kurdistan is Zrebar lake. The springs below this lake supply its water, and the flowing plants on it are home to different animal species.

The springs below Zrebar lake supply its water, and the flowing plants on it are home to different animal species.

Furthermore, besides the big cities full of life, there are also serene villages in which there are tribes of nomads. The nomads live in tune with nature, and they immigrate based on seasons. Moreover, they travel with their cattle and live in tents. Joining the nomads and experiencing their lifestyle can be a great experience for the tourists visiting Iran.

West & East Azerbaijan Province

From the homes excavated inside volcanic rocks at Kandovan ancient village in East Azerbaijan to the endorheic Salt Lake of Urmia in the west, the northwest of Iran has a lot to offer travelers during summertime. It’s also worth to mention that the famous city of Tabriz, which is regarded as the historical capital of Iran, is located in East Azerbaijan. Tabriz Bazaar, which was one of the biggest silk road markets since ancient times, is also a UNESCO world heritage.

Ardabil Province

The medicinal hot springs of Ardabil and Sarein have been known as ancient healing water for thousands of years ago. Summer is the best time to take a walk among the green fields full of blossoms in Ardebil while also taking advantage of these springs on your vacation in Iran. And that’s not even everything about this beautiful province. The delicious local dishes and kebabs, Fandoqlu forests, old traditional bazaar, and historical sites are among the other attractions that make this province a perfect destination for summer.

Alimestan Forest

With moderate weather in the middle of summer and lush nature, Alimestan is a popular destination in Iran. Trekking in the twisty path that passes through the forest gives you a refreshing feeling. Usually, mist covers the forest at higher altitudes, which makes the forest even more mystical. Ascending to the Alimestan peak in moderate weather can be a pleasant feeling for the tourists interested in trekking.

As the fog descends on the Alimestan plain, you can see beautiful scenery


Visiting Lorestan province is an excellent choice for spending the summer in Iran. This province is full of natural attractions such as waterfalls, canyons, and rivers, as well as cultural attractions. Falak-ol-Aflak Castle in Khorramabad is one of the many cultural attractions in Lorestan. This castle dates back to almost 1800 years ago. Moreover, the Broken bridge is another cultural destination in Lorestan that belongs to ancient Iran as well. Bisheh waterfall, Gerit waterfall, and Nozhian waterfall are only some of the waterfalls in Lorestan.

Bisheh waterfall is one of the largest and most attractive waterfalls in Iran

Best Desserts to Eat During Summer in Iran

One of the best parts of traveling in Iran is Iranian cuisine. You have a wide choice of drinks and desserts that can freshen you up in summers. Following, you can find some of the best desserts to have when spending the summer in Iran.


The heavenly mixture of frozen rice noodles, rosewater, and sugar! You can add some lemon juice or cherry syrup to it to make it even more delicious. Moreover, the taste of rosewater in Faloodeh is the reason why you probably haven’t tasted anything like it before. You can find Faloodeh in almost all of the cities in Iran. Having some of this desert can help you feel much better whenever you are tired of hot weather in summer.

Faloodeh is a cool dessert that is very enjoyable to eat in hot summer weather

Bastani Sonnati

Bastani Sonnati is the other name for traditional Iranian Saffron Ice cream.  Rosewater, the essential element of Faloodeh, plays a vital role in the traditional saffron ice cream as well. It’s the mixture of Vanilla and Saffron ice cream with rose water and pistachio. But, what makes this ice cream even more tempting is the pieces of frozen cream inside it. You can definitely count on Bastani Sonnati as one of the best choices to freshen you up in summer.

Rosewater, the essential element of Faloodeh, plays a vital role in the traditional saffron ice cream as well.

Traditional Iranian Summer Drinks

The other choices of quenching your thirst during the summer in Iran are soft drinks. You can find various Iranian traditional syrups that have health benefits as well as being delicious. For example, Bahar Narenj Syrup (orange blossom) is one of the drinks we recommend for the hot weather. Another beverage that can help a lot with dehydration in hot summers is Khakshir Syrup. Sekanjabin drinks can help escape the hot summers as well. This drink consists of honey, mint, and vinegar has medical values as well as being refreshing.

You can find various Iranian traditional syrups that have health benefits as well as being delicious.

Spending the Summer in Iran is Not Hard!

What we have been trying to tell you in the text above is how you can enjoy summers in Iran. The number of activities you could do during the summer in Iran is much more than we mentioned in this text. But the mentioned activities and sites can give you an idea about how summers are in Iran. Hopefully, after reading this text, you know that “summer” is an option when you’re asking” when to travel to Iran”. So, if you are interested in visiting Iran in summer, you can find the best Iran tour packages on our website.


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