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Mohamed Yuengling

Mohamed Yuengling

From Germany |

Trip to nature and cultural sites of Iran

I went to Iran with my German girlfriend. We were a bit nervous how the trip to Iran would be, so we decided to travel by a tour. We found “IranAmaze” and booked Demavand und Sabalan 8-day tour and also cultural tour for 9 days.
We visited Demavand, Sabalan, Ardebil, Tabris, Teheran, Kaschan, Isfahan and Schiraz. We started our trip with climbing Demavand mountain. Our guide was super professional and provided us with nice information about Iran. I faced a problem in the mountain, but the organization team kindly helped me to solve it.
We visited also Sabalan which is another beautiful mountain in the north Iran. After Sabalan we visited a hot spring in Ardebil and it was a really cool experience. Also the variety of the weather and big changes between cities was interesting. While we were freezing in Tabris, the next day we experienced a sunny day in Isfahan.
In Summery, we were quite satisfied with the quality of the tour. The details of our plan were set very well and we were feeling safe and were not worried about anything. They helped us from the first minute after arrival by currency exchange (also helped us to take local debit card as the international cards do not work in Iran), buying local simcard, and providing mobile Internet. Their price is also good comparing to the other websites I checked and also the provided services.

Katelijn De Queecker

Katelijn De Queecker

From Belgium |

Persian Gulf tour

We had a really wonderful experience exploring the Persian gulf with Mohammad. It was our second time in Iran, first time we traveled organised but it didn’t feel fixed at all. The tour was tailored to our specific interests, flexible but still very well organised.

Kerri-Ann Smith from Australia

Kerri-Ann Smith

From Australia |

Caring people able to provide truly insightful experiences

While travelling independently in Iran a couple of years ago, my husband and I were fortunate to meet Mohammad G and Navid as part of a minitour we took into the Zagros mountains. It was the early days of their tourism operations but it was quickly evident that their interpersonal skills with local people and with us as English language visitors was going to make this special. They facilitated wonderful experiences in the natural environment, and ensured respectful and fascinating interactions with local people.
Highly recommended.

Kirby Richardson from Canada

Kirby Richardson

From Canada |

Northwest of Iran and a taste of Qeshm and Hormoz Islands in 15 days!

It was my second time visiting Iran, and my friends and I wanted to hit new places as much as we can. Iran has many locations to visit and it was a head scratcher to pick some. We ended up using the tailor made tour tool to pick a few places and IranAmaze planned an exciting package for us. Since we wanted to visit two islands in the south and some places in the northwest of Iran, they left some days to brake and rest. We had two amazing guides, Ali for the northwest and Rozhin for the south Islands. They knew areas very well and were fun to hang out. We had a nice and well-proportioned tour that covered both nature and history. Hormoz was my favourite, gorgeous and so peaceful. And the answer you are probably looking for: YES, Iran is safe and even safer than some places in Canada (Winnipeg’s downtown!)

In terms of general trip services, It was a bit tough to get Iranian visa, but they managed to get it for us (long story!). Transportation was fine but not the best. They gave each of us an Iranian credit card and a portable Wifi router that always worked fine without any hiccups. They provided us with whatever that was promised and a few neat surprises!

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Iran, and would definitely consider booking our next tours with IranAmaze. Recommended!

Chara Petrov from Greece

Chara Petrov

From Greece |

Iran of art,culture & multicolor land

the best way to travel to Iran.We stayed in Tehran for one night then we climbed upto Damavand everything was organized shelter,food,wifi with the best mountains guide!after that we travel from tehran to Isfahan,Abyaneh,Persepolis,Shiraz we had our van to travel through the country.Tour guide always was explained every question we had.It was an amazing trip!!!!People are so kind and friendly.They love art &culture you can see it everywhere!!the land of Iran has so many different land scapes.Is an Amazing Country with peaceful & lovely people!!!

Emanuel Himra from United Kingdom

Emanuel Himra

From United Kingdom |

Cultural & trekking trip to Iran

I wasn’t very familiar with Iran prior to my trip so I was grateful that the tour helped me choose my destinations based on my preferences. The staff were extremely communicative and helpful before and throughout the trip which made the whole process very convenient. I was a little afraid that the visa process would be troublesome at first but it turned out to be breeze since the tour handled pretty much all of it.

We managed to plan out a week-long visit to Iran which included Tehran, Ghazvin, Khuzestan and Shushtar. I had also heard a great deal about Iran’s mountain ranges and wanted to give them a try so with their recommendation I also included a climb on Damavand and Alam-kooh. However, I’m not a very experienced climber and Davamand did prove to be a little hard for me. I can’t thank Mohammad-Reza, my tour-guide, enough for his patience and the wealth of information he provided throughout my trip. Overall the staff were very good-spirited and friendly.

Sasha Alparo from Germany

Sasha Alparo

From Germany |

Tochal & Damavand & Tehran in 6 days

I had little time and wanted to see Tehran and also climb Damavand. I was not really prepared for intense climbing so I went with the 6-day bundle.
Saeid, our guide, was extremely professional and never let me give up from hitting the peak.
Communication via email and WhatsApp worked well. The website was easy to use and they provided pre-booking consultation. The payment also went smoothly.
And, although I was a bit afraid before arriving in Iran, I felt completely safe.
I recommend this group to those who are interested in mountaineering in Iran.

Milad A from Italy

Milad A

From Italy |

Damavand 3 day tour – August 2019

It was a very short and good program. Because our body was ready and we had the experience they recommend us this program. And we were able to climb Damavand in 3 days. Other companies were giving us longer plans but Iranamaze offered us this package with good advice. our guide Saeid was very experienced and along the way spoke to me about Iranian culture. he also advised me for con

There was a problem in the mountain for me that the Iranamaze team managed well and left me with the right options.

As a vegetarian, I had no problems and was recommended during my trip to appropriate restaurants.

they gave me some equipment

Ata Heshmat from Canada

Ata Heshmat

From Canada |

An Unpralleled Voyage: Best tour for cultural heritage and historical sites

You cannot go to Iran and miss the super amazing historical sites peppered throughout the Iranian plateau. Due to my job, I travel to the GCC countries quite often. This time, however, I had this rare chance to visit Iran. I thought it’s the best opportunity to visit some ancient cities of the legendary “Empire of Mind”. So, I extended my trip and took a seven-day tour to Perspolis in Shiraz, which also included Isfahan, Kashan, and Tehran where we started the trip from.
The tour guides were incredibly helpful in many ways. They were so mindful of both the safety and comfort of the vehicles. The hotels they had booked made a balance between Persian-Islamic architecture and luxurious hoteling services. They planned the tour in a thoughtful way to balance history with nature. We had an awesome relaxing night in Maranjab desert around Kashan.
The tour was in charge of all paperwork including the visa application process and local banking cards and so on. I never faced any difficulty in the entire trip and just enjoyed the hospitality of Iranians and delicious Persian culinary.

Mamut Corman from United States

Mamut Corman

From United States |

One of my best trips ever (Iran)

I usually just pick a destination, gather my stuff, try to arrive safe, and start exploring the place. So, these guys helped me a lot since I had no intent to wait a lot for the visa and be forced to work on that from my side.
The trip included Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan (0.5×world), Shiraz, and also two lovely islands in the south part, Qeshm and Kish.
One point I liked about these guys was that it was important for them to keep the trip as adventurous as possible. They had the general plan in mind but not the detailed one which makes the journey perfect for me.They also had some very interesting memories in mind to tell which made the long distances relatively short for me.
Iran is really a very different country. Its people, its landscapes, its culture, everything is very different to what you have seen so far.

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