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Rasht hotels

Rasht Hotels

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Perhaps the most popular domestic travel destination in Iran is the shores of the Caspian Sea, referred to by Iranians as “Shomal”, simply meaning ‘the north’. One of the three provinces included in this category and one that only comes second to Mazandaran in terms of coastline with the Caspian sea is the province of Gilan. Other than its stunning green nature; archaeological digs in Gilan show that the province dates back to before the last Ice Age. It is said that Gilan’s population joined with Cyrus the Great to overthrow the Medes in the sixth century BCE and has been part of the core of Iran ever since, passing from one dynasty to the next.

Although Gilan is one of the smallest provinces in terms of area, it is larger than Cyprus, Lebanon, and Qatar. The capital of this forested province is the city of the stunning city of Rasht. Rasht, the city of the smell of rain, the smell of greenery, and the smell of soil, which rests on the edge of the Caspian Sea, is the third most popular city on Iran tours. The city of Rasht, which some claim was originally called “Resh” due to its heavy rains, has played a significant commercial role in different historical periods and has been nicknamed the “Gateway of Europe.”

The luscious landscape of Rasht enchants many people, so much so that even its hot and sultry summers can’t stop travelers from visiting the heart of the northern road. The numbers themselves are proof of this popularity: every year, 12 to 15 million people go to Rasht to enjoy its natural and historical beauty. َAlthough Rasht is Famous for its natural sites; it also has many Historical monuments. Some of the most famous of these are the following: Shapur School, The Tomb of Mirza Kochuk Khan Jangli, Safi Mosque, Pir-e Mohlah Dome, Lat Caravanserai, and the Tomb of Agha Seyed Daniyal, and natural attractions such as Kiashahr village, summer cottages located on the path of Pol-Rood River Valley, Dinachal River, Lakan Salt Springو Saravan Forest Park and Sanger Dam Lake.

Traveling to the North

In all seasons of the year, many travelers from all over the country travel to the northern cities of Iran and take advantage of its clean climate. The northern provinces of the country have a unique nature within the region, including the sea, forest, mountains, rivers, plains, waterfalls, etc., which create an exceptional opportunity for nature lovers. Watching the towering trees of the forests, listening to the sound of the sea waves, breathing in the clean air of the vast plains, touching the flowing water of the rivers, etc., are valuable experiences that bring you closer to nature.

The first step for traveling to the northern cities of Iran, such as Babolsar, Sari, Rasht, Lahijan, Gorgan, Babol, Amel, Rudsar, Langrod, Foman, Bandar Anzali, etc., is choosing a suitable place to stay. Many travelers prefer renting a villa in the north to other accommodation methods. At the same time, there are people who are always fans of luxury and modern hotels, and staying in them is their main priority. The five-star Mizaban Hotel in Babolsar is an excellent choice for this group of people and makes them a unique experience. We will introduce this hotel in depth a little later on in the article.

How to book a hotel in Rasht?

Rasht has both multi-star hotels and apartment hotels that you can book a room on the Iranamaze website, depending on the type of travel and budget. Except for the Baharestan Beach Hotel, which is located on Zibakanar Road and has a fantastic view of the beautiful North Sea; The rest of Rasht hotels are located in the city center and are a short distance from the airport, terminal and historical attractions of the city. Most of the travelers who travel to Rasht, to enjoy the beauty of the route, travel with their own car and prefer to stay in a hotel at a reasonable price. Fortunately, the great advantage of booking a hotel in Iran is that it allows you to sort your search according to your preferences. We have provided you with all the necessary information for a good choice so that you can make a hotel reservation with sufficient knowledge and awareness.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Rasht?

Although Rasht is a rainy city and the weather is cloudy most days of the year, no traveler goes to this city to stay in a hotel! That is why booking a cheap hotel in Rasht is the priority of many travelers. For this purpose, Iranamaze has a price range filter to sort the searches accordingly. It should be added that cheap does not always mean bad, but this does not mean you should choose among hotels in Rasht based on price alone. There may certainly be a hotel with normal facilities and a high price, and on the other hand, a hotel with the same facilities and a lower price. Make the first stepby booking a cheap hotel in Rasht from Iranamaze website.

Mizban Hotel Babolsar

The five-star Mizban Hotel Babolsar is considered one of the best hotels in the north of Iran, with unique facilities and striking views.

This magnificent hotel has two parts, four stars and five stars, each of which has different rooms. Many travelers who plan to travel to the northern provinces of Iran open choose this hotel as their permanent residence. The Mizban Hotel has an excellent variety of rooms for travelers. This hotel also has high-quality halls and restaurants, which is a significant advantage. If you want to stay in a room with a sea view and modern and advanced facilities and equipment, choose the Mizban Hotel and go to Babolsar.

Everything About the Five-Star Mizban Hotel

Here, we intend to introduce the 5-star Babolsar Hotel, which is known as one of the best hotels in northern Iran. This luxurious hotel is built on 13 floors and has 166 accommodation units. Mizban Hotel started its activity in 2019, and since then, it has offered its services to many travelers from all over the country. This magnificent hotel has various sections such as sports, entertainment, residential and commercial sections and has a beautiful view of the sea and vast green paddy fields. Staying at this hotel will make you a memorable experience that you will never forget.

A Memorable Stay in the Rooms of Mizban Hotel

The Mizban hotel has various rooms and suites with different facilities and views to choose from. People with any taste can find their desired accommodation unit in this hotel and have a good time with their loved ones by staying there. Accommodation units of the Mizban Hotel include a connection, great room for veterans, double room, double panoramic room, luxury double room, twin room, luxury suite, president suite, junior suite, queen suite, and a family suite.

The rooms of this hotel have a view of the green and vast rice paddies, the sea, and the grounds, each of which is located on different floors. Imagine that you are sitting in one of the pleasant and beautiful rooms of the hotel, and while drinking a glass of tea, you enjoy watching the sea coast view from behind the expansive windows of the room.

What facilities does Babolsar Mizban Hotel have?

The Mizban Hotel has different sections such as accommodation, sports, business, and entertainment. Other parts are in the making to make this set an all-in-one set. The hotel has separate parking lots for residents of five-star and four-star hotels. There are excellent coffee shops and restaurants in the hotel that offer the pleasure of delicious food to travelers. Sports hall, magnificent halls, concert hall, etc. are among the other facilities of this hotel and make the stay more enjoyable for people.

Eating at Babolsar’s Mizban Hotel Restaurants

The coffee shop and restaurants of Babolsar Mizban Hotel will make you feel at ease about eating while traveling. You can go to these attractive options with peace of mind and enjoy quality meals in them. Yas restaurant, self-service restaurant, Letka Italian restaurant, local native restaurant, outdoor restaurant, and coffee shop are located in this complex and offer a good variety of Iranian and foreign dishes. If you are a fan of trying new flavors, you can visit one of these restaurants at every meal and try local Mazandarani dishes, traditional Iranian delicacies, or exciting Italian dishes. These restaurants make a good food experience for you during your trip and make your memories richer.

Organizing events and conferences in the luxurious halls of the Babolsar Mizban Hotel

All kinds of ceremonies, conventions, banquets, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, weddings, weddings, etc., are best held in the Babolsar Mizban Hotel halls. Nestaran, Nilufar, Laleh, Ladan, Orkideh , Rose Sefid, Negin, Rose Surati, and multi-purpose halls are located in this complex, each of which has its own capacity, design, and facilities. If you are planning to hold a special ceremony in the north of Iran, check the attractive and diverse options available at the Mizban Hotel and relax. Your banquets can be held in the best way possible in these halls, and their memory will remain with you forever.

Where is the address of Babolsar Mizban Hotel?

Babolsar Mizban Hotel is located 3 kilometers from the Babolsar ring road, between Imam Hossein (a.s.) Square and Moalem Square. This hotel is very close to the sea and is built between vast rice paddies. The nature surrounding the hotel has given it a beautiful view that can be seen from the wide windows of the rooms.

Guide for Booking Hotels in Rasht at Economy Prices

Rasht is the best option for traveling and sightseeing. The variety of tourist attractions and the pleasant weather of this city have made many people choose Rasht to travel to every year. For this reason, the price of air tickets and hotels in Rasht has increased, and many travelers are trying to travel to this warm and lively city at the lowest cost. Cheap accommodation in Rasht can be one of the most important travel issues; the following is a detailed guide for booking cheap hotels in Rasht.

Cheap Hotel Reservation Guide in Rasht

In order to spend less than ever on your accommodation during your trip, you must follow a few principles. Note that Rasht is a famous city and many travelers travel to it when they find the right opportunity. For this reason, you should be careful in choosing the time of your trip and do not travel on holidays and busy days of the year. Because of the increased demand for accommodation in Rasht hotels, the prices increase exponentially. Make hotel reservations four weeks in advance if you cannot travel to Rasht except on holidays. Making a hotel reservation a little earlier than your desired time will have two results for you. First, you have made a reservation before the capacity of hotels in Rasht is completed, and the second result is that you will pay less.

Know the cheap hotels in Rasht

Bordbar Telarkhaneh Ecolodge

Many travelers who travel to Rasht prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and settle in a green and pleasant area. Therefore, ecotourism accommodations are prioritized. Therefore, the Bordbar Telarkhaneh resort is chosen due to its location in a green and local environment and reasonable price. This residence, which is designed in Gilki style, has four accommodation units without beds. The atmosphere of the Rasht hall is traditional and offers an unbiased view of the beauty of Rasht. Note that this residence does not have a refrigerator or TV, and there are a number of stairs at the entrance.

Ghadir Hotel Rasht

If you want to stay in Rasht hotels at the lowest cost and benefit from convenient facilities, Ghadir Hotel Rasht can be a good choice. This hotel has 17 accommodation units located in the Kochsefahan area of ​​Rasht. Since all the rooms are located on the ground floor and the first floor, Ghadir Hotel Rasht does not have an elevator. This hotel has convenient access to the famous places of Rasht, such as the tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangli, Bandar Anzali Free economic port, Shahrdari Square, etc. The booking fee for Ghadir Hotel in Rasht is very affordable and suitable compared to its services and facilities.

Sabouri Apartment Hotel Rasht

One of the hotels in Rasht that is highly satisfied among the travelers is Sabouri Apartment Hotel in Rasht. This apartment hotel has become one of the most popular places to stay. Because there are all the necessary facilities for staying in this 3-star hotel for the guests, this apartment hotel’s accommodation units are available in 30 to 65 meters. Note that there is no elevator from the 5th floor of the hotel to the roof. The guests who have stayed at Sabouri Apartment Hotel in Rasht have expressed their satisfaction with the cleanliness and proper behavior of the staff.

Ordibehesht Hotel Rasht

Ordibehesht hotel in Rasht two stars will be an excellent choice to save money. One of the significant advantages of this hotel is its proximity to the municipal square and the tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangli. The different architecture of this hotel will attract your attention at first glance because the building of this hotel dates back to the Pahlavi era. Guests who go to this hotel by private car can park their car in the hotel parking lot. This hotel has 2 floors, and there is no elevator to go between the floors. All hotel accommodation units have amenities such as drawers, wardrobes, bathroom facilities, refrigerators, TVs, and sofas.

What is the best hotel in Rasht, according to travelers?

You can have a memorable stay and trip by choosing the best hotel in Rasht. Gilan province and its center, Rasht, are among the leading travel destinations in Iran, which have unique natural and tourist attractions. Therefore, various hotels have been considered in Rasht for the well-being of travelers. Stay with 24 to choose the best hotel in Rasht and book it. In this article, we will review and introduce the best hotels in Rasht.

In order to have a comfortable stay, you can get the necessary information about the hotels of your destination before booking a hotel. One of the ways to get the essential information is to check travelers’ opinions about different hotels. Gilan province and the city of Rasht are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. As a result, they have other hotels with different grades and qualities. From travelers’ point of view, the best hotel in Rasht is a hotel that provides a comfortable stay for its guests with proper facilities and services, cleanliness, good location, reasonable price, etc.

Pamchal Hotel Rasht

Pamchal is a 3-star hotel and one of the oldest hotels in Rasht. This hotel is built on two floors and has a total of 29 rooms. The accommodation units are distributed on the first and second floors. Pamchal Hotel was built in 1962 and was completely renovated in 2016.

The three-star Pamchal hotel in Rasht is located on Imam Khomeini Blvd. It is possible for guests to travel to different areas of the city. Pamchal hotel in Rasht has tried to attract the attention of tourists by having hospitable personnel and providing appropriate and quality services.

Kadus Grand Hotel

Kadus four-star Hotel is located in a beautiful area near Rasht in a cozy and beautiful environment and welcomes its guests with excellent facilities and services. Also, Baharestan Hotel provides travelers entertainment such as boating, horseback riding, beach volleyball, water skiing, etc.

Park Hotel Rasht

The two-star Park Rasht Hotel is one of the suitable accommodations in this green and spectacular city, which is located in the center of the city. Easy access to entertainment and shopping centers is one of the advantages of this two-star hotel. Among the facilities of Park Hotel, we can mention free internet and food service with a traditional Gilani menu in the room.

lastly, make sure to check Iran cultural tours to see if any such tours are available near Rasht during your intended stay.

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