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Dress suitable for the desert

Suitable Clothing for Desert Hikes

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The desert offers a unique opportunity for hiking that will put you to the test. Sunburn is a significant risk, temperatures can change dramatically. However, the desert lures a large number of visitors each for hiking year-round, a unique ecosystem, and unrivaled stargazing conditions at night. Arid deserts are what you mostly find in Iran. These deserts although hot and dry during the day can get very cold and even freezing at. The majority of the plant life in this biome is composed of short-timbered trees and low shrubs.

What to Wear in the Desert? A Guide to Choosing the Correct Clothing for Desert Hikes

You must have often asked yourself this question: What should I wear? The clothes you wear to go shopping, partying, and to university are different and change according to the situation. The first thing you should consider before choosing clothes is where you are going.

Your clothes should be suitable for the place. This issue is also very important in travel. Before choosing clothes, you should know where you are going and what conditions you are facing. In this section, we will talk to you about choosing the right clothes for desert climbing and provide you with information about clothes, pants, hats, and shoes suitable for desert climbing. What extra you spend on these items, you can save on your treks around Iran; check out Iran tours cost.

What to wear in the desert?

When choosing clothes, you should pay attention to the destination and the weather of the region you are traveling to. This issue becomes more important on nature trips and when you are going camping. Do you need to know whether the area you are traveling to has a warm climate or will you face cold weather? Are you traveling to a humid area or somewhere hot and dry? If you want to cross the water, what clothes should you wear and what gender should you choose?

When choosing shoes, you should also pay attention to all these things and know your desired destination well. Consider the paths that you may cross and choose the right shoes accordingly. Climbing shoes are definitely not suitable for river climbing, or you cannot cross snow and ice with sneakers. So you should choose a shoe that is suitable for traveling and does not cause problems for you and your feet.

Choosing the Right Clothing for Desert Hiking

If you are traveling to the desert for the first time and are unfamiliar with the climate and conditions of desert areas, it is better to get complete information about it so that you can make a better choice for the right clothing for desert hiking. Note that desert weather is not very predictable. In most cases, you will face the intense sun and hot weather during the days and cold nights ahead. As a result, you should consider both of these things and bring warm clothes in addition to cool clothes. Another thing to remember is the presence of vermin in the desert. These creatures may harm you and cause problems in your journey. If you wear the right clothes, you can avoid the damage of these creatures to a great extent and experience a sweeter trip. In the following, we will examine each of the clothes you need separately and introduce the best option for suitable clothing for desert climbing.

Choosing a Top

As you know, a desert is a dry land without water and grass that usually has hot days, and the sun shines directly on your head. With these interpretations, it is better to use cotton and light clothes for desert climbing during the day. The color of clothes is also very important in absorbing sunlight and heat. It is better to choose light-colored clothes for desert trekking. Be careful that clothes with long sleeves protect your skin from direct sunlight and prevent your body from getting sunburned. As a result, the best dress for the upper body is a dress that goes from the neck to the ankles.

Cover the hand completely. In addition, the more dressed you are, the more you will be safe from insect bites and their nuisance.

The nights of the desert, opposite its days, are very cold. In addition to the clothes you are wearing, it is better to put a warm blouse or jacket in your backpack to use it when necessary. Be careful that it becomes more important to have warm clothes with you, especially when you pitch a tent and spend the night in the heart of the desert. Of course, keep in mind that warm clothing should fit easily in your backpack so that it does not disturb you while walking. So, avoid carrying heavy and bulky coats or jackets even if possible.

Pants Suitable for Desert Hiking

A major part of desert trekking is walking on soft desert sands. For hiking, you need to have suitable pants to easily walk or slide on the sand. You may also like to try activities such as cycling, motorcycling, camel riding, etc. In this case, if you wear tight or tight pants, you will be bothered. In addition, as we said, the weather in the desert is hot, and the wrong pants will make your feet sweat and cause you discomfort. In the case of pants, keep in mind the length of the pants to avoid sunburn and insect bites.

The best option for pants is to wear military-style cotton pants. Cotton pants are very light and cool and prevent sweaty feet. Pants’ style is also very important. Military pants are usually thicker in the hips and knees. In addition, they have many pockets that can be put to good use. Another thing that makes choosing these pants the best option for desert climbing is their wide leg. These pants in the ankle area

They have a part that collects by passing thread or elastic. Collecting this part and placing it on the boot prevents sand from entering the shoe, which is very important in desert climbing.

Socks Suitable for Desert Climbing

Socks are one of the other parts of choosing suitable clothing for desert climbing. Thick socks with long legs are suitable for desert trekking. The long legs of the socks protect your feet from the bites of creatures such as snakes and scorpions. The type of socks is also very important. The socks should be of a type that does not cause the feet to sweat and get wet inside the shoes.

Suitable Shoes for Hiking

Shoes are one of the most important parts of choosing the right clothing for desert climbing, which greatly impacts the trip’s quality. The more comfortable and suitable your shoes are, the more you will enjoy your trip. To buy shoes, pay attention to the fact that the shoes must be exactly the size of your feet. Shoes that are too small or too big can make it difficult for you to walk and make you tired. In addition, the wrong material and size of shoes can damage your feet during long walks. As long as it may prevent you from continuing your journey.

As you know, the desert is covered with soft and flowing sand, which penetrates into the shoes and causes harassment. For this reason, the best option for choosing the right shoes for hiking are ankle boots. The leg of the shoe prevents the penetration of sand and also protects the foot from snake and scorpion bites. Also, the leg of the boot supports the ankle and prevents it from twisting while walking on loose sand.

To buy boots, in addition to model and size, pay attention to their material. The lightness of the boot and its breathability are very important. Boots with leather uppers are a good choice and protect the feet from heat and cold, but fabric uppers allow the feet to breathe. It is additionally recommended for desert trips. It is better to wear boots with plastic soles so as not to slip on the sand.

A Suitable Hat for Desert Climbing

One of the coverings that you must bring with you when hiking in the desert is a sun hat. A hat protects your eyes from the sun and keeps your skin safe from sunburn. Choose a light hat for travel and preferably use double-layered hats for more protection of the scalp. You can put a piece of white cloth under the hat to protect your neck from sunburn.

Important Tips for Buying a Comfortable Boot

Don’t take the words seriously: if the boot is tight, it will open up, or if it is wide, your foot will breathe better. You should choose a boot that perfectly fits the size of your feet; Otherwise, desert trekking will be accompanied by pressure and annoyance.

Hold the boot before you step on it and see if it is heavy or light. The lightness of the boot doubles your comfort for walking.

The upper part of the boot should be made of leather, and the lower part should be made of plastic. Leather protects your feet from heat and cold, and plastic prevents you from slipping.

If the upper material of the boot is cloth, it will not cause any problems for you. This material allows your feet to breathe more.

Are Sandals Suitable for the Desert?

You may think that one of the suitable footwear for desert climbing is a light and comfortable sandal. And it is true that walking with sandals for a short time brings a feeling of comfort and coolness to your feet, but if this time is extended, you will get nothing but sunburn and sand. Mountaineering shoes are a reasonable choice for desert climbing shoes due to their robust structure; hiking or trekking shoes are suitable for desert climbing. Hiking boots and shoes are used for long walks in the mountains, desert, and nature. So, if you already have a pair of mountaineering boots at home, you don’t need to spend extra on buying desert-specific boots.

In conclusion, make sure to purchase high-quality desert attire. Keep in mind to wear light hues and, if at all possible, breathable fabrics in light to medium weight. If you give desert hiking a chance, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Now, if a desert is what you are after, march down to Iran Desert Tours​ and let us walk you through all Iran has to offer.

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