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Best Places to Visit Iran during Winter

Best Places to Visit Iran during Winter

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Winter, the season of cold weather, snow, skiing, and Christmas holidays. Some would like it cold as it is. And, some would prefer to spend their vacation in a warmer place. Now, imagine you could have both together in a single tour. Visiting Iran in winter, you can both go skiing and swimming if you like. How is it possible?

 Iran Weather: Four Seasons at Once

There is a particular feature in Iran’s climate. Not all the regions’ weather is the same in each season of the year. We can divide the climate into three categories: cold, mild, and hot. These three categories rotate in Iran cities by the change of seasons. In summer, the temperature of the northern and western areas is cooler or delicate. But, the central and southern parts are in burning mode. On the contrary, the former parts are cold or even freezing. Meanwhile, the southern parts flourish in heavenly spring-like weather. That is why we say we have all types of climate categories at once. The winter visitors to Iran can choose an itinerary that includes different varieties of weather in a single Iran tour package.

Iran Destinations in Winter

To speak of Iran’s tourist destinations based on the geographical features, we can introduce mountains and their foothills, jungles, seas, and deserts. It is indeed a complete package of Iran’s natural attractions.

Iran Destinations in Winter

Normally, Iran’s mountainous areas are cold places during winter. Many ski resorts are ready by this time for welcoming interested visitors. Also, climbing the peaks, though difficult, is not impossible for professional hikers. The Caspian Sea in the north is rather cold since it is closer to the northern parts of the earth. But the white and soft beaches of the Persian Gulf in the south are the best suggestion for the winter holidays. The deserts in the central parts are not burning anymore. Yet, they are too cold to stay at night.


Iran Cities in Winter

The most famous cities of Iran, Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz are located in the central parts of Iran. Beginning from Tehran, it is at the foot of Damavand mountain. So, it is rather cold, not freezing though. The route continues towards the south. It passes through Kashan, a city on the verge of the desert. Then it enters the noble city of Isfahan. This path continues to Yazd, where it is officially a city in the heart of the desert. It is getting close to the southern warmer areas. And, the last city on this road is Shiraz. Of course, there are some freezing days on this path. But, mostly its coldness is tolerable.


Iran Tours for Winter

Based on what you prefer for spending the holiday, there are different types of Iran tours. Iran cultural tours with various durations and details, take you through Iran’s main tourist route. As we said, it includes the central cities. The winter atmosphere is prevailing in them. Also, they are significant destinations with many wonderful historical, cultural, and natural zones. So, it can be a memorable winter for you.

Iran Tours for Winter

However, for those who have tried this route before, or prefer to escape the winter mood, Iran tailor-made tours provide a good opportunity to experience the spring by the magnificent Persian Gulf. Swimming in its calm blue water overcomes all your distress. And then you end up in the natural wonders of the Southern islands. Walking on the colorful ground, sail boating by the dolphins, and listening to the local vibrating music would refresh you from deep down in your heart.


Iran Hiking Tours

It may seem strange to talk about hiking and climbing in the winter! But, for a professional hiker, nothing is impossible. Though it is the hardest time, climbing Mount. Damavand is possible with professional gear. The temperature can fall to -70 centigrade. But, there is no risk of avalanche. The fully equipped mountaineers can check the weather forecast and hit the road for a winter adventure.

 Hiking Tours


 Iran Festival Tours

The ancient history of Iran has left us with interesting traditions and festivals. 3000 years ago, the long nights of winter were horrifying for our ancestors. They were worried about missing the sun. This worry reached its highest on the longest night of winter. So, they stayed up to the dawn and prayed for the rise of the sun. This ritual has now turned into an aged tradition in Iranian festivals. It is the Yalda night; the last night of autumn. Families and friends gather together, spend a long night chatting, laughing, celebrating, and having special meals. Those who take an Iran tour during winter, in case of being interested, can enjoy this tradition together with an Iranian family.

The other ancient ritual that has changed to a celebration in Chaharshanbe Suri. We can say it is the celebration fire. It takes place every year on the last Tuesday night of the solar year. This festival is a few days festival before Persian New Year, Noruz. People make fire on the streets, alleys, or in their yards, jump over them and sing a song in praise of its light and warmth.


The Best Places to Visit Iran in Winter

Generally, we believe Iran is beautiful in all seasons. Though spring and autumn are more crowded seasons for traveling to Iran, winter offers its specific beauties. It can not be seen at other times. Unless you are an adventure seeker, winter Iran tours are not harsh ones. Any visitor would enjoy their journey in the facilitated travel infrastructures of Iran.

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