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A Comprehensive Guide to Mashhad’s Hotels

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The second-largest and perhaps most religiously important city in Iran in Mashhad. The stunning, enormous, and constantly expanding Haram (shrine complex), which honors the martyrdom of Shi’ite Islam’s eighth Imam, Imam Reza, in AD 818, is the city’s main attraction and reason for existence. Over 20 million pilgrims visit this site annually to pay their respects, demonstrating how personally felt the pain of Imam Reza’s passing more than a millennium later. Ahead of the Iranian new year (Nowruz) and other significant holidays, almost all lodging and transportation will be sold out.
After one of the Shi’ite Imams was buried here, the tiny village of Sanaabad started to draw Shiite pilgrims, and it soon became known as Mashhad (‘place of martyrdom’). But the city only gained prominence in the area of Khorasan after Tamerlane destroyed many neighboring cities in the late 14th century. Before then the nearby town of Tus and Nishapur hold much greater importance.

Tamerlane’s son Shah Rokh and his extraordinary wife Gohar Shad, after whom the main mosque at the Haram is named, enlarged the shrine complex in the early 15th century. Shah Abbas I of the Safavids rebuilt the new core of the Holy Shrine in 1612 after the Safavids made Shiism the official religion of Iran. Mashhad then became the most important pilgrimage destination in Iran and under Nader Shah, whose 18th-century empire was centered in Khorasan, Mashhad reached its political apex.

The Hotels of Mashhad

Mashhad also known as Sanaabad in the past and sometimes mistaken for Tus, is a city with a long history. A city whose prosperity began in the period of Nader Shah Afshar, when it became the capital of Iran. The shrine of Imam Reza is like a shining gem in the heart of the city and attracts many people from all over to visit it. Mashhad welcomes pilgrims to the shrine of Imam Reza and has become a city for sightseeing and recreation. In most areas of Mashhad, you can find various hotels and accommodations to stay one or more nights near the shrine. With IranAmaze best iran tours packages, you can see a list of the best hotels in Mashhad and complete the reservation in the shortest time.

Reservation of Hotels in Mashhad

Booking a hotel in Mashhad in Iran can be done easily, and the worry of finding suitable and good accommodation during your trip will be solved for you. The list of hotels in Mashhad is shown on the Iran Amaz website with a few clicks and a selection of arrival and departure dates. After that, you can go to sort the list according to the filters placed on the site and your preferences. From luxury and 5-star hotels to apartments and hotels for budget travelers, they are located on the Mashhad hotels page. If you want to choose hotels in Mashhad at the right price, use the price filters, the highest discount, and the lowest price. The opinions of Iran Ameez users and their points out of 5 for hotels in Mashhad will help you find the most suitable hotel.

The Price of Hotels in Mashhad

During official holidays and religious holidays, the days of Nowruz, the birth and martyrdom of Imam Reza and other innocents, the prices of hotels in Mashhad increase. For luxury trips, booking one of the 4 and 5 star hotels on Imam Reza Street is ideal. Mashhad hotels with reasonable prices, guesthouses and guest houses will be suitable options for economic trips to Mashhad. Iranamaze offers the possibility of booking a hotel in Mashhad at a reasonable price on most days of the year. According to every taste and budget, you can turn the memory of the pilgrimage-tourist trip of Mashhad into a lasting and unforgettable trip by staying and booking Mashhad hotels online.

Hotels Near Imam Reza Shrine

The trip to Mashhad will be unforgettable by staying in one of the hotels near the shrine. The list of hotels near Imam Reza Shrine allows you to book hotels and accommodations in Imam Reza, Nawab Safavi, Shirazi, and Tabarsi streets. The distance from these hotels to the shrine is only a few minutes walk, and many of them have easy access to Reza Bazaar. By selecting the “Near Haram” filter, the list of Mashhad hotels located near the Shrine will be visible. Medina Al Reza Hotel, Kimia Apartment Hotel, and Qasr International Hotel are some of the hotels that are on the list of good hotels in Mashhad and are very popular among pilgrims and travelers.

Sightseeing and Entertainment Places in Mashhad

Many historical and sightseeing places such as Goharshad Mosque, Tavakoli Historical House, Sabz Dome, and Nader Shah Afshar Mausoleum are located in the city’s center. Mashhad’s famous parks, including Mellat Park and Koh Sangi Park, have beautiful green spaces and provide you with the opportunity to explore on your trip. While staying in one of Mashhad’s hotels, it’s not a bad idea to visit Torghabeh and Shandiz around Mashhad and visit Ferdowsi’s mausoleum.

Why should we travel to Mashhad?

Mashhad has many religious, historical, and natural attractions; Sights such as Ferdowsi Mausoleum, Kashti Dome, Nadershah Mausoleum, Haruniyeh Dome, etc. are examples of these attractions, but the most important of all of these is the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, which has made Mashhad one of the most visited cities in Iran. The shrine complex of Imam Reza is one of the largest and most populated religious places in the world in terms of area and population. So it is not out of mind that many pilgrims from different parts of Iran and the world travel to this holy place on different days of the year, from Eids and religious occasions to normal days. Thanks to the presence of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS), most of the time, especially on religious occasions, the capacity of hotels in this city is filled. If you want to travel to Mashhad, make sure to book hotels in Mashhad before doing anything; In this way, you can stay in the hotel you want and after reaching your destination, you will not spend time and energy finding suitable accommodation.

Hotel Reservation in Mashhad; Where in Mashhad should I book a hotel?

To choose a place to stay in any city, it is better to determine your purpose of traveling to that city first; Mashhad is not an exception to this; it is good to book hotels in Mashhad after determining your goal. Most of the travelers of Mashhad go to this holy city to visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Therefore, most of the hotels in Mashhad were built on Imam Reza Boulevard (AS) and near the Holy Court of the 8th Imam. Being close to the shrine has advantages and disadvantages; One of the advantages of being close to the shrine is that you can easily go to the shrine and return to the hotel several times during the day without paying for your transportation or losing your time. Regarding the disadvantages of the hotel’s proximity to the shrine, it should be said that the surrounding streets may be annoying, especially on busy days; So, if the distance from the shrine is not an issue for you and you prefer to stay in more secluded areas, it is better to choose hotels further away from the shrine to reserve a hotel in Mashhad.

What is the price of a hotel in Mashhad?

Some cities often have nature tourists, and this group of travelers prefers cheap hotels, so luxury hotels are not built in these cities; on the other hand, some cities host travelers who travel only for fun and prefer luxury hotels, and naturally, there are many cheap hotels. It is not found in these cities, but Mashhad is not included in these categories. As we said, most people travel to Mashhad for pilgrimage, and the travelers of this city have different economic power; For this reason, hotels and hotel apartments with various prices and facilities have been built in this city. To book hotels in Mashhad, it is good to pay attention to the number of passengers as well as the facilities you need so that you can choose the best hotel according to your budget. Most people think that booking an apartment hotel in Mashhad will reduce their stay costs, but the reality is those hotel apartments are not always cheaper. What makes choosing hotels and apartments cheaper is the large accommodation units that accommodate more members of large families; So, if you are a small family and want to have a cheap stay, don’t just consider the price of hotel apartments and check the price of hotels in Mashhad. As you know, various factors affect the price of accommodation. In Mashhad, in addition to the facilities and services of the hotel, the service to the shrine and the proximity to the holy court of Imam Reza (AS) are other factors influencing the price of hotels; Therefore, pay attention to these things to reserve a hotel in Mashhad; For example, if you travel to Mashhad by private car, you may not need the shrine service. As we said, the prices for Mashhad hotel reservations are varied.

What is the Best way to Reserve Hotels in Mashhad for Business trips?

Pilgrimages to the Holy Shrine or the exhibitions held in Mashhad encourages many companies and organizations to send their employees to Mashhad for business or pleasure trips on various occasions. Booking a hotel in Mashhad is not an easy task during the busy days of this city. Contact Iranamaze for a straightforward and hassle-free reservation.

A Trip to Mashhad; From Pilgrimage to Tourism

Mashhad; A permanent destination for pilgrimage and tourism. If we want to name a religious city where you can go shopping and visit historical places and come back with very valuable souvenirs, We mention Mashhad. This city has many sights that can occupy your travel days from beginning to end. From going to the most visited mosque in Iran to the tombs of Nader Shah, Ferdowsi, and Khayyam, and take beautiful photos to put in your family album. If you are looking for to explore Mashhad’s nature go to Iran trekking tours you can visit Mashahd’s Jigh Forest, Chalidare, Sarzamin-e Mojhaye Abi Water Park, Band-e Golestan, Dam and Torghabeh will fulfill your goals.

The Best Time to Travel to Mashhad

With its semi-arid climate, Mashhad has hot summers and relatively cold winters. As you know, spring and summer are the best time to travel to Mashhad, and there is no place to drop a needle in this city. But people who like to have more space during pilgrimage or sightseeing in the markets around the shrine should not be in the middle of the crowd, They should go to Mashhad during the two cold seasons of the year. In addition to cold weather conditions, employees and people with school children; travel much less in autumn and winter. Therefore, from October to early March, it will be added to the list of cheap hotels in Mashhad.

Mashhad is one of those cities that is visited by a population equivalent to the population of a small country. Passengers in Mashhad are not only Iranians. The shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has made people from other countries come to visit it. Because of this welcome, hotels, and hotel apartments have been built in all corners of Mashhad, especially around the shrine, to host travelers. Booking hotels and apartment hotels in Mashhad is not difficult. Just pay attention to a few points when choosing a hotel to have the best experience. We review these few points in Iranamaze.

Season of Travel and Stay in Mashhad

Mashhad is one of those cities that does not have a special season for traveling. Therefore, the hotels of this city also host travelers in four seasons. Of course, sometimes the number of passengers is less than the rest of the days, but in any case, these hotels are rarely empty of passengers. However, it cannot be denied that some travelers take a look at the weather to book a hotel in Mashhad.

Getting to know more about Mashhad:

Mashhad generally has a hot and dry climate, which tells of hot summers and bone-burning winters. In the meantime, the spring of Mashhad opens its gates to guests with its pleasant weather. There is no place to burn in Mashhad during the days of Eid. Does that mean spring is the best time to travel to Mashhad? Well, in terms of the weather, yes, but if the crowds don’t bother you. Anyway, you have time until the end of April or even May. But Mashhad’s hot summers sometimes experience temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. However, Mashhad is not empty of travelers in this season either. But the summer heat subsides a little in September, and its weather is more tolerable compared to July and August.

The weather in Mashhad in Mehr still shows a good face to travelers. The heat of summer has subsided, and the cold of winter has not yet arrived. In addition, there is no news of spring and summer crowds. But Mashhad practically welcomes winter in November. The cold of winter overcomes autumn little by little. As a result, Mashhad becomes quieter, which is a good time for those who prefer the cold air to the crowd. The situation is the same in winter; Mashhad experiences its most lonely days.

Mashhad and Religious Pilgrimage

We are not exaggerating if we say that many travelers in Mashhad do not care much about the weather. Most of these people are pilgrims who have tried their best to reach Mashhad and the eighth Imam’s shrine on religious occasions and make hotel reservations in Mashhad. For example, in the month of Muharram and the nights of Tasua and Ashura; Reciting prayers, eulog,ies and Ashura pilgrimage are held in Razavi Shrine and attract many pilgrims from Iran and the world. The Hosseini Arbaeen ceremony, which is accompanied by the movement of mourning groups, reciting prayers, and breast-beating, is one of the other occasions that many people go to the shrine to participate in it. The Haram Iftars in the month of Ramadan in the shadow of the golden dome has a special grace that many cannot miss. On the days of Imam Reza’s birthday and martyrdom, Mashhad is bustling, and many hotels and apartment hotels in Mashhad are full.

Types of Accommodation Centers in Mashhad

Be sure that there are more ways to stay in Mashhad than its sights. Apart from the hotel, apartments, traditional residences, pilgrims’ houses, Hosseiniehs, inns, local people’s houses, villa houses, and even parks are among travelers’ choices. There are different types of hotels. Two, three, four, and five-star hotels, Mashhad tourist hotels, Mashhad traditional hotels, and apartment hotels are some of the things you can consider when booking a hotel in Mashhad.

Hotels Around the Shrine in Mashhad

Hotels near the shrine can be divided into two categories. One of them is located at a small radial distance from the shrine, and you can reach one of the courtyards by walking for a few minutes. The other ones are located in one of the streets leading to the shrine. Walking to the shrine may take a little time, but you can easily reach the shrine with a few minutes of driving. Although the hotels around the shrine make commuting to the shrine very convenient, be aware that staying in the old and crowded city has its own problems. The hotels around the shrine include various categories. Perhaps the following hotels can be mentioned among the best hotels near the shrine in Mashhad:

• Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel

• Old Qasr Al-Ziafat Hote

• Atrak Hotel Mashhad

• Kiana Hotel Mashhad

Budget Accommodation in Mashhad

If you are one of those travelers who prioritize the price when booking a hotel in Mashhad, you should know that the most popular mid-priced or cheap hotels in Mashhad are located in the central neighborhoods near the shrine. The hotels on Chamran Street in Mashhad, which is located near Imam Reza (AS) Square, have been among the most popular cheap hotels in Mashhad from the point of view of travelers. The hotels behind Bagh Naderi in Mashhad, which is very close to the shrine, have been among the most popular hotels with reasonable prices in Mashhad. After these two cases, hotels on Khosravi Street, hotels on Nawab Safavi Street in Mashhad, Chaharrah Shahada hotels, and Chahrah-e Danesh hotels are among the most popular in this category. Some of the cheap and affordable hotels in Mashhad are:

• Asia Hotel Mashhad

• Iran Zameen Hotel, Mashhad

• Mashhad Hatra Hotel

• Karen Hotel Mashhad

Luxury and Expensive Hotels in Mashhad

The luxurious Darvishi Hotel, which is considered one of the best hotels in Mashhad, is one of the most luxurious and expensive options, which is only two kilometers away from the shrine. Of course, this distance will not be noticeable because Darvishi Hotel will easily take you to the shrine through Imam Reza Street. The list of the most expensive hotels in Mashhad is very long, but if we want to mention the expensive hotels that are near the shrine, we can mention the following hotels:

• Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel

• Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

• Almas 2 Hotel, Mashhad

• Parsis Hotel Mashhad

Hotels Close to Shopping Centers and tourist Attractions

In the article on how to experience a different trip to Mashhad, we introduced some examples of tourist attractions and the best shopping centers in Mashhad. In the continuation of this article, The most important points that will help you in Mashhad hotel reservation, we will share with you some of the closest hotels to these places. If you have planned to visit these attractions before booking a hotel in Mashhad, the following distances will help you:

The closest hotels to Mashhad Rock Park

• Lale Hotel, Mashhad: 4 minutes

• Darya-e Barg Hotel, Mashhad: 8 minutes

• Farid Mashhad Hotel: 9 minutes

• Pardisan Hotel Mashhad: 9 minutes

The closest hotels to Ferdowsi Tomb

• Tus Tourist Hotel Mashhad: 26 minutes

• Pardisan Hotel Mashhad: 29 minutes

• Saman Hotel, Mashhad: 30 minutes

• Homa 2 Hotel, Mashhad: 33 minutes

The closest hotels to the Sarzamin-e Mohhaye Abi water park

• Tus Tourist Hotel: 10 minutes

• Pardisan Hotel: 12 minutes

• Saman Hotel: 13 minutes

• Pars Hotel: 14 minutes

The closest hotels to Almas Sharq commercial complex

• Tus Tourist Hotel Mashhad: 7 minutes

• Saba Hotel, Mashhad: 11 minutes

• Homa 2 Hotel, Mashhad: 12 minutes

• Diplomat Hotel, Mashhad: 15 minutes

Comparing Mashhad Hotels and Guest Houses

A trip to Mashhad is one of the trips that all Iranians usually experience. As you know, finding suitable accommodation in the destination city is one of the most important issues that must be considered in traveling. Mashhad is not an exception to this rule, and welcomes guests with all accommodations. When traveling to Mashhad, do you choose to stay in hotels or stay in Mashhad inns? In this article, we will compare the features of Mashhad hotels and inns.

Definition of A Hotel

First, it is better to give a complete definition of hotel and a Guest House. Hotels are buildings that are designed in a modern way and provide additional facilities and services such as restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, etc., to travelers. Hotels are rated based on the standard degree they meet in providing services and can be defined from one star to seven stars. Today, some hotels have become tourist attractions, and the special design or special facilities provided by these hotels have made staying in them a dream.

Definition of Guest Houses

Guest Houses are usually buildings that provide beds to travelers. All their health and service facilities are shared outside the room. The price of each night’s stay is much cheaper than other types of accommodation. The founders of the first inns in Iran were families who provided their rooms to travelers for a sum of money. This method is still common in some pilgrimage cities such as Mashhad and is done in different ways, such as renting a room or private villas.

The Most Important Feature of Mashhad Hotels

The city of Mashhad has been a pioneer in the field of hotel construction, considering that it welcomes many travelers from all over Iran every year. In this city, according to your taste and budget, you can easily book five-star to one-star hotels. One of the most important features of Mashhad hotels is that most of them are built near the shrine so that travelers can reach Imam Reza’s shrine in the shortest possible time.

Reservation of hotels in Mashhad is made in two ways, in person and online. We suggest you book your desired hotel in Mashhad online for ease of work and to benefit from the benefits of the online method. In the following, we have introduced some famous hotels in Mashhad. Note that there are many good hotels in Mashhad, and introducing them all is beyond the scope of this article.

Darvishi Hotel

In addition to being an all-inclusive hotel, the five-star, and luxurious Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad, its proximity and ten-minute distance from the shrine of Imam Reza have made this hotel an excellent option for a pilgrimage to this city. Darvishi 5-star hotel is the highest accommodation center in Mashhad, where you can experience an amazing trip by staying there. Darvishi Hotel Mashhad has many facilities that will surprise you upon arrival.

Iran Zameen Hotel

The four-star Iran Zameen Hotel is one of the best and most popular four-star hotels in Mashhad, located in the city’s best street, namely Imam Reza Street. This hotel’s proximity to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is considered one of its strengths. By staying at Iran Zemin Hotel, you will be only 5 minutes away from the shrine, and you can be a pilgrim of Imam Reza (AS) whenever you want.

Sahand Hotel

Sahand Hotel Mashhad is one of the 3-star luxury hotels in Mashhad and is close to the shrine. This hotel was opened in 1392 and is a 7-story building that houses 60 accommodation units. Sahand Hotel was renovated in 2017 to increase the quality of its services. The distance of this hotel to Imam Reza Shrine is about 1 km, and it has easy access to markets such as 17 Shahrivar Bazaar and Imam Reza Bazaar.

Mashhad Guest Houses

Undoubtedly, if you have stayed in Mashhad inns, you will realize that the most important feature of these accommodations is the very appropriate behavior of their hosts. Mashhad Inn hosts are mostly locals who will welcome you with a warm face. These residences have a lower price compared to hotels, but this does not mean that the quality of accommodation in them is low. Many inns in Mashhad have very good facilities that will make your stay pleasant.

Online booking of Guest Houses and Hotels in Mashhad

The best way to book inns and hotels in Mashhad these days is through online booking. If you are looking to book the best hotels in Mashhad or the inns of this city, we suggest you view and compare the best accommodations in online beforehand Mashhad. You can contact Iranamaze to guide you in choosing a reservation suitable for you.

Mashhad Hotel Reservation; Variety of Price and Quality

Mashhad hotels attract many pilgrims and tourists annually because of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS). For this reason, Mashhad hotel reservations have a high variety in terms of price and quality. From cheap Mashhad hotels to luxury Mashhad hotels with special and incredible services, you can find them in this city. To book a hotel in Mashhad, according to the budget and also the purpose of the trip, one should consider various issues in order to choose the most appropriate one among the various available options.

The Most Important Issues in Booking Hotels in Mashhad

One of the most important things in the Mashhad hotel reservation is the distance from the holy shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.). Travelers who travel to Mashhad with the intention of pilgrimage are mostly looking for Mashhad hotel reservations near the shrine and Imam Reza Street. This issue is very important, especially during the holidays and the busyness of Mashhad city. If you pay attention to the distribution of hotels in Mashhad on the map, you will see that most hotels in Mashhad are located near the shrine. If your hotel is far from the shrine, you may wait a long time on the way to the shrine and in traffic. On the other hand, the proximity to the shrine will make it easier to buy souvenirs due to the existence of various markets and passages around the shrine. On the other hand, if you don’t intend to go to the holy shrine every day during your stay in holy Mashhad, it might be better for you to book a hotel in Mashhad with a greater distance from the shrine. In this way, you will be safe from the hustle and bustle of the city center, and you can also easily visit other places of interest in Mashhad, as well as arcades and shopping centers in other parts of Mashhad.

Other Sights of Mashhad That you Should Visit

Among other places of interest in Mashhad, we can mention Mellat Park and Game City. This park is the oldest and largest park in Mashhad. This park has various recreational, sports, and cultural facilities, such as the largest carousel in the Middle East. The Naderi Garden Museum is another must-see place in Mashhad, where the tombs of Nader Shah Afshar and Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesian are located. This museum is located near Shahada square. Among other places of interest in Mashhad, we can mention the National Garden. This garden is located in the center of the city and has trees, fountains, and statues of Iranian celebrities. Kuh-e Sangi Mashhad is another sightseeing place in this city which is located at the end of Kuhsangi street it is a park inside which there is a stone mountain. Considering the distance between these places and Mashhad hotels, it is possible to choose the most suitable one more carefully.

The Most Luxurious Hotels in Mashhad

To choose the best hotels in Mashhad from among the 5-star hotels in Mashhad, we can refer to Darvishi Luxury Hotel, Almas 2 Hotel, Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel, Pardisan Hotel Mashhad, Pars Hotel, Homa 1 and 2 Hotel, and Torghabeh Grand Hotel. Among these, it can be said without exaggeration that Darvishi luxury hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Mashhad.

How to book cheap hotels in Mashhad?

Many Mashhad travelers are looking for Mashhad hotels with reasonable prices near the shrine to reduce the cost of their trip. To book a cheap hotel in Mashhad, you can book low-star hotels or Mashhad apartment hotels and inns. These affordable hotels in Mashhad will definitely have fewer facilities and limited services compared to 4 and 5-star hotels, but they will provide you with a more economical trip and stay. Considering the competitive atmosphere of the hotel industry in Mashhad, some of the cheap hotels in Mashhad will provide very good facilities for travelers in proportion to their prices, so sometimes the price of Mashhad hotels alone will not be a good measure to measure the quality of the hotel. Contact Iranamaze and check Mashhad’s cheap apartment hotels, and check the comments of previous guests to make a decision about booking a Mashhad hotel.

What are the hotels near the Mashhad Shrine?

To book hotels near the Mashhad Shrine, you can make a hotel reservation from Idris Hotel, Javad Hotel Mashhad, Atrak Hotel Mashhad. In addition to being close to the shrine, these hotels have relatively reasonable prices. Among the 5-star hotels in Mashhad near the Holy Shrine, we can mention Almas 1, Almas 2, Darvishi Hotel Mashhad, and Qasr Talai Hotel Mashhad. In addition to being close to the shrine, these luxury hotels in Mashhad have more facilities and better quality services and are considered among the best hotels in Mashhad.

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