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Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee (Golden Palace) Hotel

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Among Iran’s largest hotels, Ghasr Talaee Hotel has been built with a modern architectural design and the goal of having a welcoming atmosphere. To help you make the best decision when choosing a hotel in Mashhad, we will outline the advantages of staying at the Ghasr Talaee Hote for you in the sections that follow.

Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel

Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Mashhad. This hotel is particularly popular due to its closeness to the holy shrine of Imam Reza and easy access to tourist attractions such as Nader’s Tomb, Clay Dome, Sheikh Bahai Tomb, the Imam Reza Bazaar, Astan Quds Razavi Museum, shopping malls, and the Goharshad Mosque among others. Mashhad has Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel in Mashhad has 16 floors and 357 accommodation units. The second phase of Ghasr-e Talaee International Hotel has 20 floors and 610 accommodation units with a view of the shrine from the windows of the rooms facing the shrine.

Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee International Hotel is located on Imam Reza Street. The location of this hotel has created access to the tourist and pilgrimage attractions of Mashhad. In fact, this hotel is only 15 minutes away from the terminal and the railway, and you can reach the airport within 20 minutes. The hotel is located near the metro station and city train, and it provides the possibility to visit all over Mashhad easily. So even if you don’t have a car, you can go wherever you want with the metro and city train. The city train line will take you to Torghabeh and Shandiz. If you want to shop, you can go to Reza Bazaar or 17 Shahrivar Bazaar, which is located near the hotel. If you’re looking to book the hotel or visit Mashhad, browse through our website and view our best Iran tours packages.

How far is Mashhad Ghasr-eTalaee Hotel from the Shrine?

One of the main reasons people visit Mashhad is to pay homage to the eighth Shi’ite Imam. The hotel’s closeness to the shrine Reza is one of the most crucial considerations for pilgrims looking for a place to stay in Mashhad so as to visit the shrine without having to wait in traffic.

To cover the distance from Ghasr-e Talaee of Mashhad to Imam Reza Shrine, you can rest assured that it is a short distance ahead of you. In fact, the Ghasr-e Talaee is one of those hotels near the shrine that makes it easy for pilgrims to travel. If you walk from the hotel to the shrine, you will get there in 15 minutes. This time and distance can be shortened by using shuttle services to the shrine. You can easily reach the destination in 8 minutes by car.

Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel Rooms

This hotel has free airport reception. Ghasr-e Talaee Mashhad International Hotel is five stars in Basij Square, Mashhad. This hotel is the best hotel in the cultural heritage and tourism organization of 2016. Many special guests have chosen to stay in this hotel; among them, the following figures can be mentioned: Abbas Araghchi, Maryla Zarei, Puran Derakhshande, Hossam Nawab Safavi, Mohammad Reza Esfahani, Majid Mozafari and…

Single room (single): includes two single beds or one double queen bed and also includes a bathroom and toilet.

Atrium 2-person (double) room: includes a double queen bed, in some rooms with a single bed, toilet, and bathroom equipped with a bathtub. This room does not have a window facing the street, and its window faces the atrium (inner space) of the hotel.

Luxury 2-person (double) room: includes a double queen bed and a single bed, bathroom with bathtub. The guests of this hotel have had a very good experience in reserving a luxury double room at Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel in Mashhad and have recommended it to others.

2-person (double) panoramic room: some double panoramic rooms have a window facing the sacred shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.) and a window facing the holy city of Mashhad and include a double queen bed and a single bed, a bathroom Is. And the bathroom is equipped with a jacuzzi.

Landscape double room: one of the highest rooms in the hotel has a king-size bed and has a view of the holy city from Mashhad.

Junior suite for two people: it includes two sleeping and living areas that can be separated by a partition, a double queen-size bed, and a single bed; it also includes a bathroom, a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi, and a kitchen (without the possibility of cooking).

Shahzadeh Suite for two people: This suite is specially designed for young couples, brides, and grooms and includes a double king-size bed, a living space, a bathroom, and a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi.

Senior suite for two people: This suite is more than 60 meters and includes the main room, a bedroom, a double queen size bed and two single beds, a sofa bed, and a dining table.

American suite for two people: this suite with a completely different and unique design includes a double queen bed and also includes a bathroom, and a jacuzzi.

Royal Shahzadeh for two people: It is one of the most unique rooms, specially designed for young couples and brides and grooms, and includes a double king-size bed and a seating area, a view of the shrine, and a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi.

Royal 4-person apartment: This apartment with more than 100 meters includes a master bedroom and an adjacent bedroom, two queen size double beds, and two single beds. A living room, dining room, kitchen, two Iranian and foreign toilets, and a separate bathroom are the features of this accommodation unit and reservation of Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel in Mashhad.

Imperial Suite for four people: This suite with an area of ​​more than 100 meters includes a master bedroom and an adjacent bedroom, one double queen size bed and two single beds or two sofa beds, living room, dining room, kitchen ( without the possibility of cooking), two toilets and a separate bathroom are among the features of this hotel accommodation unit.

President’s suite for four people: this suite is one of the most equipped and luxurious accommodation units in the hotel, which has a living room, reception, dining room, two separate bedrooms, two queen-size double beds, and one single bed, equipped with a desk, kitchen, Iranian toilet, separate bathroom and a balcony.

Qajar suite for two people: Qajar suite with an area of ​​more than 100 meters, includes two rooms, two double queen beds, and one single bed, and also includes two toilets, a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi.

Facilities of Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel

One of the best features of this hotel is the unique halls and restaurant of Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel. Below are brief descriptions of these beautiful halls:

Elizeh Conference Hall: Elizeh Conference Hall is a suitable hall for official speeches. This is a very stylish hall, with a suitable space for conference guests, which provides you with many facilities such as video conferencing. The reservation of the hall is made with a very precise schedule, and the desired conference can be held in this hall without any delay.

Azin Amphitheater Hall: a 220-seat hall equipped with a video projector and a control room. This hall can be used to show all kinds of movies and theatrical production. On the other hand, the hall has the necessary capacities for the professional reception of hotel guests.

Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel Meeting hall: It is equipped to hold corporate meetings with partners and the like.

Exhibition hall: one of the few hotels in Iran that has the possibility of holding exhibitions of home industries and the like. The exhibition hall is actually a commercial, artistic showroom which provides many possibilities for the supply of goods.

The Spa and Swimming Pool of Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel

The pool of Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel is located on the 3rd floor, and we recommend visiting it to all guests of this hotel. The pool is free for hotel guests, which is enough to spend an hour relaxing in this pool. The depth of the pool is very suitable for swimming and walking in the water, and it has ranges with different depths so that people with different needs can choose their desired depth. The hotel pool complex is a well-equipped collection of all swimming tools and accessories, from the wardrobe and dressing room to the swimming accessories store. The swimming pool has lifeguards in the men’s and women’s sections, and there is no need to worry about children. Sauna and Jacuzzi are also located in this part of the hotel, where the audience can choose a dry sauna or steam according to their preference.

Important note: There is no smell of chlorine in the hotel pool, and there will be no chlorine burns. That makes swimming in the pool much more enjoyable than swimming in other pools.

Rooms Prices of Ghasr Talaee Hotel

The prices of Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel start from 800 thousand tomans and go up to 3.300 million tomans for four-person rooms. Of course, you can easily book a room in this hotel at a lower price. If you intend to stay at Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel in Mashhad, you can easily enter contact us and choose the desired room, and rest assured that you will have a safe and excellent stay.

Mashhad Ghasr-e Talaee Hotel Rules

Check-in time: 15

Check-out time: 12

According to the hotel rules, the cancellation will be calculated based on the first night’s price.

The admission of single women is unimpeded.

For Iranian citizens, it is mandatory to bring a national ID card and birth certificate.

For foreign travelers, a passport is required upon admission.

The cost of accommodation for children under two years old is free, between 2 and 6 years old half price and over six years old is charged extra.

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